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Feb 4, 2016 2:07am PST
"on their freeways and rubbing fenders "with them!" (laughs) - [george] and ronnie, i've got one story he ought to love. it's about an oklahoma oil man who's captured by the indians. - oh no, dad, please. - no, it's great, you see, these indians tie him to a tree and while they're sharpening their knives to scalp him, he gets the hiccups. and then the indians ask him if he has a last request and he says, "yeah, will somebody "do something to frighten me?"?" - dad, you're kidding. - if i get a real big laugh, i'll sing hello, joyce. - [joyce] hello, mr. burns. - nice to see you again. - [joyce] thank you. - dad, this is mr. collins. - mr. collins, i'm mr. burns. - howdy, mr. burns. just been telling joyce how much i admire your home, it's beautiful. - thank you. - you know, you have a lot of beautiful homes here in california. - not as nice as you have in oklahoma. - oh yes, they are and speaking of los angeles, there's only one thing better than rubbing elbows -- - [joyce] daddy. daddy, mr. burns was speaking of oklahoma. - oh yes, in oklahoma they have a lot of oil men and they
Feb 16, 2016 2:07am PST
hear you say "hello" in italian. - bonjourno, ma'am. - oh, good. now turn around and say it to george. - bonjourno, ma -- i mean, sir. - congratulations, blanche. - no, no, no, i was -- - that was a fine idea, really, fine. i haven't had the pleasure of meeting this lovely young lady. - well, how could you? she's the famous italian star, tina cacciatori. - tina cacciatori? what pictures did you make in italy? - well, you see, she can't answer. it's not polite to talk with your mouth full. - tina cacciatori, it's familiar. is she related to the raviolis? - well, her father is a cacciatori, but she's a ravioli on -- - on her mother's side? all you gotta do is sprinkle a little greta cheese on her and she'd be a hit in every italian restaurant in town. - right. oh, well we have a lot to do, tina. say goodbye to mr. burns. - arrivederci, sir. - arrivederci, ma'am. how'd you like that disguise? even on that show "the masquerade party", she'd have to sit with the audience. and when she starts to talk, that texas accent just about the same way some of those italian movie stars come through t
Feb 3, 2016 2:07am PST
want a picture of his father? if he wants a picture of george, i guess the man knows his business. - that george burns must have lost his mind. - surprised that such a small object wasn't misplaced long ago. (audience laughing) - [george] (sung) from time to time in every clime. oh, hello, blanche, you wanted to see me? - [blanche] no, i wanted to talk to you. believe me, seeing you is no pleasure. - blanche, you're beautiful. i've never seen you look prettier. - [harry] george burns, are you out of your mind? - no, i meant it, i think blanche looks beautiful. i've never seen her look better. - i was referring to young ronald. - well, he thinks so too. you're the only one who doesn't. you must have had a good night's sleep. you look beautiful. look, beautiful. - george, george, for someone who thinks them self so clever you are pretty stupid. imagine sending gracie to a matrimonial agency to find a wife for ronnie. i never heard of such a thing. - it is impossible to conceive that you would have so little regard for the future welfare of your offspring. you are unworthy of the nam
Feb 5, 2016 2:07am PST
george to sign a check for that? - what's the joke? - george, i've been married to you all these years, so i'm sure you're going to say something funny! (laughs) - i don't have to, because i already got my laugh. - oh, good! so sign this. - what am i signing? - they can talk about jack benny, and bob hope, and phil silvers, but when it comes to signing the name of george burns, no other comedian can do it as good as you can. - what am i signing? - an autograph. - an autograph? - yes. two of the cutest little children are downstairs, tommy and suzy, and they want your autograph. - tommy and suzy? how come they don't want yours? - they all want celebrities. - have them come up. - no. - why not? - i couldn't do that. - why? - their little legs are too short, and the stairs come up to here. - well, all right. i'll ask them. - yeah, well, try. - tommy, suzy, would you like to come up? - mother, has dad got you doing it, too? - that's too bad. their little legs are too short. - and the stretch? look, gracie, i know that's a check you want me to sign. i'm not going to sign it until you
Feb 13, 2016 2:07am PST
ask. - [harry] blanche, i have work to do. - [blanche] i said, go over and ask george. - i will not, and that is final. - alright, then i'll go to the cabin with you. - what?! what? i thought you detested fishing. - well, i won't fish, but i was thinking it could be sort of like a second honeymoon for us, dear. and i can sit in your lap and we can cuddle by the fire. (audience laughing) - blanche, i surrender. i will go over and ask that other big mouth beast. (audience laughing) (joyful instrumental music) - george, although i am-- - [george] good morning, harry. - george, although i am the-- - [george] harry, is sort of rude to come into somebody's house without saying good morning. - [harry] good morning, george. - okay, start now, you see. - [harry] although i am the raddison type, i trust you realize the full measure and extent of my feelings towards you. - well, harry, blanche and gracie are such great pals, we ought to try to be friends anyway. (audience laughing) - george, will you never cease jesting? after all friendship is no laughing matter. - you're right, i was just pa
