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May 26, 2012 3:30am EDT
held the job. there are five living presidents right now -- the oldest, jimmy carter. george w. bush invited the four other members of the club to come back to the white house shortly before president-elect obama was sworn in. the message -- they were all on the same team now. >> one message that i have and i think we all share is that we want you to succeed. whether we're a democrat or republican, we care deeply about this country. and to the extent that we can, we look forward to sharing our experiences with you. all of us who have served in this office understand that the office itself transcends the individual. and we wish you all the very best, and so does the country. >> this is an extraordinary gathering. all the gentlemen here understand both the pressures and possibilities of this office, and for me to have the opportunity to get advice, good counsel and fellowship with these individuals is extraordinary and i'm very grateful to all of them, but again, thank you, mr. president, for hosting us. gwen: and with that, we saw the latest iteration of what authors nancy gibbs and m
Jul 30, 2011 6:00pm EDT
distress the country is facing, by two to one, people say george bush and his politics. rick perry, if you close your eyes, sounds like rich little doing george bush. i have a rule. i will never put the bumper sticker of any candidate on my car uses the words optimize, a proactive, or prioritize. i was leading in rick perry's direction, but when he said prioritize, that did it. >> you don't like his english? >> rick perry can do in texas as most states can do. they did not have armies. they do not fight wars. they do not have a global response abilities. those are apples and oranges. one aspect of the whole discussion that is being overlooked, ignored, it is turning run with the republicans or democrats will win, with the debt ceiling will be raised or for six months -- regardless of what happens or where this thing is going, given what is on the table now and the possibilities that there will be cuts, there is going to be massive dislocation in this country. children -- young children, are going to find that their access to hospitals will be cut back. senior citizens will in fact take som
Sep 4, 2009 8:00pm EDT
saying what does george wi know about the military? whever he knows, he's very influeial and they need republicans on thisore than anythi. >> a list of republicans wrote obama as a candidate, but now say hang on i there in iraq. gwen: let meake ack -- make a point about george will. wh i say that bark obama presented a strategy f pakistan and afghanistann march. anwhat they have choseto do is a counternsurgency campaign. george will is suggesting a differen kind of implementation of the same strategy. is a debat that people should have in thi country about how they want barack obama's strate implemented. you heard sretary gates say no way is it time t get out of there. essentlly george will is saying do the droughns, air stris, special forces. en: i have to ask you all this question because we're almost out of tim e well getting wiied up- it's the president's tm. is the honeymoon ove >> the honeymoon is over in certn areas. it's not ove but they're not buying. the american people are skepcal. on wednesdayight he's gng to sayhis is what's in it for you. those of you with private insuran
Jan 9, 2010 1:30am EST
, whether you're george bush or barack obama that something in the country could happen that completely changes your presidency overnight. that happened to george bush on 9/11 and he spent 11 years trying to avoid it happening again. barack obama came to office with the idea he didn't want his presidency to be consumed by prism. he thought it was important but not the only priority. health care, and economy, and other issues that -- like education he wanted to focus on. you haven't seen him spending time this year talking in the way george bush did and suddenly you have got a guy with explosives in his clothing on an airplane on northwest airlines on christmas day. what does he have to do, he suddenly finds himself in a position that dush did, answering questions, what went wrong. who is responsible and how do we assess blame? gwen: you wrong a long, long piece. >> it reads fast. gwen: yes. one of the characters who was a running theme throughout the piece in the administration and the last was john brennan who is now -- what is his title? >> asistant it the president for homeland secur
Sep 14, 2012 8:00pm EDT
marines, 1983 and certainly during george bush's time we saw a lot of attacks on embassies. when you think about what the substance of thehe romney critique, he ran into trouble on two fronts. the first was he argued that this embassy statement had been an apology and when you read the statement it readlike a lot of statements out of embassies. it was meant to calm things but it actually came out before the first protest happened, which was important and it was an effort to say we disassociate the u.s. government from this video. you have to understand -- gwen: it depth work out that way. >> it didn't sort out. but when you biss -- listen to governor romney, it seems to have con flailted the timing and by the time romney spoke that night or issued a statement that night it was just a few hours later that the fill -- killings happened in libya. gwen: and that quickly became the fuel for the latest stage of the presidential campaign. romney's critique of the president's foreign policy record morphed into an attack on his overall ability to lead. this was running mate ryan today in wash
Nov 3, 2017 7:30pm PDT
