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Oct 20, 2017 2:37am EDT
before you go to sleep. >>> and don't miss never before seen video of george michael. >>> but first, let's take a look at today's ♪ ♪ >>> "world news now" weather, brought to you by points of light. ♪ before this river ♪ there comes an ocean take the olay 28 day challenge to ageless skin? see visible results day 1. by day 28? years off your skin age. but don't take it from us, take it from one of the millions of real women already in the know it's not often you can say, you know i saw results right away visible results or your money back olay. ageless there is not a friend that i have that will not own this product you're lucky you're cute. lysol max cover with 2x wider coverage kills 99.9% of bacteria. one more way you've got what it kes to protect. ayep, and my teeth are yellow.? time for whitestrips. crest glamorous white whitestrips are the only ada-accepted whitening strips proven to be safe and effective. and they whiten 25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. not all fish oil supplements provide t
Dec 26, 2016 2:30am EST
from london. top superstar george michael passed away at 53. his death being blamed on heart failure. he's remembered for megahits like "whisper," faith, "i want your sex," and so many more. updates comining up. >>> china calls it a routine exercise, but amid renewed tension over taiwan that beijing claims. >> a powerful earthquake struck chile, but little damage or loss of life. a few evacuated for fears of a sue nammy, but that was canc cancelled. >> shinzo abe visits pearl harbor, the first leader to visit the site of the astack. those are our top stories on this monday, december 26th. >>> from abc news, this is world news now." >> good morning, everybody, on this monday morning. we are going to start with the shocking news, 2016 has taken another legend. this time, george michael dead at the age of 53. dyi dying of heart failure in his home in new england. >> michael rose to fame as part of the duo what happens in the '80s before a solo career selling more than 100 million albums. we'll look back with the bbc. ♪ >> reporter: burst into the scene in the early 1980. the duo had n
Sep 14, 2017 3:30am EDT
concern where prince george just started classes. first, here's a look at today's forecast. >>> "world news now" weather, brought to you by lysol. mom i dropped my ball. got it. ewwww oh eat it! lysol kills 99.9% of bacteria on soft and hard surfaces. one more way you've got what it takes to protect. you're lucky you're cute. lysol max cover with 2x wider coverage kills 99.9% of bacteria. start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that! try head & shoulders instant relief. it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free. try head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap. >>> fire officials are investigating what sparked this fire at a chemical plant outside kansas city that makes cleaning supplies. workers at the plant were reportedly transporting a flammable liquid from an outside storage plant. all of the 60 workers got out safely with one worker suffering burns on his arm. >>> and next to london with a security scare at the school where prince george just started attending. has some people panicked. >> one woman was taken
Jun 2, 2016 2:37am EDT
. prince george and princess charlotte are the priority. george keeping his parents on their toes running around. little sister charlotte just taking her first steps. >> the kids are raising charlotte and george in extraordinary circumstances. but as ordinary little children is no easy feat. >> reporter: like father, like son. we're now learning that prince georging is being introduced to the family pasttime. it's only a matter of time before george hits the polo pitch like his daddy and uncle harry. >> he enjoyed his pony ride just after his second birthday. that delights william because he was on a horse from a young age. >> reporter: while george has been attending the local montessori school three days a week, william and kate are searching for his next school, likely in london. >> george will probably follow william to weather beal prep school. it's a very good school and where they were very happy. >> reporter: making sure that the kids can have a normal childhood away from the spotlight slowly introducing george and charlotte to their royal life mead. >> you can diane na. as soon a
Dec 26, 2016 2:30am PST
