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Feb 20, 2016 6:00am EST
george and henry winkler. originally from california. at one point he was a recreation leader. >> i was trying to think of activities we could do at the playground. >> reporter: he had a frisbee d enjoyed golf. >> i thought well maybe we can set up a little simple frisbee golf. >> every country, every continent. >> reporter: george has designed some courses. some tough ones. >> it is mandatory you have to go around to the left of the tree. >> reporter: around and sometimes through. >> right now i'm looking at a jail cell of trees. >> reporter: the key is often choosing the right disk. atta boy, george. >> here it is this little piece of plastic that helped me get out in the world. >> reporter: he became a sort even a comic book character. and now he works for surrey community college. who would have known that the idea george had way back when would make such an impact? >> it's very exciting. i mean to this day it's always a thrill for me to see people playing disk golf. >> very cool. very cool. there's a course right next to us at n.c. state. george has an original frisbee which is
Nov 5, 2016 6:00am EDT
the place now. george taylor got drowned a few years back. he was my uncle. drowned, eh? well, thatat too bad. yep. fell in the river. never did find his body. you looking to put up for the night, you'll find it comfortable at the shelby arms about five miles up the highway. we thought we'd stay here. you wouldn't be comfortable. i got no help, no electricity. as a matter of fact, i was getting ready to close up the place. oh, we're not fussy. i want to fish the stream on your property tomorrow, get some of those big bass. shed out. fished out? but we saw-- good fishing upstream, though, at the shelby arms. let's go up there, mr. white. no. i'm too tired to drive anymore tonight. we'll stay here. you wouldn't be comfortable, i tell you. can't serve you no food, neither. we had a big dinner in town. yeah, but what about breakfast? we'll get some fish for breakfast. now, you sign the register, jim. i want to get something from the car. got a pen? there's something i ought to tell you first. we ain't had no guests in this hotel since uncle george got drowned. that's on account of
Oct 29, 2016 6:00am EDT
o t inside that gang. dog george to batman. do you read me? do you read me, batman? loud and clear. over. i'm about to go in. hohos the micro-tv camera working? push button for test pattern. roger. batscope a-okay, dog george. rendezvous in batcave at end of mission. good luck. over and out. good gravy, it's dick graysoso-- president of the student council. a goodnik like that -- coming in here? hiya, sue, baby. how's tricks? i must be seeing things. i thought you spent all your spare time studying. who's the boyfriend? oh, my friends call me nick. no kiddin'. what do your enemies call you? my enemies ain't in no condition to call nobody nothin'. some joker, isn't he? [ clears throat ] lookin' for something, dickie boy? same as everyone else, sue, baby -- some w w of makin' an easy buck, that's all. you, the ward of that rich millionaire, bruce wayne? if i didn't swipe dimes from the butler, i wouldn't even have cigarette money! wellllhere. have one on me, buster. oh. thanks, pal. right. [ coughs ] i'd better pass this round. i already had two packs today. so, how's the ea
Nov 19, 2016 6:00am EST
services, lons? yes, george, despite that fact. nothing can erase the memory of the deeds they performed fore they... became unhinged. george: tell me, commissioner, what do you think brought about this -- [ voice breaking ] batman and robin dead? what in the world is going to become of us? perhaps that's a better question than you realize, madam. oh, i wish bruce and dick were here. maybe they could console m m i doubt that very much, mrs. cooper. [ voice breaking ] i doubt it very y ch. thank you, commissioner. any time, george. hello, chief. george. for your signature, commissioner. it's a requisition slip for the ammo we used gettin' batman and robin in the big gunfight -- 297 rounds includin' tommy gun and pistol. strange, isn't it? isn't what strange? 297 rounds of blank ammunition. [ ding ] [ tires screech ] [ sighs ] oh, what a thrill, pengy darling, driving in your birdmobile through gotham city on an anti-crime patrol. birdmobile?! what nerve! by whatever name, that tiny tv transmitter we built in the back of the fuel gauge is functioiong perfectly. let's just hope so
Jan 16, 2016 6:00am EST
afternoon. the first baptist -- >>> 25 years ago today. hard to believe. president george hw bush it was the start of operation desert storm and the effort to liberate kuwait invading iraqi troops. and less than 42 days before president bush called a cease fire. it was considered a major success for the international coalition. governor pat mccrory h. and $100,000. and a traveling exhibit about north carolina's road in the war. it could be finished. and 75,000 service members of north carolina served during the war. and the north carolina more than any other state. >> and secretary of state, john cary will meet with iran's foreign minister. a top officials with the european union listen in -- will be in a ten dance. to implementing the nuclear deal. the meeting will happen before returned to that. that part could happen today. >> and people across the nation are remembering the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. and martin luther king jr. memorial gardens for the flame ceremony. yesterday would have been dr. king's 87th birthday. the official holiday is monday. >> the 36th annual marti
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5