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Jan 17, 2016 11:30am EST
george w. bush administration. >> and texas attorney general. >> he lives in texas and government. so. >> saids of-- shades of gray. >> they are just so focused on the primary. >> everyone seems to be a little bit muddy, all these frontrunner, hillary, she had problems with the e-mails. rubio,e had problems with his own money situation. so everyone, i think they don't-- they can't throw darts at each other because they are all a little bit dirty. >> what are you expecting tonight from the democratic debate? what has to happen there tonight? >> well, i think that you know, if bernie sand errs has a prayer, this is it. you know, this is his chance to shine. i do think that hillary, however, is the party-- she's been crowned. >> but leading in new hampshire, the question is, is the hillry clinton campaign regretting not pushing for debates tt didn't take place on a thursday night, right before a holiday. >> after the saturday debates. >> she seems to enjoy the debates but no one is seeing them. >> she needs something because here's the problem. you can say that she has been cor natur
Feb 14, 2016 11:30am EST
he can even criticize george w. bush as did he last night. d i guess rosemary in the end, i mean is he, trump ip kind of testify long coated. so the people who believe in him almost simply look past what any ordinary other politician could be just a self-destructed tendency. >> well, you kno it's like, he says it like it is. and frankly when he was saying that the war in iraq was a mistake, that could have. >> that's true. >> that resonated with people. marco was coming back, you know, w kept us safe. but you know, but there was also that the country was in a deep recession and things weren't so great at the end of the bush administration. and th was a reminder of how-- the last bush administtion. >> this is also a good example of the media genius of donald trump, whether it's intentional or just natural. he has inserted himself into all of the gorge w bush stories that are now going to take place in south carolina on the campaign trail because jeb is going to have his brother george with him and all the reporters are going to be asking, well hey, you know, the world trade center di
Jan 31, 2016 11:30am EST
george mal rewho was die on mount everiest was asked why did he want to climb it? well, space is there we are
Feb 21, 2016 11:30am EST
after a week taking on the pope, the legacycy of george w. bush and questions about trump's conservatism. the battle for second played long into the night. florida senator marco rubio overcame the debate debacle of new hampshire, boyed by a rainbow coalition of state endorsements and late deciding voters who found him the most electable. >> for me the state of south carolina will always be the ace of new beginnings and fresh starts. >>>south carolina was senator ted cruz's to lose. fourths of voters here who identify as of evangelicals but lost a significant number to trump, likely a jobs and economy vote over faith-based issues. >> from across the potomac,s the washington car tell in full terror that the conservative grass roots are rising up. >> and as his fourth place numbers remained in single digits, former florida governor jeb bush suspended his campaign in a dignified emotional speech with a final shot at trump. >> i firmly believe the american people must entrust this office to someone who understanan that whoever holds it is a servant,not the master. >> to the first
Mar 6, 2016 11:30am EST
, wonderful miamian who is commentator on cnn and on this week with george stephanopoulos. she pointed out about an hour ago that ted cruz is opening ten campaign offices in florida or has opened them. and he doesn't expect to win but he is also determined to deny marco rubio the victory. >> and that could be an effective strategy for ted cruz. ted cruz h done very well in other states. he's beaten donald trump or co in second place. there san element of the republican party that is with ted cruz. and that's going to make it much more difficult for rubio to win the state. sort of kind of. >> absolutely. >> as a former communications director for jeb bush, does he plan an endorsement. does he plan a athing? >> you know, i think we're going to have to wait and see what he decides to do obviously governor bush and marco rubio said during thth campaign, they each have a lot of mutual respect for each other. it is personal when you lose a presidential campaign, he is going to have to make that decision and if he does, i'm sure we'll be hear about it in the next two days. >> well, it is an e
Mar 13, 2016 11:30am EDT
haven't seen this since the 1960s >> mike: not since george c. demonstrations and violence. donald trump says he's not responsible for the violence. is he responsible? >> there are consequences. when you go around saying let's beat up the protester and i'll pay the legal fees. when your campaign manager is under investigation for saulting a female in florida. when you have someone sucker punching someone at an event and when they're released from jail and they say next time we're going to kill them, he is responsible. some people hear this stuff and is insights them to go further. i think he's responsible for -- look, yesterday he gave a rally and repeats this crazy story how some american general 50 or 60 years ago dipped bullets in pig's blood -- that's just not true. of stuff and starts to cheer. first of all, that would have been a war crime. and second of all, it's not we as a nation would ever do. what kind of leader goes around spreading a lie like that, as if it's a glorious thing we should think about doing. there are consequences to this. we're saying it play out before our eye
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6