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Jul 19, 2013 8:00pm PDT
gwen: the president stands his own ground on the george zimmerman verdict tonight on "washington week"." >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. gwen: another controversial racial case. another national debate. as the president weighs in with a lengthy personal william nation. >> i just ask people to consider if travon martin was his age and armed could he have stood his ground on that side walk? and do we actually think that he would have been justified in shooting mr. zimmerman who would have followed him in a car because he thought he was threatened? >> a remarkable moment in a remarkable week. another show dan: that forces senators into face-to-face compromise. >> i'm pleased that the senators decided not to break the rules to change the rules. >> this must be a new normal, qualified executive nominees must not be blocked on procedural super majority votes. gwen: and on the political playing field another incumbent republican face as challenge from the right. this time from a chaney. a mother question no longer afford to go along to get along. >> hot debates for a ho
Nov 6, 2015 7:30pm PST
if something is coming at them from the outside. george h to be bush and his last years, a wonderfully interesting w george h to be bush -- h , ah, in his last years wonderfully interesting biography, starts taking potshots at people in his administration and his son's administration. there is an old rivalry george h w bush has with rumsfeld. some of that is coming out. he clearly does not think dick cheney served his son well. all of this comes out, and you saw various people either scrambling for cover or trying to figure out which side to be on in that dispute. stuff was they most interesting. he served as his defense secretary, and he said something about him changed after 9/11. said rumsfeld graciously he is just getting up in years. eamon: and cheney said i haven't changed. george h w bush said it was cheney's wife and daughter who had pushed him in that direction, and he said no, it's me, and george bush said look, i made the decisions. gwen: if jeb bush was not running for president, how much would we care about this? how much of this trickles down to him in any way
Apr 26, 2013 8:00pm PDT
gwen: the latest on the boston bombings. the news -- the shaky senate and george w. bush's legacy. tonight on "washington week." >> whether it's al qaeda, the fatah or two twisted perverted cowardly knockoff jihadis here in boston. why do they do what they do? gwen: two weeks later, still sorting through the why's and the how's behind the boston terror attack. while no worries spring up abroad. this time in syria. >> the syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale in syria. specifically the chemical agent sarin. >> i think it's pretty obvious that red line has been crossed. gwen: yet another democrat abandons the senate. why other democrats are getting nervous. and in texas. >> president george w. bush. gwen: the president's club gathers to open its newest library. >> the political winds blow left and right. polls rise and fall. supporters come and go. but in the end, leaders are defined by the convictions they hold. gwen: covering this remarkable week, martha raddatz of abc news, james kitfield of "national journal." susan davis of "usa today." and dan balz of "the w
Apr 11, 2014 7:30pm PDT
and george w. bush took turns praising the presidency of lyndon b. johnson and the accomplishments of the civil rights act of 1964. one striking thing these men have in common -- an appreciation of just how hard it is to get big things done. earlier today i spoke with "time" magazine's michael duffy about president obama's revealing speech. >> those of us who have had the singular privilege to hold the office of the presidency know well that progress can be hard and it can be slow. frustrating and sometimes stymied, the office humbles you. you're reminded daily that in this great democracy you are but a relay swimmer in the currents of history, bound by decisions of those who came before, reliant on the efforts of those who will follow to fully vindicate your ision. gwen: michael duffy, the author of "the president's club," joins me now. for any president, it's all about vindicating your vision, isn't it? >> there's always time for another coat of paint, even after you've left the white house. when four presidents got together this week in pieces, in defendant order to go to the johns
Aug 5, 2016 7:30pm PDT
historical perspective i think you have to go back will -- 44 years to be the george mcgovern campaign to find a week in which a nominee has suffered so much self-inflicted damage all at once. could this be a turning point? absolutely. but there are still 90 days left and it's still theoretically possible for mr. trump to get his act together and gack -- back to the fundamentals which made this a very close race. alexis: one of the things you look at in terms of where he is now is you have to admit that he is still getting big rallies and has gotten a lot of financial support. one ncht caveats we've all been talking about inside our own media organizations is, as doyle says, be careful to lean too far into the future here because he still has a reservoir of support. he is still getting these rallies and the money he reported in july was quite impressive, right? gwen: doctors 80 million. >> and the cash on hand is not that far behind the clinton campaign, even though we would say he's not on the air and he's behind in organization on the ground. it is still possible as doyle is
