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BBC News
Dec 26, 2016 5:30am GMT
this is bbc news, the headlines: the british pop—singer george michael, who shot to fame in the 1980s with the pop group wham!, has died. he was 53. his publicist said he died peacefully at home. wham! achieved worldwide success with hits such as wwake me up before you go—go and careless whisper. russia is beginning a national day of mourning for the 92 passengers and crew who died when the military plane taking them to syria crashed into the black sea shortly after take off. a huge search operation involving three thousand rescue workers a huge search operation involving 3,000 rescue workers continued throughout the night over a wide area. a powerful typhoon, nock—ten, is continuing to batter the philippines with strong winds and heavy rain. the storm's struck two central provinces, causing power cuts and travel disruption. it's moving slowly westward and is expected to reach the country's most densely populated areas later on monday. now it's time for a world business report, us special. welcome to donald trump's america, or what soon will be anyway. i'm samira hussain and
BBC News
Jan 10, 2017 5:30am GMT
compares to about 2% under his predecessor george w bush. one of the costs of that has been that us government debt has nearly doubled from $10 trillion to $20 trillion. from new york michelle fleury sent this report. wall street is left reeling from some of the biggest blows. it is a nightmare. bunker c bower louts and nine employment that peaked at 10% in 2009. when barack obama became president, he had seen were fighting the total collapse of the financial system. 15 million americans were out of work when he delivered his first state of the union address. people are out of work. they are hurting. they need our help and that is whyjobs must be our number one focus in 2010. perhaps his biggest achievement, stopping the recession from turning into another great depression and it started with the rescue of a symbol of us industrial might stash the american car industry. some this investment banker remembers it well. he led the auto industry recovery. it was is in parsing that that in fact he made a decision that was unpopular but was clearly, in retrospect the right decision. if we
BBC News
Oct 18, 2017 5:30am BST
still in the city. the us author george saunders has won this year's man booker prize, a british literary award. he won for his first full novel, lincoln in the bardo, which follows the us president's grief over the death of his son. now it is time for world business report. it has become the world's factory production line, but now the chinese communist party is trying to reshape the country into an economy fit for entrepreneurs. can this man be simultaneously president and an international business owner? that question will be posed in a federal court today. welcome to world business report. i'm jamie robertson. china is the world's second—biggest economy, and whilst it is still some way behind the united states, what happens there matters to all of us. the communist party congress is where the shape of china and its economy is set for the next five years. in the first half of this year, the economy grew by 6.9%. that is above the 6.5% government target, and the ruling party are keen to make sure that robust growth continues. when you couple that with population growth of 0.5
BBC News
Jul 18, 2017 5:30am BST
duke and duchess of cambridge's visit to poland with their children, george and charlotte. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: in the us, two more republican senators have said they'll oppose president trump's proposed healthcare bill. it's now impossible for the bill to pass in its current form. three years after malaysian airlines flight mh17 was shot down over eastern ukraine, the region remains locked in a brutal stalemate. a ceasefire has failed, amid regular skirmishes between rebels who want closer ties to moscow and ukrainian armed forces. forest fires are sweeping towards the croatian coastal city of split. hundreds of firefighters and soldiers are battling the blaze. neighbouring montenegro has also been hit by wildfires and has asked for international help. venezuela's political crisis has deepened after voters rejected plans to rewrite the constitution. president trump has said the country will face strong and swift economic action if the controversial plans go ahead. now it is time for our newspaper review. what's making headlines around the world ? let's start with a
BBC News
Jan 19, 2017 5:30am GMT
defence of his core values. former us president george hw bush has been moved to intensive care at a houston hospital. he's 92 and suffering from pneumonia but said to be stable. his wife barbara has also been admitted to the same hospital with fatigue. now for the latest financial news with world business report. then the news review. brexodus fears grow in the city of london, as leading firms warn thousands of staff may now be relocated. plus, breathing space. no arrest warrant for samsung boss jay y lee. but prosecutors vow to continue the corruption investigation "without wavering." welcome to world business report. i'm sally bundock. we'll be live in seoul injust a moment. we'll get the latest on samsung. but first, this. we start here in london, where fears of a costly brexit exodus of banking jobs are growing. leading firms are now weighing up moving thousands of staff out of the uk, after prime minister theresa may confirmed plans to leave the european single market as well as the eu, the so called "hard brexit" option. so, what have we heard already? on wednesday, the boss o
BBC News
Jul 25, 2017 5:30am BST
court on wednesday, to face charges of sexual assault. cardinal george pell has returned from rome, saying that he is innocent, and will clear his name. i will be back with a news review. now it's time for world business report. hit by the eu — profits fall at google‘s parent company alphabet, after a huge fine levvied by the european union. and bitcoin — what's it for? well, now you can use the cryptocurrency to pay for art. all will be explained. welcome to world business report. i'm rachel horne. in a minute sharanjit will tell us how sk hynix increased its profits by more than 500%. three of the world's most valuable internet firms release their latest numbers this week. the biggest by far is google‘s alphabet, which has just reported a 21%jump in revenues. that was better than expected but there was less cheer on the when it came to earnings. net profit fell 27.7% to $3.5 billion. hitting the bottom line was a $2.7 billion fine issued by the european commission injune. it ruled the firm abused its power by promoting its own shopping comparison service in it's search re
BBC News
Jun 12, 2017 5:30am BST
while former uk finance minister george osborne has labelled her a "dead woman walking". the irish times looks at further pressure upon mrs may as ireland's prime minister enda kenny's warned the uk prime minister over making a pact with the democratic unionist party which could put northern ireland's peace process at risk. le figaro reports french president emmanuel macron's en marche party looks to be on course for a landslide victory in parliamentary elections. the party has won nearly a third of the vote in the first round. on the front of the times, us president donald trump's state visit to britain may be put on hold after mr trump allegedly told theresa may he would not come to britain if he was met with large public protests. the telegraph business section says there a questions over the future of uber chief executive travis kalanick following a scathing report into the us transport technology giant's company culture.