Feb 10, 2016 2:07am PST
- that's why i called this meeting. you see, ronnie already bought the boat, and george doesn't want him to have it. that's my problem. - gracie, i-- - please, harry. we have to run this like a regular meeting. now, i'll be the chairman. and if you have any suggestions, ask me for the floor. (audience laughter) - okay, well, madam chairman, may i please have the floor? - no. (audience laughter) - well, i... - blanche always has better ideas than you. well, blanche? - well, i can't think of a thing. - how about you, ronnie? - no, i'm blank. - mr. von zell, you have the floor. that ronnie needs the boat. - how are you going to do that, tell him this is holland and the dike broke? - i told you blanche would come up with something good. go ahead, blanche. - well honey, i was being sarcastic. - oh. mr. von zell, you have the floor. - i thought we could tell george that ronnie needs the boat for his health. you know, the salt air? - tell dad i need it for my health? - that's a wonderful idea, ronnie! oh ho ho, if blanche couldn't think of something, i knew you could. (audience laughte
Feb 2, 2016 2:07am PST
time a joke, but nobody tells me how to sleep. not to, yes, but how to? no. (canned laughter) - george really said that after i left? he's finally realized he doesn't belong in show business. - what a pity he reached such an obvious conclusion so much later than everyone else! (canned laughter) - you mean you knew all along he was unhappy when he was telling jokes? - no, but i was aware of my own unhappiness. - oh, well then you're just the man who can help him. i'll send him over here, and will you try to figure out the kind of work he's really fitted for? i don't want him to waste his life in a business he hates! - i will do my utmost to prevent him squandering further time as a round peg in a square hole. - oh, good, i want him to be a square peg in a square hole, just like you! (canned laughter) - let's name some professions, maybe we'll find one to fit george. - very well. - uh.... he's spent a lot of time in banks taking gracie's money there. (canned laughter) maybe he could be a bank clerk! - he hasn't sufficient mentality for that. (canned laughter) perhaps he might become a fu
Feb 9, 2016 2:07am PST
do what i did, marry the girl. - oh, george, don't give ronnie wrong advice, you know you married me. - well, i'm leaving. i sure wish kathy would listen to reason. - [gracie] don't worry ronnie, by the time you get back from the studio, everything will be straightened out. - gracie, this is between ronnie and his girl and i want you to stay out of it. - i wasn't even thinking of it. - and don't go over to blanche's and get her mixed up in this. - i wasn't even thinking of it. i'm just going over to ask her to go shopping. - and keep harry von zell out of it. - i wasn't even thinking of that either. i'm just gonna phone him and ask him to take us shopping. - well it's 20 minutes since gracie left. 15 minutes for von zell to get here, so right now gracie and von zell should be over at blanches house. i'll turn on my television set and see. the first thing you'll hear is von zell saying, " i wont do it gracie, george will fire me." - isn't this a beautiful day? - that line must be left out of last week's show. - harry, don't change the subject. - no. - i won't do it gracie, george'l
Feb 19, 2016 2:07am PST
i've made a big decision. i'm gonna quit college and help you. - [george] you, uh, made this big decision since breakfast, 10 minutes ago? you work and slave for my education. dad, you're getting old. - well, i've been doing it for years and nobody cared before... (audience laughs) - dad, i just noticed it when i looked at you across the table this morning at breakfast. - well, we have bad lighting in the kitchen, i'm having it fixed. (audience laughs) - okay, dad, let me take over. you've given me the best years of your life, now i want to give you the best years of mine, so i'm gonna quit college and let you retire. - what are we gonna live on while we switch from my best years to yours? (audience laughs) - i'll cross that bridge when i get to it. but now, i'm gonna call the university and tell them i'm leaving for my father's sake. (phone dialing) - ronnie, you're not leaving college. look, let me try to explain something-- - no, it's alright, alright, alright, alright, but remember: your son was willing to make that sacrifice to you because he loves you. (audience laughs) so
Feb 20, 2016 2:07am PST
