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BBC News
May 27, 2017 11:45pm BST
times, he beat the record he shared up until today with george ramsey, whose last win was in 1920. he's also beaten the best team of the season, josie, who won the league by a street, a massive victory for him and he will say this proves he is right to stay on. —— chelsea. not every fa n right to stay on. —— chelsea. not every fan would agree. really? do you think he will stay on? you should go out when you have just one something with a bit of glory and people in sport are generally terrible at doing that, they allow their start to fade. when martin came in and said the football we looked a bit blankly hash star.|j looked a bit blankly hash star.|j look blankly at football as well but it is something i do for a living! —— star. it is something i do for a living! -- star. thank you very much, it has been a pleasure tonight. another look at the papers online. now it's time for meet the author. ann patchett is a novelist who spends her stories without letting the effort show. they race along with the complexities and their rich subtleties subsumed into a rich narrative t
BBC News
Dec 26, 2016 6:45pm GMT
george michael one of the biggest stars in british music — who has died at the age of 53. i grew up with him, loved him, loved everything. he was so talented and he meant the world to a lot of people. russia recovers of the fragments of a military plane which crashed into the black sea, with 92 people on board. at least for micro people are killed ina manila at least for micro people are killed in a manila as a powerful typhoon crosses the capital of the philippines.
BBC News
May 20, 2017 11:45pm BST
the sunday mirror, and a little picture of george. poor old george burst into tears and there is a question of what happened. the sunday mirror reveals that george, whether by accident or design, stepped on pippa's train. you couldn't have done it i designed! one way or another he stepped on pippa's train, kate tears him offa stepped on pippa's train, kate tears him off a strip, he burst into tears and you get a wagging finger from kate, with that look on her face saying that is enough now. a p pa re ntly saying that is enough now. apparently he was quite happy later. picture of the year, i think it has to be the express. i think it is fantastic. you have missed out on the picture of the year which would have taken place at this desk. anyway, that's it for the papers. thank you to you both. stay tuned. coming up next on bbc news, it is meet the author. enjoy. a great house with a great wall around it. we are in mid—17th century england at a time of religious strife when many lives are touched by danger and intrigue. then we are in the same house three centuries later in the grip
BBC News
Dec 30, 2016 6:45pm GMT
the new swansea city manager... and george north gets ready to make his return to rugby after nearly a month off recovering from a head injury. hello and welcome to sportsday. we're starting with tennis and andy murray — has started his new season with a surprise defeat. britain's world number one lost to david goffin in the semi—finals of the world tennis championship exhibition event in abu dhabi. rob heath reports. for someone who has achieved so much, andy murray has unfinished business. he appeared in this tournament has extra preparation ahead of the australian open. a grand slam he has never won despite appearing in five finals. david goffin soon ensured that andy murray was putting in the hard yards. nothing separated them in the first set until david gough nosed ahead in the tie—break, the first time he had ever taken the set of the new world number one. andy murray justified number one. andy murrayjustified that status later, cruising into a 4—2 lead but then, david goffin hit rare heights of brilliance. this was a true exhibition and he reeled off four games in a r
BBC News
Sep 7, 2017 8:45pm BST
pieces of eu legislation into british law. prince george started his first day at school with a little in courage and from his father. an update on the market numbers for you — here's how london's and frankfurt ended the day. and in the the united states this is how the dow and the nasdaq are getting on. the pound lost ground against the euro. this was due to euro zone forecasts. on meet the author this weekjim naughtie talks with the biographer claire tomalin about her new book about herself — a life of my own. claire tomalin is one of our great biographers. her subjects have included samuel pepys, jane austen, dickens and hardy. now she's done what many biographers don't do — she's written about herself. a life of my own, is her story, her family and her loves, the tragedies and joys in her life; the literary world in which she found her calling, her craft, welcome. having spent so much time dealing with the detail of other people's lives, trying to sort out truths from falsehoods, was it difficult to take the plunge and hold a mirror up to your own life? i think it was
BBC News
Dec 16, 2017 10:45pm GMT
georges chapel, the big royal wedding, harry and meghan. it seems that hotels in winter already feeling the meghan effect. apparently, because within hours of that announcement, 98% of all rooms we re that announcement, 98% of all rooms were fully booked. i gather up prices have soared as high as £620 per night. i know i will be the reporting on it. from the point of view of viewers... reporting on it. from the point of view of viewers. .. i will take a dawn train to windsor. they will wa nt dawn train to windsor. they will want this story, between now and the wedding itself, not just want this story, between now and the wedding itself, notjust the day itself, you are going to be overwhelmed with it. i'm mostly reporting on brexit, which will not surprise you. but there is no doubt that we will be covering this as well. there is great interest in rural stories. and of course we a global channel. the express have this story, a free glossy calendar! they have been upstaged! it's mid—december! they have been upstaged! it's mid-december! can't wait! let's get to the story of the night. t
BBC News
Jul 30, 2017 10:45pm BST
, although george rr martin has done very well with them. well, there's a bit of magic in this book. it's not harry potter magic in the sense that lives aren't governed by it, but it's very much there. there's a kind of superstition that becomes real. yes. the point about it really is that i wanted to have as few constraints as possible. an awful lot of stories, at their heart, about characters making some discovery about themselves, and i wanted to use magic to bring those discoveries about. i wanted characters to be able to move on and through various devices, and then bring them all together at the end. but we are talking about a city whose great era is passed. i mean, it's a bit like venice with the empire gone. yes, they're worn out. it's all worn out. tired. and there is an unhappy figure on the throne. this is a very familiar setting, in a way, for an historical novelist. a miserable young man and various families all struggling for power. to some extent, there's always that basis in reality. you can't simply have, i don't know, walls disappearing in the middle of a scene. you have
BBC News
Jan 26, 2017 7:45pm GMT
the way that people like george osborne when he was chancellor were hoping would be achieved. yes, the rebalancing the shift away from the financial services into more manufacturing... on the march of the makers, i am not wearing a high vizjacket but you can pretend! it is not necessarily happening to the same extent and a lot of people thought that the depreciation of sterling that has fallen by 50%, that we would get that post, but big manufacturing firms that export globally, they do not necessarily know what they're trading emissions will be with the eu, a very large market and more generally with the rest of the world afterwards. -- 1596. many manufacturers are enjoying a boost to their exports because that is cheaper. it is not cheaper for them to import materials but it is cheaper for people to buy our stuff abroad. there are offsetting factors like you mentioned, they have to import stuff and to put into the exports that they are exporting and they are more expensive. on the other hand, the euro, it is depreciating at the same time as sterling is, so they are not getting the sa
BBC News
Mar 19, 2017 10:45pm GMT
murder of a one—year—old 152375523] 11535 5115321531 gut-15; , ,, , ,, a”, ,, ”7, a row over george osborne's latestjob as editor of the evening standard newspaper. it means the former chancellor has the suffering of the civilians survivors of islamic state now in desperate need of aid. and also in the next hour, the water main in derby that burst with such force it damaged houses and cars. residents said they thought a bomb had gone off as water crashed through their bedroom windows in the middle of the night.
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)