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Jul 18, 2016 5:00pm PDT
you.coro >> in george washington university. dwight eisenhower is essentially recruited by the republican party to view their nominee. we think, oh, there was no question that dwight d. eisenhower would become the republican party nominee. in fact there was quite a tussle in the delegate race for the convention. so, his convention speech is really fascinating because what he does do is rely upon exactly why it is that they nominatedd him. >> i know something of the solemn responsibility of leading a crusade. i have led one. i accept your summons. i will lead this crusade. >> woodruff: if you're just joining us this is live coverage of the republican nationala convention from npr and the pbs "newshour" i'm judy woodruff.o >> i'm gwen ifill. we are taking you here in the booth with our incredible group of helpers, ron elfing from npr, i know, getting late already. amy walter from political repo report. mark shield from "newshour" and david brooks of the "new york times." we've been talkingew about a little bit glumly what we have seen. this has not been a big night saying, oh, wo
Jul 27, 2016 5:00pm PDT
know, we could go back to eisenhower, and we could go back to nixon or go back to george bush if you want to look at who is responsible. everybody bears some of the blame but we need to focus on what problems we're facing, what crises we're failing, how do we build alliances, how do we strengthen nato so that we can could be front these challenges. >> has the democratic party underestimated donald trump's candidacy? >> i think there isn't anybody there this country who thought that donald trump would be where he is at right now. i can't think of anybody who said watch out for this guy. everybody i talked to and a lot of the commentators thought he would basically implode. but it goes to show you, that he is catering to frustrations and fear and anger and divisiveness, and you can do that. you can to that. but e. but i think the key to the next president has to be not how to divide america but how to unify america. >> ifill: we. woodruff: we are hearing the leon pineta interview that rachel martin did and pretty much a raw take down of donald trump saying that the country would be uns
Jul 19, 2016 5:00pm PDT
who served at the end of the george w. bush administration saying, unlike what the justice department has said under president obama that hillary clinton did not do anything deserving of punishment, that she absolutely did. and david brooks, we just heard michael mukasey say, she would be the first president to take the oath of office who had already violated the oath. >> that was super different from everything else. like we had ufc cage match and bernard walks on stage. like total different change. but i think we should look at this from a public choice perspective, you're an individual person coming up on stage, you are thinking about your long-term career, what are you going to do? we have seen a lot of arkansasans and tom cotton is rising star from arkansas, senator arkansas. and ben sass is rising star from nebraska they took opposing points of view. ben says, anti-trump, anti-tru anti-trump. tom cotton mostly a little pro trump, but a lot of anti-hillary. and this will be like the iraq war vote. history will judge politicians by how did they take the guiliani route, cotton rout
Jul 21, 2016 5:00pm PDT
from george h.w. bush, may be his best speech ever. >> a president must be many things. he must be a shrewd protector of america's interests, and he must be an idealist for those who move for a more freer and democratic planet. what it all comes down to after all the shouting and the tears is the man at the desk and who should sit at that desk, my friends, i am that man! >> from the beginning until theu end, that's a convention i've never been -- that's the best convention i've ever been >> ifill: this is the live coverage of the republican national convention from the pbs newshour. i'm gwenn ifill. >> woodruff: i'm judy woodruff. >> ifill: a moelt motivational speaker survived a car cras crash -- a motivational speaker survived a car crash is now at the podium. >> as i led the wolverines ontot the field, he blessed me with my beautiful wife, hailey, we walked down the aisle together. he gave me countless other blessings. this very moment for me is a testament to god working all things for the good. [ cheering and applause ] guess who else was told he had a 1% chance? a com
Jul 26, 2016 5:00pm PDT
control and total command of the evening. >> she said that george bush was born on third base and thought he hit a triple. >> and he was born with a silver foot in his mouth! >> it was amazing and -- >> that was my texas accent. >> it was good! >> those on radio that was gwen's texas accent! what struck me in watching the roz wyman interview on the floor, in 1960, she was a young city council member in los angeles and she persuaded robert kennedy to move john kennedy's acceptance speech to los angeles coliseum because she wanted 50,000 more people to hear it and she prevailed, robert was skeptical, they moved it out there, john gave his speech to a full los angeles coliseum, precursor to barack obama in 2008 in denver and she was instrumental in bringing the dodgers from brooklyn -- >> mark, this is the reason we have you here, what happened in 1960! >> it's remarkable to see her on the floor. >> the spirit of an richards which is how you skewer your opponent without saying "lock him up" was great and i think it's been a serious message but it's never risen to the level we saw in clevelan
Jul 20, 2016 5:00pm PDT
. george w. bush said the other day, he had a fear he was going to be the last republican presidential elected. i think what he meant was not that there wouldn't ever be a republican elected but the republican he understood in the course of this. i think we're faced -- we have this convention and we're going to finish it out, and i think the success of this convention is totally determinative by thursday night. i remember tracking the democratic convention and tracking polls going democratic convention in 2000, nothing else changed in the polls on monday, tuesday or wednesday night. al gore gave a speech. the polls moved eight points within 48 hours. >> woodruff: good point. >> he still has a chance, but i think that there's a -- i think in the aftermath of this year, i think for both parties fundamentally, because i think this'll be an accelerator year to something new. i'm optimisticeven though we feel like we're in a complete disruptive state, i'm optimistic because i think the country will be very dissatisfied with the choice they have in the fall. >> laura and mark? >> let me ask
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6