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2017 8
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Aug 18, 2017 10:22pm EDT
was not kind to ronald reagan, the night of the iowa caucus when he unexpectedly lost to george bush in a huge upset, tom of nbc when a national news and said, we've just witnessed the political funeral ronald reagan. course six weeks later he wins a huge victory in the new hampshire primary. the national media and post routinely savage ronald reagan, even the week of his funeral their writing articles about whether he had affairs in the state of his and mrs. reagan's marriage. the post was horrendous to reagan the new york times was not much better. the fact of the matter is, but he had never really shut them out. he never criticize them, there's a time where he wrote a letter to cal thomas and he simply said, the l.a. times is not my corner. and that was the extent. this is a guy who made 55 movies. and some of them were really bad. but he developed a thick skin. through much of his career. the radio career where you would get criticism from the moody careers that his last movie, the killers was widely panned. by the time he is in politics, he has learned to take criticism and not
Jul 2, 2017 6:30pm EDT
that can talk to reagan democrats. after ronald reagan, his successors -- whether george herbert walker bush or the people nominated for office after that -- failed to attract the support of these people, particularly the non-evangelical christians who dominate the midwestern states. because they just didn't see anything that supported, that they found interesting. they didn't see somebody who had that balance between individual opportunity and individual security that they ascribe to the new deal and that they wanted to see america. hay wanted america -- they want an america that gives them a hand up, not an america that treats them with hands off or lays its hands too heavily on. donald trump is many things, and not all of them good. but one thing he did do from the moment he entered into political life as a serious politician in 2015 was operate as a laser beam focus on the needs and wants of these people. he told them that he understood their pain, that they had been abandoned by a government that no longer had their values at heart, that hard work mattered and that he had their bac
Jul 8, 2017 12:00pm EDT
good at telling stories. george shultz tells a story, reagan looked at it and said, this is a great speech but not the way i would write it, what do you mean, here is what i would do, i would go, bullet, point, point, story and writes in story, point, point, story. and what reagan understood is that human mind is wired to understand things through human story. every important lesson in your lives has a story associated with it. the bible is many things but the black better of it is a book of stories and he understood how to reach out to people who disagreed with him. if you disagree with seven out of ten things, you're not my enemy, you're my ally and that's something that the gop has lost and one of the things that has caused me to be incredibly frustrated with the gop in the last few cycles is in particularly with the election of donald trump is the way in which the very same high priests that henry is talking have basically beaten back anybody who wanted to be a policy innovator and say, no, no, this isn't like reagan in '82. we have to cut top marginal tax rates. well, we cut to
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)