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times under the last republican president, george w. bush, state department did do an examination to see if that was occurring and they did not find that evidence that unfpa was -- >> will the gentleman yield to that point. >> i only have a limited time. they were engaging in abortion or involuntary sterilization. if that is, in fact, occurring, great, let's remove funding from those types of programs or let's hold unfpa accountable, but unfpa is doing tremendous work around the world protecting maternal child health and i saythat as a doctor. we shouldn't just throw everything out if there's a single program. i understand there is an amendmentand instead of just withdrawing all funding, a lot of women are going to suffer. there will be unnecessary deaths and so forth. can i get your assurances that you will look at these programs as opposed to just zeroing out and eliminating these programs? you know, if there's evidence of coercion, if there's evidence ofinvoluntary sterilization, great, address that, but let's not pull all of our funding. >> so on a lot of programs, yes, i'm ha
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)