Jun 15, 2013 2:00am PDT
security agency was using to collect phone records of american citizens. president then, george w. bush, defended it. the american people mostly we are againre with one key difference. we have the identity of the theon who leaked information. what's more, he's fled to china. switchednversation has from the existence of the motives of the leaker. how did that happen, karen? >> one reason it switched is it both surprising to discover that this person who had all access to government secrets. edward snowden. thedward snowden, who had capacity to leak them, turns out to be a 29-year-old contractor the n.s.a. and he's only been on the job for three months. so that was one reason that it just so surprising, thating, but i also think edward snowden has in many cases rorshcharch test of how conflicted this country is because you have people as diverse as, you know, glen beck, the conservative commentator, the liberale, elsburgr, even daniel to whom he's being compared, calling him a hero, and yet you congressionale leadership calling for him to be tried as a criminal. gwen: is that happening in
Dec 21, 2013 1:30am PST
a little bit this point than george w. bush was and we know george w. bush had a very bad 2005. know, and president reagan and clinton were well over 50 percent. low end of that. >> man with an assault is the is the white house plan to turn it around and do they have around.o turn it gwen: they are keeping it a secret from him and us as well. always believe there is a direct connection between the economy and his standing and they will try to ride that. at the same time, i think they are looking for ways to make it appear as though he actually is somemmand and can do things. he brought john podesta in as a counselor at the white house in part with a portfolio to look at executive actions that he can do without the approval of congress climaterogress gres on change or energy or even the jobs front. >> when you are at a record low the temptation must be to say it can only go up from here. could it actually get worse from here? >> i suppose it could. i think the country is so littleed that he has a bit higher floor than perhaps president bush did in his presidency. the expectation -- gw
Sep 10, 2016 1:30am PDT
presidentred george w. bush. this year, hillary clinton appears to have the edge for now. the color purple, where we come to you from the --eding red hart of the heart of the state, el paso county, with major mega-churches five military operations. no wonder that hillary clinton and donald trump spent the week courting veterans and talking national security. along the way, they managed to little smack about each other. secretary clinton: we have never been threatened as much by a single candidate running for president as we have been in election. mr. trump: hillary clinton was emailing about the drone program, among many other extremely sensitive matters. this is yet more evidence that be youris unfit to commander-in-chief. gwen: emails, vladimir putin, veterans, ground troops in iraq. it seems like once we got past labor day, this campaign went overdrive, didn't it, molly? molly: yeah, it's actually been finally seeing to the candidates contrast with each other directly on the same albeit not at the same time. i think we're all looking forward to the debates beginning in a couple o
Jan 19, 2013 2:00am PST
. george w. bush even holding the liberty bell. but he although george bush was a divisive president in his second term, he talked about the international ball which is in retrispect which is spreading freedom in the midded east. but at least he had a big grand national cause that he could call the nation 2r50. how this president speaks to coming mon purpose -- >> i think this was a pupil that came out the other day. said, this coming year do you think that republicans and democrats will work together to solve problems? they could come together. today it's 23%. gwen: they were paying attention. >> there's -- those are hopeless romantics. >> they are. i give them credit for this. >> you ask conservative republicans do you think that elected officials should compromise or stick to their principles? >> 60% said stick to pinspls. 60% -- says compromise. >> what are -- assuming that the 23% are right, what are the second term priorities the president is now. -- it's not a state of the union speech. but he's going to lay out the broad swath. >> what thing and we mentioned some of them are fairly
May 15, 2015 7:30pm PDT
credit george w. bush has written as much. >> yeah. he doesn't entirely regret his decision. but he admits that mistakes were made. and that is the answer that jeb bush has given in the past. yes, mistakes were made. but the surge worked. my brother was politically courageous. seeing this opportunity, it was stunning to watch republicans essentially violate the 11th commandment which shays thou shall not speak he'll of another republican and overnight they did. some did almost minutes after the speech or after the interview. ted cruz. marco rubio, rand paul, john cassive who is also thinking about running, very clearly making it clear they would not have done it and putting distance between them and bush. why are they doing this? there is a growing concern or displeasure with the thought of a bush running against a clinton. all of these republicans eager to distinguish themselves and become the anti-bush candidate and saw a opening and tried to take it. >> you mentioned hillary clinton and so did actually jeb bush. >> right. >> this reminds you of 2000 when her ash 2008 when her vot
Feb 21, 2015 1:30am PST