headlines on "world news now," shocking news from london. pop superstar george michael passing away at the young age of 53. his death being blamed on heart failure. michael is being remembered for mega hits like "careless whisper," "faith," "i want your sex," and so many more. updates coming up. >>> china calls it a routine exercise, but it comes amid renewed attention over self-ruled taiwan which beijing claims as its own. >>> a powerful earthquake has struck southern chile, but there was very little damage and no loss of life. thousand he of people were evacuated over fears of tsunami, but that alert was canceled after over 90 minutes. >>> japan's prime minister, shinzo abe heads to hawaii today for his last visit with president obama. he will visit pearl harbor, the first leader of japan to visit the site of the attack. those are our top stories on this monday, december 26th. >>> from abc news, this is world news now." >> good morning, everybody, on this monday morning. we are going to start with the shocking news, 2016 has taken another legend. this time, george michael dead at the
Jul 16, 2013 2:35am EDT
acquitted george zimmerman and why they acquitted him is because of the evidence they were presented. it had a lot to do with what he was charged with. i think that goes back to what the experts are saying. >> the tough reality of our justice system, it's not so much about what is the truth but what can be proven and that's a tough reality. >> that is just the way it is, unfortunately. >>> a developing story we're following overnight from chicago. lawyers for rob blagojevich filed an appeal challenging his corruption conviction and a very stiff 14-year prison term. blagojevich has served six months of that term so far. he was convicted of corruption, including a plan to profit from appointing someone to fill president obama's senate seat. >>> jurors in michael jackson's trial heard from his mother. aeg lawyers played a tape from her deposition. she said she didn't expect him to tour for long. earlier a witness for the plaintiff testified jackson could have made more than $1 billion from concert tour and las vegas show. >>> ed ward snowden is more than stuck in that the moscow airport
Jul 15, 2013 2:35am EDT
against the george zimmerman verdict. >> he will never be able to just walk down the street and not worry about who's looking at him or who's walking behind him. >> as demonstrators from coast-to-coast take to the streets. >>> heartthrob's death. remembering cory monteith. the unforgettable star from the hit show, "glee." ♪ why you look so sad tears are in your eyes ♪ >> the young star's fans express grief. >>> and embarrassing errors. the list of books assigned to students over the summer. with one spelling mistake after another. the school district that's in damage control mode. it's monday, july 15th. >>> good morning, i'm rob powers, in for john muller. >> i'm diana perez. we want to welcome rob, first time with us. from our neighbors at wabc. >> i'm the local sports guy at wabc in new york. and i have the pleasure of sitting next to you. >> everybody at home is going to love you. twitter will blow up. handsome guy on the desk. check it out. where is that guy? i'm just kidding. >>> let's get news. what do you think? >> we should do this now. >> we're hearing for the first ti
Sep 14, 2017 2:07am PDT
scare at the school where prince george just started attending. has some people panicked. >> one woman was taken into custody accused of breaking into the school. abc's terry moran has more. >> reporter: it was such a heartwarming image, six days ago. prince william and prince george on the first day of school meeting the headmistress. and the presence pal -- principal so proud of his new royal charge. >> to provide a safe and secure, happy environment where he feels supported by a kind and loving community. >> reporter: but now the arrest of a woman in her 40s who gained unlawful access to the school raising questions. prince george was apparently not present when the incident occurred. he goes only in the morning. police not releasing the intruder's name but the school's policies are under review. days before the school opened this video was posted by a local residence showing how she could walk into the school at night. the doors wide open. the woman intruder remains in custody. her motive unclear, and prince george is expected to return here to school in the morning. terry mo
Jul 25, 2013 1:40am PDT
to fight for so many other young, black and brown boys of this country. >> reporter: after george zimmerman was acquitted of murdering 17-year-old trayvon martin, his father, tracy martin, made the opening remarks at the first-ever meeting of the congressional caucus on black men and boys. martin, a truck driver by profession, has appeared in multiple interviews and public appearances since the july 13th verdict. george zimmerman had all but disappeared until last week when police say he happened upon an suv that rolled over and helped the family of four escape the vehicle. witnesses called 911. >> there was tons of smoke and other people are starting to rush toward the vehicle. >> zimmerman's lawyer acknowledged the incident was often coincidental and invited the family to tell its side of the story. but fearful of retribution, the family backed out. >> they're fighting. they're worried. trembling voices. >> did they change their phone number? not answering the phone? asked for police at their house? >> they have done all that. >> reporter: one man trying to keep the spotlight on
