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Nov 3, 2012 11:30am PDT
is talking about is economic plan is very different than what george bush ran on, george w. bush in 2000 and 2004 and i don't know that voter are saying that is the same old plan. i know president had suggested that, but i think what he's talking about is far different in terms of turning the economy around. i don't think voters are necessarily making -- >> the polls don't show. that polls show that voters, women and men blame the hole we got in to on george bush, you can't get away from that. >> you don't hear any talk about it between the two candidates. >> actually i do hear it. >> voters are smarters than most of the pollsters i have to say. they understand that it's not one man or one -- >> that's what that he say to the pollsters. i don't think you can avoid that. the reason i think the economy has -- as much as it should that he has made no definitive case for why he would be better. his so-called plan still leaves the very richest getting the very most. everybody knows that. he hasn't in fact come forward with something that really separates him from the bush years. >> i dis
Aug 16, 2009 7:00am EDT
george mitchell. >> anybody who thinks that hillary clinton is not in on the policy of this administration, doesn't know hillary and doesn't know the administration. i love the notion that instead of having a secretary of state that sits there, and worries over these spots, she has agents out at these spots. and i also don't believe, i believe it is much too early, to write her off as no john foster dulles. this woman has such personal and imuintellectual power, that when she starts to fill that office you will know. >> i don't know, i think it will be a big leap to say that the country will see that type leadership again. but i would not discount her ability to come out as a very strong leader, especially when you compare that to the situation and kind of the political falls, pitfalls of president obama. she may come out very strong in the end. >> well a lot of people think that obama has been so smart about keeping in that, there's somebody keeping her in her place by having all these other envoys across the word. and i think that's possible but it's also true that no one
May 14, 2011 12:00am EDT
widely by former president george w. bush when he was trying to persuade congress to approve immigration reform with legalization for the millions of immigrants in the us illegal. but there is another view: that mass immigration depresses low wage jobs to the point where us citizens can't afford to live on them. >> we would have eliminated the bulk of structural poverty, but for the fact that the vast majority of people here today living in poverty are here either because of immigration or they're the descendants of immigrants since 1970. there is an inextricable link, not only between the escalating poverty rates, the medically uninsured, and the structurally impoverished in our immigration program. >> that view has become more prevalent since the recession: that immigrants take jobs americans in fact would do, but not for the sub-par wages immigrants are willing to accept. proponents say mass immigration, particularly of uneducated persons, has a double-whammy effect on low-income, uneducated americans. it depresses their wages and creates a larger pool of applicants for lo
Oct 17, 2013 9:00am EDT
, pastor george alt told the congregation that their associate pastor of gay. >> i just started sobbing. i don't know where that came from. it just was so -- again, bizarre, surreal to be in front of 400 people having my sexuality announced. to the entire congregation. >> david had asked his family to be at the service. he had already come out to them. >> i couldn't look at my kids, i couldn't look at my parents. and next thing i know there's a standing ovation. i would have never, ever seen that coming. never. and on the way out more people came up to me and told me that they had a niece that was gaya son that was gay. a grandchild that was gay. a sister who was gay. >> he thought for 40 years that whenever people found out he was gay they would reject him. >> associate pastor david reagan had been married twice and he had two children. after his second divorce david decided soul searching was in order. he admitted to himself some family and close friends that he was gay. but it was in sedona they he made the decision to go public prompted by a gay teenage are in the congregation. >> h
Sep 13, 2012 9:00am EDT
for reelecting president obama. >> we are far better off with barack obama than we were with george w. bush. that is why the republicans said gotcha. are you better off? absolutely. >> when you look at our convention, you see america represented. you see the diversity. you see the role of women all of us members of congress, women members on that stage, sent a big message across this nation that the democratic party embraces women. that they are willing and have always legislated on our behalf. >> i think that the ditc ditch differences are deep and strong and they are oceans apart. president obama gave us the healthcare bill that treats us like equals. no longer are we charged more. no longer are we treated like a preexisting condition. >> men and mothers and sisters and wives and daughters when you look at more women out there voting, i think it is a message to say that in 2012 it's about men and women not excluding anyone. it's just sending a message that more women are coming to congress, women can make a difference and we are excited about it. >> debbie wasserman-schultz chair
Jul 13, 2013 11:30am PDT