iron and steel business. and she started to laugh. i said what are you laughing at? she says, george, if your father steals and your mother irons, why are you doing this for a living? (audience laughs) so that's how a straight man was formed. (audience laughs) (upbeat music) - mary, you see, all you have to do is make a play for this football captain. and he'll forget all about imogene. - and ralph will get her back. - i'm afraid you're overestimating my ability to charm this mr. monoghan. after all, i'm more of the intellectual type. - well, that's the kind men go for. and believe me, i know from sad experience. (audience laughs) - well... - i had so many men around me, i lost all my girlfriends. - oh, that happens to all you intellectuals. - i'm still not sure this is the right thing to do. if i start flirting with mr. monoghan, how would ronnie feel about it? - [gracie] well, i asked him. and he said it was perfectly all right. (audience laughs) - hi, mary. - well, we're just up to the point where mary is agreeing to flirt with mr. monoghan. - huh? - well, this whole idea was blan
Feb 11, 2016 2:07am PST
before you got the money, i thought was worth another 10. (laughing) - [george] thanks, dad? - [ronnie] thanks, dad, yeah. - that's a nice tie. i ought to know, i gave it to him last christmas. (laughing) in fact, it's so nice, he's getting it again this christmas. (laughing) - come in and sit down, brian and bonnie sue. ronnie'll be right down. oh ronnie? - isn't it exciting that brian's finally graduating after nine years? - yes ma'am. - well, your father must be proud of you. you know, some boys hate to study so much, they rush through college in four years. (laughing) - bonnie sue! - well, ronnie, why are you throwing your arms around bonnie sue? brian is the one who's graduating. - oh yeah, i got mixed up. brian! - don't you dare. (laughing) - congratulations anyway. bonnie sue, you ready to go to lunch? - i certainly am. - brian, would you like to go with us? - well, no thank you, ronnie, i think i better stay here. i'd kinda like to talk to your mother. - oh, alright, come on bonnie sue. - [gracie] uh, ronnie? did your father like the tie, or are you going dutch? - we
Feb 18, 2016 2:07am PST
in for a treat. gracie, are you downstairs? - oh, yes dear! - gracie, are you gonna tell george about colonel bradley? - of course not! - well how are you gonna explain all these things? - just leave it to--hello dear! (laughter) - oh hello, i'd like something-- - aren't they nice? - yes, it's just what we needed. - well that's what blanche thought, too, that's why i bought them. (laughter) - you bought them? - sure. (laughter) - was um, was this blanche's idea too? - uh-huh, she got me a discount. (laughter) (blanche stutters incoherently) (laughter) - what is this for? - oh, well i thought maybe tonight we could have a little barbecue? - who are we barbecuing, harry von zell? (laughter) - oh, george. - i know what these are for! - you do? - yeah. you put onions on the end of them in case we serve martinis. - right! (laughter) well hello, anymore questions? - yeah, just one. who is the man upstairs in his underwear? (laughter) - any more questions? - no i like that one, who is it? - well, he's um, he's colonel bradley, a famous african hunter, who spoke at our club meeting and
Feb 6, 2016 2:07am PST
have to do is think of mary livingstone and i'll remember the number. - [mr. jantzen] good! - [george] gracie, i just passed-- oh, hello, mr. jantzen. i just passed our guest room. who've we got stopping with us, the june taylor dancers? (audience laughs) - no, they're mr. jantzen's daughters. - [gracie] i'd better go up and see if the girls are comfortable. and good luck, mr. jantzen. oh, you see, george, he has to go to san diego and talk about 'war and peace' so he can find a librarian for his motherless daughters. (audience laughs) - well, that makes sense. - it does? - of course. - does anything mrs. burns say ever confuse you? - why should it? (audience laughs) - i know, i'm the one who's at fault. i've been out of touch with this world too long. - you haven't missed much. - well, i'd better get started for san diego. i just had my suit pressed and i want to get there before it loses its crease. (audience laughs) - looks neat. - good-bye girls! - [all] bye-bye, dad! - those are lovely girls! - oh, yes. i hated to see them grow up. it was so wonderful when they were little. they
Jul 27, 2009 9:00am EDT
band in lake george, new york where meredit and ann have been kicking off our week-long visit to some of the most popular vacation get-aways in america as "today takes a vacation." oh, dear, there they are. holding down the fort here in studio 1a, i'm natalie morales. matt already on his way to key west to join al. meredith and ann, you guys are having a lot of fun. looks like you've been taking advantage of every minute. >> we are having such a great time here. the stoney creek band making it even better for us. they've been playing since 1973, earned the title best area band from the local paper. they've certainly not disappointed this morning. the crowd has been great -- thank you! >> we're having a lot of fun here. i can't stop watching you dance, meredith. great music and great food. there's also a lot to do on the lake. we went fly fishing, did a lot of biking, a lot of stuff. we'll show you about what's possible to do on your next vacation. there you go! natalie, back to you. >> i just wonder if they can play a faster tune just so we can see you dance even faster, meredith
Jul 27, 2009 7:00am EDT