Mar 26, 2012 3:00am PDT
an amazing thing. >> absolutely. >>> also defending neighborhood watchman george zimmerman. he's not been arrested in the shooting death of trayvon martin but his attorney and a family friend are speaking out. what they have to say about zimmerman. >>> later this half hour, while most of the country enjoyed one of the mildest winters in decades, the insect population has been multiplying so watch out this spring. it's bound to bug you. we'll talk about that. >> rob nelson's story that one is. >>> first, we're going to start with hundreds of cuban americans who will be among those welcoming the pope when he arrives on the island later today. >> benedict traveling to havana tomorrow with thousands of faithful who are awaiting his arrival. diana alvear reports from cuba. >> reporter: the stage is set for pope benedict xvi. crews are working to perfect every detail for the first papal visit in 14 years. sunday, the pope was met with rapturous excitement by hundreds of thousands of catholics in mexico. he delivered a message of peace for a nation torn by drug wars. while in havana, a pack
Feb 27, 2012 2:40am PST
like an oscar. i don't understand how george even let her do that. >> she's a beautiful woman. >> she's a beautiful woman. the dress is beautiful. a different style i think on the dress. and color. and style. color's beautiful. >> melissa mccarthy. >> melissa mccarthy. >> she's hysterical. >> we're talking about clothes. we're not talking about the personality. we're talking about the clothes here. she got the diamonds around her -- i mean, the worst thing to do when you're that size. >> what about judy greer? >> judy greer. she's finally starting to get known, judy greer, and then she comes up with that like racetrack silver. i mean, i think she could have done a much better job. much more sophisticated job. something a little bit different. >> best hair and makeup, ten seconds. >> best hair and makeup. what was her -- >> jessica -- >> jessica, yes. with the red hair. i have to tell you, she looked magnificent. her hair. i know it for a fact. it's so hard to do hair and makeup on red. and she just looked beautiful. >> and our thanks to beauty critic cindy barshop. we will be
Mar 30, 2015 3:30am EDT
pence coming forward to defend the law in an interview with our own george stephanopoulos. >> we're not going to change the law, okay but if the general assembly in indiana sends me a bill that adds a section and clarifies what the law really is, then i'm open to that. >> pence arguing similar laws are on the books in other states. critics say the indiana version gives businesses a license to discriminate, allow them to refuse services to gay couples for religious reasons. a point george asked the governor about repeatedly on abc's "this week." >> do you think it should be illegal in the state of indiana to discriminate against gays or lesbians? >> george -- >> it's a yes or no question. >> hoosiers don't believe in discrimination. this is about protecting the religious liberty of every hoosier of every faith. >> yes or no, should it be legal to discriminate against gays or lesbian? >> george, you are following the mantra of the last week on-line. you are trying to make this issue about something else. >> one fix people talked about is simply adding sexual orientation as a protected cla
Jun 18, 2010 3:35am EDT
: so george, this year people can actually pre-register for the workshop by visiting the website, going online, or dialing the phone number they see on their screen. george fontanills: absolutely, we think it's important for people to take that action. for those people who really want to take action, go to the website, call the number on the screen, and go ahead and sign up for a workshop. we really, really want you to go see if this is for you. change your life and that's the way you're going to start. it's a small step to take for that one possibility and we've been doing this for a lot of years for a reason, because we've changed a lot of lives. "you at least just need to go and hear it for yourself. your skepticism will be gone because it's phenomenal training. and i've been trading for less than a year, and i've definitely made money on the strategies that i've learned." "if you decide afterwards 'i don't want to go into options training', you're not required to. but i'll tell you something right now.... boy, am i glad i did!" announcer: options - the high-profit, low risk w