president getting to, as well. >> i think that was also a position of george w. bush and others in his administration. it's not a crazy thing to say. it may not have been the most articulate way to frame it but it goes to the idea that this is a very complicated conflict. it's not a simple battlefield where we may recapture mosul but there are so many elements to it and it makes for a complicated debate and of course people will get tripped up in semantics and we'll have partisan controversy. >> in the bush administration they tried to rename suicide bombing as homicide bombing. that didn't stick, either. michael, you talked about how the map of the fight is changing and different. was there talk about domestic u.s. terrorism or lone wolves showing up in the united states? >> i actually think that, to me, it's a slightly more practically addressable problem which is that the global problem is so vast but here at home, what can the government do to try to reach out and integrate its law enforcement efforts in communities they think are vulnerable to this kind of recruitment but it's so
Feb 19, 2016 7:30pm PST
big moment for the bush dynasty. brought out barbara bush, george w. bush returning to politics for the first time since he left the white house. which tells you where jeb bush is because he wanted him behind stage for so long and now he sees him as an advantage, and fighting with trump over warranted or as not. he said that bush lied to get america into the war with iraq and somehow is culpable for 9/11. but to say that out loud, that is code pink tind -- kind of territory and to survive that and be booed in the two most recent debates and do well still and to make a month of fire from ted cruz, probably the best one to make the case against trump verages if he survives all that, it will give us another reading about his durability. gwen: momentum has been good, it's fair to say, to trump. >> now he's talking about how he's the candidate who knows the supreme court best. he was a law clerk to late chief justice rehnquist -- >> and he's running an ad in which he says the next president will be able to name the next supreme court justice and you don't want to leave it in the hands th
Sep 12, 2014 8:00pm EDT
and if you closed your eyes you thought maybe george bush was saying it. the white house got a lot of criticism for not being quicker to come up with a strategy but i can tale -- tell you within the white house they were fine with that. he took hits but a lot of people called him the reluctant warrior this week, but in the west wing, they -- someone told minimum -- him today he's a deliberate warrior and they think that paid off this week where he took his time, came up with a strategy and has received support from both republicans and democrats. so i think in contrast is a -- to a year ago and how they druggled so much with syria, they feel really good but -- about how it played out this week. gwen: two big question marks come to mind. one is the free syrian army which we're now in league with. and the other is bashar al assad, who benefits if this works and we adds -- i think at least check still want him to leave office, right? these are to -- two big obstacles. >> you raise two really big, tough problems to solve on this. the free syrian army, we don't know if they're capable even
Oct 10, 2014 7:30pm PDT
was you don't put a hold on history. gwen: some do. after george w. bush was out of office, we got emails from condoleezza rice and dick cheney and stay pointed fingers at 50e67 other. >> this president has had bill gates. hill rill clinton. i this isn't unprecedented but i think that you have two people on the national security team, gates and panetta who have both come out making the same critique and i it's really about leadership, i think. >> when i was a young reporter on capitol hill and you were on the hill -- >> you're both still young. >> i love you. >> we both remember leon panetta from the hill. >> what about karen? >> we were all there. [laughter] >> but what i want to know is leon panetta was talking about congress and he's comparing president clinton and president obama and it's very interesting. what does he say in the book? >> he writes about working for bill clinton and the joy in politics that bill clinton took and what he effectively says is bill clinton would make any deal with you and what he was great at was convincing you that what he wanted was actually good
Jun 18, 2016 1:30am PDT
he was talking about muslims. aen: aren't we hearing george w. bush comeback on the campaign trail? >> not for donald trump to try salvage the senate majority. he will be out campaigning with republican senators -- john things.of all but he has said he's not going to support donald trump. int's extraordinary enough and of itself. gwen: commander-in-chief test, robert, i know you work for "the washington post" and you've been covering donald trump. but here's the thing, are they in any real way about a commander-in-chief test? or are they going to barrel on through? concern or a lot of backing down, at least from him? the muslim ban, there's not a concern within his inner circle. the most telling episode was thereudge ceerier and were people telling him to pull back. the people around trump don't often say no to trump and they're encouraging of him and they -- they're not the kind of pull him to pete: the f.b.i. director was asked this week about the muslim howissue and he said damaging it is because one of the most important things the discoveringound in potential terroris
Sep 4, 2015 7:30pm PDT