they were trying to escape from king george who was not allowing them to practice their religion period. i think this is very different. again, i think the fact that catholic organizations get so many breaks from the governments, this has gotten so muddled over the years that it's not exactly this clean cut. >> but you said earlier that you think you're opposed to the idea forcing them to offer something they don't want to offer on the basis of their religion. >> i think it is coercive to have an individual or company or organization or anyone have to pay for a product or service that they don't support or believe in. just taking a step back -- >> but the obama administration did pull back and say, compromise the first time, compromised a couple of times now. saying that these organizations did not have to pay for it, it was all the insurance companies have to pay for it. >> exactly. the insurance companies are paying for it, nothing is free. where is this money coming from. it's coming from money is fungible. people will pay more money elsewhere having this work out. to me it's very bl
Oct 25, 2012 9:00am EDT
. >> where are you on the board of trustees? >> george washington university. >> what are they doing in trying to make the campus and the school more aware of and trying to help -- >> they are following the guidelines provided by the department of education with the report about how we need to speak to his issues and immediately address them, one on campus, but also with the appropriate individuals. enforcement officers. when it happens, we need to name it at that time and do something about it. >> as a gw alum, i'm glad to hear that. >> as a former prosecutor and a former prosecutor of sexual abuse cases against women and children, this easy are difficult cases. they are very difficult indications. >> i did want to interject, not that i don't have immense sympathy for this women. apparently she did -- they put her in the mental institution when she threatened suicide. >> she made a complaint about drinking something. >> one of the things she mentioned is the parental involvement is important at this point. i'm the mother of five girls. after reading this material, gets you nervous. you
Feb 6, 2011 9:30am EST
unlikely source: barbara bush, one of president george w. bush's twin daughters. hers is one in a string of videos produced by the national gay rights organization the human rights campaign, showing celebrities supporting gay rights. 29-year-old bush called for new york to legalize gay marriage, directly opposing her father's stance. but ms. bush isn't the only child of a republican luminary to embrace same-sex marriage. meghan mccain, daughter of sen. john mccain, and mary cheney, the lesbian daughter of vice president dick cheney, have both publicly supported same-sex unions. gay rights advocates say having the support of young conservatives shows the issue can cross party lines and surpass family values. according to a pew study, more than half of young americans support gay marriage. but democrats are still twice as likely as republicans to approve of it. what is it about these young republican women, conservative women, especially i think of mccain who says, you can't tell me i'm not a conservative, i'm a conservative. my vision -- my conservative vision of gay rights is that
Aug 31, 2013 11:30am PDT
the george w. bush years. do women have a right to expect more, even much more, from president obama? without their support, he would not have been elected in the first place nor re-elected in the second. your turn. >> women have right to expect more. they did expect more seeing second term with the boys club reasserting itself is really discouraging and no where more discouraging than in larry summers' perspective leadership at the fed. larry, girls want do math summers, really? the economic crisis in this country, not to mention has complete contempt for the women who have worked under him including let's never forget brooksly who tried to warn larry and robert rubin about impending financial crisis they were incredibly sneering and mocking and undermining it. can we see some progress here not just for women but for our whole country. >> i don't think that americans by and large think in terms of quota. it is ironic that an administration that things in quota, is that begins to be caught on its own argument not living up to what it professes to believe. >> let me say this. i agree
Jul 20, 2014 3:00pm EDT
jefferson, james madison, george washington they actually talk about separation of church and state and keeping religion out of it. in god we trust was put op our money back i think it was in the '50s that it was put on. we don't say "in god we trust" in the declaration of independence. let's not say that any more because it's not true. we were founded on religious freedom. on religious freedom. and that is in the writings of the founders of the people that wrote it. there is cause for alarm, because when i hear you saying this, to me that's just same thing to bonnie's point that is -- this is our country, this is what we're founded on. we're christian country not founded on the -- >> to make presumption that they're going to be proselytizing, it's false. they have -- start having preachers and ministers having sermon that is a church that's not what is happening. >> it's not so random, like this company is -- >> why should they have the right -- >> they're already influencing legislation. hobby lobby -- >> religious freedom act that supreme court upheld was passed in 1993 was president
Sep 19, 2010 9:30am EDT
abortion rights statewide since governor george deukmejian won in 1982. but carly fiorina hopes to change that. >> well, california also hasn't elected a republican senator for almost 30 years. it doesn't mean the past is necessarily prologue. >> i believe that life begins at conception, so in political terms, that would make me pro-life. and i am there because of the personal issues i have had in my life. and i've held these beliefs for a long time. i recognize and appreciate that not everyone agrees with me on that issue. but the truth is most people don't agree with barbara boxer, who is quite extreme on this issue. she supports partial-birth abortion. she's said babies don't have rights until they leave the hospital. she believes that taxpayers should be funding abortion. most people don't agree with her either. >> the fact of the matter is that she is highly anti-choice right now. she is so radical, bonnie, on this issue that she positions herself on the right of every republican senator, female senator. several of them are not pro-choice but they don't want to overturn roe v.