officials including former campaign chairman paul paul man for the but it is the guilty play by george papadopoulos. the 30-year-old pleaded guilty to lying to f.b.i. and is reportedly cooperating with investigators. a trump campaign photo shows that papadopoulos was part of a march 2016 national security meeting with then candidate trump and jeff sessions. according to court documents it was there that papadopoulos pitched the idea of a meeting between russian president putin and mr. trump and trump combine advisor who is in the photo confirmed the discussion. attorney general sessions never is disclosed that conversation during multiple congressional hearings and as president trump spent the week distancing himself from the indictments as dismissing papadopoulos as a low level volunteer. jeff, you have been laser focused on this all week long. today you reported that there is a new climate of fear at the end of this week in the president trump orbit. explain what you mean. >> i'm so impressed that papadopoulos was rolling off your tongue. earlier we were struggling with his name. wha
Nov 3, 2012 6:30pm EDT
a row. remember george w. bush was a uniter not a divider. we saw what happened there. and barack obama comes in with the same kind of promise and the political sciences say george bush was the most polarized presidency. it's a condition of life and what obama's hoping is that republicans if he's re-elected sort of collapse a little bit in exhaustion and work with him in a short period of time. >> and regardless if it's a popular electoral split, it's going to be close. almost 50% of the country will feel disenchanted with whoever is elected. and the fault lines will be quite amazing. >> let's talk about where we were last week. it felt like there was momentum in mitt romney's direction. where are they tonight? >> there was some momentum still building off that successful denver debate. and then it sort of hit the reality of two more debates after that and the continuing campaign. and i think that this momentum was starting to slow before the hurricane hit. but certainly the hurricane had a piece of this. the fact that the president gets to look presidential. you had him up there
Aug 13, 2010 7:30pm PDT
saying, he that would mean the president, is like george bush. those people ought to be drug tested, he said. i mean, it's crazey. they'll be satisfied when we have canadian health care. we've eliminated the pentagon. that's not reality. wrblings he walked that back a couple of days later but not before he'd really made a lot of liberals unhappy. >> i was kind of surprised that there was thatch reaction to what robert gibbs said. because there's a tremendous amount of frustration within the white house towards the hardcore -- or he called them professional -- gwen: the professional left. >> yes. but the hardcore liberals certainly did have a lot to do with getting barack obama elected. and yet at the same time there's a sense in the white house that they're not being cognizant enough of how things work, especially in the senate where even a diminished minority, which you have in the republicans, can stop almost everything and they feel like, come on, guys, give as you break. we're doing the best we can. we had to make a lot of concessions on health care, for example. we got a bill,
Aug 20, 2010 7:30pm PDT
other. >> former senator george mitchell has been pushing president obama has been asked why these negotiations will work when previous talks haven't. >> we believe that there is a basis for proceeding and achieving a successful result and we are going to pursue that. we do not take the position that if you don't get everything you want the first time you ask for it, you pack up your bags and go home. gwen: or the second or third time. what's different this time? >> why do you start with the hard questions? gwen: it's my job. >> the difference is, and this is not necessarily a good difference, the difference is there is little speaks physicianity in this agreement. in the past, you have seen the two sides commit to agenda items and what are we going to talk about and what are the parameters of how we're going to do this. for instance, there is in this agreement no agreement to the 1967 borders, which in the past, have been been a plank between israelis and palestinians. there is a lot of vagueness that doesn't leave a lot of people feeling too optimistic. you have president abbas w
Mar 12, 2011 2:00am PST
september 11, 2001, this time to gage george w. bush's performance on the darkest night of his presidency. >> i wrote down three things i thought the president had to do before this speech began, had to displace strength, compassion and give reassurance. i think on the first two he did well. i don't think given the way these events have unfolded he provided a great deal of reassurance that we know how to prevent it from happening again. gwen: the dean, as we like to call him -- not to his face. as usual he was spot on. we and you benefited from his wisdom in countless inches of newspaper copy and hundreds of television appearances. and we all got to work with him. dan literally side by side -- there you are -- for the last couple of decades. what a gift that was, dan. >> it's a great gift, gwen. and our newsroom and many, many others we've all heard from this week feel the loss, as do a lot of people who watch this program. he was the most remarkable colleague. he was the best political reporter of any generation. he defined what political reporting was. he showed us all how to do it. he