candidates, to know the answers? peter: remember, when george bush was running, he was asked the names of four foreign leaders and om got maybe three and a half. but it didn't matter. it was a peaceful time, mostly focused on domestic issues. this is a different moment. the difference between the kuds military force, the par military force in iran fighting us for years and the kurds, fighting on our side against isis, is a pretty big difference. whether the average voter connects with that or not, probably not. but it's more relevant probably to today's issues than it has been in the past. karen: and hugh huet put those -- hewitt put those exact same questions to carly fiorina and she was able to answer them. peter: even if you don't know who they are because -- it was his dismissive tone about well, does it matter, they'll be gone when i'm in office and i'll know them better than i know who you are -- let's turn to the iran uclear deal. secretary kerry: we want anybody and everybody to vote or it. we're going to continue to try to persuade people up until the last moment, and our hope
Mar 11, 2016 7:30pm PST
, sitting on the sidelines waiting a cue from not only jeb bush but the george bushes. signal they have a preference, whether john kasich or ted cruz or someone else, you financial support heading that direction but i'm with doyle. winsh, especially, if he ohio, you head into the mid atlantic next and upper midwest there are a lot of republicans who like what john kasich is talking about and he has reason to stay in. it will be harder for cruz but i rubio gets out, a lot of people supporting him, especially non-floridians, would head in cruz's direction. gwen: fascinating. both parties are keeping a close on delegate counts. democrats need 2,383 delegates the nomination. clinton has the lead with 762 not countingtes, another potential 461 super delegates, many of them party leaders. to bernie sanders' 549 earned delegates. 1,237 delegates to clinch. now, cruz,59 right 360, rubio, 152 and kasich, 54. is all according to the associated press counts. bigh means this week's tuesday voting could make all the difference, jeanne. jeanne: it can, especially on side.publican on the republic
Jul 25, 2014 8:00pm EDT
be a president on the road. >> how many presidents have done this? >> there's george bush, bill clinton. but you do take a hit on the optics and the accelerated twitter and social world it's only more damaging. one of the interesting questions that comes up is what is in the u.s. national strategic interest? that's not a discussion that's been had. what happened? libya an interest? at what point does it become an immediate concern for the united states? we talk about ukraine but frankly it's a bigger concern for europe than the united states. iraq, at what point does that become a threat to the u.s. national security? if these countries aren't posing an immediate threat? gwen: except that you just cannot look away especially as the leader of the free world. >> we're at that stage where you cannot -- cannot look away. and we're nals a period when the american public is still allergic to direct intervention. in all of this list of conflicts you talked about has anyone raised in a serious way military intervention? the united states isn't even sending weaponry to the government of
Jul 1, 2016 7:30pm PDT
be republic in the classic sense. the former president, george w. bush won't be there. john mccain and mitt romney, the former nominees won't be there. a bunch up for election in swing states will not be there. the governor of ohio is going but almost like he's being dragged against husband will because it's in his home state. pete: trump himself during the campaign angered a lot of potential reps when he made some comments that angered people in the republican establishment about international trade agreements. he attacked them and said they are wildly supported by the business community. >> our politicians have aggressively pursued a policy of globalization, moving our jobs, our wealth, and our factories to mexico and overseas. globalization has made the financial elite who donate to politicianings very, very wealthy. i used to be one of them. pete: is it hitting the republicans where they live? >> yes, and i think that speech was the most remarkable political event of the week. to have the republican nominee come out and so forwardly rebut decades of republican and actually bipa
Jun 19, 2015 7:30pm PDT
father, george h.w. bush, and some who admire his brother, the more controversial of the two bush presidents, who nonetheless feel two bush presidencies is enough and the country should move on and that is a very difficult thing to overcome. there's no kind of argument you can make about that. so for bush, he has to find a way around that to convince people. and i think that his advisers believe that now that he's a candidate he can begin to introduce himself as himself. so that he's more jeb than bush and he began to do that this week. he's talking more about who he is and what he's done and his hope is that as people get to know him they'll have a different view, but in many ways it's as difficult for him to do that as it is for hillary clinton to reintroduce herself as long as she's been in the public eye. gwen: we'll have to leave it there tonight. that's really interesting. we may be talking about jeb bush again. we have to go. as always, the conversation will continue online where you'll be able to find the "washington week" webcast extra. later tonight and all week along at
Mar 20, 2015 7:30pm PDT
