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Jul 16, 2016 3:00am PDT
speak on gas con's blue ribbon panel. george gas conis running to be replaced as attorney general as elected to the u.s. senate. we have to remember, george gascon is an ambitious politician. he pulled together a blue ribbon panel that has now put out a report that is 260 pages, made 81 recommendations and involved dozens of lawyers and downtown law firms. fine. it's telling me what i already know. there is problems in the police department. wow, he's put all that work into telling me what i already know. what he has not done is indict a single killer cop. zero indictments from george gascon who wants to become state attorney general. i'm aware of the killings by cops of mario woods, lopez, perez, alex nieto, louis gongora, civilians that have been shot by police and killed by the police while gascon has been district attorney and he has not indicted a single killer cop. george gascon is a politician running to be appointed by jerry brown to replace camilla harris as attorney general if she's elected to the us senate. gascon has not indicted a single killer cop. that has to change. >
Jul 26, 2016 5:30am PDT
have five minutes total. >>good evening members of the board of education i am from the george washington high school jrotc program. i think that the first amendment is important for the teachers as well as the students and this is part of the background of the board policies 4119.25, 4279.25 and 4319.25. ask the students are not allowed to express their first amendment if the cannot be involved in these decisions how are we expected to understand the consequences on our global policies if they knew what happened when they left none of these would've happened if ourhumans do not understand politics through school we could possibly repeat the same mistake or worse. that is why the student should be allowed to voice our opinions on school matters. thank you. >>good evening everyone i meet thater and i'm speaking on behalf of george washington high school i feel this resolution is an insult on our first amendment rights for to our political involvement as part of jrotc it was not our instructor that encouraged us to speak up here i was not forced by anyone it was myself i'm here t
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)