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, forcing rival senator john edwards to drop out. john kerry it lost to incumbent president george w. bush in a tight election. this is about 21 minutes. [applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] senator kerry: i want to thank you. but i don't want you to stop the enthusiasm, all right? thank you. thank you all. thank you to the voters from coast to coast, who truly have made this a super tuesday. thank you very, very much. i want to thank -- i don't know how many of you here had a chance to hear it, but we heard it upstairs, a remarkably gracious, powerful, generous statement by john edwards tonight. and i want all of us here -- i want to thank -- there is no question that john edwards brings a compelling voice to our party. great eloquence to the cause of working men and women all across our nation, and great promise for leadership for the years to come, and we thank him so much for what he has done. [applause] kerry: i -- i believe -- i believe that in 2004, one united democratic party, we can and we will win this election -- [cheers and applause] kerry: and we will bui
reject george bush's radical new vision of a government that comforts the comfortable at the expense of ordinary americans, that lets corporations do as they please, that turns its back on the very alliances that we helped create and the very principles that have made our nation a model to the world for over two centuries. an economic policy of lost opportunity and lost hopes is wrong for america. an international policy where we stand almost alone is wrong for america. george bush's vision does not live up to the america i enlisted in the navy to defend the america i have fought for in the senate, and the america that i hope to lead as president. and every day of this campaign i will challenge george bush for fundamentally taking our country in the wrong direction. i will tell you what i believe tell you what we must do for our country, and i'll show you how together we will defeat george bush next november. first, we must restore a foreign policy that is true to our ideals. we will defend our national security and maintain a military that is the strongest armed force on earth. but
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)