Nov 16, 2014 3:00pm EST
was encouraged to apply to george washington university's school of international affairs. she was accepted through the women in leadership program which helped pay for her first two years of school. >> mary vargas: my second year i was a little bit concerned about my financial situation in college, and my parents weren't able to support me and gw is a private school, so i started looking at the pickering fellowship. >> bonnie: vargas is a six-year veteran of the foreign service. she's served in mexico, pakistan and iraq. she met her husband in the service and together they're serving connect in israel. >> mary vargas: i met clay in tijuana. we were both first tour officers there and, um, we started dating towards the end of my tour and so he still had a year left in tijuana and i had my next assignment to pakistan all lined up. and so we were long distance for 15 months, and that happens a lot in the foreign service as well. so there's a lot of sacrifices that you make to eventually be together. but it worked out and we got married during that year that i was in pakistan and he wa
Jul 17, 2009 8:30pm EDT
downgraded the importance of her post. abc's george stephanopoulos asked her earlier this summer what exactly she was up to. daily beast editor tina brown accused the administration of sidelining secretary clinton. and compared her role to that of a saudi wife. clinton has not been part of the entourage for president obama's most important overseas trips, and she had little say in awarding big ambassadorships, most of which went to top obama campaign fund raisers. >>> so amy siskind, had the obama administration been suppressing the role of secretary clinton? >> i agree with tina brown's prem irs that he has been keeping her under wraps. but hillary clinton is an enormously popular figure. i think she's going to have her voice heard. but this is a bigger picture, women who are rising in politics is subtle. some is more overt, like what happened in the confirmation hearing this week when senator gillebrand was speaking and when senator leahy in a very uncalled for fashion interrupted her. so i think that in some ways, women need to use nonconventional means to have their voices be hear
Jul 24, 2010 7:30am PDT
going to lose the house. but again, when george bush did things that were ununpopular but right you called that brave. i think that she's taken a big calculated risk to do the right thing. and we should -- >> but let me ask you, in 1994, the year newt gingrich became speaker or the next year, rather, but the election when he became speaker and took over the house for republicans for the first time in 40 years, there was all this, there was the contract for america. there was all this anti-incumbent sentiment. and 90% of house incumbents in this sweep year were re-elected. >> right. >> how bad do you think, compared to '94, how bad are democratic losses going to be now in november. >> well, look, i don't have a crystal ball. i don't know if republicans are going to take the house or not. i don't think there's any doubt they are going to make some significant gains based on what we see today. and it's to the because there is more republican voters out there than there were just two years ago. when you look at the polling among independents, those who voted for obama and brought in a l
Nov 28, 2009 10:30am EST
significance. >> i see your point. before you go to george carlin, i saw him a few weeks ago in town mples he and mort sahl together. >> and? tavis: iaughed and laughed. i've known dick for years but never saw him in standup. he stopped doing it for a while. but to see him and mort together, it was funny, man. george carlin was your fourth one? >> george, i did, when we lost george i went on david letter mapp and we were talking and -- letterman and we were talking and i look -- took out this list, like 26 albums. i've done one album, been in the business 2 -- 37 years. doing an album is like writing a novel. the hardest thing in the world if it's going to be good. and i would say arguably 0 of them are masterpieces. i remember when we did the mark twain tribute for george in washington and ackstage john turner saider, -- oh, that's his 11th greatest bit. it's like some comics -- cosby had noah. guys are known for -- well, george was known for 50 different things. i'd like to share something i've never said n public before because cornell is here and i feel comfortable -- george's daughter
Jul 2, 2010 8:30pm EDT
had to guess, i think most women would rather go to the movies to see george clooney than diane keaton. and i think hollywood might be listening more than we think they are. >> all of this is not about gorgeous leading men. and you would expect when you see how market something done, that you would not see a gerth in women lead actors or this 30% of women who are in fact in the movies or on tv. you expect that people would want to see more people like themselves and that i found mystifying. somebody is marketing as well as they should. >> you think the artist particular crowd you think of people who are individuals and they have got to work hard to make it to the top and be in the top 100 list that it's easy to think about yourself and career. it's harder to think in terms of a group who else you should be helping. oprah winfrey did start her own network but there are few women who stepped up to the plate to do that to see that as their civic duty. i would like to see more women doing that instead of thinking of themselves as individuals. >> and i think we are seeing more and mo
