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Sep 9, 2012 10:00am EDT
younger, president clinton, or george w. bush had to deal with because congress understood implicitly that that was an important thing to do to make sure we honored our debt and had very little to do with the current debt. we saw this last summer. that has got to be avoided. i believe -- >> on that point -- >> i believe we will come together during this lame duck session because they recognize the magnitude of this. some will be leaving congress. some will be leaving because they are going to retire. others in voluntarily. i hope they understand the magnitude of what we're dealing with here. >> patty murray indicated that democrats are willing to go off the fiscal cliff to get republicans to been on raising taxes. is that your position as congress is scheduled to come back? >> i can understand why patty said that in frustration. our position continues today let's work together. let's demonstrate to the american people -- >> when you say let's work together, what are democrats going to can see? what are they going to give up? >> we have put forward a plan. we have put forward a budget.
Sep 11, 2011 10:00am EDT
. george ferguson henry fernandez judy hazel fernandez julio fernandez elisa giselle ferraina anne marie sallerin ferreira robert john ferris >> and with a greater honor and a sadness, my aunt, a flight attendant on flight 11. >> and my father. we love and miss you, daddy. david francis ferrugio louis v. fersini michael david ferugio bradley james fetchet jennifer louise fialko kristen nicole fiedel samuel fields alexandra filipa michael bradley finnegan timothy j. finnerty michael curtis fiore stephen s r fiorelli, sr. paul m. fiori john b. fiorito john r. fischer andrew fisher bennett lawson fisher >> and my uncle, gerald. we miss you more than words can ever describe. >> my brother-in-law, timothy. we miss and love you always. gerald fisher john roger fisher thomas j. fisher lucy a. fishman ryan d. fitzgerald thomas james fitzpatrick richard p. fitzsimons salvatore fiumefreddo christina donovan flannery eileen flecha andre g. fletcher carl m. flickinger john joseph florio joseph walken flounders >> i read it today on behalf of my brother, patrick, and my cousins, thomas collins, and o
Feb 22, 2015 6:00pm EST
featured in this year's nominated films. next, a discussion with george dyson. the movie is nominated for seven awards, including best picture and best actor. >> finally, before get started i do have one very special introduction tonight. i would like to recognize akrevoe emmanouilides. she was hired as a secretary at the age of 16 to work for herman goldstein. when he moved to work directly with john von neumann, he had a very distinguished career. doing far more than being a secretary. she was there for the creation and has traveled to be here for this program. would you please stand up? [applause] you are so tiny, i saw people in the back trying to see you. we are delighted to see you. if you would like to ask some questions of someone who worked directly with the legends please feel free to pass those . and now on to tonight's program. the world inhabited at princeton university and alan turing and john von neumann, and yet george dyson's brilliant new book "turing's cathedral: the origins of the digital universe", makes it as vivid and relevant as today. indeed, it can hardly be
Jul 5, 2015 6:00pm EDT
are honest with the president who appointed them. people say this shows you that george w bush did not make the right pick. george w. bush, george h.w. bush, and ronald reagan, they all batted about 500 on their picks to the supreme court on these really hot button issues. it is a real problem for republicans. if you look at democrat presidents, at least in my lifetime, they never whiffed. every person they picked for that court is very reliable on those hot topics that the left cares about. they bat 1000. we bat 500. that is not a winning formula for making sure that those constitutional protections that conservatives care about, and an original understanding of the constitution, would continue. i think they lied to the presidents. either they lied to the presence, or they have changed their mind over time. if you look, and i did, at the testimony that they gave the senate during the time that they quote unquote interviewed, they said very different things certainly in anthony kennedy's case. he has dozens of decisions before this. there is no question that the kind of justice he said
May 17, 2015 6:00pm EDT
george iii 1763. he fought a big battle against the use of general warrants were the government would go out and say, get us all the information that might be relevant to whatever we are looking into. his battle was victorious and he became a hero on both sides of the atlantic. his story and struggle, which i described in my book, inspire the fourth amendment. the fourth amendment says that warrnts need to describe with particularity the persons, places, things to be searched. ellen: let me ask this for a minute, the majority leader is now proposing a short-term extension and told the party -- the 31st of july because of this wide-ranging debate. are you willing to support that short-term extension so that some of these contentious issues can find compromise? mike: i don't really have an interest in extending it and kicking the can for a period of two months, especially given all the legal elements at play. i would like to have the bill that was just passed by house of representatives brought up on the floor and discussed. if they need a few more days to do that, that is one thing. to