Sep 1, 2014 3:00am PDT
. >> they love their cars and the cruise. hey, you can imagine when george's corvette, he stole his heart, too, but today decades later it's finally on the mend. got to check out this story. the last time george saw his 1979 corvette, jimmy carter was president and people listened to music on cassettes. >> it had the t-tops on it. i liked to take the t-tops back. it was great on the road. it was attractive. the ladies liked them. >> you might say it was love and it always impressed his number one girl. >> i remember getting picked up from school and my dad pulling up and all the kids being like oh, your dad has a vet, he's got a stingray and i'm like oh, yeah, that's my dad, he's the coolest. >> george cruised detroit with his vet. for two years. but then the love affair was over. the corvette stolen. >> i was in shock. i called the police. i made a police report. and i haven't seen it since july of 1981. >> he tried to put it out of his mind not mentioning it once in car talks with his buddies over the years. >> the one that got away, he let it go. >> then on the unluckiest of is j
Jun 27, 2014 1:42am PDT
, some fun with our own george stephanopoulos playing a big role on "jeopardy!" last night. he will put our knowledge. you and me, our knowledge to the test. >> i'm nervous. >>> the next half hour, an appropriately named pilot trying to do today what her namesake did not. stay with us. you are watching "worl ♪ when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. >>> getting nervous. i was never good at jeopardy ever. >> me either. >> george stephanopoulos is one of the busiest guys in news anchoring "good morning america," anchoring "this week" and chief anchor of abc news. >> all pretty cool stuff. george is now part of "jeopardy" history. last night a george stephanopoulos category. >> can't wait. >> our producers our producers thought it might be interesting to see how tahman and i didn't get any questions right or wrong. >> you know he was a rhodes scholar. >> here we go, george. >> on this week, a journalist told me about documents that showed me this agency had been tracking trillions of phone calls and not telling us
Feb 27, 2012 3:40am EST
enthusiastic acceptance speech. but we were both wrong. we picked george clooney of "the descendants" to win. everyone loves george. he was kind of the sentimental favorite going in, but he did not win at all last night. but i'm sure he's with stacey keibler. he's still having a good night. so it's all right. lastly in the actress category you -- >> yes. i picked "the iron lady" and meryl streep. >> you nailed it. >> so i'm up 2 what now? >> you're up 2 to zip to me. and this is an incredible stat on meryl here, she's been nominated 17 times. the most nominated actor or actress ever in the history of the oscars. but she hasn't won since "sophie's choice" back in the early '80s. all these years -- >> that's unbelievable. >> it really is. she's long overdue. it really was her moment. she gave a great speech and also had a tender embrace with the person i thought was going to win, viola davis. i thought there was a lot of momentum going into it. but she didn't pull it out. but meryl's a legend. viola's just breaking through now. we're not done seeing her. she's on to bigger and better things. >
Jun 25, 2013 1:40am PDT
opening statements in the george zimmerman trial. the former neighborhood watch volunteer is accused of shooting unarmed teenager trayvon martin in sanford, florida. the first words jurors heard from the prosecutor were quoting zimmerman's call to 911. >> [ bleep ] punks, these [ bleep ] they always get away. those were the words in that grown man's mouth. as he followed in the dark a 17-year-old boy who he didn't know. >> among the first witnesses to be called was emergency dispatcher who took that call from zimmerman. this is an emotional trial. i mean trayvon martin's mom walked out during that 911 call. and it's only expected to get worse for her because while the prosecution is saying that it's zimmerman screaming f, the defee is saying zimmerman is the one screaming for help in the 911 call. the defense is saying that's trayvon martin screaming for his life. >> they'll let the jury decide for themselves. not going to allow voice analysts comment on that. very interesting in the opening statements. just, you know. >> bizarre. >> bizarre in both cases. clearly the defense's openi
Jul 10, 2013 2:35am EDT
