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Feb 8, 2016 6:00am EST
understand that his brother, george bush is expected to campaign here in south carolina sometime this week. we do not have a specific date on a campaign appearance for you this morning. that is the latest on what's going on in the world of politics, tomorrow morning we will have another update on the candidates and what they are doing, and we will preview the new hampshire primary once again. after you. >>> chipotle lovers, listen up, the restaurant is closing all locations for four hours today for a companywide meeting about food safety. this comes after the chainsaw foodborne illness issue that made 175 people sick in several states. last week, the cdc declared the outbreak to be over. >>> today we find you the best >> so sweet. moneyman, matt granite has the most wanted gift on a dime. >>reporter:great to be with you, i am fired up for today's frugality, what she really wants. we had some great responses from all of the research we did. we are going to handle the guys tomorrow, but take a look at the most requested item for women for valentine's day. gift cards, which i will get two to
Jan 6, 2016 6:00am EST
fan when you araractually a usc student. >> robert kittle has the unusual story. >> reporter: george is a third- year law student at usc. >> i hated usc since the first game and probably will hate usc for the rest of my life. >> reporter: why does he hate his own school? he got his undergraduate degree them clemson. he is a clemson fan and usc student. >> the school is okay. that is about as good as i will get. i cannot stand the athletic program. i'm sure there are great people involved with that but i cannot stand it. >> reporter: he could not be happier that his tigers are playing for the national championship, even if he has to hunt for fellow clemson dance the timing is good for george. usc beat clemson five years in a row. he does not wear clemson gear around campus very often. >> last year i did wear a hoodie around for a couple of days. i got some nice looks. >> reporter: he does not know whether he will wear a clemson sweatshirt on campus. closet start on wednesday. his heart will be with his team. >> i wish i was there. i wish i was not here. i'm going to go all in, all out
Feb 9, 2016 6:00am EST
last stand. a poor showing could do his campaign. bush says his former president george bush will campaign for him. for details they have been made public yet. we do now jeb bush will be in the lowcountry tomorrow for a town hall in mount pleasant. the debate for the candidates is this saturday. they are taking part in that event at the peace center in greenbelt. cbs is the sponsor and the network will release details later today. you can watch that debate here on news 19 . what other political not his actors angela bassett will be in the midlands later today taking part in a get out the vote tour. she is visiting the university at 4:00. that's the latest on what we know this morning. as far as politics in south carolina, new hampshire is today and then cover 20th is the -- february 20 is the primary. we have much more this week on news 19. >>> on the democratic side hillary clinton just announced she will be back in the palmetto state this week pack >> her campaign says more details will be released soon but she will be back friday. the world. officials say eight people are dead
Feb 16, 2016 6:00am EST
affair in south carolina, george w. bush campaigns for his younger brother, jeb bush, and taking swipes at donald trump. >> faith that reveals itself through good works, not loud words. >> reporter: the rally marking the first time that bush has talked for his brother, giving his younger brother a needed boost. donald trump tried to take the wind out of his former president brothers appearance. but the billionaire saved is most brutal attacks for ted >> ted cruz is i think the most an honest guy i've ever met in politics. >> reporter: ted cruz threatened to sue. and he rallies voters about the new vacancy on the supreme court. >> we are one justice away from a radical left-wing majority the likes of which this company has never seen. >> and while jeb bush and donald trump campaigned here, john kasich is still trying to build on his second-place finish in the new hampshire and primary. >>> and talking to potential voters at the ebenezer grill, and hearing columbia at the town hall. ben carson made several stops across the state, and scheduled to appear in several locations today. >> ted
Feb 15, 2016 6:00am EST
. >> jeb bush and his former president brother george bush will host a rally at the north charleston performing arts center from six to seven. and leading gop candidate donald trump will be in the upstate for his really starting at seven tonight at the td convention center in greenville turco for all things related to the primary and where they're going to be in our state, had to our website at and click the national politics tab on the left side of the page. >>> meanwhile the death of scalia is sending shockwaves through the capital. >> efforts to control the senate bill 18replaced simply for the president leaves office. the democrats are accusing the gop of playing politics. rejoined professor kirkland does up with what this all means for politics. on the one hand we know we just lost him but on the same token you have to look at the political side now. what does his death mean? . >> it's a blow to the entire country because justice school he is one of the champions of the conservative legal movements and certainly leaves a tremendous: the court . trying to fill that vacan
Dec 30, 2015 6:00am EST
group's website. you may also donate to help them out. >>> turning to politics. george pataki is dropping out of the presidential race. he made national headlines while governor during the september 11 attacks. the originally announced his run in may of last year. the former governor has never made it onto a main debate funds. >>> a couple of candidates still in the race. donald trump will be back in the palmetto state today. he will be at hilton head hosting a meet and greet at the westin starting at 11 am and is free to the public. >> the former florida governor is hosting a meet and greet of his own tonight in the midland. that will be held at hudson smokehouse barbecue on sunset boulevard at 6:30 this evening. >>> we are on your side this morning with the recall you need to know about. take your cabinets because if you have martha stewart cookware, macy's is recalling to frying pans after metal discs popped off causing bruises, burns and whelps. -- welts. the 10 piece stainless still cookware set. you should return them to macy's for credit. >>> even though christmas just pas
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6