report. this will is a tactic his brother used george w. bush in 2000. he didn't raise $100 million in one quarter. he raised $60 million over two. but it had an effect. and there were candidates such as dan quayle john casic back then and senator lamar alexander. they looked at that and they said we're not getting in. so it's very effective in clearing the feeb field -- -- field of some of his opponents. the world is entirely different and it's not having the same effect. the interesting thing to note is that that worked for bush in 2000 and it has never worked since. in 2004, howard dean was the money man. he didn't get the nomination. in 2012 hillary clinton started raising out more than obama. that didn't work out so well for her. romney was the run away money guy. john mccain got the nomination. in the last cycle romney was first when it came to money but also nobody quit. why? internet billionaires, that's it. adelson sustained newt gingrich's campaign with personal checks for a month. and that is a new dynamic here and what we see is that you know, marco rubio's got a billionair
Aug 27, 2016 1:30am PDT
said if you're a racist leeve this convention hall. george w. bush who embraced muslims after 9/11. john mccain who, you know, said senator obama is a good family man. on and on. speaker ryan she came to his defense. ted cruz's defense saying donald trump is not a normal republican. i don't know how many republicans are going to accept her olive branch or accept her hand, but that's who she was trying to speak to yesterday. we'll see if it worked. she definitely drew attention to the fact that this is not a normal race. >> she, in this speech, is trying to tie trump to what is called the ult right. it's a new term. what exactly is the ult right? >> it's from "the wall street journal." she could have chosen a lot of publications. she chose "the wall street journal." the ult right movement by and large is the as she said the conspiracy theorists in the darkest corners of the internet, the white supremacistsists. it's nationalists. that is not necessarily right, but it is the -- it's different than your traditional gop. it is, you know, basically what breitbart the conservative news s
Jan 24, 2014 7:30pm PST
lanes on the george washington bridge. seemingly ordered by the governor's staff. and he immediately acted, fired the people who seemed to be involved in that or were involved in that. what's happened in the last week is is this has expanded on a new front. mayor of hoboken don zimmer came forward a week ago on msnbc and is said the lieutenant governor had said to her that hurricane relief funds for hurricane sandy were contingent on her fast-tracking a commercial development project in her city. and lieutenant governor has denied this but this is another investigation. gwen: here we have a quid pro quo question. >> yes. >> what everybody is talking about is what happened to governor christie's standings, especially in his power, and hopes to continue to rise on the national stage? what do we know so far about the reaction from the public? >> there's no question he's taken a hit politically from the public. the pugh research center had a poll out. polled on him a year ago and this time. his favorable ratings were essentially the same. his negative ratings had doubled. and interesting
Nov 23, 2013 1:30am PST
courts right now was a conservative justice that was appointed by george bush and i think there was a big movement on the progressive left that they really were pushing the party to have more -- more representational judiciary which right now because of the previous agreement did not go nuclear under the bush administration has left the judiciary that has more conservative judges on it. gwen: that debate is just beginning. because they only reach closure on one of the three judges outstanding and will move on. there was another senate argument and was not about rules but injury. as reported, sexual assaults in the military continue to soar. all 20 female members of the senate and of course some men have decided to do something about it but they can't yet agree who gets to prosecute the offenders. >> which way are you going to have more protection? if a group of colonels, half a continent away, are looking at the facts of the case, or if your commander has signed off? of course if your commander has signed off because that sends a message to the unit, we're getting to the bottom of thi
Jan 16, 2015 7:30pm PST
george pataki? >> i talked to former ambassador bolton yesterday. he said he's not diswaded by this wall of money he sees from bush and romney. look, you can run for president and get a lot of press attention, get in the grass roots dollars and survive pretty far. gwen: you're saying it's our fealt. the more the merrier. that's what a lot of people are saying and i'm all for that. more the merrier. fun for us. finally tonight, as the president delivers to prepare his annual state of the union address this coming tuesday, he's taking the unusual step of forecasting what it will contain. contributing expandant john harwood of cnbc clues us in, in our "friday focus." >> after six years, presidents can get overtaken by events and see americans tune in. so president obama's strategy for previewing this year's state of the union is to touch their lives as many ways as he can. in washington, he announced steps to protect americans from cyber crime. >> we're introducing new legislation to create a single strong national standard so americans know when their information has been stolen or mi
Apr 25, 2015 1:30am PDT