." that looks better than the boy george one. >> interesting hair-do. >> a little. >> robin hood days. >> yes. >> in mileage and gas spent $40. he plans to bill the city. interesting to see if the city will pay him. >> weaned ind up. hopefully they don't write a ticket. to be continued. we'll see. >> i think you are right. >> announcer: more >>> this morning on "world news now" -- anger in court. the judge in the george zimmerman trial walk out late last night after 13 hours of testimony. why today is a key day in the case. >> intense impact -- alarming details what happened on board the jumbo jet that slammed into the runway in san francisco while witnesses share incredible stories. >> i stayed with them. hung out with them. comforted them. just yelling, yelling, for ambulances, fire trucks anyone to come help. >> what the fed now say about the airline crew and where the investigation will go next. >> it's personal. young country music singer puts his heart and money into a song and video with a very strong message. >> i was so obsessed with telling the story and it is resonated with
Mar 10, 2016 2:37am EST
, paul, george and i love you more >> the scene in the uk has mourners pay tribute as the iconic abbey road stud dwloes in produced some of the most beloved albums in modern music history. >> he guided the beatles to become the biggest man in the world and being remembered for his constructions both big and small. here's abc's david muir. >> here we go. >> reporter: sir george martin on the right. there's nothing you can do that can't be done >> reporter: and they did it with help from the fifth beatle, sir george martin, a clackcally trained composer he met them in 1962. the four playing love me do. an audition george martin once admitted that at the time, he wasn't impresses. >> well, it's funny you say because of course, one has to like the music. i didn't. but the answer was their charisma. he helped them to find the sound. >> george had done no rock 'n' roll and we'd never been in the studio. we did a lot of learning yesterday. >> the classic yesterday. martin suggesting to paul mccartney to add a string quartet to his track. i'm not half the man i used to be there's a shadow hang
Apr 5, 2016 3:00am EDT
reena. >> there she is dancing all the way to the bank. jack, who won? >> congratulations to george in the back. >> george. >> he had villanova. >> we should have had a live cam on george. >> how much did he win? he didn't win because he can't bet. but george, congratulations. you win our gets his money. i hope all of you foreclosed up into the pool. >> there's no pool. i don't know what you're talking about. >> coming up later in the mix, a look at how the most famous tar heel is reacting to the game's outcome. >> are you really not allowed to do a pool. >> i'm going back to being a fan. >> police on a high speed chase, the dangerous highway maneuvers and how it finally ended. >> and drug prices on rise. the new numbers this morning and why the most popular prescriptions keep going up. i'm rooting for sunni oswego next year. follow us on instagram, abcwnn for our behind the scenes pics. you're watching "world news now." hey spray 'n wash is and even better. it's powerful formula removes everyday stains the first time. which is bad news for stains, and good news for you.
Nov 6, 2015 3:30am EST
poll numbers. they are now the undercard. nor lindsey graham and former new york governor george pataki didn't make the debate either. that leaves eight candidates on main stage including donald trump, ben car sore and marco rubio. >> dick cheney is reacting to criticism from former president george h.w. bush. cheney telling fox news he took the comment as a mark of pride. with the war of words, here's martha rad dads. >> reporter: it is a book of love, war and just plain gossip. according to "the new york times" the elder president bush rips into the two men who helped guide his son into the iraq war, calling vice president dick cheney just iron ass, hard line, a man who built his own empire. and former secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld -- >> i don't do quagmires. >> reporter: -- an arrogant fellow who served the president badly. rumsfeld fired back saying the 91-year-old bush is getting up in years and misjudges but when talking about cheney's influence, father bush says it's the president's fault. the buck stops there. the younger bush responded saying he was grateful for
Dec 27, 2016 3:00am EST
. >> yes. some of those are bigger than weddings. it's a right of passage. remembering george michael, tributes continue to pour in from those he worked with, those who you see him at the local pub even. that's straight ahead. >>> plus, the monday night matchup, the dallas cowboys looking very much like super bowl contenders in a showdown with detroit. one cowboys' fan who was at the game had quite the story to tell. >>> also, check out behind the scene pictures on instagram. you're watching "world news now." from things in your home for up to 48 hours? it's like having a sick family member that you didn't even know was there. and we all know what happens when one family member gets sick. but lysol spray and lysol wipes kill 99.9% of germs including 8 common cold & flu viruses to help protect your home this cold and flu season. check sunday's paper to save up to $4 on lysol x tops. >>> the sax phoaphone. >> that's my favorite. >> what's your favorite george michael's song? >> a fool, which -- >> i'm a freedom girl myself. >> all right. tell us what's your favorite george micha
