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Feb 15, 2016 6:00pm EST
of time trump spent targeting george w. bush in the debate on saturday night. south carolina was crucial in george w bush's win back in the 2000 election. he remains popular here in south carolina, and he just so happens to be in the state, campaigning for his brother jeb today. jeb came to his defense on the will that attack on bush turn away any potential voters for trump? we'll have to wait and see. all week, you will continue to hear the candidates address faith and the military to south carolina voters. we are just days away from the south carolina primary on saturday, february 20. again, trump is set to take the stage in less than an hour. we will take you in come alive for that. patrick hussion, live at the td convention center, wyff news 4. carol: dr. ben carson is also holding an event tonight in the upstate. a live look now at the preparations. he is speaking at 7:00 at the spartanburg marriott at the 714 revival. bill clinton will be in greenville tomorrow, and painting for hillary clinton. the rally will take place at the west and community center downtown. doors open
Feb 26, 2016 6:00pm EST
allowed. mandy: as 2 of george bailes' grandchildren, they could run around the escalators, the first in south carolina, they say. it's always been known as the bailes, even when the voter county election office was here. the crumbling facade forced the county to take it down. >> i hope what lives on is the spirit of who george bailes was. he was a very progressive thinker, open-minded. he believed that all people should be treated equally. he was really a man beyond his mandy: they say it's just brick-and-mortar now, no sadness at the loss, only anticipation. county officials say they are still deciding that. ideas include office and retail space, it possible art gallery. with 6 bailes children still living in anderson, there is no chance this man's presence in the city will go with the building. >> is always sad to see an error go that was once what find the t -- sad to see an era go that was once that defined the town. john: pollen count outside. tree pollen yesterday was in the high category. bernie sanders. he was there when dr. king marched on washington. unafraid to chall
Jan 29, 2016 6:00pm EST
well-known car dealership ran into the upstate has passed away. george coleman junior died at his home in travelers west., his family owned george coleman ford just off highway 25. coleman's father started the business back in 1930. coleman junior served the company in a number of ways, including as owner, dealer principal, and german. his funeral is set at noon at the greenville associate reformed presbyterian church. carol: an anderson school discussed the potential for downsizianderson school district four says the district has seen little growth inyears. dropping a school would save up to $1.5 million per year. one option is for pendleton elementary school to turn into a middle school. and another is to move riverside middle to a renovated mount lebanon elementary. interest at heart overall. but i also believe that people are passionate about their schools. all the elementary schools are wonderful. they're all spread out, they all serve different needs. to make this decision is going to be hard. carol: officials say no jobs would be lost with either option. michael: super bowl 50 i
Dec 29, 2015 6:00pm EST
. michael: breaking news, another candidate has dropped out of the race. george pataki is ending his presidential bid. he received less than 1% in the most recent poll. more rain affect. something had to give. that story in a moment. normal today. we tied a record set in 1984. one more warm day before winter carol: the water is receiving in landrum after flooding overnight but there is plenty overnight. mandy gaither is in spartanburg county tonight. mandy: the problem here has been the pacolet river overflowing and spilling onto the land around it. people to work here say that normally, you can cross the river, walk across it. it's risen an estimated 8 feet. >> it's crazy. mandy: at caroland farms in landrum, water from the pacolet river isn't all where it's supposed to be. it spilled over the banks, throughout the property, pools of it. >> we're kind of learning to live with rubber boots on, and figuring out how to work in the mud. mandy: the water now receding, but there's still plenty left behind. cows have less land than usual to roam, but all are accounted for. worries over equ
Feb 22, 2016 6:00pm EST
. it's high-energy, first-class kind of stuff going on. mike: behind the george dean johnson school of business and the marriott, another developer wants to build 50,000 square feet of office space. >> the developer for that project already has 2 tenants lined up. mike: the city owns both pieces of property, and would sell them to the developers for a dollar each. there would not be a tax deal >> these developments, once they're finished, will come onto the tax rolls at their full assessed values. mike: some existing business owners are concerned about the project at daniel morgan and west main, because it'll take away this parking lot. >> progress means change. mike: city leaders say they plan to make up for these spaces by offering 65 spaces nearby, at the corner of spring and broad streets. >> people come in here all the time, and they'll go, "we haven't been downtown in years." so everything that's going to happen, it's going to generate more interest in coming downtown, which should help everybody overall. mike: the city's slogan is, "see spartanburg rise." clearly, it's not just
Feb 13, 2016 6:00pm EST
deep insecurity. carol: bush is also expected to have his brother, george w. bush, join him in north charleston after the weekend. holding a meeting at -- he had a meet and greet at mutts barbecuein mauldin. sen. kasich: we were not worrying whether they were going to come to a town in vicksburg to fix us. we were going to build things up ourselves. carol: the ohio governor says he has momentum in south carolina. kasich says his campaign is headed to scramble to find bigger venues. michael: a fuel consolidation proposal in pickens county. dozens of parents held a protest in a liberty square in the courthouse. the court -- the school district has planned to close three under enrolled schools. the district says they will save almost $12 million over five years. parents don't think this is the best idea for their children. each had 200-300 hundred people at the individual school they were trying to close. it was a resounding no. you have to realize the school district is owned by the people. you have to listen to what they have to say. michael: it is not a done deal yet. the proposal he
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6