speechwriter to president george w. bush, former sarah palin adviser. so the clinton campaign seized on that and said this is a partisan hit job. don't mind that quite as much. there's so much actual interesting stuff at the foundation that we're going to see, some people ask why it's legitimate. well if she wins, the president will still be in the white house. she will be the president. other entities will be there. clinton foundation is still there. it's a legitimate question with so many, so many angles. >> jeff, it's april 2015. election is still pretty long ways away. is there any benefit to this coming out now oppose to say around labor day or when she's actually the democratic nominee? jeff: good question. i guess it can be seens old news, oh this sounds familiar but i'm not sure this is what the clinton campaign wanted week two of its candidacy. very careful roll-out. she was doing this reconnection tour with voters. so certainly they didn't want this. but you sort of deal with the hand that you have. so i guess it gets it out of the way at this point. at least this pa
Nov 30, 2013 1:30am PST
the breach. president george w. bush talked about being a uniter and not a divider and president barack obama would be post partisan and reach across. and all three have -- breaking the fever and all three have either succumbed to the fever or been trapped by the fever or -- >> fed the fever. >> fed the fever, exactly. and become very polarizing figures in washington. gwen: time for one more thought. >> the real reason is there are so few districts now, redistricting that was done by computer, not done by political parties across the country, that is the way to break the fever to change the makeup of congress. you're seeing it in california and iowa now. if other states across the country start changing how they redistrict, i think that could break the fever. but don't look for it next year. gwen: that's the final thought but one more for you. do you see the fever breaking? in 2014? >> not in 2014. no. gwen: well, that's optimistic. a way to end it. thank you for your questions and answers and thank you for your questions. we have to leave you a little bit early this holiday frid
Oct 26, 2013 6:30pm EDT
you knew about the relationship between george w. bush and dick cheney is probably wrong. it streams live at 8:30 p.m. eastern and all weekend long. you can keep up with daily developments on the pbs "newshour" seven days a week and we'll see you again next week on "washington week." good night. >> corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by -- >> we went out and asked people a simple question, how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and this them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who lived well into their 9o's and that's a great thing. though we're living longer, the one thing that hasn't changed is the official retirement age. the question is, how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years? >> additional corporate funding for "washington week" is presented by northrup grumman. additional funding is provided by the annenberg foundation, the corporation for public broadcasting, and by contributions to pbs stations from viewers like you. thank you.
Jan 2, 2015 7:30pm PST
newsroom" a look back at 2014. plus, after four decades of public service, george miller reflects on his his career. >> the passage of the affordable care act is key to me. that was a huge milestone. >>> good evening. and welcome to "kqed newsroom." i'm thuy vu. tonight we reflect on the last year. joining me for the discuss are michelle quinn
Apr 16, 2016 1:30am PDT
went? she went to california. why? she's raising money and spending likewith hollywood types george collin and his wife -- clooney and his wife. contesting ahead to the in june, in california. they'll return to new york but each of them took a break. >> well, ten months into his campaign for president, donald preoccupiedcome with the republican parties's rules for choosing its delegates buthe national convention he's getting no sympathy from ted cruz or the party's national chairman. millions of votes more! but i also have hundreds of delegates more. that's not the same thing to me. i think the vote is the thing that you count. right? [cheering] >> the vote! >> i know the rules very well. but i know that it's stacked against me by the establishment. >> anyone who knows anything about washington knows that the establishment is not rooting for me. but the rules are simple. the way you get elected is that a majority of the delegates in election. empoweredegates are by the voters. but the delegates on the floor choose the nominee of the party, after being empowered by the voters. this i
Sep 6, 2014 1:30am PDT
blustery george bush. now barack obama and the democrats who are now criticizing him are creating an appetite for some kind of president who can bear -- bare their chest and replace nato who canterbury their chest or beat its chest and putin who does the chest baring, and a president who has that kind of more strong man behavior that we used to associate with the kind of republicans. john: indira, as you think about this, and quickly, do you think of what's going on right now as a function of the effectiveness or lack of it of obama's foreign policy or is it about the way the world is post-cold war? >> i think it's partly the way the world is post-war. and the way that putin is incredibly canny. and he knows exactly how to walk up to the line, push through it. and then step back with one little pinkie toe. but i do want it say in the long run i think sanctions are going to be hurting putin whether he likes it or not, particularly in the energy sector. john: thanks, everybody. great discussion. that will wrap it up for tonight. the conversation continues online where we drill down on