Mar 30, 2012 2:40am PDT
weighing in on the surveillance tape showing george zimmerman at the police station. an attorney for martin's family says it clearly shows zimmerman was not injured as he claimed. but his brother robert disputes that saying that george is still suffering the aftermath of an attack. >> he's still healing. it's not healed. he has very severe emotional injuries. he has -- he's been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. he was not right from the moment it happened. he didn't call his family and express anything but, you know, sadness. it was just a darkness. he had changed. he wasn't the same. he would never be the same. >> more family members speaking out. robert zimmerman says his brother actually showed great restraint during the incident and that he didn't just pull out his gun and shoot somebody. >>> now to capitol hill where house republicans pushed through their election year budget plan. the gop plan calls for $3.5 trillion in spending and it rejects higher taxes on the rich. it calls for deficit reduction while cutting medicare, food stamps and transportation. the bill
Aug 20, 2013 2:35am EDT
. >> having george open starbuck's here gives us a meeting point in the morning to come down here or any time during the day the we have the ranger district giving us summaries of the previous day's activities and what they protect the fire to be doing. makes us feel a little bit more comfortable. >> all at once everyone tried to get out of here. it still looks look a ghost town around here. just refreshing having some one stand their ground almost and stay. >> reporter: george is a former fire fighter who charges the men and women on the front line nothing for the needed pick me up. >> they're busting their humps. working their tails off day and night. this fire has gone to a 24-hour fire they're watching it. they've don't get much rest. >> reporter: in a time of distress the homeowners look to one of their own, a community leader, whose open door policy means more than he could ever realize. >> thanks, george. most of all. >> it was an easy decision for us to make to stay open. >> it is not about any financial gains or anything lech that. >> and it is a coffee shop. >> yes. this is tru
Mar 30, 2015 3:00am PDT
indiana to discriminate against gays or lesbians? >> george -- >> it's a yes or no question. >> our exclusive interview ahead. >>> do you need a buddy? the latest smartphone app that will help you put together a new crew of your choice if your existing crew of friends are just lame. >> a lot of my friends are married, having kids and nobody wants to do anything anymore that is even remotely fun. >> reporter: technology helping guys unite. it is monday, march 30th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> it's monday. >> it's monday. >> look at who we got. >> hey, guys. >> look at who we got happy to be back. >> back? when were you here last? >> it's been like a year. happy to be sitting here next to you. they told me you were coming in to town and i said. >> uh-huh. you are not the first. i get that a lot. good to have you. i'm t.j. holmes. we have to start. we have updates we continue to get them on the plane crash in the alps. more updates for you. >> friends and relatives are visiting a site not far from where the plane went down. visitors came from as far as co
Mar 10, 2016 2:37am EST
mourners expected to attend, former president george wfrg bush and his wife laura and first lady michelle obama. >> and in washington, the new canadian prime minister has visited for a state visit complete with his young kids in tow. here's abc's ar let saenz. >> reporter: he's the panda cud ling tattooed boxing young political icon. canada. the prime minister often compared to president obama getting account red carpet treatment in washington. canadian leader in nearly two decades. but he's not the first trudeau to visit the white house. trudeau's father pierre also a prime minister honored at two state dinners hosted by jimmy carter and richard nixon. >> canadians from all across this great country sent a clear message tonight. it's time for a change in this country, my friends. >> reporter: the younger trudeau surprised the world when he beat canada's conservative prime minister last year catapulting him into international stardom. even president obama took notice when they met in the philippines one month later. >> i know canadians are incredibly inspired by your message of h
