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Aug 16, 2016 12:00am EDT
on the right named george and his best friend a duck. you can see they've become inseparable and sleep in the same bed. while george's owner needs to make some to accommodate the duck, she's just glad her pup is happy and has a new friend. >> ducks are great pets. >> i've heard that. >> now you know. >>> ryan seacrest here at copacabana beach. if you missed any of today's actions, these are the three things you need to know. rio day ten. let's go. >> here we go. >> this simone biles missed out on a fourth gold but did collect bronze on bance beam while her u.s. teammate laurie hernandez took silver. >> new jersey is up and roaring at the possibilities here for laurie hernandez. >> tonight at olympic stadium, david rude eesh isha defended h.
Nov 3, 2016 11:35pm EDT
: george hill, you know anybody that went under tonight? can't do that, right? 43-28. 71 total points in the game. atlanta has ten possessions in the game. five t.d.s, three field goals. they have ored on eight. and they only had a punt one time tonight. dirk koetter will have his team lick its wounds after playing over 13 minutes of overtime, giving up a zillion yards to oakland. and going to go to 0-4, in this ballpark. >> cris: just think the reality set in tonight, don't you? and that several of those guys playing 100 plays, turn around four days later, in the middle >> al: it was a leaky defense to begin with. that will be collected at the 44 yard line, by hooper. one thing about this division, look at that. points per game this season. the falcons one, saints two, panthers fourth. and the bucs below the norm. and in point ace lowed -- all >> cris: like the chicken or the egg, right? great offense or not so great defense. >> al: yep. >> cris: but it's a fun division to watch. >> al: the bottom feeders right there. and atlanta, with matt schaub, finishing up the game. here's tonig
Oct 31, 2016 11:00pm EDT
is the jetski of william george morris. he was on it with his 3-year- old son never to be seen again tonight. i want you to take a good look at this picture and see if you again 38-year-old william george morris of riverview last seen just before 6:00. he had taken his 3-year-old son for a ride on that jetski, never came back. his wife then called him on his cell phone. the 3-year-old imagine this, answered the phone on face time, just imagine. we're told by a passer-by they found the child on a small island right off 75. the locals here call it island 75. dealt i it deputies arrived to take care of the boy. they later found morris' jetski, life jacket and wallet. the mother on the scene of the search area tonight talking with deputies tonight, truly just a heartwrenching scene. people who live here, let's just say they are in shock. >> i know she's very heart broken. i mean she has to be wondering and just have so many question says and i don't -- questions and i don't know. i hope they get their answers. >> the current gets really strong when the tide goes out, where you're at in t
Feb 8, 2016 11:00pm EST
. you started off with george bush, marco rubio and donald trump and a little snow coming down. >> reporter: yeah, keith, good evening. you talked about marco rubio and donald trump. tomorrow night either one could be claiming victory. i was at a donald trump event earlier this evening and there was a lot of people there and i can tell you after being in new hampshire for a few days, the people here are very thoughtful when it comes to who they are going to vote for. >> i raised $6 million for the veterans, right? >> reporter: at the final trump rally before the primary trump did what he does best. >> they had a great rating. what would they have had if i wasn't in the debate? voters pumped the best way he knows how. >> we are the have a country or we don't. we're -- we either have a country or we don't. we're going to be so strong and let me ask you one question about the wall. who the hell is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> reporter: this could be the last rally for the trump voters or they could see him a lot more. it's all what they decide at the polls tomorrow. fo
Sep 29, 2016 11:00pm EDT
george fouling knew ray deep. >> -- fulk knew ray was in deep. >> i said raymond, it looks like a scam to me. any time you have to send money to get money, it's a scam of the. >> reporter: ray sold his '04 chevy malibu for $500 and sent that money in. this bicycle is his only way to get around. are you still hopeful they're coming through with the car and prizes and all these checks and things they promised? >> i'm hopeful, yeah. >> reporter: ray used western than 250 another time. add item, ray sent in about $1,600, slightly more than his $1,400 a month social security check. in two months you've been sending the money and how much prize money have you received back? >> nothing yet. >> reporter: his friends points out they have no street address, no phone number. >> the fact that he sent him little checks in the beginning and they kept asking for more and more money showed me that it was a scam. >> reporter: through it all ray thinks riches are right around something out of it, but when i don't know. >> reporter: i had a good talk tonight face to face with him man to man with ray smit
Nov 8, 2016 11:00pm EST