May 2, 2014 7:30pm PDT
that's not mentioned anywhere in our poll is i think this is the legacy of george w. bush's presidency. that even still today, his -- the decade of very active american involvement militarily still hangs over what people feel about things. like enough already. long wars. and i do think that the hidden thing in the question, do you want to be more or less active? it's not just active. it's militarily involved. and i think people are really, really done with -- gwen: and there's something about this president and this presidency or is it just second term-itis that makes people -- to use the weak word to describe him? we remember when h.w. bush had the "wimp" cover on tisme time and knaus week -- on "time" and news week. >> he ran to disengage from the world. and you just don't have the sense that he's just longing to exercise military strength. and it happens also that the problems that have been presented to him thrust in front of him are not very easily amenable to simple military solutions anyway. so that i think even bob corker isn't talking about mobilizing troops to solv
Dec 19, 2014 7:30pm PST
immigration, he's taken a substantial step towards a priority that he and president george w. bush shared could not get through. and so the fact that on both of those issues, cuba's a little different case because as tom said, the president's power to make foreign policy and engage in diplomatic relations, i think it's character exercise of executive authority than we have seen. >> so what's left? are there going to be more of these? what shoes do people think are likely to fall? >> i think especially on the environment, the president, he has continued to look at different ways, methane gas, other regulatory steps that he could take to achieve the commitments that he agreed to with china, for example, on climate and the attempt to get a global deal on carbon emissions. that is one. i think the president in part he's got to focus on how to make these withstand legal challenge because certainly you're going to see legal challenges and a swept president can reverse them. president -- congress and president bush reversed president clinton on the ergonomics order. >> how does that play out? yo
Jul 25, 2015 1:30am PDT
from the husband and the brother of two of 2016's leading candidates. perhaps that's because george w. bush and bill clinton have been there done that. as president bush said i can't tell you who is going to win. but i can tell you what's going to happen. really? what does he know that we don't know, michael? >> he mostly knows he doesn't have to live through this again. they both know that and enjoying that immensely even though they're living vicariously through their brothers and their wife. clinton said something really interesting in this interview that explains both his broader political philosophy the clintons and the race. he says voters hate divisive environments. but they sometimes reward them. and that was a great -- gwen: what does that mean? >> it means -- if you're a politician don't be afraid of division and strife. and kind of run toward it. it might actually help you in the end. which of course is a great explanation for in some ways his presidency. and may also pertain to his wife. the interesting thing is that both of these men decided to appear at this moment. wh
May 6, 2016 7:30pm PDT
mccain wasn't going to the convention. george w. bush and george h.w. bush said they would not endorse race and jebn the bush said he wouldn't endorse trump and today lindsey graham came out with a statement. >> to donald trump, congratulations. you did a hell of a thing. beat me and everybody else and i just really believe that beenepublican party has kind here and this guy is not a reliable conservative republican. good luck with paul ryan trying to find a conservative agenda with this guy and i don't think to temperament or judgment to be commander commander-in-chief. john: molly, is this what you were talking about when you said the republican party died? the sentiment of a lot of republicans i talked to, a lot of republicans who deep angst about trump's nomination. there is a sense -- you saw the,licans all over important republicans, big-name republicans, whether on twitter or in statements like that, changing their voter registration, feeling like their sorts work, toiling in the of minds of building the party of ideas, that all that went out and as bob was saying, the t
Jun 4, 2016 1:30am PDT
opportunity to beat donald trump. withke the situation ronald reagan and george h.w. bush. karen: what's different is the mood of the country. the legacy argument is tricky to make at a moment when people on the left and the right are so have suchashington, little respect for washington. the other reason it's going to be a difficult argument to make that we have two nominees who have, between them, the highest any two nominees we have seen since polling started youhe playbook tells you are to make the race about your opponent. obama is also why valuable. he is the one popular guy among the big players. gwen: it's all relative, but, yeah. >> but among the big players in the field. neither one of them -- both of them have 60% of the american people saying i don't like those people but the president's got right now.than that gwen: the president has been to elkhart, indiana, including our visit, five times, including before he was president. he's kind of adopted this has comeconomy, which back, in which the unemployment 20% has dropped from nearly to closer to 5%, yet it's a when you talke o
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