May 11, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. george w. bush -- >> did not endorse a federal constitutional amendment on this and mitt romney has. gwen: and this is exactly my point. which is is george w. bush was there. and dick cheney was there. but mitt romney is not -- not only that, but he also was fuzzy today about whether gays should be allowed to adopt children. so this is -- >> he had -- gwen: a problem for him. >> on the gay adoption thing and said it was fine in one interview and another did not -- talking to republicans both in congressional races and in the presidential race, the view is this, basically there are a variety of reasons why they don't want to talk to this. first of all, the base is already fine and they're lined up. two, president didn't articulate a position. there's nothing to argue against and just his personal preference that he articulated. and finally, it's about the economy. and any time the democrats, as major said, any time the democrats are talking about anything other than the economy, the republicans would like to get it back to become the economy and that's what they want to concentrate o
Nov 13, 2010 6:30pm EST
, what happens next debate this week and that was former president george w. bush. he had a book to sell. "decision points," in which he sought to explain his path and pointedly avoid the disputes of the present. after talking to oprah and matt and shawn and bill all week, did he pull that off, martha? >> oh, i think he stayed out of all of the disputes. he really didn't want to get into that clearly. he called it the swamp. the swamp, i'm not going back to the swamp. it was oprah who tried to get him in the swamp, he said. but she actually asked about sarah palin. and he wasn't going there. he wasn't going anywhere. but what he did do, you could almost picture -- i was in that white house for three years covering president bush. you could almost picture him and a book editor sitting down together, and you have got to talk about katrina. you have to talk about afghanistan. you have got to talk about iraq. so he sort of told you as much as he needed to tell you but there were no earth-shattering revelations except a couple personal revelations. but on policy, it was pretty much the way yo
Nov 10, 2012 6:30pm EST
campaigned for jeb bush. they came out for former president george bush. they came out in droves for barack obama. so he just -- he just crushed it in those community. gwen: where was the miscalculation, dan? say in ohio? >> the underestimation or the failure to deal with the auto bail out. if there is one thing that governor romney did was the auto bailout. the obama campaign almost from start to finish put an emphasis on that and remined people that governor romney had written an op sed for the "new york times" with the headline which he did not write but nunls the headline said let detroit go bankrupt. he also said you can kiss the automobile industry goodbye. so they talked up the success of the auto bailout and they talked down romney's opposition to it. and also romney's bane capital experience. they spent the summer hammering him particularly in ohio and some of the other states to put this wall of opposition. and where governor romney did worse in ohio compared to george w. bush who won ohio in 2004 was in the northwest quadrant of the state which is heavy in the automobile i
Aug 25, 2012 2:00am PDT
matter and that was true with george w. bush who had an exception with his pro-life views for rape and incest and also for john mccain. mccain tried to add that exception and there was a firestorm and he said, no, we are not going to do that. it put this in the front pages. they were trying to show the apart was unified and talk about the economy, talk about barack obama, keep the pressure on him and not have this little sort of firestorm of coverage and the campaign, the romney campaign says oh, this is only something you-all in the press talk about in the green room. what made this different was the herd of republicans that were trying to get rid of him and this was a made-for-television event and made-for-television disaster and it operated in the same environment as the whole next week is supposed to be about. >> it is remarkable that two weeks have gone by since paul ryan was picked as the nominee and republicans have talked about anything but the economy and barack obama. gwen: and speaking of distractions and taking the topic off point again, today, the nominee, mitt romney, was
Mar 25, 2011 9:35pm EDT
is or not. >> but what i think is so interesting, think back to george bush, there was a clarity with george bush. some people complained about it, said it was too simple. it was black or white. >> obama doesn't do clarity. >> no he does nuance. so you always, the president you elect is in reaction to the president you had. so you had a president always clear, always black and white, so you had a president always clear, always black and white, then you get barack obama who
Jun 4, 2011 2:00am PDT
thinking back to the first campaign i wover covered in 1999 in iowa. that was june 13 of 1999 when george w. bush made his first campaign visit. he was the governor in the field but there were several other people and that wasn't particularly a strong field except his last name was bush. i think this field is fine. there's been hankering for governor mitch williams to get in. haley barbour. >> on the economy do the republicans have to have ideas, plans or sit enough just to beat up on obama? >> i think it's enough for now to beat up on obama. after all, it worked for obama when he was run for president. when you're a candidate you can say things. so at this point i think republicans cannot offer spervings but down if line as they start to different from one another, look for people to ask specifics about their economic plans. we talked early, there's not that much specifically washington can do so there's not that much a presidential candidate can propose because they don't have access to all the things. gwen: you talked about how early it is in the race and how things change. john edward