gentlemen lake george to do a little fishing, camping and boating in the great outdoors as "today takes a vacation." "today," monday, july 27, 2009. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and welcome to a special edition of "today" on this absolutely gorgeous monday morning. i'm meredith vieira along with my buddy ann curry here. matt lauer about a four-hour drive south of us in studio 1a. >> ladies we miss you. it's only been a minute and a half. you guys were learning to fly fish. ann, i'm happy you see you're out of surgery. >> no see, i'm okay. others may not be. >> listen we did catch something -- but that's a little different. as you can see, matt we're in beautiful lake george nestled in the adirondas. about a two-hour drive from new york city. >> this lake is about 32 miles long. we're inside adirondack state park. it is roughly the same size as the state of vermont. >> we are standing on the morgan a steamboat and paddle wheel boat. it goes allround the 109 miles of coastline that make of lake george. behind us is our final destination, the historic saginaw hotel. look
Feb 12, 2016 2:07am PST
thing is, you oughtta realize george, the people have no, well for instance, hiring the writers. hiring the actors. and the announcer for next season. - i was-- - yes, i was waiting-- - although my option isn't due for 10 more days. - yeah, i was waiting for-- - but you're too sharp of a businessman, you're not gonna want to lose a good announcer. - no, no no, am i in danger of losing a good announcer? - well, i've had some pretty good offers you know, but of course you know george, i'm loyal to you. - i know you're loyal but who made you the offer? - yeah. (laughter) - who? - now stop yodeling and tell me who. - uh, well, like i say, i'm so loyal to you george, i don't even answer my phone to listen to them. (laughter) - i let von zell worry a little bit because he does it so well. i'd never think of hiring anybody else. harry is a fine actor, a fine comedian, a great announcer, a very good friend, and he works cheap. (laughter) believe me, he means as much to this show as i do. that's why i pay him so little. (laughter) but how about that corny trick of telling me that he got
Jul 23, 2014 2:07am PDT
party. it is happy birthday to george. we will discuss that a little later. but the biggest party -- >> he is just too adorable. >> i want to eat him up. >> the biggest party of all happened today on our plaza. >> we couldn't get in the building to go to work today. >> there is a group called 5 seconds of summer. usually it is packed. this time it was packed all the way from 50th, 49th street to central park. the kids have been sleeping on the pavement with faces on the sidewalk, some from last week. these are four kids from australia. they scream out their names. by the way, i was walking through the crowd. while i was walking through i saw a girl crying and someone is passing out and doing something. they said 18 girls were treated by medics because they had been out there for so long. two girls -- it'insane. two girls -- we were finding two fans to bring them to the front. >> they are from montgomery, new york. they are 15 and 16-year-old sisters. they were sisters. take a look. ready and go. >> we are going to walk to the front. let's go. >> hyperventilating. >> they kept sayi
Jan 12, 2012 2:05am PST
dicaprio or george clooney? >> leonardo di cap rio. >> but he sure thought he was right, didn't they. >> the correct answer there, kate winslet. >> co star, she won for "revolutionary road," lead," and she won for "the reader." best supporting actress. two globes that year. >> this is going to be a good one. are you going this year? >> i'm going today. >> oh, you are! well, keep us posted. thanks. >>> coming up next, those photos that make you say, what? right after this. 2:30 in the afternoon, a lot to do, and you've hit the wall. but you got to get stuff done. so take 5-hour energy. just open it up, knock it back, and roll up your sleeves. 5-hour energy is faster and easier than coffee. man, does it work. you'll get that alert, energized feeling you need to get stuff done. a lot of stuff. wow. look at you go. 5-hour energy. when you gotta get stuff done. trash builds up and can make your dishwasher smell. over time, grease and residue get stuck inside. for an intensive clean, use finish dishwasher cleaner. it's taking out the trash for your dishwasher. [ male announcer ] take a dul
Aug 3, 2014 8:00am EDT
>> and that's your latest forecast. >> coming up, all star basketball player paul george telling fans he's going to make a full recovery, but what will life be ♪ each year 17 billion toilet paper tubes are thrown away in the us alone. that's enough to fill the empire state building...twice. now there's scott naturals tube-free bath tissue. get the premium softness you need without the wasteful tube. toss the tube for good with scott naturals tube-free. can we gesure!se? why not. well, aren't you being generous? it's five or eight box tops, so their school earns even more money. wow! only walmart offers five or eight box tops to help you get a smarter start to school. unbeatable prices. backed by ad match. save money. live better. walmart. but do you know what's ine your skincare?- neutrogena naturals. a line of nutrient-rich skincare with pure, naturally derived ingredients, carefully chosen and clinically proven to cleanse, purify and moisturize... and you'll never find any harsh chemical sulfates, parabens or unnecessary additives. healthy skin-starts from within. neutrogena natur