tallahassee when there was this connested situation between al gore and george bush and here we are a close race in florida. were you surprised such a nail biter? >> yeah. it's not that close, though. this race here. >> by comparison not, but still it's a close race. >> the threshold for a recount is 1/2 a percent. it stands to reit out this is not be such -- to reason it should not be such a big surprise donald trump won. this race is not over yet, but something democrats in this country will have a very hard time assimilating because it's something that the pundits and pollsters and surveyors for the last month or two or three have been telling us is almost inconceivable, but here it could very well happen. >> will that mean you think the democrats will have to are the so of go back to the drawing board because they got in so wrong? >> it's going to take a while. i think the democrats will continue to be angry at donald trump and at the republicans who voted for him and at hillary clinton for >> that has not happened. this election is not over. this night is just getting started,
Oct 25, 2016 11:00pm EDT
trump. >> i think this all started when george washington refused to become a king, right? donald trump probably would have called him aim loser. [ laughter ] >> instead that was one of the most important decisions any president has ever made. >> in clintons looks to be on top. seven of 10 voters believe she'll win the election next month and this year voters are confident their choices will be accurately counted. eight of 10 believe that the loser should concede this race. meantime donald trump's comments about this rigged system have put a spotlight on our election process. we've been getting some e-mails and phone calls about possible voting problems here in the he joins us live from the fred b. karl county center in downtown tampa. paul, people just want to be sure their votes are accurately counted. >> reporter: they do indeed, keith. nearly 2 million floridaians have already voted including about 37,000 at early voting locations like this 1 here in hillsborough county, but contrary to the poll you just mentioned about confidence in the system, there are some who say there are thin
Oct 2, 2016 11:30pm EDT
: trump supporter george farrell tells me the news from the new york times report showing trump lost than $916 million in 1995 is nothing new. >> the taxes were released. people know that he has some failed businesses. it's public knowledge. but it's nothing surprising there. the knowledge has been out there. >> reporter: the tax document sent to the new york times showed the large loss after several businesses flopped in the early '90s, including casinos and a poorly timed purchase of the hotel. the tax experts say the loss could have allowed trump to legally skip paying federal he is a charlottian and he doesn't support the troops, he doesn't give to charities. we don't know because he won't say. it reconfirms that there's a reason that he didn't release the tax return snooze what it doesn't include are the '95 tax returns, how much he gave to charity. now we will see if he feels pressure to release the returns. >> looking at tax returns from 1995, it doesn't give you -- >> we need to see them. >> and we know that when hillary releases the e-mails. >> he doesn't make as much money
Oct 23, 2016 11:30pm EDT
that is the situation. backup rookie, tack until the game. george fant. rookie right guard, germain ifedi. >> cris: and you're playing tight to the receivers because >> al: they give it to mike. and christine michael takes it out to the 35. a nice way to start. runs off the backside. graham lays down a nice block. it's a gain of ten. and a first down. >> cris: jimmy graham has to clean up the backside of that one. it was good, when you're struggling with pass protection. a ten-yard run to start things. >> al: you have the longest rush of the night. from the 35. the fake to mike. and the pass is caught at the 48 yard line by jimmy graham. a little change-up to him. jefferson makes the tackle. that's another first down. >> cris: i think this is one of the better throws that wilson makes. he is on the move, he has an innate ability to lob throws out there. running towards the line of scrimmage. and drop it in over the top of a defender. not many people can do that. gain of 13 at the 38 yard line. stepping up. fires over the middle. that's the gain of about seven. graham again making th
Sep 25, 2016 11:30pm EDT
. squaring off against charlie cris. here is susan of the pinellas democrats and george farrell a >> charlie can't make up his mind what he is, a democratic,independent, republican. people don't have respect for a person who doesn't know who they are. david jolly will provide great leadership and leadership on zika and more funding for schools in pinellas county. he's a person we need and he's a great -- he's right leader for the times. >> representative jolly in his own words said district 13 was no longer to be able to be won by a republican. now, because he is not run for the senate seat which he really wanted and he has to go back and run for the house seat again because of marco rubio decision, he's in a predict amount where he's doing -- predicament where he's doing antics. >> one of the battles is zika. there is a battle for fundle. jolly argued for money by taking a jar of mosquito larvae to the house chambers. >> he's in a predicament where he's doing antics and antics the floor of the house is not going to be -- is not going to resonate. >> he's not -- >> now, one of the latest pol
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10