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Jul 30, 2016 6:00pm EDT
good evening, i'm george spencer. right now mercer county is being hit hard. the nbc 10 first alert team has been keeping a close eye on the storms tracking them as they move through. taking a live look right now at the storms on nbc 10 first alert radar, some areas are seeing rain now while others are still dry. now live pictures from our eagle's nest camera at lincoln financial field, as you can see from south philadelphia, rain still falling and the skies are gray. meanwhile though, it is a different story down the shore as we take a live look at the beach and cape may county. it has been dry there with a few peaks of sunshine. what you see depends on where you live. for that much, go to meteorologist karen thomas with the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood forecast. >> all right, george, you said it best. it really does depend on where you are right now. the latest doppler radar picture showing us that we've got a lot of moisture and some of this is heavy rain falling in parts of our area. looking down here in south jersey along the shoreline, virtually no rain, the same is true do
Jul 16, 2016 6:00pm EDT
first president, george washington himself, will be speaking at the rnc. at least that's according to the convention's app. get that story right now on our nbc 10 app or on >>> we're following breaking news down the jersey shore. two women are injured by a lightning strike at point pleasant beach in ocean county. police tell us the first person needed cpr on the beach around 3:00 this afternoon, and just minutes later a second woman was hurt while sitting in her car. police don't think either of them were directly struck by lightning, but both are expected to be okay. >>> showers passing through philadelphia this afternoon. it is dry right now as we take a live look at citizens bank park. the phillies should still be able to get their game in tonight, which you can watch right here on nbc 10 in just about an hour. there is a severe thunderstorm warning in parts of south jersey right now. meteorologist violeta yas is tracking the storms. >> we've had a few warnings that have expired but we have thunderstorms moving through parts of new jersey. dry right now in philadelphia b
Feb 4, 2017 6:00pm EST
:00, former president george h.w. bush appears to be ready for tomorrow's coin toss at super bowl li in houston. this is the first photo of mr. bush since he was discharged from the hospital january 30th treated for pneumonia. also in the photograph is his nephew denver broncos president, joelle list. >> police will be on dui patrol now it's super bowl weekend. if you're driving in the county, you'll notice officers and sobriety check points, they are out to stop impaired drivers before they can cause harm or damage. >> turning now to your first alert forecast, a blisteringy cold day at blue mountain but it did not stop these folks from hitting the slopes today. in penn's landing, tonight the cold is not preventing skaters from enjoying a nice skate. there's plenty of people out there but you've got to bundle up and get through it. >> exactly, took the words out of my mouth. we're seeing lots of 30s in philadelphia and it could be colder. the good news is you can bundle up and enjoy penn's landing ice skating rink, why not? a live look outside boat house row, mostly clear skies and i
Jun 4, 2016 6:00pm EDT
george spencer. muhammad ali died last night surrounded by his family at age 74. ali died of septic shock due to unspecified natural causes. he was hospitalized in the phoenix area on monday and his health was complicated by advanced parkinson's disease. ali boldly claimed he was the greatest boxer of all time and they agreed but it converted beyond the sport converting to islam changing his name from cassius clay to muhammad ali. in his hometown of kentucky, flags are flying at half-staff in honor of muhammad ali. handwritten signs carry messages like rest in pow ser, champ. he had ties to our aarea, house in wester brook and cherie hill. talking to michael j. fox about ali's impact on the community. we begin with drew smith who spent today talking to many in our area who knew ali well and his life in northern liberty where friends knew him well. >> reporter: good evening. it was community day at the joe hand boxing gym. many kids came out to learn from the champion. it got a new meaning today as they paid tribute to the greatest of all times. the bell rang 10 times for muhammad al
Sep 23, 2017 6:30pm EDT
oklahoma city. joining westbrook and paul george. knicks will get canter, mcdermt and a draft pick. they sent more young players down. a guy like mike may not be able to make the team. is looks like two or three rookie defense men will. fliers have 26 players still in camp. they have to get it down to 23 man roster for the season opener. >> we have four games left. our big guys have to play. we're getting ready for the season. there's players in the mix. you get down as quick as you can and go from there. we have a deep roster. spots are hard to come by. >> good problem to have. pen state opens big ten play at iowa. we'll have highlights at 11. pen and lee high today. what a die for pen sophomore running back. brooks. he'll take the hand off nearly takes it in for the score. nice move. two plays later, brooks does get the touch down. 268 yards rushing. nine short of the school record. and 3 touch downs. pen beats lee high 65-47. i'm john clark, it is good to see you again back to you. >> great to see you, john. thank you so much. a final check of the forecast. we're holding onto su
Sep 17, 2016 6:00pm EDT
. good evening, i'm george spencer, we have learned three new details in just the past few hours about the shooting rampage in west philadelphia. tonight the police commissioner says it is a miracle that sergeant sylvia young is alive. and this is new video of the suspect, nicholas glenn. that's his photo there. he has a significant criminal past and is well known to the police department. the letter he left behind had the title "doomed." and police are still trying to get in touch with the family of the woman who was killed. we have team coverage of the shooting rampage. nbc 10's deanna durant spent the day in the neighborhood learning about the suspect, and nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal has been uncovering more about the victims at the hospital. we start with deanna, who just found brand new video of the suspect during the crime. >> yeah, george, we'll tell but the video in a minute. first where i'm standing, sergeant young was shot about halfway down the block. that was the first scene of the shooting, then we're told that nicholas glenn targeted people at this bar here. and then
Apr 1, 2017 6:00pm EDT
of 2017 today. it includes former sixer george mcginnis. >>> how about this. have you heard a huge upset last night in the women's final four. mississippi state, a chance to beat uconn. away. we go to overtime tied at 60. at the last second heave there, off the mark. end of ot tied at 64. settles for the pull-up jumper and hits it. 66-64. the bulldogs snap uconn's 111 winning streak. >>> the eagles hoping they found a diamond in the rough. robinson a first round pick in 2010. has not lived up to the po teng as of yet. robinson played with the colts last season. robinson said jenkins had a huge role in robinson's signing with the eagles. >> i know what type of player he is and what type of locker room he's trying to build. i think, me knowing him, that kind of made a decision for me. >> that is your look at sports. denise, back to you. >> danny, thanks so much. >> sunny sunday. the best day of the week. temperatures in the low 60s. rain. late monday to tuesday. thursday and friday. possibly early saturday. late sunday into monday. >>> thank you. we're going to enjoy tomorrow, right?
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7