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of the board, mr. george keen on monday, april, 23, 1906. on the 18th day of april, 1906, about the hour of 5:15 a.m., san francisco was visited by an earthquake of unusually severe magnitude, many structures collapsed and were dismanled and every business throughout the city was injured to a greater or less degree. not only did the earthquake shock, injure or destroy many buildings and streets and suers, but the water and gas mains were broken and the electric light service dismantled thus, shutting off the water and the light supply, the fires started in several sections of the city and being without water, the fire department was utterly unable to check the flames. the united states troops were called out to aid the fire and police departments and dynamiting was resorted to, which continued for three days, two-thirds of the city was entirely consumed, and the general boundaries of the devastation and the burned section of the city included the businesses and the most densely populated precedent sections of the city. the principal buildings, city hall, and the hall of justice were
mentioned and that is the legacy of harvey milk and of course, our late mayor george, and we suffered through that storm and i think that we all bonded in a way because of that tragedy. in a way that we did not know that we know each other. and i don't think that can be forgotten. we share that history. and i also want to thank harvey rose for not eliminating my position, which he threatened to do at every meeting. and i also would like us all to remember my good friend sue beardman. >> thank you very much. when >> when i got elected i was as tall as kevin chilly. and look ad what eight years did. it was such a treat to be in this room for of the eight years, four of them we were across the street. so we only had four years here. and i so wanted to be able to stand up here when we moved back to just greet everybody. being back what i called home. i guess i have been known for rewriting the charter. that happened so many years ago. and there have been six or seven attempts at it. and i was happy that i was able to do it. but i could not have done it without a -- tj. >> tj. >> tj. >> i
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)