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Feb 15, 2016 12:30pm EST
at the supreme court. >> former president george bush hits the campaign trail helping his brother. the elder bush will appear in south carolina. he says he believes his brother campaign, he says george w. can vouch for his readiness to lead. he is hoping for more momentum after a fourth place finish in new hampshire. south carolina's primary is saturday. >> a house fire kills a person in massachusetts. the victim's body was discovered on the third floor, cold temperatures hampered efforts to fight the fire. regulators kept freezing. one firefighter was hurt when he slipped and fell on the ice. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> two men in custody after a police officer was shot in the head. the alleged shooter and his accomplice turned themselves in. where you have them gunned down the officer and left him bleeding on the street. the officer is in critical condition. plunge into a canal south of stockholm. the they released their first single last year.year. >> kanye west says he is $53 million in debt. he tweeted the news before performing on "saturday night l
Jan 7, 2016 12:30pm EST
george jetson. the future is now with the consumer electronics show. >> it may be a replacement for rosy. mary maloney explains in today's consumer news. >> families of the future as depicted on the jetsons had handy row pots that provided breakfast. meet intel's new creation, half hover board and half segue and all robot. the biggest tech event in the world. not only can you ride the robot but it can serve as an alarm for your house. >> the segue robot recognizes voice command and has a camera that follows you around. this butler like gadget gives us a glimpse of the future. for consumer watch, i'm mary maloney. >> we thought the glimpse to the future was the self-driving car. now there is a rosy and a self-driving car. if you want your own personal segue robot, you have to wait. intel hasn't announced when it will go into commercial production. >> in other consumer news, a new edition to the world of wearable health devices. >> underarmor unveiled its health box. health box is electronic devices that helps users track their body 24/7. >> it includes a wrist strap and a circular sc
Jan 4, 2016 12:30pm EST
president will join cnn anderson cooper for an hour long meeting at george mason university this thursday at 8:00. he will also meet with the attorney general to discuss options for tougher gun restrictions. >> happening today, henderson county commissioners will hold a public hearing to consider incentives. the manufacturing company is eyeing an expansion project in mills river that could bring 350 jobs. the hearing is set for 5:30. the package is worth $690 million. armed ro testers continue to occupy a federal building many oregon two days after taking it over. that story starts today's newsreel. the fbi is is now involved, it began saturday as a rally to support two ranchers, set to begin sentences for arson. >> they claim the refuge has been destructive. no one was in the wildlife refuge and so far there are no reports of my injuries. the militia members say they are prepared to defend themselves and stay out there as long as necessary. >> an employee was stabbed to death this morning in the bronx. police say the suspect and the employee got into a dispute inside the restaurant. the
Feb 25, 2016 12:30pm EST
city's george washington bridge. in new york, a coast guard vessel that went out to rescue this fishing boatboat. >> the family of a newberg driver accused of going on a spree is expressing sich thi for the victims. that starts today's newsreel. the family attorney spoke to abc news for the first time. we are learning what jason dalton was like in the days before he allegedly killed six people and wounded two others. the attorney says on the day of the shooting dalton's family was running errands when he visited a gun store. as seen in surveillance jacket. they say dalton went to his parents's how, saying a chevy equinox was side swiped. a fishing boat go into trouble off the coast. the carolina queen ran aground off rockaway beach in queens. the seven crew members were rescued without injury. >> look at this woman. you might think she is pregnant pu that is a 35 pound tumor that has been growing for eight years. a team of doctors successfully removed it yesterday. the procedure took more than three years. the 23-year-old is now recovering. she says she is happy to fulfill-dreams of stu
Feb 23, 2016 12:30pm EST
for. sharing all the things we are doing every day. >> the sharing spread worlly one post from george takkei called quit wining and work out to his nine million followers. >> posting the video with a variation. >> most of the comments have been positive. there have been a few negative reactions about her hurting herself, falling on the wine. but most of the people have been doing what i'm doing, sending back their own videos and pictures. >> they were making their own pictures, they were doing di nierent things with it. >> story is hoping they all get the message. >> what i want to show people, fitness is something you can do you can use anything. >> in this case, don't forget the corkscrew. >> i love it. i think a lot of people can relate to that, especially with a little kid running around. >> you can use a magnum bottle, it would be a heavier weight. >> switch from the can of green beans to the wine bottle. >> news 134 is hosting the third ahouual live well expo. it is not about wine. up next, it is on march 149 at the wc ag center. >> we'll have cooking demonstrations. admission i
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5