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2016 11
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Mar 9, 2016 8:00am EST
got inside. >>> the legendary producer known as the fifth beatle has died. how george martin is being remembered. >>> and a close call for a news crew on live tv. eve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! >>> neighbors are being hailed as heroes this morning for rescuing a man from a fire at his home in raleigh. the fire broke out after 5:30 last night in an apartment on bashford road. people who live above the apartment spotted smoke and the men who lived there realized the man inside was not coming out. three neighbors ran into the burning apartment to pull him out. >> he was in the kitchen with his back against the cabinet sink. smoke was, like -- we could not see in there. it was very scary. >> these three gentlemen t
Nov 9, 2016 8:00am EST
of election results. it showed realtime results, known for it's display of holidays. >>> george w. bush didn't help trump make it to the top. the most resent republican president voted for other gop candidates in other races but didn't enter the presidential fray. this isn't a surprise. >>> republicans were able to obtain the u.s. senate last night. florida senator will return to washington for a second term. arizona senator john mccain won the senate seat. this could be his last. duckworth unseated mark cur. thomas harris won the senate seat. >>> it's 8:43 now. trouble news for a sports action camera company. gopro is recalling this $800 >>> i do believe that's the colonial theater. >> you are correct. you played there? they refurbished it's fabulous. >>reporter: yes it had a lot of blue skies but today it's a lot of gray. we are watching damp roads. let's take a look at our graphics. this is a look at our radar picture. just patchy light flu. we zoom around in the triangle area. in the rain gauges when this is said and done we are talking about a tenth of an inch at the most. th
Feb 16, 2016 8:00am EST
carolina monday as george w. bush campaigned for his younger brother, jeb. in true "w" style, he took big swipes at his brother's biggest opponent, donald trump. >> jeb is a man of deep and humble genuine faith, faith that reveals itself through >> reporter: before the rally, trump tried taking the wind out of the former president's appearance. >> the world trade center came down during his reign. >> reporter: but the billionaire saved the most brutal attacks for his rival, ted cruz. >> ted cruz is the most dishonest guy i have met in politics. >> reporter: trump threatened to sue cruz over his eligibility to run for president. cruz tried reducing the threats to noise as he used the new vacancy on the supreme court to rally voters. >> we are one justice away from a radical five justice left- wing majority, the likes of which this country has never seen. >> reporter: polls show trump in the lead ahead of south carolina's primary. don champion, cbs news. >> while bush, trump and cruz campaigned in south carolina, john kasich campaigned in michigan yesterday trying to build the second-pl
Feb 29, 2016 8:00am EST
traveled from australia to italy to witness the testimony of cardinal george pal who spoke from a room hotel because he is too ill to travel to the commission. >>> president obama will present the medal of honor to a navy seal today. senior chief special warfare operator edward byers is being awarded this for actions while in afghanistan in 2012. he was part of a team that rescued an american civilian being held hostage. he will be the 11th living servicemember to be awarded the medal of honor for actions in afghanistan. out about what the michigan government knew about issues with the water in the city of flint. what newly released emails reveal about when the governor say they issued a red flag. >>> plus today only comes around once every 4 years. the leap day deals that you will centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels, tons of live sports, and more -- all in crystal-clear hd. watch when and where you want with advanced features like our wireless set-top box, whole home dvr, and prism on the go. and choose from a variety of great packages to fit your home. call... ...and
Aug 26, 2016 8:00am EDT
monument originally was created by george w. bush in 2006. >>> it is another milestone for the world's first set p sup opportunity lets to survive infancy. -- septuplets. four of the teens will be years at hannibal la grange university in missouri. the university offered all seven kids a free ride when they were born. and those four took the school up on the offer. while the teens say they are excited for the next phase in life, they say it will be so strange not having all of their siblings around. >> it will be difficult because i've been with them for 18 years now and it will be so weird to be aware from them and have them do their open th things our whole life and what our careers would be like and we never thought this day would come so fast and now that it is here, it is difficult. >> bet the parent didn't think this day would come so fast either. as for the others, brandon is in the military, alexis and kenny will be taping a junior college in des moines, iowa. >> i'm he sure no one wants to pick a fight with any of them. >> the survival skills with six other siblings. >>> there
Sep 1, 2016 8:00am EDT
could make landfall overnight ton it's an honor was with coming across george on friday afternoon and then late friday into early saturday morning moving off the coast of north carolina. winds are not a big deal 45 moeller wins and then you'll notice why is it becoming a low when the winds are 45 miles an hour? because it's tropical storm strength. as it comes across land it will it still will have a lot of rainfall. not a lot of wind that the rainfall will be significant. here's a look at our chance of rain as we get through the day on friday. future cast is showing a 50-60% chance of rain in the morning. i think it may be close to lunchtime before we see a lot of rain but it will start to add up. then to the east as we get through friday night and early saturday. saturday at we may have some showers at one more ban comes through late saturday. expect the rain from midday friday to midday saturday and of course for a few hours on either side of that and the possibility that as well. wins will be blustery and dusty with some limbs down in a sort of thing that we will have some widespr
