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Apr 9, 2015 8:18am EDT
leaders in the post war era and george washington williams and baptist editor william j. simons a mentor to ida wells and included the reg meants, a man george edmondson a decentent of the monticello family fascinating stories of these regiments. but for all of the soldiers, their presence on the battlefield was a culmination of a struggle, dramatized in the fine movie glory. we know the army turned away black volunteers. racism ran deep in the north. northern authorities claimed that african-american men did not possess the attributes of patriotism and courage and turned them away but kept faith that the war was their golden moment and when regiments got their chance to fight, they proved their medal at dozens of engagements. the regiments at appomattox had seen considerable action. the eighth usct for example survived a bloody initiation into combat in florida in 1864 and joined in the grinding warfare of the over land campaign in virginia and manned the trenched through the sea of petersberg and entering that city when it fell in early april. and keenly aware after giving proof
Mar 15, 2015 5:00am EDT
interview between george washington and -- why do we think general lee would have an interest in the drawing? simply because his wife, mary anna randolph, was the great-granddaughter of martha washington. lee would be related to the washingtons. he would find that he was related to the carter's, the fitzhugh's, the harrise's and the randolph's. many of the first families of virginia. robert's father was henry light horse lee, of revolutionary warfare fame and governor of virginia. his mother was and hill corridor of the king carter family. unfortunate, his father had gambled on speculation and land, which did not materialize. when robert was six, his father left for barbados. robert would not see him again. he had to relatives that were signers of the declaration of independence, richard henry lee and francis lightfoot lee. from his mother, the family had moved to arlington at this point, away from stratford, his birthplace. from his mother, he learned of the economy, moderation, self-control courtesy, jen tilly, honor, and devotion. the fact that he was in his room was duty. he had
Mar 14, 2015 11:15am EDT
construction, the george washington memorial construction , gas stations etc. that sometimes as he took off the asphalt, we would come down actually into a grave area. and in that case, there would be a few may buttons found, a few tax, some engines for the coffin -- hinges for the coffin. these were simply photographed, nothing moves. and that is the goal. to make sure that everyone buried at friedman cemetery will be preserved. there are no historic photographs of friedman cemetery, so we didn't know what to find. what we have also -- we have also looked for the absence of grace. and one of those places was clearly a pathway that was coming into the cemetery from washington street, and coming directly in. and that pathway will not be used for a new walkway for visitors to enter through a gate and come into the cemetery. the preservation of friedman's -- freedman's cemetery has been miraculous. that so much of the cemetery has been preserved, even with so much road construction all around it, building construction gas tanks being placed at the gas station, curb cuts, and other topograp
Jan 28, 2017 6:00pm EST
famous pictures i put together. peacemakers by george healy. , who isriend of sherman actually the commander in chief in that picture and not lincoln. [laughter] anyway, they had a meeting to discuss what the terms of surrender would be area the imminent surrender of robert e lee, if it did happen, where would it happen, what was the exact thing that we may say to lead? lincoln supposedly gave his ideas of reconstruction in that meeting. -- nobody was transcribing the conversation. historians have assumed quite recently that lincoln while expressing his desire for a reunion also insisted that two demands be made. oaththey swear a loyalty to the united states and that they accept the emancipation. this is what he really wanted grant to know. grant would handle the surrender of lee's army. whenever and wherever that surrender was to take lace. going to have the surrender of one army to a another. lincoln center grant i will deal with the political risks and negotiate for peace. your job is to fight. i am sure this is something you the surrender of the confederate army were all conduc
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)