Mar 6, 2016 10:00am EST
committee, your colleague, joe biden, now vice president, had blocked the nomination of 32 george herbert walker bush federal judicial nominations that year. is that accurate? sen. leahy: no, that is not accurate. in fact, he did 65 or 70 of president bush's nominees, including a large number of district courts and courts of appeals, and it was actually confirming -- letting the senate confirm nominations right up through september of an election year. no, if there were then that did not go through -- that it was for other reasons. he set, really, a record. now, contrast that to what happened when george w. bush was in the last two years of his presidency. i was chairman. so there could be no question on fairness, i put through 68 of his nominees. the republicans have about only 16 of president obama's in the last two years of his presidency, as opposed to the democrats allowing 68 of republican presidents. use any standard you want, republican presidents were treated more fairly. host: your republican colleagues would disagree. senator biden said they should not go forward with a
May 6, 2012 6:00pm EDT
policies that god got us into the mess. let me go back a second on job creation. george bush came in the office and the economy was humming. when george bush left office he had fewer jobs than the day he came into office. the only president in recent history with less job as the the end o his term than when he began. he did every policy they're not advocating. deregulation. tax cuts for the rich. they're proposing more tax cuts and the same identical policy. they'll take us right back into a recession if not a depression. so if that had credibility and here's our jobs program and any normal mainstream economists would say yeah that could work. that had credibility but they doevenlt it didn't stick. >> they have a couple of days out of it. i can stick him with the pin a bit. it wasn't major. >> as you assess the election and think about the role of the union's labor union will play in mobilizing voters you talked about union workers and now you're looking at nonunion as well. is there an enthusiasm problem with the base, with people that not only are union workers but then i assume ya
Mar 27, 2016 10:00am EDT
volatile year, a terrible year for republicans with two george bush at 30% approval rating and you throw in financial disaster 40 days before the election. it should have been a democratic wipeout. it was not a great year but john mccain still got what today would be 180 electoral votes and carried over 20 states and got 46% of the popular vote and the republican party was left strong enough to have an historic victory two years later. i think there is a race on each side. anybody-- i don't think will put new york or california in play. there are bases that are fairly secure. that that suggest helps the house majority is republicans retain that. i think it will be very close. youor ryan very well and serve with him a long time in the house. he gave a big speech earlier , crying essentially about the state of politics today and talking about how politics today is full of angry rhetoric and we have seen some violence on the campaign trail at donald trump events. do you think is speech will have any impact on the campaign as its unfolding or will that speech fall on deaf ears? guest:
Nov 4, 2012 10:00am EST
. if you believe what some of the latest polls say, tim kaine is leading george allen. could that factor in and be a boon for barack obama? >> it is. i think we feel good about virginia and florida. we have senate races in both states that we're watching very closely. that case has been a nail biter. both of the candidates got into the race. it swings back and forth. like any campaign there is an ebb and a blow -- and be ebb and flow. i think that george allen's campaign has been very effective er
Apr 15, 2012 6:00pm EDT
and was named the nation's top cop and was selected by president george bush to be his surgeon general and was the only unanimously confirmed as surgeon general in the history of united states and has decided to return to arizona to serve his country again reported one you're looking at the type of contrast necessary to make this a choice election, there is no bigger contrast. i think it will show at every possible john scher. george bush, jon kyl, and john mccain all unanimously praised rich carmona before, during, and after his service 3 we think it's a great opportunity in a state the democrats have not talked about in a while. >> final question? >> you talked before about the dfcc's goal. what metric you used to define success or failure? isn't success if you are in control of the senate? >> i have bent for a couple of cycles and into that sex when i -- in senate races when i was political director of the dfcc, we spent the time defending race is that would not happen. in 2010 in the worst election cycle for democrats in 75 years, i worked for a guy who had never held offic
Jan 24, 2010 6:00pm EST
such animosity? guest: george bush talked about that too. i think everybody comes to washington but they find out it is easier said than done a lot -- a lot of it takes some restraint and a majority party. if they take the attitude is this president and the democratic majority has that we will do it our way and we do not need or what republican support, then you would see what will happen with the health care bill. you just got all 60 democrats in the senate to go along, and the majority in the house. they could still pass it on their own if they do not listen to the message. i think it will pay very dearly in november, 2010. i think the president said today, he called peter mcconnell and said let's talk about what you need. i think they would respond favorably. most of us come to washington not to devote an on everything. will lead to make a positive difference -- and not vote no on everything. when he did not show openness to meeting in the middle, it makes it impossible for the minority to have impact. guest: health care is not dead? guest: there are a lot of people meeting behin