May 22, 2010 2:00am EDT
switched for his own opportunism -- gwen: which is bad. >> but the voice of george bush in a primary was nails on the blackboard for democratic voters. and he was trampled. gwen: did you think he saw it coming? >> i think he did at the end. one of the things we saw with the scott brown election in massachusetts earlier this year is that voters seem to be seeking some sort of authenticity. running as a republican for five terms and suddenly asking all these democrats to vote for you doesn't catch on the authenticity checkpoint. >> right, unless your authentically self-interested. gwen: these are politicians, they're all authentically self-interested. so the white house kind of didn't show up after welcoming arlen specter to the party. >> they did and the white house saw this coming. they knew within the last two weeks or so that they had thought he was falling. around the time that ad started showing and they also became more comfortable with joe sestak that he could be perhaps a stronger democratic nominee but i think the white house has programs learned at least one lesson. he went
Dec 2, 2016 7:30pm PST
, -- so far among other names, elaine chao, former labor secretary under president george w. bush. she's been tapped to lead the transportation department. price, a doctor, will be the secretary of health and human services. republican charge to repeal the affordable care act. we also know that candidate campaigned as the ultimate outsider but has turned to washington and wall street to lead -- elites to lead the cabinet. what should we read into the picks made thus far? carrie: we wrote this week in stories, it was two honestly, of this cabinet. one is that he's picking extraordinarily conservative leaders in these respective education, someone who does not like public school, and wants to drastically change it. you have tom price who, you controversially than wanting to repeal bank of america is that he wants to privatize medicare. go down the line. there's a number of extraordinarily conservative taking over and then you have a group of wall street long-time wall street figures, that, in treasury and other places, that is proving to be -- that's controversial. that directly con
Mar 26, 2011 2:00am PDT
claim it is, whether it is or not. >> but what i think is so interesting, think back to george bush, there was a clarity with george bush. some people complained about it, said it was too simple. it was black or white. >> obama doesn't do clarity. >> no he does nuance. so you always, the president you elect is in reaction to the president you had. so you had a president always clear, always black and white, then you get barack obama who is all about the ambiguity and nuance. gwen: final question, do we think there is going to have to be a vote on this? is there a role for congress to play? >> money. >> that's the thing. and depending on how long this last the nato countries involved now, they're not bursting with cash. you may run into a situation here, a former nato ambassador said, we need the u.s. to come back in because you guys have more money, you have more of this weaponry and pleaps sitting there already paid for. that's probably where the biggest crunch will come. gwen: we'll be watching for all of this. i get the feeling we'll be talking about libya and syria and yemen for
Oct 13, 2012 2:30am EDT
perot and george h.w. bush. and he looked at his watch. >> the important part of that was before he looked at his watch, he misunderstood a question from a voter he -- she phrased it awkwardly about the national debt. bush kind of bobbled the question. and bill clinton walked over and said i think i understand what you're talking about. and he did. gwen: and the other one in which george w. bush on stage with al gore and al gore crowded him and gave him had th look and what are you doing here and moved on. it was very smooth. i find these debates to be interesting. one thing presidential candidates don't do that the presidential candidates do is sit down. they stay at their podium and that changes the nature of the discussion it seems to me. >> and makes the eye rolling and all of that more easier because you're siterring at a much more intimate setting with the vice president. gwen: so the president acknowledged it took him a couple of days that he had a terrible debate last week. he's acknowledged it in a couple of different ways and took him a while to make fun of it. does he hav
Sep 17, 2010 8:00pm EDT
forget, the george bush administration, george bush as president, signed the legislation that bailed out the financial system. that's where the $700 billion tarp program came and a lot of the initial burst of energy in the tea parties against obama, some of it was retrospective against president bush. >> just as little note, sarah palin supported that tarp bailout and that's been erased as well in terms of the new -- if your name is associated with tarp now, you're doomed. gwen: you bring up the idea about the financial crisis. we saw today elizabeth warren who is a darling of the liberals in the democratic party, brought in not exactly to run this new consumer agency, but kind of a special advisor to the president so she kind of cannot escape confirmation scrutiny, who is she, what does she bring to this, and to what degree was this decision to bring her in a political one? >> i think it was very political in the following respect. they passed -- consumer protection was one of the hallmarks of the democratic approaches to financial regulation. though interestingly, hank pauls