Jul 14, 2013 6:00am PDT
>>> good morning. george zimmerman, acquitted on all charges. >> we, the jury, find george zimmerman not guilty. >> a six-women jury sides with a neighborhood watch volunteer's claim of self-defense. their late-night decision reached after 12 days of emotional testimony and more than 16 hours of deliberations in a trial filled with conflicting accounts and questions over the confrontation that left trayvon martin shot dead and that will linger long after the verdict. >> we believe that we brought out the truth on behalf of trayvon martin. >> i think the prosecution of george zimmerman was disgraceful. >> this morning analysis of the jury's decision and how are trayvon martin's parents reacting to the verdict and what is their next move? we'll ask their attorney, benjamin crump, in a live interview "today," sunday, july 14, 2013. >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on this busy sunday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm kate snow alongside jenna wolfe and diylan dreyer. erica hill has the morning off. >>> the verdict was read just after 10:00 p.m. eastern time la
Mar 26, 2012 7:00am EDT
trayvon martin share his side of the story. we'll talk with george zimmerman's attorney and his longtime friend. >>> and, as low as you can go and loving it. director james cameron completes a dangerous journey nearly seven miles down to the deepest part of the ocean. what he's saying about hitting rock bottom "today," monday, what he's saying about hitting rock bottom "today," monday, march 26th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm ann curry. good morning, everybody. matt, your exclusive interview with the wife of army staff sergeant bales come as there are new details emerging about what happened. >> and they're chilling details. military prosecutors now believe that sergeant bales returned to the base during the attack and then headed back out to kill more civilians. did mrs. bales see any signs that her husband may not have been fit to be deployed? even with all the information you've heard about this story over the last couple of weeks i think you'll be surprised to see w
Feb 17, 2016 2:07am PST
in april. - no! - i was born in july, and george in january. - the world is even smaller than you think. i was born in march! - oh, isn't that wonderful! here it is october, and we're all together. - it can only happen in america. - that's because we're living in a democracy. now then, what is it you wanted to see me about? - well, i really don't remember. when we get together, we have so much in common i can't even remember things that aren't important. - i think i know what it is. now on the phone, you said something about old pipes. now, when the rainy seasons come, they're liable to burst, and they're dangerous, you know. - oh, well then, don't put in old pipes. put in new ones. - well, they run around 600 dollars. - well, if they cost more than the old ones, it's worth it. - oh they do, they do. - good, now, when can you start? - i will be back in about an hour. - oh, good. - goodbye. - goodbye mr. jantzen. - oh, and by the way, another of my daughters was born in the middle of august. - oh, now you see, you never get to know people 'til you talk to them. - ooooh, that's deep
Nov 22, 2016 10:00am EST
, aged 8, "and the lausen baby, who was not one year old. "buried them in the snow. "everyone but george danton attended services. "some of the people saying that "upon returning from burial "that some of their rations were missing. "though this looks bad for danton, "i cannot believe any human being would do such a thing. "god rest the two little children. "they are finally at peace. "christmas day. "everyone is ill, and growing weaker, "except george danton, "who somehow remains in good health, "despite our hardships. "fast losing all hope. "mr. marsh and helen blake died during the night of starvation. "we are reduced to boiling hides in snow water "until they melt into a sort of glue. "despite its dreadful taste, "no one refused a portion-- "no one but danton, who continues to thrive, "though how i do not know. "everything that can be used has been eaten-- "all our animals, "our dogs, "even field mice. "not even hides are left. "four of us remain alive. "very weak. "can hardly write. "danton alone remains strong and well. "he has the last of the ammunition. helen... let me alone. we
Apr 27, 2016 10:00am EDT
george hamilton. they'll tell you about that. >>> i'm ready for some words of wisdom today. >> are you ready? the person who says it can not be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it. >> love that. >> chinese proverb. >> oh, so we don't actually know who. confucius? >> that's a good one. >>> so the prince tributes are, of course, continuing and so was this on -- where was this? >> this was on the "tonight show" with fallon and this was a really, really great rendition of a prince song and what you notice, a lot of people notice is maya rudolph and singer gretchen librum, they're in a prince cover band called princess and they sang backup for d'angelo on the "tonight show." it's an emotional version of one of prince's songs called "sometimes it snows in april." ♪ sometimes it snows in april, sometimes it feels so bad ♪ so bad, sometimes i wish life was purple ♪ and all good things they say never last ♪ >> the song went on and on. you can see it got more erosional as its went. now there's a lot of talk about the fact -- >> the fact that he didn't have a will. th