Jan 15, 2012 10:00am EST
south carolina. i know evangelicals who are supporting him. a very capable speech writer for george w. bush is a strong romney supporter. there are numerous people who are supporting him. it is not as if he is rudy guiliani. >> how do you define a social conservative? you keep saying there are three social conservative is standing. romney is not in that category. why is he not? >> there are doubts about how real and deep his pro-wide stance is and how real and deep his stance against same-sex marriage is although, to me, the most impressive thing about that debate on saturday night in new hampshire was how articulate romney and santorum and gingrey to all three work in making the distinction in being for gay- rights but against same-sex marriage. back in 2008, the only one who could put together two sentences that made sense on why they were opposed to same-sex marriage was mike huckabee. now, you have those three who were quite articulate. they were elegant in making the distinction in ways that the general voting population understand. notromney's campaign is defined by a social con
Mar 18, 2012 10:00am EDT
in rejecting south carolina, texas. i do not know of george it is in on that as well -- if georgia is in that as well. >> have you look at how similar it is? >> it is different. south carolina requires a set of id's with a photo. they will bring a bus to your house if you cannot travel. they have free ones and all those things. they have brought down the barriers extraordinarily. virginia is a little bit different. we will let you use a utility bill with your address, it is the same as your idriss on the voter rolls -- as your address on the voter rolls. it raises a major hurdle on the fraud friends. that is the goal. >> do you think it will pass muster with the justice department? >> given what they are doing with the other states, i do not know. i would give et -- giving it a 50-50 shot. we got cleared on our congressional lines. we got cleaned -- cleared on our state lines last year. we had elections last year under the -- the new lines. if we get through 2013 with no voting rights act objections, i believe we would qualify to ask to talk about -- to opt out. >> the tea party. w
Nov 15, 2015 6:00pm EST
. george h w bush lost when he ran for president. george w. bush lost the first time he ran and jeb bush is looking like a disaster. laura: i am sure governor bush will be happy to hear that given what you said about your track record. [laughter] one of the challenges for bernie sanders is that he has not been a democrat for decades. there was some question about whether he would qualify for the ballot. you have come to his defense, saying you would fight it in court to make sure that he appeared on the ballot. that i'm wondering, beyond that technical matter, do you think that is an issue for the democrats in the state -- that he would have someone who has been throwing bricks at the party for many years? raymond buckley: in reality, bernie sanders has been a very strong supporter of the new hampshire democratic party over years. he has attended local democratic dinners and state party events. he has campaigned for several days in 2014. simply he is no stranger to the people of new hampshire. it was a quick and easy call for me to make sure that the new hampshire state party was very cl
Aug 21, 2016 6:00pm EDT
were working for the first george bush. today, you are working for the ultimate outsider. advising him informally. what does the republican party stand for today? you've gone from one extreme to the next. roger: to be clear, i have never been a bush republican. i wrote a book entitled "the bush crime family." which you can get on amazon. at the request of jim baker, i did go to california at the very end of the 1988 campaign and take the reins. and george bush beat michael dukakis by one point in california. every republican president has remade the party in his own image. lincoln, grant, mckinley, eisenhower, nixon, reagan. if donald trump is successful, he will remake the party in his image. it will no longer be a wall street-k street party. as someone with great sentimental attachment to the republican party of goldwater, i am afraid my party has morphed into the big-money party. the endless war party. the party that has eroded our civil liberties. the party that supported bailouts for the swindlers and crooks on wall street. the party of an incoherent but expensive neocon foreign-p
Jul 31, 2011 10:00am EDT
, george de b. bush, who was the governor of texas at the time, won both the straw poll and the iowa caucuses and went on to be elected president of united states twice. being governor of a big state like texas is successful in economic development. harry -- perry also has a following among economic and social conservatives, so he has the potential to appeal to a broad base of republican caucus goers. >> do you think if he were to get into the race, he would be in competition to win the caucuses? >> it is hard to say. it all depends upon how much time he spends in iowa, how good an organization he puts together, and what kind of vision he is able to show where he would leave the country -- lead the country. >> with rick perry getting into the caucus, doesn't it romney need to rethink where he is setting? >> it is my and standing that his strategy this time is not to spend a lot of time and money here early in the straw poll, but instead but his focus on -- he is going to participate in the debate, and he intends to compete in the caucasus, and i think he recognizes you cannot be a na
