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Feb 20, 2016 11:00pm PST
things about him, george, while you're here. did you ever have any, uh-- you mentioned when you were on the show december the 19th that you were-- that you were gonna win the crowd. did you ever have any doubts about the outcome of the fight at all? >> not really because i had just worked harder than joe frazier. not only for training and practice fights for three and a half years, and he had been partyin' and livin' the good life. he had all the money. i'm just a poor man, so i couldn't lose. >> you think there's some truth into the fact then that the best fighters are sometimes what they call hungry fighters? >> i don't know about hungry, but i guess the one that wants, you know, more. so, what the other guy has, he doesn't really appreciate it. yet, you know, what else can he achieve. you can't be the double heavyweight champion, or the triple heavyweight champion. you can just be the heavyweight champion of the world. >> right. you said something on a show, i think i saw on an interview, you said that-that you didn't feel that the crown didn't belong to you, or no matter who
Feb 14, 2016 11:00pm PST
march of dimes for your good friend, greg peck and george burns was on the stage. it was the jack benny memorial award. and you were supposed to be there, but you had a-a rather harrowing day. the play rehearsals, uh, but that was the day, if you remember it in the news, that a rather disturbed lady, uh-- >> oh, yes. >> had hijacked a plane and in new york and had demanded to see a couple of people in the motion picture industry. your name was one of them. i think jack lemmon was another. >> jack lemmon. yup. >> it was something to the effect-- that there had been a note left in a twa terminal-- >> that was the proposed scenario. turned out not to be the case, but-- >> and you were supposed to-- you were supposed to go there and read this to the nation or something. what-what-what's the story? >> well, i didn't mind that so much, but as we were-- the fbi fellows came and picked me up at the rehearsal down at the ahmanson. and, as we were racing up the free-- up to lax, why they handed me a bulletproofed vest. [ laughter ] and that made me a little nervous. [ laughter ] but i must
Feb 7, 2016 11:00pm PST
-- >> it's like george washington slept here. >> oh boy. >> they go out to destroy something just for the -- >> the look on their faces. the satisfaction of the destruction. it's pretty unbelievable. shoot -- you know, there's a lot of -- >> a lot of "shoot" going on. >> a lot of tuscaloosa exuberance. "shoot, i never saw a [ laughter ] we went to the university of alabama, to answer some questions. the questions were like, "what made you choose that kind of car?" they wanna know all that. [ laughter ] the football season dies hard in tuscaloosa. we were there in early february, and they were showing reruns of bear bryant's tv show. [ laughter ] he shows pictures of the boys, and he tells their hometown, and he tells all about them. "he's looking forward to that auburn game, on december 2nd. it's gonna be a good game. here's a linebacker, he's a good ole boy. he's from layton, alabama. he's going to be back two more years. he's just a sophomore." [ laughter ] [ applause ] they have to keep on reminding him to drink the cola. you know, the sponsors. and he's drinking cola, and a couple
Feb 21, 2016 11:00pm PST
, charles finley, owner of the oakland a's. we have george peppard, charles callas, and dr. jeffrey bourne. charles, let's get into this controversy a little bit. uh, what's going on in baseball. now, you have three ball players, uh, joe rudi, and rollie fingers, which you sold, and as i understand, they are-- they are working out their option on the time. this is their last year, right? >> well, supposedly, yeah. >> supposedly, yeah, and under the-- under the-- >> as a matter of fact, they haven't signed. >> right, and under the rules of that, if a ball player exercises he becomes a free agent, and is able to sell his services to the highest bidder. >> right, right. >> now, what you did is that you sold them to the new york yankees, or to different teams, right? these three players, for a total of one point-- whatever-- >> a total-- for a total of three and a half million. >> three and a half million dollars. now, the commissioner of baseball calls you into his office, and i understand you had a meeting, and he says, uh, he was going to veto that in the best interest of baseball, a
Jan 16, 2016 11:00pm PST
he continues to help win games. gianna george caught up with him prior to tomorrow's game against pittsburgh.>>> -- >> reporter: virgil green was drafted by the broncos in 2011 and since then, the tight end has remained on denver's active roster. he is also a constant staple target for payton manning. coming this sunday, he faces the steelers. practice. here's what he said about the upcoming game and his experience with the denver organization.>> i have won plenty of games here, been in the playoffs. it is great to be affiliated with a team that has had so much success.>> being a veteran, how do you think you have changed since leaving nevada?>> i don't get, i don't want to say nervous, but is anxious as i used to early on. i used always be so worried about the offense and potentially making mistakes and things like that. but once you've been in the league for a few years, things start getting a little simpler, you start adjusting to things easier and you just start to enjoy your time. >> you get to play with payton manning, catching passes from him. what's that like? >> it seems
Feb 20, 2016 5:00pm PST
the floss" -- it's "miller." oh. "mill on the floss" was a george eliot novel. right, right, yeah. setting was a mill, so the occupation -- yeah, yeah, i got it, dietrich. mail call, gentlemen. i'm not expecting anything. [ telephone rings ] 12th precinct. levitt. unless it's an emergency, no detectives are available at the moment. no, ma'am, i'm a uniformed officer, not a detective. well, it's mostly politics -- not what you know, but who you know. it's a sad state of affairs. i agree. it wouldn't hurt to write a letter. bye-bye. afternoon, sir. levitt. your mail. thank you. you've been here long? long enough. good. listen, i'm really sorry about this. oh, look, it's not your fault. i mean, if i broke the law, you're gonna have to arrest me. what's that about? you tell me. cap, this is miss laura kirgo -- solicitation, trespassing, disorderly conduct. don't go by that. see, she sort of caused a riot in the bar. according to the bartender, she would come on to a guy, get him all, uh, interested, and then drop him and go on to another guy. no one was right. my standards -- they're
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6