May 2, 2015 7:00am EDT
george's reign as an only child is over. his baby sister arrived a short time ago. kensington palace tweeting her royal highness safely delivered a daughter at 8:34 a.m. new princess will knock uncle harry down to fifth in line for the throne. the new king or queen order, charles and william and prince george and his little sister and finally prince harry. betting on the baby's gender was heavy. most thinking the baby would be a girl. and they were right. now the happy family is resting comfortably at the same hospital where prince william was born and prince harry two years later. like harry, the new royal will be a spare to the heir. a role that has its own responsibilities. but for now, it's time to celebrate the newest members of the royal family. so what's next? the town cryer made the big announcement in front of the hospital. well wishers are gathering here and at buckingham palace awaiting for the proclamation at the spot. once again, back to the hospital here. when george was born prince william and kate stayed the night with prince george and coming out the front door to a
May 18, 2012 7:00am EDT
photos of george zimmerman just after the shooting. and what witnesses saw and heard at the scene. this morning we'll talk about it all with the attorneys for both the martin family, and george zimmerman. >>> the social net worth. facebook makes its much-hyped debut on wall street this morning. it's shaping up to be one of the largest ipos ever, and will make a few people very, very rich. we're live at the nasdaq exchange. >>> and close call. thinks do not go as planned when a north carolina scientist tries to capture a huge alligator. using nothing more than his nerves, and a towel. so what was he thinking? we'll ask him in a live interview "today," friday, may we'll ask him in a live interview "today," friday, may 18th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning, i'm matt lauer here in new york in studio 1a. ann curry continues to join us from cannes, france, and ann, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, matt. that's right. i'm still here. but you can hate me a little less this morning, because earlier it wa
Jul 17, 2014 2:07am EDT
for -- over exposed. prince george and his amazing chubby cheeks on the cover again, now the new "people" magazine. not parents you him. >> don't need the parents. look at george. >> what's going to sell more "vanity fair" which has the whole family on or "people." >> doesn't "vanity fair" cost more than "people." >> it does. >> don't try to dazzle me with your math skills. anyway, here's things we learned about george in the article. he loves dogs. >> we love him -- >> hates bath time. >> there you go. >> prince william saying he finds bath time quite painful and fights them so much they almost need a snorkel and mask. >> his favorite toy is a helicopter, anything with wheels. >> and he likes to wake up every night -- or every morning between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. prince william listens the radio at times. >> yes, he does. >> too bad he doesn't wake up at 2:00 and watch us. >> we're on at 2:00 in the morning. if you have insomnia, turn it on. people who work the late shifts, feeding their baby, prince george. >> i know. >> sandra bullock, we're terrified by this story, but now scar
Apr 20, 2014 6:00am PDT
apparently that's not stopping him from talking. >>> and george steals the show again. the royals take a trip to the zoo as will and kate take a back seat to their little prince. today, easter sunday, april 20th, 2014. >>> welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. happy easter. >> i'm lester holt. we're supposed to come on after prince george. >> imagine how you feel if you had to follow him and you're his parents. >> i'm thinking harper and prince george? >> i didn't want to say anything, but i was waiting for the right time to introduce the two of them. thursday seems like a good time. >> set up a play date. >> is harper going to tweet that? >> she will. george will never know who harper is, let's face it. >> great pictures. great pictures from the zoo. we'll show you more coming up. >> it is also easter sunday. pope francis just wrapping up his easter mass at this hour. tens of thousands of people looking on in st. peters square. we'll have more on his message just ahead. >> but we want to begin this morning with the countdown to the boston marathon. since that deadly day last year
Jul 16, 2013 7:00am EDT