BBC News
May 2, 2017 5:30am BST
be focused on. i will be back in a moment for the papers will stop. george osborne starts his newjob as editor of the london newspaper the evening standard today. the appointment of the former chancellor drew criticism from opposition mps who called on him to quit politics. mr osborne announced that he was stepping down as conservative mp for tatton in cheshire last month. he'll edit the paper four days a week. 0ur media editor amol rajan reports. george osborne is used to early sta rts george osborne is used to early starts and deadlines but it will still come as a shock when his left at four still come as a shock when his left atfoura.m. this still come as a shock when his left at four a. m. this morning still come as a shock when his left at four a.m. this morning ahead of his first day as a newspaper editor. the former chancellor has taken the editors chair of the former evening standard in one of the most surprising appointment in recent history. many westminster observers suggested he took the job to build a power base. but that theory was undermined when george osborne announc
BBC News
Dec 20, 2016 5:30am GMT
george ‘s hospital in tooting said foreign patients not entitled to free healthcare represented a huge drain on its resources. many of st george's visitors arrive at the last stages of pregnancy, but overseas patients also commonly use general medical departments. it is not clear where most of the patients come from. although one london trust reported its biggest debts were from indians, pakistanis, nigerians and americans. the department of health said it was determined to stamp out abuse of the system. and was considering charging migrants more for healthcare. glastonbury festival could move to a new site in three years' time to protect the land at its current location in somerset. founder michael eavis says the new location "towards the midlands" would be used every five years — but said he would be reluctant to see the festival move permanently. the top stories this hour... police in berlin say the truck that crashed into a popular christmas market — killing at least 12 people — was deliberately steered into the crowd. the german authorities are questioning a man thought
BBC News
Jun 29, 2017 5:30am BST
church's most seniorfigures, cardinal george pell, with historic sex offences. he strongly denies the allegations, and says he will return from rome to clear his name. the chinese president, xijinping, has arrived in hong kong for celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of the territory's return to china from british rule. it is his first visit there since becoming the country's leader. the united states is introducing tough new security measures for inbound flights, but has stopped short of expanding the ban on laptops in hand luggage. the new measures include enhanced screening of passengers and baggage. the british prime ministerfaces what amounts to a vote of confidence later on thursday. the opposition will try to win concessions before a final vote on the government's legislative programme, known as the queen's speech. now it is time for world business report. reaching for the sky. will rupert murdoch's takeover plans for the pay tv giant be cleared for lift—off, or grounded? plus: ringgit rebellion. they saw off the speculators and the imf, but 20 years on from the asian fi
BBC News
Sep 26, 2017 5:30am BST
with a company busy trying to sue us and put our airspace workers out of business. professor george yip from the business school at imperial college university here in londonjoins me. welcome to world business report, good to see you. the invocations of this, either way, what do you make of it? this is a typical fight between multinational companies who have their value around the world. northern ireland is part of bombardier‘s value chain and governments normally subsidise multinational companies to put jobs in their countries, canada is being accused of this and the uk government gave a loan of £100 million to bombardier in order to put theirjobs there so you see these disputes over time. with president trump having run on trade protection, this will be a big issue for him because he's all so dealing with major appliance imports from south korea, solar panels from china. this is a high profile case and the decision is going to be made bya us and the decision is going to be made by a us entity event though it's meant to be an independent court, it is still a us entity and in the
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11