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Sep 16, 2013 7:00pm PDT
wonder. we are joined by simone schlindwein. thank you for being with us. also in the studio, george kazoliasan author. welcome. welcome to gÉrard prunier. you could join the conversation and you can on twitter and facebook. #f24 debate. polls have closed. even when there's little suspense, it's a little bit of underlying tension. with two-week and grenade attacks. reported earlier from a polling station in the capital. >> one third of season will be decided by the ballots today stop the other will be distributed according to a list. in order to increase the representation of women and youth. highlights will record -- it is likely that allies will record another victory. >> that stake -- election ballots are counted is whether or not term limits will be lifted for paul kagamÉ. they left the african viewers, democratization. -- a lot of our african viewers, democratization stop there's been no statement of behalf of paul kagamÉ but that is what is expected. >> it is more than likely. if you look at uganda which is a little bit of of the same making in terms of ideological backgroun
Sep 9, 2013 7:00pm PDT
america to go at it alone again and he does not want to be george bush. he explained every one of those strengths that he can to look like, dissuade americans. but let's pick up -- >> let's pick up on public opinion. thank you. you have more on the bus happening -- buzz happening around the media buzz. public opinion in the u.s. unequaled goal and we can show -- an equivocal and we can show you the latest figures from the senate. still a lot of the fence. in the house, it is even heavier. this is the latest numbers from public opinion will stop 36% in favor. democrats more in favor of intervention that republicans. you heard joshua landis who is living and republican oklahoma where people are against it. this is going backwards compared to the past in a way. >> you are trying to compare two things that are not comparable. we have a real moral question here and let's face it, some republicans who are doing some politicking. they would probably like to take some good digs at the president. there is one thing i would like to say a cuss it is interesting you make a parallel the for the syri
Sep 13, 2013 7:00pm PDT
run by the late george a rbakov, where this letter came from, something they said in the early 1980's, and in the 1970's when i was in herimans and russians laugh and say americans never get it. >> that was then and this is now. >> russians play chess and americans play a game of football. >> what makes you think the americans aren't playing a game of chess? everyone is trying to gain advantage. obama in the first instance is probably breathing a sigh of relief that now he has an exit strategy from the red line. and -- and the americans are still holding out the threat of military -- >> american -- >> a lot of people say is the only thing that gets everybody -- >> american exceptionalism does not seek exit strategies. american skecksalism if we are to -- if you are a believer in american exceptionalism, is you are supposed to take the upper position over the soviets. >> tom, let's hear what vladimir putin had to say on this very subject. in that op-ed piece putin finds alarming that military intervention and internal conflicts in foreign countries has become as he put it commonplace f
Oct 23, 2013 7:00pm PDT
. and in the u.k., it is george's day. we are talking about prince william son. the three month old has been christened in central london. now, here is our correspondent there with more on the rather low key event. >> it is a very high profile but a very close profile affair. just a few meters from where i am standing, not, indeed, at buckingham palace, behind me, which is where william was christened in the music room. but this is over there in the chapel royal, a special chapel, but only 22 guest this afternoon. among them, seven godparents, four godfathers and three godmothers, and then there is zara, the cousin of prince william, and it is really a message that kate and william are sending out, a strong message, that even though this young boy is set to become a future monarch of this country, he is, in fact, a little boy who is getting christened today, and really they want that privacy for him that is so important, and we will not get any photographs of this christening, i gather, until tomorrow. there was one taken at the end of the christening service, and that will be with
Aug 22, 2013 7:00pm PDT
reporters, the investigative newsmagazine prepared by george zimmerman. >> a city of unbridled ambition. this building is in the financial district. it will become the wall street of western china. it will be a huge project. this is chongqing, the mega-city of western china. it is here one of the largest property companies in the city is building a new financial harbour to equal its hope. the big financial institutions, the biggest international financial institutions, and the major banks will come here. >> 32 million people live in zhongshan, the world's largest city, and it is developing at breakneck pace. local gdp growth stands at 15%, much more than the national average, and the standard of living is increasing at the same rate. this 30-year-old is a typical chongqing success story, making his money in the financial sector, developing a liking for luxury cars over the past five years. >> there is an additional amount to get one. >> he may be a big fan of sports cars, but above all he is extremely careful about his privacy. instead of an office, he spends most of his time i
Aug 20, 2013 7:00pm PDT
images of the start of your rack war. tony blair was george bush's poodle. the nickname haunted him throughout the rest of the tenure in office. the cartoon in the financial times today puts it, easy the man asking in london -- the man in washington wants to know what we have to say to our man in london, basically. that is how the story has been playing out. jeremy, reacting to that other story, they reacted by saying that there is a close intelligence relationship between the uk and the u.s. and a number of other countries including australia and canada's mapping and nor is everything shared. >> all we know is that there is a very close relationship, a sharing of databases, a great deal of information. an incredible ease by which the u.s. can extract anyone and put them on trial. it is hard to keep things happening. we see this extension of the u.s. paranoia of that security. i think this is just another example of that great paranoia. this is, frankly, harassment and the partner of the journalists that happened to be traveling through heathrow airport. this was a very big personal