Jun 19, 2016 10:00am EDT
you have the former presidents of george h.w. bush and george bush sitting this campaign out. the nominee from 2012 against trump in mitt romney. you have conservatives like eric erickson and many others saying -- i still believe this is on donald trump. i would take you look at the facts and you have a party that is segmented right now. this is a chance to change the narrative. who is going to be your vp pick? there was a strong constitutional conservative that people trust. i think you would start changing the narrative going into cleveland. i think that is what donald trump needs to do. whether he is disqualified because he is hispanic or any , more and more fuel every day. any republican who is running for president or even thinking about running for president -- you talk about wanting a strong conservative party to come together. i'm not going to ask you for one name as your pick. who would do that for you as far as donald trump choosing them between now even in the beginning or potentially during the republican convention? you are doing is looking at characteristics. i'm not
May 6, 2012 10:00am EDT
back on job creation. george bush came into office, the economy was coming, we had a giant surplus. when george bush left office, he had fewer jobs than the day he came into office. he is the only president in recent history where we have less jobs at the end of his term than when he began. he did everyone of these policies that they are advocating. the bay had deregulation, tax cuts to the rich, proposing more tax cuts, proposing the same identical policy. they will take a ride back into recession ignited depression. if they had had credibility like in a jobs program and any normal economist would say that could work. that would have had a credibility but they don't. >> as you assess the election and think about the role of unions that the union would pay, is there an enthusiasm problem with the base? i assume you will be targeting people who might be more swing voters. >> there is some of that enthusiasm problem. we have 180 days, i believe, from today to work on that than what is that still exist? i think that exists within the body, and a candidate. you have to remind them of w
Jan 25, 2015 6:30pm EST
type of call and comment. robert from south carolina democrats line. good morning. caller: george bush ran into 2000 as a compassionate conservative. where is the the compassion? guest: i think republicans are talking about people being able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. the message to republicans is being able to find a job, being independent and productive in society, not dependent on government as most of the democrats propose. host: this is a headline from "the houston chronicle." senator senator cruz, former senator perry setting the tone. two texans battling for the nomination. how likely is that? and how will this impact what you will see in new hampshire? guest: governor perry is scheduled to return to new hampshire in a couple of weeks. he will be in dover, new hampshire, for a speech. i hope to see him there. this is his second time around. his first time around didn't go so well. i think he will be given a second chance to make a first impression, but he is burdened by the campaign he ran last time, which was very disappointing to a lot of people. came in w
Sep 26, 2010 10:00am EDT
administration. if you look at all the money, all the debt that is acaccumulated from the time george washington began as president to the time george w. bush left the white house, this president has doubled that debt in 5 years, tripling it in ten when you look at his budget. that's irresponsible, it is unsustainable. and i think what we're seeing all across the country is people are worried that this is actually irreversible. and they're saying we need our country back. we have to rein this in because we can't continue spending each year where 41 cents of every dollar we spend this year is borrowed from china. >> we are over time. but let me ask you, handi cap what you think will happen with the tax and debate. >> i think you should never raise taxes at the time of a recession. and that's going to be i know my position and that of my colleagues. we'll see if senator reid brings it to the senate. he is the majority leader. he gets to decide what comes to the senate floor. but i think you shouldn't raise taxes on anyone during a recession. >> one last issue. >> as you know i voted aga
Jun 19, 2016 6:00pm EDT
presidents of george h.w. bush and george bush sitting this campaign out. the nominee from 2012 against trump in mitt romney. you have conservatives like eric erickson and many others saying -- if i am encouraging the trump campaign, i would take a look at the facts. you have a party that is segmented right now. this is a chance to change the narrative. part of changing the narrative will be, who is going to be your vp pick? if it was a strong constitutional conservative that people trust. and if you set the pic would help for my opinions on the selection of supreme court justices, i think you would start changing the narrative going into cleveland. i think that is what donald trump needs to do. whether it is the judge he has disqualified because he is hispanic or the other comments he is making. it just continues to drive more cause for pause that is giving more and more fuel every day. in iowa, any republican who is running for president or even thinking about running for president usually comes through. you talk about wanting a strong conservative party to come together. someone who
