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program and certainly after the nuclear weapons program. people forget in the george w. bush administration in the 2005 rounds, the u.s. provided an assurance that we could peacefully coexist. that was not good enough for north korea. the question is not so much should we stop our hostile policy but what does north korea really want? they want big knowledge doesn't nuclear weapons state. bob: our first call is from in boston, massachusetts, independent line. good morning. good morning. i have a, there. there are over 50 countries that have a nuclear bomb. it is not working. i think it is time for nuclear scientists in the world strategy notes there, so there won't be a nuclear holocaust. if it's the way to the future is nuclear energy and it is probably time to start what a nuclear reactors in the center of continental plates and make -- e continental plates what do you think about that? i think it is wrong to say nuclear deterrence have not worked. we have not had a nuclear attack since hiroshima. deterrence does work and we have more weapons the north korea does. they are a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)