Feb 20, 2010 2:30am EST
want to see you in my state? >> and that was sort of the george bush -- george w. bush model. i don't know if it will get to that. i really don't. >> was it good for harry reid to have barack obama out there? obama's kept talking about harry and i, harry and i. harry and i. every third phrase was harry. >> i think it was because you want to remind the voters in the state of nevada that it is important to have a leader represent you. not just another senator that harry reid runs the democratic party and he can do a lot for you in your state. >> and consistent with how the majority leader is running his campaign. that's the way he's running the campaign. gwen: let's go back to republicans for a moment. it seems to me everybody's in trouble here. and we saw the conservative political action committee, which meets every year in washington, and in past years, recent years, not that much attention. this time, they were on fire. they had marco rubio, the guy challenging the sitting republican governor running for the senate in florida who threw red meat left and right. they had dick cheney w
Jul 9, 2010 8:00pm EDT
and republicans wanting to take it back, reminding them about george w. bush, who however subdued the president's ratings right now, george bush's were a lot lower when he left office. gwen: let me ask you about the republicans. we tau sarah palin talking about the women's vote and we saw michael stumbling over his own tongue. who speaks for the republican party? >> no one and everyone speaks for the republican party. this is the problem when you're the out party, there are different voices, and sometimes those voices clash. newt gingrich was the general and he had the strategy and the party did very well. this year the republicans are poised to do well. historically they're in good shape. not exactly like 1994, but they're poised to do well. their leadership is ragged. there have been a number of these gaffs, michael steele, as you mentioned in the intro, had a constellation of inaccuracies. the problem, of course, was that he was saying something that was at odds with the leadership of the other leaders in his party, and he seemed to be playing politics with issues of war and pe
Sep 1, 2017 7:30pm PDT
george w. bush handled katrina, right? the other thing i think the president had going for him, was that the people who he put in charge of addressing the relief effort actually unlike the george w. bush administration had deep experience in emergency management. even general kelly as chief of staff who was the former d.h.s., head of d.h.s. and so in that way i think he gets deserved high marks for that response. robert: that is a great place to turn. the president faces a choice about who he has representing him, whether at fema with brock long, choices on policy about how this presidency is defined and beyond hurricane harvey and the tragedy in houston immigration policy is also on the minds of many in texas where there is a large immigrant population. president trump has said he'll announce his decision about the future of the deferred action for childhood arrivals program next tuesday. prp you remember established doca to protect undocumented young people brought to this country as children. here is what mr. trump said about doca back in february. president trump: it is a very,
Aug 19, 2011 8:00pm EDT
when you think back to the way george bush ran in 1999 and 2000 it was very much a softening of the edges of partisanship. he ran as, now a cliche, the compassionate conservative. he talked about education. he took on tom delay over, you know, he accused him of balancing the budget on the backs of the poor. it was a conservativism borne very much of hope and affirmation. rick perry is sharpening the partisan edges, and this is a conservativism that is borne very much of anger. the accent may sound the same, but the words are very, very different the john: who would obama choose to run against? would he prefer perry to romney? >> probably. he would probably prefer sarah palin over either of them. but i think it's going to be, again, if you assume that it the big issue is going to be the economy, rick perry has a good story to tell from texas about job creation. but it is really, you know, mitt romney's whole persona is mr. fix-it. john: jeff, in the republican party then it's between the establishment and the tea party. the theory was that perry would work for both camps. he appeals
Nov 26, 2011 6:30pm EST
issue, because he isn't talking about a path to citizenship which is what george w. bush was promoting, but a path to legality. has he found a way to talk about this that will prevent infladges of the republican base -- inflammation of the republican base? >> what about mitt romney, what does he do now? >> he runs to the right, whenever he can, and he is running to the right of newt gingrich on the amnesty issue. and you know, the question is whether in the last campaign, he was to the right of -- on the amnesty issue. we have to go back and pars much e everything that mitt romney has said. >> well, what do you do about the rainfallly 11 million -- the 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. >> is newt a viable candidate or is this just the latest anti--romney version of the republican party voicing its dissatisfaction with mitt romney who seems like he is the guy? >> somebody is going to become the challenger to mitt romney. we assume that mitt romney will be in the finals -- >> newt says it. >> and newt believes romney will be the candidate. he is viable in this sens
Sep 12, 2009 4:30am EDT