intersections. l.a. new mayor said the mob sought to exploit the acquittal of george zimmerman in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> the martin family was clear that those that sympathize with their plight, the best way to honor their son and their loved ones is in a nonviolent manner. >> reporter: a local reporter and camera man were assaulted. a photographer was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. >>> in the meantime, we're learning new details about what lead to george zimmerman's acquittal from the first member of the jury to speak out. nbc's kerry sanders is in sanford, florida. he has that part of the story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. juror b.-37 sat down and did an extensive interview with cnn. in that interview she said when the six jurors went into the jury room one believed that george zimmerman was guilty of second-degree murder. two thought he was guilty of manslaughter and three believed george zimmerman was not guilty. juror b-37 sat in silhouette talking to cnn's anderson cooper about the weight of the jury's decision. >> it's j
May 19, 2017 7:00am EDT
saturday and sunday. only in the low 70s. >>> we have breaking news out of prince george's county. about 45 minutes ago, authorities reported an ambulance stolen from prince george's hospital this pursuit. look at the pictures here. we're following new information as it's happening. we have the latest on this. >> reporter: just remarkable. our crew happened to be there. they were in the area working on another story when this ambulance and about ten police cars just started to go past them. you can see here this is almost like a slow speed chase. we understand that started at about 6:00 this morning with authorities in prince george's county reporting a fire department ambulance was stolen from a hospital. this is balance we understand 8:30 from landover hills decision 830. it was reported stolen. the driver and this is an unoccu unoccupied ambulance, took the ambulance into charles county. authorities there threw spikes down. we're told authoriti that they deflated the tires on this ambulance. which may be the reason why in this video, a slow speed pursuit. if you can zoom in on the video
Jun 30, 2016 10:00am EDT
been seeing any police going into andrews air force base here or prince george's county on any kind of high alert as well. prince george's county police department spokesman telling me they have no idea what's happening inside andrews air force base. they have not been called to come in and assist in any way with what may be unfolding inside the base. now, the base is on lockdown. there are people sheltered in place. we're watching vehicles come out, if you can see behind me, folks at the light here. there's a police car exiting w now. as you can see they are leaving andrews air force base. that's been the case since i've been here. andrews air force base spokesman telling us they have planned a training exercise for today, an active gunman training exercise. that was the case when they got a report of a gunman, an actual real life gunman who was inside of that building 1061, the medical building on andrews -- on base andrews. that's when they began procedures of taking this seriously, asking people who were on base to lock down in the same place. now, it's important to also note that
Jul 13, 2013 6:00am PDT
. >>> good morning. back at work. the george zimmerman jury beginning a second day of deliberations this morning in a mur ter trial that's captivated people all across the country. we'll tell you the key questions they have to decide. >>> how could this happen? a san francisco tv station and the ntsb both apologizing this morning for a newscast that wrongly identified the crew of that crashed asiana flight using racially offensive slurs. this morning a look at the shocking report. >>> and great expectations. royal watchers eagerly anticipating the birth of the royal baby. we'll tell you to the hospital where the future heir to the british throne will be borne and the masses are already gathering. today is saturday, july 13th. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> good morning and welcome to "today" on this busy saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill. it is a busy day, especially for all the royal baby watchers. >> there was no due date announced. am i wrong? >> no. there was something
Dec 26, 2016 7:00am PST
local news update. ♪ >>> good morning. breaking overnight. icon lost. pop superstar george michael dies suddenly christmas day at the age of 53. the sing are first hitting it big with wham!. before finding each greater solo success. this morning his manager speaks out revealing a possible cause of death as the investigation moves forward and tributes pour in. >>> paralyzing blizzard conditions, the storm making it nearly impossible for holiday travelers to get back home this morning where all of that snow and ice is heading next. avoiding conflict. president-elect trump announces plans to dissolve his charitable foundation as his children find themselves at the center of a growing storm. so is this the beginning of a long night over what to do with mr. trump's vast empire? >>> and fantastic finish. >> roethlisberger looks, he caught it. breaks the plane. touchdown pittsburgh. >> steelers clinch a trip to the nfl playoffs with a last-second comeback win. the chiefs locking up their own spot. the road to super bowl li becoming clear today monday, december 26, 2016. >> announcer: from
Mar 31, 2011 9:00am EDT
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Sep 11, 2014 2:22am PDT
