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Apr 15, 2016 2:30am PDT
problem. why do i say it's patently absurd? george bush, our president--do you remember him? that one who disappeared for the republican national convention? he must have gone fishing. george bush vanished, but he and the republican party had every interest in making sure that the last 6 months of his presidency were not a time of economic collapse because what it would mean is that the republicans would be run out of office on a rail, which they were, and his political leadership was unable to do anything about it. they rode bush out of office. obama rode in because bush couldn't stop the economic crisis. mr. obama may be ridden out of office for the same reason because he, with all of his clever advisors, has been unable to solve this crisis. so don't tell me the politicians are in control. clearly if they were in control, they wouldn't possibly do what they're doing, but that's all they can do, and the reason they can is because the separate decision-making is in the hands of the corporations who make all these basic decisions for their own reason and in their own competitive strug
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 84 (some duplicates have been removed)