Sep 3, 2013 7:00pm PDT
last decade, one of the big initiatives coming from the u.s., u.s. president george bush signed the no child left behind act, which tied federal funding to testing of pupils and teachers. it raised criticism kids were being taught to pass standardized tests as opposed to actual learning. that is topical today because mexico's president used his first state of the nation address to push an aggressive reform agenda that has teachers up in arms. they are trying to block his plan for mandatory evaluations. the education bill would still be approved by the senate. despite the continued occupation of the main square, and wreak and yet so -- enrique pena nieto. -- is pressing on. >> with the reform, you will have better teachers. your children will be in school longer. they will have better education materials. computers, access to the internet, access to nutritious and healthy food. schools with adequate installations and -- >> i get back to the point we are making about france. you get the sense with what is brewing now in mexico, there is a thing about the state versus the teachers at some
Sep 6, 2013 7:00pm PDT
chops to go face to face with putin, who is a tough russian as ronnie reagan did, george bush first and bill clinton did. >> but we mentioned at the beginning, this is all come about because, after 100,000 deaths, chemical weapons, "time" magazine posted a story asking now if the road to damascus and to a breakthrough might lead not to moscow but tehran. the week began with former president rafsanjani reportedly accusing assad of gassing his own people. an audio version surfaced after the story. the story pulled from an iranian news agency. and then his all iran'sew president tweeting,appyew ye toll jews and espn specially iranian news. government spokesperson later insists it's not really the twitter account but instead moderated by fans. to set the record straight, the man at the top spoke out on syria on thursday. translator: nobody around the world would believe that the u.s. is seeking to defend humanity. they are talking too much and use rhetoric to justify their moves. and, of course, we believe that they're wrong. they're making a mistake. they will feel a blow regarding the
Mar 31, 2014 2:00am PDT
back. the increase i think. thing. go thus. a yes. the pm. it will. she is all george b q at the beach to get wet. to celebrate this event. the gp group feel it yet in the historic center of the problem. we discussed the bulk of the portico and the subjugation of the car tpg group chairman shows a goal in his opening address underlined that it takes energy determination and belief in the future to go with less than one generation state of war to become fully fledged member of the biggest of the upper six. we admire everything is for the contest and he added that the ppp group has always supported croatia's european ambitions our supporters constant and unwavering because we are convinced that we are destined to belong to the same community of values we welcome you with open arms as a partner. they're very much looking forward to working with you. croatian democratic union president you must not come out go was party played a catalyst role in pushing for the eu accession. what is there an hour or an opposition is today addressed the meeting by underlining the importance of eu memb
Sep 18, 2013 7:00pm PDT
, that alaska would be an economic boost to the country. >> the george gallup poll in the late 1950s--1956, '57, when congress was debating the alaska statehood bill-- was running in the high 80s for statehood. 80 anything in a gallup poll is eyebrow-raising. >> narrator: yet a few powerful committee chairmen, mostly conservative southern democrats, kept the statehood bill bottled up with no chance for a floor vote. the alaskans needed some kind of political dynamite to explode that logjam, or statehood would never burst free. as 1958 began, alaska's statehood delegation marked the anniversary of their arrival in washington, d.c. they still had no prospect for a vote on statehood. ernest gruening knew one of the keys would be the wily majority leader of the senate. >> we have a majority of members on both houses according to their statements to us. but lyndon johnson could achieve or kill statehood. he has never shown the slightest >> well, he was opposed to it because of the basic support he received from his southern brothers, who were at that time concerned primarily about segrega
Sep 2, 2013 7:00pm PDT
nation, ran a campaign opposed to george bush that was totally predicated on the mistake of the 2003 invasion of iraq. >> that is one of the many reasons. or member that, at the beginning, he was in favor of the war. john kerry started being in favor of the war in iraq and a few months after that, he became against the war when he ran for the presidency. >> there is the ghost of iraq which is haunting all parties. as we saw, it haunted the british house of commons when they had their debate and voted no to intervention. final word before we go to the break. the french government this monday is preparing to publicly release details from its intelligence services about suspected chemical weapons attacks. as they say they have further proof. how we believe them after what happened in iraq? >> the problem is not to believe them or what the intelligence is . i think there will be a new report. it will be a clear report. everybody is quite aware that evidence against the regime in this size case, even though it has to be proved. there is a much bigger problem beyond that, beyond establishi
Sep 1, 2013 8:00pm PDT
. we've met an honest to goodness shoshone local. your name is? >> george ross, r-o-s-s. >> nice to meet you, sir. you've lived here all your life. >> yes, sir. >> well, tell us about these wildflowers. when was the last time they were this beautiful? >> the last time was 1974 when it rained a whole month. i was down in la puente then but still i was up here. >> yeah. >> i was just back and forth. >> so that's been over 30 years ago? >> yes, it has. >> doesn't happen very often, does it? >> no, it don't. >> and when it does happen, you're used to all these people swarming in like we are to take a look at them. >> well, this is the worse i've seen it. >> the worst? you mean the best. >> the best. >> when you visit death valley you better like driving, because there's a huge distance between point "a" and point b. and as we reach the end of our first day, our main objective was just finding a place to spend the night. well, this whole trip was kind of spur of the moment, so we didn't have a chance to make any reservations and everything is totally booked up in death valley itself, at the f
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12