Dec 21, 2014 6:00pm EST
footage of president george bush and bob dole with speeches from president's kennedy and ronald reagan. theoon, fashion aspects on first lady fashion choices and how they represented this thousand the times in which they lived. and then at 10:00, former nbc news anchor tom brokaw on his more than 50 years of reporting on world events. day onthis christmas c-span networks. for a complete schedule, go to >> next, discussion on what makes a president great. this was the start of a weeklong officers then that began today on washington journal. it is about 50 minutes. host: we want to welcome back aaron david miller, with his new book, "the end of greatness: why america can't have (and doesn't want) another great president." explain. guest: very simple. several factors have emerged to conspire against presidential greatness in our system. we do not want another great president because presidential greatness is driven by one thing and one thing only, so, if you want another great president, buckle your seatbelt because you will have a crisis that is relentless, inescapable
Jun 5, 2011 10:00am EDT
more jobs this last period, the last six months, than were created on under george bush. >> now you have a situation where most of the stimulus, most of the stimulus from the famous stimulus bill from 2009 is running out this year. you have the payroll tax cut that works for the rest of the year. but that is only another six months. the fed is going to stop pushing money into the economy, we think at least, at the end of this month. now that we see the economy slow down, is there a worry that without further stimulus that things could get worse? >> yes. and the secretary of the treasury says that. again, economic growth is an important factor in addressing the deficit. if we do not grow much better, it is going to be hard by any other measure to grab ahold of the deficit. you'd think this was relatively doable. you have been reporting for a long time. i would guess you might be with the public, what is the problem here? why can't we move and find some kind of common ground? the problem in large measure -- not only, but in large measure -- is that the republicans are stuck on a rigid
Jul 18, 2010 6:00pm EDT
in the future it will be a predominantly latino state. george w. bush, as governor and president, reached out to hispanic voters with his views on immigration so-called reform. your position on immigration is different than his. what does the republican party need to do to keep taxes are republican state and win back hispanic voters? >> well, i have about a third of my constituents who are hispanic, and i do my very best to represent their interests together with all 24 million of us in the state of texas. i would say the hispanic voters are predominately, culturally conservative, very family oriented, patriotic, small businessmen and women, entrepreneurs. they're interested in education and opportunities to basically realize the american dream. >> and they vote for democrats. >> well, i got 35% of the hispanic vote in 2008 and i'm working hard to earn a larger portion of the vote the next time. but the immigration issue has been divisive. we do need to find a solution to it appeared that is why in 2005, i introduced a bill with jon kyl that we called the comprehensive border sec
Oct 18, 2009 6:00pm EDT
with george and cindy? tell us about it. >> when she first came in, she did smile briefly at her parents, but throughout most of the hearing today she was staring straightforward. she had a pen in her hand and was taking some notes. the judge made a joke during the hearing at one point and she did chuckle. a lot of the cameras did capture that snapshot of her smiling, but for the most part, she looked forward and didn't say much during the hearing. >> how about george and cindy? >> i saw them outside before i went in. they looked about, you know, like they were smiling. they were talking with some of the reporters and some of the national news media guys there. didn't seem to be too distraught. i did see that cindy had a thing of tissues in her hand. i couldn't see from where i was sitting what she was doing throughout the hearing but they usually do get emotional during these hearings. >> there are some shots of the family. bradford, is there a lot of coaching here telling casey how to act, not to act, whether to laugh or not? is that a huge part of what's going on now? >> you k
Aug 5, 2012 6:00pm EDT
with the support for president obama's failed policies that i like george allen's policies. record in virginia has problems. it is mainly because of his support for obama failed policies. i like george allen's chance. >> on the bush tax cuts, a lot of the focus is on the lame duck and what will happen. there has been a question of this. do you think republicans are going to have to accept that the high income tax brackets are going to rise? >> what is shocking is when i heard patty murray saying they would hold the u.s. economy hostage and risk a recession unless they could extract higher taxes. it struck me as very strange. as part of that uncertainty, the economy is dead in the water. unemployment remains very high. the economy is not growing. i do not know how a party in power that is a good thing. people are pessimistic about the economy and about job creation. it strikes me as odd, their obsession with raising taxes. i do not understand how raising taxes during a fragile economic recovery is good for the economy or jobs. did you do not have to take my word for it. that was pre
