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Feb 22, 2016 9:00pm CST
george street is also the west side coalition. it will let the church serve a larger congregation on the city's west side. >>> a city high school is getting a big gift to help fund construction of a new building. the estate of john gill is donating $1.4 million to bishop heelan high school. roughly $1 million will help pay for the new building. the rest will endow a science scholarship for students looking to enter the health field. heelan's fundraising chief said gill, a 1951 graduate, expressed a desire to name a library for his mother mary. the new library at heelan will bear mary heelan's name. there are two new construction plans and it will add onto the new fine arts building that opened in 2014. >>> the sioux city air and transportation museum is combining history with the technology of the 21st century. it's using a new qr code system most of the items on display. this app is compatible with iphones and android devices. the museum also has tablets available for checkout to anyone who is visiting that museum. and may transition into a wintry mix by tuesday morning. overnight >
Dec 15, 2015 9:00pm CST
for isil, , miss george w. bush, i wish you were president right now!" ((applause))huckabee says: "we have to make sure we're not just setting off fireworks -- we need to kill some terrorists!"((on-cam tag)) trump has gotten a bump in the polls after each of the previous debates. if he gets one from tonight, that wouldld be on top of a recent national poll that shows him with nearly triple the cruz, currently his nearest rival. in washington, caroline shively, fox news. 3 as the republican race for president heats up... party leaders are considering what happens if *none* of e candidates win a mamaority of legates in upupming primaries and caucuses. that could lead to a so - called "brokered convention" as we hear from our national national correspondent jeff 3 /pkg/ billionaire donald trump's rise to the top of a splintered 14 candidate field doesn't seem to be waning anytime soon.. republican powerbrokers met in washington to discuss the remote possibility of a "brokered" gop convention this summer if *no one* candidate can win the simple majority o& votes from nearly 25-hundred del
Feb 26, 2016 9:00pm CST
presidents can be considered outsiders. and george washington was the first. both previously served in the military. >>> the u.s. is saying russia and syria could help in taking down isis. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert dress, i'm michelle marsh, a seize fire in syria proposed by the u.s. and russia goes into effect at midnight. president obama's advisors says the key is to take down isis. >> our goal is that they don't have the money to press people terrorist plots in europe on here. >> reporter: they seized $34 million owed. the victims who won claims against the country include survivors of a 1997 suicide bombing in jerusalem. >>> world soccer governing body has adopted its first president. fifa's member nation chose johnny enfantino to replace bladder who is accused of taking payments. promising to return the organizations focus to growing the support. >> the money of fifa is your money. it's not the money of the fifa president. it's your money. you are the national association. and the money of fifa has to serve for the development of >> infantino must serve a four year
Feb 11, 2016 9:00pm CST
radical experiments to improve life as we know it. rich lee is a salesman in st. george, utah... but his true focus is looking toward the future. rich is among a far-reaching community known as biohackers.[sot-rich lee/biohacker)"basically biohacking is approaching biology with a hacker ethic." transhumanism... a background in science isn't necessary... simply a desire to go beyond what's humanely possible... and put your own body on the line. [sot-lee]"i'm a bit reckless and i have a higher risk tolerance than a lot of other people do."by implanting chips, magnets-- among other devices-- these do-it-yourself "citizen scientists" become superhuman.[sot-lee]"it's like there's a new layer to the world."rich can feel electricity and magnetic fields with the tip of his finger... [sot-lee]"i'll just do this on the bar top and it will catch somebody's eye. they'll go, whoa how are you doing that? and i'll go, i don't know!."his ears are also wireless headphones.[sot-lee] "pretty much any device that is bluetooth enabled i can interface with it. so i can listen to music on my phone, i can t
Nov 25, 2015 9:00pm CST
hannah, a former security advisor under george w. bush, questions the administration's strategy.starting he says with too few dollars being spent on a battle president barack obama has declared in our national vital interest [john hannah defense of democracies] "god forbid in the aftermath of paris, if the united states were to be hit, the costs then would be astronomical for us to go in on the ground by ourselves to try to take care of this problem."melanie greenberg, the head of the alliance for peacebuilding, says it's not cost effective to just throw more money at a military response. "you can put an endless amount into military spending. but unless you can change the dynamics on the ground socially and change the incentives for people to join isis, you are never going to come to a resolution." "hannah, now with the foundation for defense of democracies, is certain, if america fails in its fight against the islamic state -- the cost of what isis will bring to bear will be overwhelming emotional as well as financial. i'm jeff barnd reporting. 3 the government *should
Jan 27, 2016 9:00pm CST
assistant secretary of state under george w bush unless a federal agency pursues a complex *declassification* process the data remain marked and classified. but t s clinton maintains the emails in question on her personal server were *not* marked classified./sot/hillary "it doesn't change the fact that i never sent or received any material *marked* classified." dr holmes says an unclassified email can *later* be classified after being sent-but i i *rare* when the formation threatenennational security --- he says if the documents *were* marked classified and those *markings* disappeared during secretary clinton's tenure they were *likely* deleted. /sot/holmes "that does not mean that the original information was not community has many levels of highly classified e-mail systems.. including a pentagon-run networorof secret and "top secret" communication s../bridge/"all systems are *air-gapped * meaning you *can't* e-mail from one level to the other yet more than 1300 emails on secretary clinton's home server reportedly contain classified and even *top-secret* data..." /sot/lt.