on terror, was he promised that he would be just as tough or tougher than george w. bush. he would attack targets in pakistan. a statement to prove he could be a hawk that got him in hot water during the campaign from hillary and others. he also said that he would close guantanamo bay and bring the judicial parts of this war back under the constitution. no more secret prisons. no more extra legal stuff. what happened? on the foreign pasht, the war, he did basically what he said he would do. he started to draw down the war in iraq and shift resources to afghanistan. in fact he did get tougher or the bushies would say not really tougher, but the pretore strikes in afghanistan and iraq picked up. he went on a charm offensive to reset relations with the muslim world. that will take a long run. and on the legal side, it is a different picture. he announced that guantanamo bay would be closed in a year, but it hasn't happened yet and nobody in the administration can promise that it will happen on -- on target. he suspended the military tribunals, they're back operating again. there wasn'
Aug 5, 2011 8:00pm EDT
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Mar 24, 2012 2:00am PDT
local to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened. gwen: george zimmerman has still not been arrested. and the calls for action are now coming from leaders of all races, age, gender and party. what kind of investigation are we talking about what the president was talking about today, pierre? >> innocent until proven guilty but the question is how. how do you end up walking down the street with skittles and tea and end up dead. the justice department is not going to resolve the murder issue. what they're looking at is was there a civil rights violation. the key is did mr. zimmerman have the intent to harm or violate travon's life. gwen: this is a terrible thing. here it turns out now with the justice department and the president was speaking today, seems like there is so much writing on it. >> you have two investigations. the department of justice you can think as the loca and state prosecutors cannot move there because of the law of standure of ground. there are some questions of how the police handled the case. they didn't talk to all of the witnesses initially. there are so
Aug 14, 2009 8:30pm EDT
got powerful envoys like richard holbrook and george mitchell working in pakistan and israel full-time which enables me to go with my press on an 11-day trip to africa. certainly it's a new kind of diplomacy that we haven't seen before. >> based on what you saw in the trip, can you fill in more of the blanks on how she operates as secretary of state? >> but what we do know is he has been surprised at how bad things have gotten in afghanistan. along with all of his aides. they think things have degraded further than he anticipated. so i think what's happened here is he brought in a lot of outside the box thirst. people when they come back and leave government service, temporary government service to commission us to take part in this report, they're speaking freely to the press and we're getting from them the fact that more troops are needed and that's their recommendation to him. i don't think he's off message but i think the timing has gotten skewed here with this whole debate about health care and gates and let's not talk about troop levels yet. >> what's the crux of it here? wh
Apr 9, 2010 9:30pm EDT
feared but they leaped on it and sarah palin did in particular and then president obama told george stephanopoulos that he didn't think sarah palin was the most skilled nuke here strategist that he wanted to listen to. the most interesting thing in the new strategy is that it creates this exemption that says if you're outside the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, we play paint a big x on you. that was about iran and north korea. >> if you have the exemption and they don't fit in the new structure, what incentive is there for them to behave? >> good question, chuck. and in the bush administration, they called iran and nrt korea rogue states and president obama in the interview called them outliars. >> i noticed that. what difference does it make? >> the difference is if they changed their behavior, they could come in with the immunities of the treaty and have a grn tee that the u.s. would never use a weapon against them. he was saying they could change behavior without changing the regime. >> you mentioned sarah palin. one complained he didn't make and he bunt as dismissive about, is
May 13, 2011 8:00pm EDT
back from spending a lot of time in libya, nancy, is it stalled? we saw today that george mitchell is leaving after two years. does it feel like we're stuck? >> i think in egypt and tunisia , what we saw is the protesters got rid of the dictator but not the addict atorship. and the truth is it takes a long time to do the kinds of reforms to have a real revolution, if um. so far it's been a revolt, not a revolution. in my time in egypt it was astounding how much had changed and how difficult they were finding it to make real reforms. they made more aeau -- amendments to the already overamended constitution in an effort by mubarak to keep his sop in power. and then if gaddafi goes -- >> that's a big if and it's not a strategically vital place to the united states. but when you look back at january and february i think there was a how much amount of enthusiasm. a tremendous amount was about to change. that's not usually the way revolutions go. i ran into henry kissinger today, the grand sage of american foreign policy. he was making the point and he's made it many times in recent week
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