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Jun 4, 2011 6:15pm EDT
during the george h.w. bush administration. the cause of death was pneumonia. he was 80 years old. in this week's youtube address, president obama discusses the state of the u.s. auto industry and its relation to the rest of the economy, including unemployment and the federal deficit. republican senator lamar alexander of tennessee delivers the republican response. talks about the role of unions, including auto industry, and praises the policies of so- called right to work states. this is 10 minutes. >> hello, everyone. i'm speaking to you today from a chrysler plant in toledo, ohio, where i just met with workers, including jill. jill was born and raised here. her mother and step-father retired from this plant. and she met her husband here, and now they have two children of their own. this plant has not only been central to the economy of this town. it's been a part of the lifeblood of this community. the reason i came to toledo was to congratulate jill and her co-workers on the turnaround they helped bring about at chrysler and throughout the auto industry. today, each of the big thr
Aug 8, 2009 6:15pm EDT
jobs. mark george, the vice president of the facility, and tell me this. i feel that the next governor of virginia and ever represented we have should care about keeping those good jobs in virginia. i agree. we must do everything we can to keep and grow jobs in virginia and in every state in our country. that is why we strongly oppose cap and trade, a job killing energy tax that would put american companies at a tremendous competitive disadvantage, with employees in other countries. is the wrong policy for a nation struggling with the worst economy in generations. that is why we fought against the job killing card check legislation that is being pushed by big national labor unions and democrats in congress. and, we are committed where where americans to get the health care coverage they need, not through nationalizing the system with a costly government- run plan, but by supporting free-market incentives to help small business owners make coverage more accessible and affordable. and assuring that americans can keep their individual private policies. government must be more efficient an
Sep 11, 2010 6:15pm EDT
voted consistently democratically. it voted for obama by 11 points. george bush won the district but only four points. he did not do as well as obama. -- the senator when the district by only four points. he did not do as well as obama. that is what republicans think they can take the district. -- why republicans think they can take the district. doing a great job. we need someone like you. >> the challenger has been the hazleton mayor since 1999. his family owned a well known amusement park down there. he is very popular in some cities. hazleton is a very small part of the district. they are at the forefront of local municipalities trying to impose illegal immigration rules. they want to penalize landlords to rent to a legal immigrants. he has come out as a proponent of dealing with illegal immigration. he has come out as one of the republicans young guns, which means that they will target him with money in the fall. the reason they are is because he has shown that he -- he came close to beating his opponent, and they think in this political climate he can beat him. since 2003,
Dec 26, 2009 6:15pm EST
previous administrations before george w. then they may have been willing to admit. there is a lot of continuity. they are very, very different, clinton and bush, but i think it would be wrong to see the bush administration simply as an unusual and a typical aberration. it is not like that. >> that brings this question to a close. just to say we will of course be pursuing that to assume there is a documentary said rival, we will have still being added. that concludes the first of our sessions on the dimension, and tomorrow, if we pursue the same thank, it will be on the united states and the interrelated united nations aspects. with that, i think everybody who has -- thank everybody who has spent time here this morning and our witnesses. thank you. c-span3 c-span2 [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009] >> embedded in afghanistan, a freelance journalist observing how the u.s. uses a unmanned vehicles for drones. >> there are two units. one handles the north, one handles the south. the south is the bigger and t
Jan 2, 2010 6:15pm EST
, under the direction of george washington, had just finished a daring but successful surprise attack on the british at trenton. in retaliation, the british launched an attack of its on on the, no army. instead of retreating, washington ordered his troops to stay and fight. it was a daring move. when the soldiers in the contra army saw the size and strength of the enemy, many of them were filled with dread. as one historian put it, even in that awful moment, these men had a sense of their own strength, a confidence in what an upper, and a feeling that province was with them that night. -- confidence in one another. against impossible odds, they broke the enemy column, forcing the british to retreat. at a moment of victory, the entire, it is said to have triumphantly shouted as one. the second battle of trenton was a great victory for washington's troops. the young nation had become exhausted and discouraged by war. 233 is later, americans have not lost the spirit of trenton. two long and difficult wars have prolonged recession and double-digit unemployment. these are difficult days fo
Oct 17, 2009 6:15pm EDT
george and cindy? tell us about it. >> she just smiled briefly at her parents when she first came in but throughout most of the hearing today she was staring straight forward. she had a pen in her hand and was taking some notes. the judge made a joke during the hearing and she did chuckle. the cameras did capture that snap shot heifer smiling. she looked straight forward for the most part, took some notes and didn't say much. >> how about george and cindy? >> i saw them outside before i went in. they looked about, you know, like they were smiling. they were talking with some of the reporters and some of the national news media guys there. didn't seem to be too distraught. i did see that cindy had a thing of tissues in her hand. i couldn't see from where i was sitting what she was doing throughout the hearing but they usually do get emotional during these hearings. >> there are some shots of the family. bradford, is there a lot of coaching here telling casey how to act, not to act, whether to laugh or not? >> you know, it could be. i mean, on these high profile cases, and i've had qui
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6