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Jan 8, 2016 6:00am EST
sat down with hall meeting. the meeting was held at george mason university in fairfax, virginia. the president said he never experience with firearms but he manufacturerrers. >> i have been president now for over seven years and gun sales don't seem to have suffered during that time. gone up. >> i have been very good for gun >>jay: the new plan is exexnding background checks for gun buyers and narrowing the so called gun show loophole. >>holly: a new poll suggests most americans support president obama's recent executive actions on guns. the cnn poll shows 67% of those surveyed say they favor the changes the president announced last week. 57% of those polled say they do not believe the executive action will be effective in reducing gun-related deaths though in the u.s. deep. >>holly: see who is enjoying >>jay: the area is seving several inches of snow. >>zack: no snow here, just rain showers. we will see them lessening and quieting down as we make our way into the afternoon hours. i will let you know just how long some of the rain could last for the weekend coming up after the break.
Dec 30, 2015 6:00am EST
person, someone who will bring us together. >>jay: former new york governor george pataki is ending his bid for president. he announced it on a web video on his video and twitter accounts. he never made it to the main stage on any of the gop debates. he joins several others dropping out of the race. >>holly: the republican candidate chris christie is making up lost time in iowa, he was forced to cancel two events. tuesday, one in cedar raldz. at the last stop, he had a message for president obama. >> because mr. president, i want to explain something to you if you are watching tonight, okay? the american people are anxious about terrorism because the american people have seen the dead bodies killed by radical jihadist terrorists. >>holly: the first in the nation caucus state goes to the polls february 1st. >>> we have a "early bird gets the win" give away this morning. >>jay: that's right. we are giving away two pairs of tickets for the new year's eve celebration at off the wagon, dualing piano bar in asheville. that includes the cover charge, free appetizer, a special performance by th
Feb 12, 2016 6:00am EST
place for romance, a place before george even opened the house, it's where his family and friends came to get engaged, celebrate honey moon, there have been countless weddings held on the hess tate, there still are today, it's a great place to showcase special romance. >> lauren: the other part of the showcase continues into antler hill village and dives into the family history behind biltmore. so a lon ton-based company created the costumes and partnered with biltmore for a recreation of cornelia vanderbilt's wedding gown andvale. visitors will also see a family heirloom displayed for the first time, also worn by jackie so this exhibit runs through july 4th at biltmore. live outside of biltmore, lauren brigman, news 13. >> jay: we have another valentine's day-themed "early bird gets the win" give away this morning. >> holly: we are giving away a set of the french broad chocolate lounge's stour book bars and carmels and truffles valued at $150. go to 13 to enter. >> jay: and coming up we are talking about everything chocolate in the chocolate lounge. >> holly: people
Feb 19, 2016 6:00am EST
much like him. george pataki? and look at this one, these are hillary. >> ingrid: look at the pants and the sandals? oh my goodness. i love it. >> holly: the expression? here is her again with an unknown male. >> ingrid: some short-shorts. >> holly: and jeb bush, here he is with a moustache at the university of texas. >> ingrid: i love the moustache. >> holly: and finally jim webb, fun to see what they have become and now they are, you know, common names in our households. >> ingrid: and now they are all buttons up with their chute and ties. big difference. a final look at the weather in this half hour, winltdz are light at 5 in asheville. we will talk about how warm we will turn this weekend and who can see some rain and the next week preview at 6:30. >> >> jay: a political face off for gop candidates in the upstate. >> >> it's a wonderful treat. something totally unexpected, and very kind. >> holly: a sweet surprise. morning team continues to surprise unsuspecting customers. >> >> >> lauren: they help thousands of local families but now a local ministry needs your help. a decline
Jan 27, 2016 6:00am EST
. they objected to spellings work for president george w. bush and the work for the parent company of the for profit university of phoenix. the protestors were charged with disrupting an official meeting and resisting an officer. >>holly: suspects are on the run and the deputies need your help this morning to find them. in "fugitive files" we team up again with the mcdowell county sheriff offense office. joining us this morning is detective jason grimes. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having us. we have james minor wanted for burning certain buildings. next up is joel smith. he is wanted for felony breaking and entering. and finally, it's mr. joshua counts of driving while license revoke and failing to report an accident. these individuals should be in the marion area. >>holly: and this morning you can call anonymously by calling the crime stoppers number 652-2237. again, 652-2237. or, you actually have a new way to be able to send your tips to the mcdowell county sheriff offense office? >> that's right. tip submit, it's the county crime stoppers new app you can download on any d
Feb 23, 2016 6:00am EST
is set for this spring on a new plant that will bring 50 jobs to henderson county. george fisher to build a car part, it will be built in two phases over the next 7 years and the average pay is $47,000. >> holly: in the u.s., what are the odds of having twins? >> jay: the answer is 3 out of every 100 births, or 3%. or 1 in 33, which is more than i thought. >> holly: okay. 3%. a pair of utah sisters used ivf to get pregnant now have their hands full. >> jay: do they ever. the women, who are identical twins themselves, had multiple sets of twins. the five sets, 10 twin, and one big family. initially both of them were not supposed to be able to become pregnant, one sister has four children, ages 5 and under. and the other sister has five children, ages 4 and under. >> holly: wow! >> ingrid: a lot of babies. >> holly: that is a lot of babies. >> ingrid: esit's an army. >> holly: cute kids. we have a winner in the "early bird gets the win" giveaway. terra morris, lacy king, stephanie granger, shannon walker, jessica burke, and frank brown. >> jaclyn: you each won a family four pack of ti
Feb 8, 2016 6:00am EST
with the block and here goes tech right away, marcus george's punt is trailing, fast break layup is good, he had 19. 13-11, miami here they come, sheldon mcclellan on the jam, he scores 22. miami leads the half by 1. going to 16-1 to start the second half. an gel rodriguez, what a pass to murphy, it was that kind of day. miami wins 75-68. they are 7-3 in the acc. 1 behind carolina and louisville. >>> nba hawks in orlando tied, magic with a hand and the buzzer. [inaudible] some call it lucky but they do it again it doesn't matter. it's not a horse. this one counted. magic win it at the buzzer 96-94. wow. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. see you again tonight at 6 o'clock. >>holly: today's facebook feedback we asked what would you tell panthers this morning? >>jay: mary said you had a wonderful year, come back stronger next year. >>holly: marriage says, given cam newton's interview after the loss, i think i simply offer him an alka seltzer and let him sleep it off. >>jay: you lee says, welcome, you guy, you had a great season. >>holly: we picked out the nicer comments th
Feb 24, 2016 6:00am EST
minute left, george's hunt, bang at the buzzer, 3 pointer cuts the lead to 9. he had 25. that battles back to 13 to win it, 75-73. >>> tonight on my 40, with the premier of the rivalry games, and the acc. it's north carolina at north carolina state and 8:00. pack struggling to play the heels in the past, only lost by 12 against chapel hill. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. 6:00. everyone. >> holly: take the umbrella with you this wednesday. >> jay: no kidding. >> ingrid: indeed. make sure you have the umbrella as well. transition to snow. right now it's mild. 40s in burnsville, columbus, fairview, highlands, and marshal at 49 degrees. today's mild temperature-wise overall. with showers and the chance for severe. that means gusty winds, downed trees and power lines cannot be ruled out throughout the day. >>> and heads up for drivers in north asheville, there is a downed tree reported off merriman avenue. >> jaclyn: right. sit blocking, partially blocking the roadway on lake shore drive off merryman. try to avoid the area if you are heading out in north asheville on your c
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8