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Feb 19, 2016 5:00am EST
wednesday night....when they crashed into each other on platt springs road near old orangeburg road. george morton: h it was terrible." george morton lives nearby and heard a huge bang wednesday night and walked to the scene filled with blue lights george morton: i seen this one cop car squished in in the front, airbags exploded every where, debris all over the highway, swung all the way up to the red light up here and i walked down to see the other car, and that about what happened, i mean it was just terrible. my first thoughts was, i sure hope the guys were doing alright, i hope they didn get hurt bad.all three were taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. two have been released and one is still recovering in the hospital and is expected to recover morton:"i was praying for them all the way." captain adam myrick of the lexington county sheriff's office says specific details are being withheld as state highway patrol conducts their investigation adam myrick: "sometimes it a risky these officers last night found that out firsthand 17:30 we e just so glad that they e doing
Feb 15, 2016 5:00am EST
. the rally starts at 6. 3 former florida governor jeb bush and his brother ...former president george w. bush... will be in the lowcountry.they are hosting a rally at the north charleston performing arts center... from 6 to 7. 3 and leading gop candidate donald trump will be in the upstate for his rally. its starts at 7 tonight ... at the t-d convention center in greenville. 3 for all things related to the primary and where the candidates are going to be in our state ... just head to our website... wltx dot com... and click the national politics tab to your left. 3 the body of the late supreme court justice - antonin scalia - is being transported back to the washington area today. yesterday - a justice of the 79-year-old died of natural causes...after he suddenly passed away during a hunting trip to texas. don champion has the latest from washington - where a battle is already underway over who should replace him 3 3 funeral arrangements for scalia have yet to be announced. with 4 conservatives and 4 liberals remaining...the nominee would ultimately tip the balance of the court.) 3 3
Feb 2, 2016 5:00am EST
in the shooting death of 30 year old george mixon the third.officers say on saturday night, they got a call of a shooting at a home on hemington highway. when they went inside, they found mixon's body on the living room floor with a gunshot wound to the chest.deputies have not yet released a motive in the crime. 3 there's word this morning that charleston's mother emanuel ame church has been nominated for the nobel peace prize......the reason......forgiveness.back on june 17th....9 people were shot and killed inside the historic church....including the pastor... who was also a state lawmaker.days members of the dead forgave accused shooter dylann roof.well illinois lawmakers submitted the nomination....saying the forgiveness shown by the church and their members....could inspire the world.the winner of the 2016 nobel peace prize will be announced in october. 3 3 a community group in winnsboro is fighting to keep an old school building from being demolished... leaders say it an eyesore and a danger to the community. news 19 janae frazier has the details.
Feb 9, 2016 5:00am EST
brother....former president george bush, will campaign across the state for his sibling.however...details on those campaign stops have not been made public yet.we do know that jeb bush will be in the low country for a town hall tomorrow. that's taking place in mount pleasant at 3:30 3 chris christie is scheduled to bring his campaign to south carolina.and we say scheduled...because he's putting a lot of time and effort in new hampshire....and a really bad finish there could end his campaign. of this morning christie is supposed to take part in the conservative leadership project's presidential is college of charleston. 3 this saturday...the republican candidates will take part in another debate...this time at the peace center in greenville. cbs has not released many details about the event....other than it's going to be 90 minutes long.we also don't know if all remaining candidates are being invited to the main stage.....or if there will be an undercard debate. more details are expected to released can watch that debate saturday night begining at
Jan 13, 2016 5:00am EST
were, but nothing was st. george baptist church in orangeburg, two guitars and an amplifier were stolen.the certain person to target churches and they hope whoever is responsible is 3 gregory can always person within the area to be set help and not get in trouble and try to be a good person." 3 deputies were able to collect finger prints and other pieces churches. 3 columbia police have arrested three people they say were invovled with a shooting... and they are searching for a fourth. they've arrested... 20 year old... ladarren brown.... 24 year old... dominick lewis... and 19 year old... terrone anderson. the shooting happened just before 9 pm saturday night... in the 3000 block of truman street. police say the driver wouldn't stop for police... lost control of the car... and hit a brick wall.anyone with information on the fourth suspect is asked to call crimestoppers at 3 efforts to combat human trafficking are underway.we now know about 155 people were victims of human trafficking in our state alone just last year. for human trafficking awareness month, many organization
Dec 30, 2015 5:00am EST
incident... but could face possible civil rights charges. 3 3 former new york governor... george pataki is dropping out of the presidential race.he made the announcement last night... in front of his supporters.pataki made national headlines while governing new york... during the september 11-th attacks.he originally announced his run in maythe former governor has never made it onto a main debate stage... and has had 3 on to a couple of g-o-p candidates still in the race. the front runner donald trump will be back in the palmetto state today.he'll be in hilton head hosting a meet and greet at the starts at 11 a-m and is free to the public. 3 and former florida governor jeb bush is hosting a meet and greet of his own tonight in the midlands. it's at hudson smokehouse bbq on sunset boulevard and it starts at 6:30. 3 3 the elgin light christmas show has been bringing holiday cheer to folks in the midlands for 18 years.this year...the creator...paul towns has been a little slower putting up the 40 thousand lights... because of his own battle with cancer. but that hasn't stopped hi
Jan 6, 2016 5:00am EST
, megared is proven to increase omega-3 levels in 30 days. megared. 3 new study from george washington university... finds only 10 percent of smokers on medicaid... get anti-smoking medication.researchers also found some states make it harder for smokers to get counseling and medication... that is partially covered by medicaid.the c-d-c estimates smoking-related diseases will cost medicaid $75 billion dollars in 2016. 3 with an increased focus recently on monitoring and preventing concussions in youth sports, some health professionals are pushing for a federal mandate for sports injury reporting standards. every state has laws on when to report sports injuries, but advocates warn "very few" have enforcement mechanisms in place. and as mark albert reports from washington, a team of doctors and industry kids are protected nationwide3 3 3 coming up on news 19 this morning... a clemson tiger fan is not letting where he is stop him from cheering on his
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7