Apr 8, 2012 9:30am EDT
they have on average way higher income. and this was george bush always wants both of his elections, the white married women's vote. it's really more the single, older, younger -- >> when you put all together, you still have the big gender gap problem. the republicans are kidding themselves if you f. they don't think this will be a huge problem in this election. when mitt romney came out and stride say, women don't care about access to birth control, it sank like a stone because it's ridiculous. the next step was to endorse the paul ryan budget. all these programs that the obama administration is talking about right now, medicare, expanding fees preventive care, whether it's the earned income tax credit, they all benefit women disproportionately. on the economy as well, there is a gender gap. >> i think we are going to -- there is going to be a clear choice come 2012 in terms what have vision do people want the country to go. president obama or mitt romney. we'll need to see if you can play this kind of interest group politics, this is what i think the president is doing, or whether
Aug 22, 2009 10:30am EDT
on the murder of abortion provider dr. george tiller by running these billboard ads just days after his death. >> activism can always go too far, like anything. but i don't believe that's the worry here, because what goes too far is that in this society we've forgotten that animals are part of the equation. we walk past them or through them or buy things made of them, without a second thought to their existence. and yet they're just like us. they feel pain and joy. they love their young. they don't want to die. they want to be free. they have emotions, they have feelings. they have their own cultures, if you will, and yet they're invisible in this society. so i don't think we can go too far in pushing the message that there's never anything wrong with being actively kind. >> bonnie: in her new book the peta practical guide to animal rights, newkirk lays out a step by step approach to living an animal cruelty free life. with everyone and everything going green these days, she believes a vegetarian and/or vegan lifestyle should be even more appealing. >> frankly, i don't think you can
Apr 27, 2013 11:30am PDT
rasowsky came to george washington university four years ago, the school did not have a sexual assault awareness organization. so she decided to form one, students against sexual assault or sasa for short. >> i was in a women's study class, honestly by happenstance, and learned about it. and was just kind of floored that this wasn't something that we had on campus. and as i tell that to other people, as i let them know, it seems that they just get that same fire in them that this is something that needs to be discussed, it needs to be well known. >> as the ornization grew, rasowsky found other schools reaching out to gw through a different source. >> our online presence. so i think that's the most key thing in how we've been able to seamlessly connect with other universities because they've seen what we're doing. through a friend of a friend who goes to gw and they're a mutual facebook friend and they see, oh, what's this thing about sexual assault and why is this all over my facebook page and all my friends that go to gw? and then through that they kind of network amongst themselves a
Dec 12, 2009 10:30am EST
? >> maybe that's because during the bush administration, george w, so many women starting their own businesses they weren't worrying about corporate boards because there was a significant increase in women-owned businesses and promotion under the small business administration for women and particularly minority-owned women's businesses to be promoted and successful. >> i also say, because i wrote an article about that there was certainly not any, much if any, discernible increase in the number of women-owned businesses receiving government contracts. that also really stagnated during bush. >> that is a different issue because government contracting and procurement is a complicated disaster so in a is a whole different issue. but businesses can be successful without government contracts. >> do you see less of a push but women, not just in the u.s. but globally to get on corporate boards? >> i'm part of and know of a lot of women's organizations that really really make a point of talent banks and making sure women are capable are seen and known but it is difficult and that is why coun
Feb 13, 2010 10:30am EST
people live in prince georges county. a lot of black people don't want to live next to a dump just because their mother-in-law can't move out. >> okay, you win that one. >> bonnie: we've got to leave that. >>> that's it for this edition "to the contrary." next week, the second in a three-pardon series on genetic mapping and finding cures for children with rare diseases. please join us on the web for "to the contrary extra". whether your views are in agreement or "to the contrary," please join us next time. caption technologies, inc .
