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Mar 11, 2017 11:55am EST
george miller, and the supersmart, the people that i used to work with in hollywood, who are not so funny anymore. [laughter] ben stein: people at the white house are the only ones i stayed in close touch with over the years, my boss, his boss ray price, and the old school cast. didn't make the many smarter. my hero, peter flattening, greatest and bravest men honor, beside my in-laws. they were really amazing. two brothers, both silver star, long-term connection with rn. all these people have been long-term connections. we had a great research staff. there was a lovely woman, intelligent, became a successful lawyer named ann morgan, a german rocket scientist, her father, anyway, we won't talk about that. worked under a very smart guy. everyone was available for the needs of staffers. there,ys before i got the uniquely gifted bill safire, a man of generosity in every way , talent exploding off of his lips and fingertips, a super genius. since he departed from this earth from several years ago, here is my neighbor in california and dear friend, the ling loyalty and still on the scene
Apr 22, 2017 6:15am EDT
the soviet union under two truly great american presidents, ronald reagan and george h.w. bush. he crafted the first strategic arms limitation treaty with russia, a treaty that no one would have thought possible during the height of the missile race. only nixon could do that. only nixon because no one doubted the hostility to expand communism and only nixon could do it because no one doubted his resolve, not to play politics with the survival of freedom. nixon used to say over and over again, only nixon would go to china because -- and only nixon could end the war in vietnam and start strategic arms talks and treaties with russia. richard nixon was also doing break-through domestic actions? nixon with great unwitting help from the liberals and democratic party created a southern strategy which brought the southern states genly into the gop camp by pointing out that the gop was for smaller federal governments and less federal interference with their lives. rifd nixon's justice department desegregated thousands. not hundreds, but thousands of deep south school districts that had been
Mar 11, 2017 9:05pm EST
union under ronald reagan and george h w bush. he crafted the first strategic arms limitation treaty with russia during the height of the missile race. only nixon could do that. only nixon, because no one doubted his hostility to communism, and because no one love of freedom. iny nixon could end the war vietnam and start strategic arms stocks and treaties with russia. after he performed these foreign policy miracles, he was performing breakthrough domestic actions on a political level. he was creating and made real 80 the southern strategy, which the southern states into the gop camp. this was something no one that could happen, but the haters were dead wrong. they also desegregated thousands, not hundreds of thousands of school districts. when he took office after brown versus board of education, desegregation was very much up in the air. by the time he left office, there was no more segregation. he created the philadelphia plan, the first federal plan to have requirements for minority contracts and workers, and by far brought a bigger piece of towardght a bigger step the american p
Mar 6, 2017 12:01am EST
four, george orwell says if you want to imagine a future of the human race, it is a boot stomping on a huge and -- human face forever, and richard nixon said that would not be the world. only the usa could stand up to the evil in the world. britain and france were no longer major powers. many times i got to visit rn after he left office, he would say there is nobody else to stand up for the least of humanity in the world except the united states of america. he did not want to retreat in the little america. he wanted a big america that would be well armed and aiming at peace, and a strong america that would not allow communism to expand if he could help it. there had to be a power balance. as they just said a moment ago, i-71, there were only three major players, and the strongest militarily might have been the ussr, but it could be counterbalanced by the u.s. and china together. that would be a power balance that make the russian leaders think twice before they act. when rn offered the hand of friendship to mao zedong in 1970, he created a world in which russia, as it was then known,
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)