Nov 27, 2016 6:00pm EST
, then george washington is the general contractor. if you ever build a house or put an addition on, you know for some it looks more at what the general contractor has in mind that the architect has in mind. talkshor edward larson about president george washington's role in unifying the country and ratifying the first federal government in his first book "george washington: nationalist." they wanted to recruit washington in as the coup d'etat. this democracy stuff is never going to work and you are going to have to be our king, but washington was pro-and believed in republican government. >> tonight, on c-span's q&a. next washington journal, lieutenant general stephen townsend, commanding general of the iraq combined joint task force joins us from baghdad to discuss the fight of isis in mosul. the president of the department for public service talks about donald trump preparations to take office in january and former nato secretary-general anders looks at relations in a trump presidency. we will take a cause and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter as well. washingt
Nov 4, 2012 6:00pm EST
some of the latest polls say, tim kaine is leading george allen. could that factor in and be a boon for barack obama? >> it is. i think we feel good about virginia and florida. we have senate races in both states that we're watching very closely. that case has been a nail biter. both of the candidates got into the race. it swings back and forth. like any campaign there is an ebb and flow. i think that george allen's campaign has been very effective there. i think it will come down to the turnout. there is a strong correlation between the presidential race and the senate race. i think a lot will go very closely aligned and how virginia comes out. because we feel very good about governor romney's prospects, we also feel pretty good about george allen's prospects. >> harry reid said it was a fantasy to think the democrats would work with iran if he is elected. if there romney is elected, do you think democrats will work with a romney administration? if the president is reelected, will there be a more bipartisan spirit? >> however this comes out i hope we can get on with governing the c
Sep 12, 2010 6:00pm EDT
george w. bush's administration. joining us this week is michael mundaca, assistant treasury secretary for tax policy. here to question him is kim dixon from reuters and martin vaughn from dow jones. >> michael, i want to start out by asking you about the proposals that the president put forward, the tax proposals to stimulate the economy. one of those was that he wanted to allow businesses to immediately write off 100% of their newly commit purchases in 2011, the aim being to free up cash to invest higher. what we're leading -- what we're hearing is that cash is not the problem. the issue right now is that folks are worried about the economy neck getting better, continuing continuing to stagnate or getting worse. in that light, how much good can you do by simply offering people a tax cuts if they are just worried about the economy not getting better? >> that is a good question. i think we need to put this in context. these are one not -- these are not one-of proposals. -- these are not one-off proposals. proposals. there has been made to states. these proposals now, these ta
Apr 15, 2012 10:00am EDT
president george bush to be his surgeon general and was the only unanimously confirmed as surgeon general in the history of united states and has decided to return to arizona to serve his country again reported one you're looking at the type of contrast necessary to make this a choice election, there is no bigger contrast. i think it will show at every possible john scher. george bush, jon kyl, and john mccain all unanimously praised rich carmona before, during, and after his service 3 we think it's a great opportunity in a state the democrats have not talked about in a while. >> final question? >> you talked before about the dfcc's goal. what metric you used to define success or failure? isn't success if you are in control of the senate? >>
Jun 15, 2014 6:45pm EDT
past week. from "washington journal." id >> i wanten to direct the answer to -- george h. w. bush making his way to the persian golf. can you explain? >> no question about it, whens. you look at ukraine, syria, afghanistan, they're just lot of foreign policy complications for the president that don't have any solutions. you keep hearing that up. see a political debate over and over again. the democrats in the middle of l this midterm run and the president again having to deal with something that doesn't havt a clear solution. the other complicating fact is a distrust. this is one the key factor the.i i read the "new york times" story about many of the people who fled and decided to go back. because they felt like the isis group in there that was better and the marine. you realize, you have a very complicated situation here and what does the president do? does he back the mosulelf government and someone align themselves with iran. when you have that as your issue, you're the president, yov sit there in the white house, you think what do you do hereint up. saw john mccain say there
