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2010 7
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Sep 7, 2010 5:00am PDT
over the weekend. the american with george clooney was number one. word of mouth on the film was tepid. many thought the long movie was slow-paced. my favorite comment on twitter, george clooney shoots people, drives, eats, lord, help me, in real time. >> did you see george clooney? >> no. >> george clooney is my megan fox. >> i can understand that. i think for many women he is. so if he's just sitting there on film for two hours doing nothing -- >> i would watch him brush his teeth. thank you very much. how far can a helium balloon travel if you just let it go? a 4-year-old boy just got that answer. little ryan whetters let a helium balloon go with a note attached asking the person who found the balloon to call him. on average, that balloon traveled 200 miles a day. 762 miles from his home in lexington kentucky, it showed up on the yard in montreal, canada the man who found it followed through and called him. >> i said is orion there? i found his balloon in my yard. >> i never saw a child so happy. >> orion says this won't be the last time he tries to send a note via balloon. he says
Jul 29, 2010 5:00am PDT
, currently owned by disney, but before that it was steve jobs and before that it was george lucas, the founder of "star wars." so lucas had to sell pixar back when it was part of lucasfilms in '86 to raise money for his divorce, so the story goes. then jobs takes that company, grows it from a computer company that made actually hardware for movies into the animation studio we know today. and by the way it was pixar and not apple that pushed steve jobs from mere millionaire to billionaire. >> steve jobs probably doesn't like the latest ad from motor ole la maker of the super popular droid x. these ads are in the "new york times" and they say, no jacket required. that is the droid will will work just fine without a case, even though it has a duel antenna design. we've talked about this before. companies starting to see some weaknesses they can sort of poke at apple. normally nobody pokes at apple. >> exactly. >> it's just too big and powerful. motorola saying, this droid is working out for us. >> thanks, scott. >>> furlough fridays return next month. governor schwarzenegger is ordering t
Aug 30, 2010 5:00am PDT
. >>> some of television's best actors and actresses are waking up this morning with new emmys. george clooney was honored with the bob home humanitarian award for his work in raising awareness to the crisis in darfur. among the other night's big winners, madmen for outstanding drama series and modern family for outstanding comedy series. edie falco was named for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series for her role in nurse jackie. >>> the giants are home tonight against colorado. that starts at 1715. san francisco avoided a sweep of the diamondbacks yesterday. they went up early yesterday thanks to pablo sandoval. 4-1 in the third. in the bottom of the seventh, jose guillen got the lead back with a two rbi singing here. the giants did hold on to win it. final score 9-7. yesterday the a's kept their slim playoff hopes alive with a win over texas. final score was 8-2. a thriller in atlanta ended in an unusual and historic way. bottom of the ninth. braves tied with the marlins. pitcher brian mccain hits what could be ruled a home run, but they rule it a ground-rule double. so they de
Sep 9, 2010 5:00am PDT
worthy cause. we'll have secretary -- former secretary of state george shultz who is one of our honorary chairmen there hosting the event. some of the officers will be up here for the event. by the way, little sidebar, the commanding officer of the 11th marine expeditionary unit was born in san francisco and raised in the bay area. people should come out and meet him. he's a wonderful gentleman. >> ed flowers with the fleet week organizing committee, thank you very much. >>> maybe a nice dinner after watching the ships. scott mcgrew shows us how to save some money. >> there's a place called village vine, you sign up for free and pay about $10 to make a specific dinner reservation? why would you do that? when you show up, the waiter or waitress knows to make a major deduction on your bill, kind of like 30%. think of it like priceline for restaurants. interesting article in the "new york times" this morning points out saving money does not pay well, because interest rates are at a record low. great for borrowing money, lousy for simple savings accounts. recent average interest rat
Jul 27, 2010 5:00am PDT
arrested george huggins yesterday. a good samaritan held him down until police arrived. saturday, officers arrested huggins' fwoif at his oakland home. they found piles of stuffed animals, a wall of greeting cars and several large knives inside. the couple is suspected of robbing and killing a virginia man in town for a job interview. neighbors say they're relieved the two are in custody. >> pretty brave what he did. >> it is. good samaritan, thank you. >> police believe the two are responsible for another robbery and shooting last month in berkeley. they're being held without bail. >> a concord grandfather faces child endangerment charges in the pit bull attack that killed his grandson. dogs mauled steven hiashi's grandson last week. the boy walked into the garage where the three dogs were kept. investigators say hiashi claimed that the door was usually locked with a dead bolt that jacob could not reach. the boy's father said the entire family is taking responsibility for the tragedy. hiashi is due back in court next week. >> new developments in the deadly fire that killed four
Aug 5, 2010 5:00am PDT
phones doe natded by at&t. san francisco police chief george gascone says he will share those phone numbers in a news conference later today. about 100 crimes happen each month on muni buses and at bus stops. muni says the new pilot program is meant to help passengers feel safer and more comfortable. >>> same-sex marriage supporters are celebrating what they call an important step in the right direction. hundreds of people marched from san francisco's castro district to city hall celebrating the federal judge's decision to overturn prop 8. the crowd was filled with same-sex couples waiting for a chance to say i do. >> my family is very conservative. my family has met her and they love her. you know, from my 85-year-old grandfather, to my mom, she calls her my girl. and if they love us and they want us to get married, i think the state of california should let us. >> jenny and danielle have been together for eight years. they know the decision will most likely be appealed and say the waiting is not easy. >>> we are getting mixed reaction to the judge's decision to overturn a ban on g
Aug 12, 2010 5:00am PDT
nancy pelosi. he was renominated by george h.w. bush in 1989 and unanimously confirmed. in 1999 walker rejected a claim from the parents of a san leandro boy. they said their religious rights were violated by pro gay comments made by their son's teacher in the classroom. in 2005, walker agreed with the city of oakland and against two city employees who placed flyers against natural family marriage and family value. we want to know what you think about today's decision. go to nbc bay area morning news on your facebook page and leave comments there. we will have judge walker's decision the moment that it happens today. once again, it will be on tv and online at >>> to an update on an important safety alert you will want to know about today the continuera costa county sheriff's department will release a new sketch of a sex assault suspect. the first attack happened in late january, the latest happened just tuesday. that's when a 25-year-old woman said she woke up with the suspect covering her mouth trying to smother her. she said she sprayed pepper spray in his face, strug
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7