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2017 6
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george w. bush spoke last month at the politico on forum. they worked on the strategies to undermine american democracy and russian meddling in the election. monitoring the discussion. richard: those of you who are of my age -- and i see a couple out there -- rob: those of you out there who are of my age, and i see a couple of you out there, you will remember in the 1950's we were taught duck and cover drills to get under our desks in case of a nuclear attack. there was a lot of fear in the country. bomb shelters were being built around the country. i made the joke all the time that the actual material that school desks were made of could actually stop a nuclear holocaust. [laughter] rob: not true, but we used to joke about it. what happened was the cold war ended. had,ber of administrations for a short period of time become a window where we all felt kind of ok, where the world is moving in the direction we've all wanted it to move, and a democratic direction where democracy was now starting to take hold, even in the former soviet union. it was very short-lived. we saw a man named v
opposite sides of the political spectrum -- i've had conversations with george will, william kristol, some very smart, principled republican thinkers who are on the same page as those of us on the other side. we are all on this together. we have not seen, as of yet, the elected officials on the republican side come along. they will because they all know what the truth is. the truth is we have been attacked. we have been weakened. our system of democracy, the free press. cnn has been attacked. "the new yorks," "the washington post," they have all been attacked. we are hoping that those institutions will stay strong and protect us. maybe they will. but we are at a critical point right now as to whether or not they will because make no mistake about it, they have already invaded us, and they will continue to try to weaken us. they want the eu to go away. they want nato to be destroyed. putinhing is designed for to get more power. he lucked out in one way and that he got a president come up for whatever reason -- and we will find out what they are -- he is in line with him. [applause] th
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)