Apr 3, 2016 6:00pm EDT
tuesday, the george w. bush presidential center hosted a forum with former campaign managers, white house advisers from both parties. they discussed campaign advertising and offered an inside look at the presidential campaign process. the event began with presidential campaign ads as far back as 1950 two. this is one hour and 25 minutes. 1952. this is one hour and 35 minutes. -- 25 minutes. ♪ ikelike you like ike everybody likes ike ♪ text ladies and gentlemen, please welcome kevin sullivan. : let me offer our sincere apologies for embedding that ike to president -- it is going be in your head for two or three days. i am sorry. from 1952 was one of the very first presidential tv ads ever recorded. tone fory to set the our conversation tonight. by the way, it is being recorded by c-span. tell your friends. thank you for being here for another sold-out event at the george w. bush presidential center. in addition to the presidential museum and library, the bush center houses the bush institute , an energetic policy center that addresses the most pressing challenges by developing le
Aug 7, 2016 6:00pm EDT
think the foreign policy has been a continuation of george bush. we have outrageous drone wars. i think on nuclear weapons the policies of the obama administration have continued the policies of his predecessors. we have a new nuclear arms race which puts us at a great peril. this is to the is. i don't want to criticize the man. i think it is the wrong politics for the 21st century and this crisis we are facing, which is a pervasive crisis. we need a new way forward. the american people are clamoring for a new way forward that puts people over profit. this is what we get with that political system. this is why we need system change and not just small change around the margins. susan: we have three minutes left. olivier: you want to end this cycle above the 5% threshold. where is the green party going to win in november? are there congressional battles where you think you have a good shot? are ther estates where you think you might come in third or win? where are you going to do best? jill stein: let me just say that all bets are off. the word is only beginning to break through. our camp
Nov 6, 2011 6:00pm EST
got to pay for what you buy. it was bipartisan. it was adopted when george h. w. bush was president. bush was president. it was re-adopted when newt gingrich came into power. in the early part of the decade, that provision was dropped. we no longer had to pay for what we bought. that is what led us to be deep deficits. the republicans want to exempt from pago the cutting of taxes -- paygo the cutting of taxes and other expenditures that have caused us to have a great debt. we do not need an amendment. we need immediate action now. this super committee poses that opportunity. i am hopeful that the majority in the house and senate will support the product that the committee comes up with. that is what we should be focused on. the balanced budget amendment is a distraction and a political device, not a policy device. >> let's talk about a more imminent spending issue. the government authority to spend money runs up on november 13. you said you would not vote any extension -- vote on any extension of that authority. are we heading for another shutdown? what are the issues going to be th
Feb 14, 2016 6:30pm EST
, most recently george w. bush and barack obama. >> at the end of the cold war when i was director of central intelligence, i came to believe they -- very strongly that the american people had given c.i.a. a pass on a lot of things because of this existential con ghrict the soviet union and i believe that after the cold war we were going to have to be more open about what we did, why we did it and even to the extent of how we did it to help the american people better understand why intelligence was important to the government and to presidents and why popts valued it. >> tonight at 8:00 eastern on "q&a." this washington journal morning, a discussion of the life and legacy of justice antonin scalia, who was found dead in el paso. this is about an hour. >> joining us here in our tudios is jeff braven, correspondent for the "washington journal". recollections about justice scalia and the impact he had on the high court. guest: with him it seemed that what you see is what you get. he was gareluss, sometimes extremely etimes intense. the personality that i saw on the bench when justice sca
Jul 24, 2011 10:00am EDT
that under ronald reagan we increased the debt ceiling 17 times. seven times under george bush. there were no hostages taken at that time. they have upped the ante in a kind of high-stakes poker game. i guess you could say, texas hold them. it is the american people at stake. our line is simply pass the debt ceiling. then we will have these discussions. we are not taking any hostages. we are not insisting that one thing or another get done. we are saying very clearly that the major programs, and we have had this debate with respect to medicare, social security, and medicaid as well -- these are important programs to people. they have an immediate impact on the economy and a long-term impact on people's lives. >> congressman, we in the media, the figures around discretionary cuts, $3 trillion. i know that the district that you represent is hurting. how do you go back to that diner in east hartford and say to these people -- i am supporting this, but here is how it affects you. how do you do that? >> i daresay, across the country, stop the light beer commercial going on in washington. l
Feb 12, 2012 6:00pm EST
