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ballot but we shouldn't back away for how unprecedented it is not just jeb bush, but george bush and george bush senior, bob dole, this is without precedent in modern history. i would also add that you could have gotten great odds that billy bush would damage trump's campaign more than jeb bush this the end run. >> that largely -- as you well know and was well documented in the primary. the establish men, the bush dynasty hasn't been a fan of donald trump. it's not just because they didn't like his style. donald trump stomped them in a primary. i don't think bringing this up for a night snooshs senator mark kirk called on him to drop out of the race. senator mike lee. the number of senators in his own party who failed to endorse donald trump is unprecedented in major american politics for any nominee. >> it's understandable for self preservation. i get it. understand why they did that. >> to both of you. mack to you first, it has been said by the trump campaign, given all of this, hillary clinton should be doing better right now. perhaps she will in the coming days, especially after
turned around. it had a lot to do with the trump touch. >> george ross is a long time trump advisor. >> he says it's one of the best deals he ever made. >> i don't think it's one; it's the best. >> the best deal? >> it's the best deal i've ever seen and i've been in the deal business for 50 years. >> anybody that can taking some for $1 million and turn it into $5 million in a term of 15 years is fantastic. >> the big projects trump favored before the corporate bankruptcies remained out of his reach. >> he lost credibility with the financial community. >> richard seltzer, prominent new york real estate attorney. >> banks were no longer loaning to him. he had defaulted on other loans, he sent companies that he owned into bankruptcy. the credit markets have tightened up on him. >> he had to change tactic. now, he needed partners. >> i think it probably is a change in philosophy, because normally, i would have done everything 100% myself and now i have joint venture partners to do things. >> partners to put up the money for projects like riverside south, a 77-acre tractor-trailers of la
breaking news this hour here on cnn. a strong earthquake in central italy. i'm george howell at the cnn center. this is a 6.6 magnitude quake that struck central italy. about 68 kilometers or 42 miles east of pe rouge i can't. there are no reports of
and elect president of the united states such as nadir did in the case of george bush. there's real underlying story here and in the next few days we're going to have a chance to look at it. the other thing is weld by now must have a pretty good idea that he is running on a ticket headed by a flake. let's really talk about mr. where is aleppo, who is really in this race partly to advance margin igztinitiative from maria and is taking time off, and he's not going to take too many tokes during the campaign. this is a bit of a joke. if weld is smart, he might get the hell out and he could be a hero in this -- and look, bill weld, i think, would like to be a hero. he would like to be relevant again in the political discourse. he's certainly not relevant in a positive way where he is right now, and i would look to some real thought of his renouncing the libertarian candidacy that is represented by himself and get off the ticket. >> it's interesting. we'll see if those comments will come to life. carl bernstein, always a pleasure, have a great weekend, we'll be right back. >> good to be w
romney, john mccain and george w. bush not publicly supporting the current republican nominee. now, rudy giuliani has a point that a lot of the voices that we're hearing have been opposed to donald trump's candidacy. but what that is missing is that donald trump, his mission was not only to get his base core voters that were with him in the primary to turn out, his core mission was also to start bringing the republican party, many of whom supported lots of different candidates throughout the primary, together around his candidacy and so even though someone like mitt romney may have been opposed all along, when you see the totality of people in the party that are now saying this is no longer the person that should be representing the party, this is not the nominee that we should have, the totality of it makes it much more difficult, much more difficult for donald trump to stitch together the coalition of voters he needs in order to win. >> it's an exodus. it's been an exodus today. not everybody has left him, but a lot of people have who were -- some were holding their nose, but others we
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5