Oct 25, 2016 8:00am EDT
condition. researchers at george washington university said that some girls do not show the symptom of autism even with the same genetic mutation seen in boys. the causes are not known but the gender affect is now a hot topic. >>> the more we lie, the easier it gets. when we tell fibs, it's a slippery slope to bigger lies. get paid. they used brain scans to learn that our brains become desensitized to growing dishonesty. >>> hurricane matthew impacted medical supplies in some areas. >> dr. allen mask will explain the process of safe storage and delivery of the flu vaccine. >>> newly released test results are not shining a positive light c1 . >>> hurricane matthew caused many deaths and left many people out their home or business and also damaged many medical facilities and flu as wral's dr. allen mask explains, people should know how the vaccine is safely stored and given to patients. >> reporter: many medical offices lost power during the recent storm resulting in the loss of thousands of medicine and vaccines and many flu shot clinics had to be delayed. patients should be concerne
Aug 12, 2016 8:00am EDT
vigilante. he compares it to the george zimmerman/trade lamar in case, especially as it pertains to those 911 calls. the vigil is set for 7:30 pm tonight at the millbrook exchange part on spring forest road near the basketball courts. >>> a court appearance today for a man accused of shooting and killing a woman walking on the street in fayetteville. police arrested christopher lee and he is being held right now without bond. he is accused of shooting angela taylor to the intersection of andy and ike street. she later died at the hospital. police have not motive for the shooting or have not said if the two knew each other. >>> deputies are investigating a shooting in johnston county. night on raymond way. detectives say a mammal shot it deputy seles the shooting was the result of a family dispute. they say to have one person in custody, but have not released that person's name or the name of the victim. >>> there is a funeral today for the tenure of boy killed on the world's tallest waterslide. >> there are new concerns about dangers and other amusement rides in the us. bill leslie
Oct 20, 2016 8:00am EDT
. george the magpie, denali the wolf, and the polar bear, they are running for president. so far, they raised $15,000 in the fundraiser. >> what are the polls saying? >> the polar bar, ashland, is the incumbent and is losing. wolverine from russia, olga, so very controversial. so we'll have to find out what happened. >> always controversy. >> i know. always something. >> but the voters will decide and have their say. >> that's right. >>> we'll get another check on the top stories and traffic and weather next. i did not email any, um, classified material. really? the fbi said there were 110 classified emails that were exchanged... hillary lied. and another lie? i respect the second amendment. but behind closed doors, hillary told liberal elites... the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment. hillary will lie about anything to get elected. the nra institute for legislative action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >>> the time is 8:56 and i'm renee chou. >> i'm lena tillett. here are your top stories. >>> an evacuation due to a in johnston county, but i-95 s
Oct 18, 2016 8:00am EDT
shooting at george zimmerman was sentenced to 20 years in murder and shooting into a vehicle. he shot at zimmerman last year during a road rage incident. zimmerman was cut by class from a shattered window. zimmerman spoke saying he thanked god for sparing his life that day. >>> hundreds came out for the visual for trinity gay the 15- year-old girl killed in kentucky over the weekend. the crowd gathered at her high school for trinity spend time following in footsteps. when the people at the vigil were purple and pink. total war -- wore purple and pink. police say she was caught in the crossfire between two cars. >>> the man accused of opening fire inside a colorado springs planned parenthood will appear in court. robert deer will appear for a contacting reporters. deer remains in the treatment since been ruled incompetent in may. he is accused of opening fire last november killing three people and injuring nine others. >>> the organizers of a popular haunted house in ohio are making changes use of creepy clown sightings. the general manager said the actors who dress up as more low-key thi
Sep 20, 2016 8:00am EDT
family says former republican president george. hadw bush told her that he plans tovo for president this fall. former maryland lieutenant governor kathleen kennedy says the president told her he is voting for clinton. the eder bush's son, jeb bush, last to trump in a very vicious republican primary battle. the high-level general debate opens today during the 71st regular session of the un general assembly. today president barack obama will stand before the united nations for the last time as president. in a speech, he will reassure tackle its chance. first lady michelle will also be in attendanrerks, president obama will attend a luncheon hosted by un secretary general vaughn key moon. >>> the investigation into a deadly bus crash continues. >> next on fox 50, what we're learning about the driver and what caused it. >> plus the gas crisis continues to get worse in our area. we're live to it will you when fuel supplies could >> s that a noose shot of the progress cathedral right across the street. >> exactly. moving right along on that. exactly. i just saw the story yesterday, i thin
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11