gotten up and running while george w. bush was president. then we would have had more big track record. we would have known more about how to proceed and we would have had more bipartisan support for it. >> moving on to the keystone excel pipeline, the white house continues to push it off to 2013 saying we have not rejected this project on the merits. we want to give it a full review over this long period. republicans object. how do you feel the white house has handled this? is it time for them to come to a compromise given with the issue has become? >> the basic point they are making is a valid one. they should not be forced to issue a permit until they are satisfied on the environmental effects involved. that point is valid. whether that requires another six or eight months, that is open to question. it is a good issue to try to get resolved. the american public would like to see us go ahead with the project to the extent they know what the project entails. it sounds meritorious. we have pipelines all over the country. that is true with most members of congress, too. most memb
Jul 20, 2014 10:00am EDT
you look at the number of executive orders and compare obama to president george w. bush, he has had far fewer. >> two things are true. executive orders are usually the area we talk about executive overreach. in obama's case it is not that he is operating through executive orders. he is ignoring statutes in rewriting things his own way. we would not be in this situation today if republicans were as tough on republican presidents as they have been on president obama. we would not be in this circumstance if democrats were as tough on president obama as they were on president bush. defending the constitution is an obligation to the congress as that we have not been fulfilling. that is not a year or two or three, that is a decade or two or three. d'amatos?the alfonse >> when the president says so sue me, what is your reaction? >> i hate that it has become that cavalier. this is serious business. this is not heady partisan politics. this is about the coequal ranch of the government. this is about the balance of powers. we are going to sue the president. not because we are happy about it b
Aug 4, 2013 10:00am EDT
guantanamo?se >> george w. bush wanted to close it. we are spending hundreds of millions of dollars for nothing. people who are a threat to us, they bring us into the federal courts. there we have maximum-security prisons from which they would never escape. everything look like i know ther, legislation has passed. . voted against it it would make it harder for the president to close it. the sooner we close it, the better. the process has started. do you have a concrete timeline? talked to the president about this. theoes not want to leave office at guantanamo still open. people have to be realistic. the fear tohave catch a terrorist. we cannot prosecute with our federal courts. why not? and they are the best federal court in the world. we have had hundreds of convictions in our court and four or five in the military tribunals. that we arenstrate not afraid. and we a core system will use it. >> what are your plans beyond this recess? i am able to do a number of things around the state. wear a tie.ave to weig my wife and i will have five grandchildren with us in vermont. we will spoil
Apr 28, 2013 10:00am EDT
the george w. bush library. then the life of mary todd lincoln. us from capitol hill is adam smith, the ranking democrat on the house armed services committee. >> thanks for having me on. >> joining me is jim michaels of usa today. with the situation continuing, we want to turn to jim michaels for our first question. >> the administration says it is likely that the assad regime has used chemical weapons against their own people. previously the obama on said it is the bottom line. >> that is the question. they are trying to decide you use the weapons. there is a bit of a divide on that. is seems likely that by whom and under what circumstances we will have to determine. what do we do about it backs the president said it was a red line. my thing is how we are conscious of how we respond. i do not want to commit u.s. forces to syria. i think that being able to secure the weapons is difficult. but our international partners about how we proceed. what has not been said beyond the red line is what that means. what will they do? what is the best response? i urge caution. we do not need an
Jan 20, 2013 10:00am EST
very helpful. i worked with president george w. bush on a comprehensive bill. i stated publicly at the time that is a democrat -- that this strongly are really agrees with a republican president. why not do it this year? i get the impression talking to a number of republicans and democrats that everybody feels we have to do something. you have to face reality of 12 million undocumented people. you have the reality of children who know no life except here. if we say you have to leave the country tomorrow. a whole lot of our businesses will shut down. a lot of things would grind to a halt. worse than that, a lot of families would be destroyed. my grandparents immigrated to vermont from italy. my great grandparents emigrated from ireland. towife's parents immigrated vermont from canada. under the rules of wonder if any of them -- i wonder if any of them would have stayed. they forget that they are probably one or three generations but someone coming from this country. i think we should have the dream act. senator durban has been a wonderful champion of that. we will work together on that.
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