with the home improvement show. george to the rescue. to make some renovations. george, can you come out here? [ applause ] >> hi. >> meredith: okay. well, just so you know, tom knew what was going on the whole time. >> i'm confused. >> meredith: okay. okay. well, george has been on this secret mission. we called george and asked him because he's so great at this. he wanted to get involved. tell us why. >> well, i mean, anyone who's watched you compete or has been following you on twitter or tv since your accident, you really are just an inspiration to everybody. for me personally growing up in colorado, i have been following amy van dyken-rouen in the sports pages of the rocky mountain news and denver post since i was a little kid. when i heard about your accident i reached out to see if there was anything to make your home coming easier. >> thank you. did you have to say since you were a little kid? [ applause ] >> i was in junior high. >> that's amazing. thank you. >> meredith: we have live cameras at your house. >> at the front door. [ laughter ] >> meredith: we do. >> okay. >> m
Mar 25, 2012 8:00am EDT
this means for the gop nomination. >>> and the shooter's side. george d center of a racially charged killing ofÑi an unarmed, black teen, has kept a low profile. we'llt( hear from his friend an zimmerman's legale1 adviser on s version of events. today's sunday, march 25th, 2012. óy3e nbc-universal television )jjtpr" for by >>>kmjsj welcome to "today" on a sunday. i'm lester holt. >> and i'mr still talking about the fall/Ñ from theko trayvon martin shooting. >> tomorrow marksÑi one month since thejf shooting of trayvon martin. since then, we have heard from his parents and supporters aboud their viewsçó of what happened that night in florida, but wee1d shooter, george zimmerman, until now. coming up, we're going to hua) from his friend and zimmerman's legal adviser, plus an eó;ruár+e interview from a woman whofálp witnessed some of thatmyq nigh events. >>> then we're going to dip int( politics. president obama has some tough words forñr north korea and its plannedr launch. while visiting south korea, the presidenthgpr" bad behavior from north korea will not be e1 rewarded
Jan 20, 2017 7:00am EST
be attending? all four living presidents, save for george h.w. bush. he and his wife hospitalized in texas. his son plans to be here. so does president carter, and president clinton, along with hillary clinton. face-to-face with her former rival since the campaign. despite the clintons hoping to call the white house home again, it will be the trumps' turn to move in today. after the president-elect, then president, finishes his inaugural speech here, the senate will get to work ready to confirm the new cabinet. it's expected that general james mattis, as well as john kelly, will sail through. but it's possible that incoming cia chief, mike pompeo could be delayed. if he is confirmed, donald trump aims to visit the cia tomorrow, to extend an olive branch after weeks of bad blood between him and the intelligence community. >> hallie, thank you very much. >>> let's go to the white house. peter alexander has that part of today's story. good morning to you, peter. >> reporter: good morning to you, matt. along the parade route. you can see the presidential seal behind me. that's the review
Apr 12, 2012 7:00am EDT
court. george zimmerman set to appear before a judge today to be formally charged with the murder of trayvon martin. how is he reacting? will he be released on bail? what will be his defense? this morning we'll ask zimmerman's new attorney in a live interview and get reaction from martin's parents. >>> criminal behavior. jury selection begins today in the criminal trial of former u.s. senator and presidential candidate john edwards. did he use campaign contributions to cover up his affair with rielle hunter, and will she be called to testify? >>> and miracle at the morgue. a couple's newborn baby declared dead, but 12 hours later when they went to say good-bye, she was still alive. we'll hear from the overjoyed parents today, thursday, april 12th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm ann curry. >> and i'm carl quintanilla in for matt. this is the booking photo of george zimmerman after he was taken into custody, charged with the second-degree murder of trayvon martin. >> that's right. he was transferred to the
Mar 25, 2012 6:00am PDT
nomination. >>> and the shooter's side. george zimmerman. the man at the center of killing a teen, we'll hear from his friend and zimmerman's legal adviser on his version of events. on this sunday, march 25th, events. on this sunday, march 25th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a sunday. i'm lester holt. >> i'm jenna wolfe and we're still talking about the fallout on the trayvon martin shooting. >> tomorrow marks the one month since the shooting and we heard from his parents and supporters in their views on what happened that night but we haven't heard much from the shooter, george zimmerman, until now. >>> plus an exclusive interview from a woman who witnessed some of that night's events. >>> then we'll dip into politics. president obama has some tough words for north korea and its planned long-range rocket launch while visiting south korea the president said bad behavior from north korea will not be rewarded. more on the president's tip in just a few minutes. >>> plus, reunited. william and kate are on the slopes of t
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