Oct 8, 2011 11:30am PDT
chief for president george w. bush and senior advisor for the mccain-palin campaign, nicolle wallace, acknowledges women still feel stereotyped in politics - but she believes michelle bachmann has gained insight into candidates who came before her. >> i think that there is a case to be made, and i've made it, that michele bachmann has actually learned from some of the more obvious mistakes of hillary clinton's campaign and sarah palin's campaign. she took some notes on the value of preparation, and she seems to show up at the debates very well prepared, to make her points, to get in her sound bites. she makes news at those debates, when she gets closer to the top of the pack, that's how she was getting the attention of the media. by really preparing. she's not someone who ultimately will be the nominee of the republican party or the president, but she is a woman candidate on the national stage who seems to have improved upon the missteps and failures of the clinton and palin campaigns in 2008. >> the 2008 campaign also had a major impact on wallace. >> in the aftermath of 2008, i was
Jun 29, 2013 11:30am PDT
have george w. bush before that. i think she may be a star in the prochoice movement and progressivism, but as far as how high her star is going to rise in texas, i don't think it rises very far. >> well, and this becomes the problem sort of with a lot of, you know, elected officials in these states that are very red or very blue. you know, you can look at somebody who is a very real star, within the democratic party, representative james clyburn and he's not going to be able to go very far in south carolina other than a house member from the district. that allows him to have large voice because he's long time been a part of the party. but he's still sort of prevented from successfully running for governor as wendy davis may well be. >> yeah, i mean, i would -- she might be able to get the democratic nomination. could she at this point in time become governor, you know, most likely not. on the other hand, linden johnson, who was president of the country, and came from texas, and a senator and was a democrat at a time when the state was way majority democratic, could she lead a changed
Dec 27, 2009 9:30am EST
with a win forepublican president george w. bush. less than year later the cotry witnessed the delit terrorist atack on u.s. soil. then, the country launched tw wars, with women joininthe ranks. no lonr behind the scenes, today's female soldiers ar taking on jobs ce labeled men-on. the decade was rockeby a number of scdals and national controversies that espially afcted women, from try schiavo and the right-to-life debate to priest pedophilia, revealed a long hidden by the catholic chuh. then there was theurder of pregnantaci peterson whose husband's murd conviction eventually led coness to pass the unrn victims of violence acin 2004 -- the fir federal recognitn of fetuses. in 2005, another disaster ook the nation. hurricane katrina stroyed new leans and the gulf coast. the bush administratn's delayed reaion to the devastation ayed a significant role in republicans losing contl of both the housand sena. with democrats in power, nan pelosi became thfirst woman spear of the house. in006, katieouric became if --he only femal chofer a nightly newscast. three years lateit was announced sh
Dec 25, 2011 9:30am EST
garyalityman as george smiley looking for a mole in the circus though it has nothing to do with rodents or clowns. smiley never smiles. >> i need you to do something. >> reporter: it's hard to follow even if you've read the book. >> the mother of our all secrets. >> reporter: but if you can, the reimmersion in that cold war paranoid universe of agents and double agents and double double agents will thrill you to bits. >> so what happens now? >> your mission, should you choose it.... >> reporter: and a heavy espionage picture, mission impossible ghosts protocol. the fourth and most fun in the tom cruise series. possibly because cruise lets actors like jeremy renner in on the action. >> who are you really? >> we all have our secrets. >> reporter: more likely because it's pixar genius brad bird's first none and i mated movie. and the heroes qafer on ledges or above whirling blades like they know they're in the hands of someone used to indestruct i believe cartoon characters. >> i don't think you realize this, but you're about to walk into a whole mess of danger. >> reporter: the adventures of
Feb 18, 2012 11:30am PST
faced in 1992 with george bush. it's the same thing that walker faced in 80s. when you have this popularity drop a little bit, this is a referendum on him. >> when you're an incumbent, the election for re-elect is a referendum on an administration that's already there? that's perfectly normal. i'm with nikki here, go ahead, continue on this path. each of them is trying to beat the other and being more conservative. the country right now as she said so eloquently is in the middle of this economic crise. that's what they care about and the impetus of adding contraceptive to healthcare is to reduce costs for all americans. you cannot address the economic crisis without addressing the rising cost of healthcare. let's fight the catholic church. >> do you think santorum has a chance -- >> no, i don't. you are seeing discomfort with romney. and. >> because of his religion? >> he doesn't connect. and the fact is people don't quite believe what he believes. he hasn't given conservatives a reason to say, we want to embrace you. he's been too many things to tom too many people. >> who is go
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 68 (some duplicates have been removed)