Oct 23, 2015 9:00pm CDT
center for health policy research and ethics, george mason university] "this is not the end of obamacare. it's the end of an end run around the fight over the public option." [kristine frazao standup] "the health and human services chief watchdog found 22 of the 23 co-ops were not profitable in 2014. if all of them fail, it will impact about a half million people and they will have to shop for new health care coverage in 2016." but compared to the ten million people enrolled in obamacare, len nichols, the director of the center for health policy research and ethics says it's a small blip. [len nichols - director center for health policy research and ethics, george mason university] "it's not a big part of the marketplace." health insurance expert john graham sees it much differently. [john graham/national center for policy analysis] "as years go by i think we will see the co-ops were a canary in the coal mine." graham predicts for profit well known insurance companies will eventually pull out of the exchanges... dealing a crippling blow to obamacare. [john graham/national cente
Dec 10, 2015 9:00pm CST
needed him again in 2010."branstad will pass governor george clinton of new york... who led that state from 1777 until 1795 and again from 1801 to 1804. 3 3 president obama has signed into law legislation overhauling the "no child left behind" education initiative."no child left behind" was first approved in 2002 during george w. bush's presidency. but critics on both sides of the aisle long argued the initiative gave too much power to washington in controlling state education also argued "no child left behind" focused too much on testing. mister obama says the overhaul is long overdue. 3 "for years, i have called on congress to come together and get a bipartisan effort to fix no child left behind. it took a lot of time. it required a lot of work. but thanks to the tireless efforts of many of the people on this stage and some people who are in attendance here today, we finally reached that deal."the president also called the effort to overhaul "no child left behind" a "christmas miracle".under the "every student succeeds" overhaul, standardized testing remains for most students.b
Jan 7, 2016 9:00pm CST
bookshelves. our kayla novak has more. 3 george lindblade picked up a camera 71 years ago and has traveled the world finding history through his lens. in sioux city he was known as *the sioux city fire photographer.* "i have always been hanging around fire stations and that's what drives you to dodot. cause you get to know the people, you get to know their personalities. you get to know what makes them tick and fire fighters are a unique breed." this was the inspiration for his wife.. lou ann and his describes the history of sioux city's fire department and its firefighters since 1865. "there is a lot of information and there was a lot of information around but it is in various places, various books, and this brings it all together to one spot." the book includes photos from sioux city fires, fundraising events for the station and even some recipes from a fire house chef. the lindblade's hope the book is a way for the fire department's history to live on ithe community. "and hopefully this book will spark some more people to get interested in it." kayla novak siouxland news. 3 the lindblad
Dec 1, 2015 9:00pm CST
from a shocking report, just released from george washington university. 3 a new level of clarity now that the problem doesn't just exist on other people's shores. the study - "isis in america: from retweets to raqqa" reveals staggering numbers:900 active investigations of isis sympathizers250 americans who have traveled or attempted to travel to syriaand 71 seamus hughes/gwu program on extremism"the numbers are unprecedented."co-author seamus hughes and his team spent months pouring over thousands of documents and says the faces s those connected to isis vary this mississipi couplethis high school girl from alabama and this young man from massachusetts.standup kf"the study raises many questions about how the government has failed and what more it shshld be doing to prevent americans from fofoowing the islamic state."suggestions include more government funding for prevention, launching a message war at home and not just abroad, and new laws to protect muslim americans who want to help with that counter messaging.seamus hughes/gwu program on extremism"they want to
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10