Dec 10, 2013 1:40am PST
bush and former president george w. bush. secretary of state clinton joining them on air force one, as well, for the long flight. as we said earlier, they reconfigured a little bit. secretary clinton taking over the chief of staff's cabinet. the president has his own apartment up front. presidents jimmy carter and former president clinton getting there on their own this morning. they will all be there today to celebrate nelson mandela. shortly we will be hearing from president obama as we see the mandela family right there. that is nelson mandela's grandson who is now seen as the read of the family, seeing tribal responsibilities. the family gathered outside of noond's home in johannesburg. and they are coming together to celebrate nelson mandela today. this memorial service will go on for several hours here in south africa, and then his body will be taken to pretoria where he will lie in state for three days before the funeral on sunday in his homeland. let's go back. >> a dignified and fitting memorial service in honor of our father, nelson mandela. >> winnie mandela there, forme
Jul 11, 2013 1:40am PDT
... who is nureyev? no. who is george balanchine? ah. let's look at the $600 clue now... what was the 19th amendment? nope. prabhu. oh. what is the 18th amendment? and with that, you lead a.j. by $1,000, and lynn gets to go first in double jeopardy! and we'll start that round in a moment or two. closed captioning sponsored in part by... all right, lynn, you get to pick first from these categories in this upcoming double jeopardy! round. notice the quotation marks there... you know all about them. some people think that "smart aleck" is an oxymoron. lynn, start us. 50 states for $400. what is alaska? uh, 50 states, $800. what is the horned toad? 50 states, $1,200. what is maine? $1,600, states. who is nikki haley? 50 states,0. all of those in new jersey. lynn, go again. uh, movie titles, $400. what is "the iron lady"? movies, $800. what is "wall-e"? movies, $1,200. what is "the rock"? movies, $1,600. oh, that was a big film-- "avatar." "avatar." how quickly we forget. a.j. close out the category, movie, $2,000. what is "the vow"? uh, we love "l.a."--$400. who is arm? no. sorry. lynn or a.j.
Feb 29, 2016 2:05am EST
night costumes, game on point. what did you think about mad max? let us know on social media. george: welcome back to the i'm here with pete docter, director of the award-winning film "inside out." >> we're so grateful to be here. it's been a long haul for us. five years and the film has been embraced around the world. it's so amazing to be here tonight. george: when parents talk to you about what their kids got out of this what do they generally say? >> we set out to just make a funny film that would hopefully relate to people. a couple of folks have said that they felt the film unlocked some new form of communication, that they were able to talk to their kids for the first time and that was beyond anything i couch imagined. george: is it going to be another three or four years before we see you again? because all your films take a long time to make. >> yeah, i would love if it was but "toy story" was four and a half. most of them were pretty long. hunker down and do a lot of work. george: where's the first place this will go in your ho? >> first, i'm going to takist it back to work
Apr 23, 2012 3:00am PDT
killing trayvon martin was released from a central florida jail just a few hours ago. >> george zimmerman was released on $150,000 bail as he awaits trial on second-degree murder charges. it's monday, april 23rd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good monday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. meg oliver is back on a big news night. welcome back. right to work. >> thank you. paula faris is on assignment. always good start the week with you, rob. we'll get to our breaking news about george zimmerman in a moment. we'll also update you on the extreme weather that could impact millions of people here in the northeast. a classic nor'easter is bringing dangerous winds and rain along with more than a foot of snow in pittsburgh and buffalo. we'll get the latest from accuweather. >> i was just outside. messy night. it was 80 degrees two weeks ago, and now some areas seeing snow. it's weird. mother nature playing some tricks on us. >>> testimony begins today in the case of jennifer hudson's estranged brother-in-law. the legal team hopes the jury will not be distra
Mar 30, 2016 2:37am EDT
age of 69. >> she had a remarkable life on and off the screen. and kabc's george pennacchio has a look back on duke's life and care career. >> reporter: after first playing the role of deaf and blind helen keller in the miracle worker on broadway, a teenage patty duke did it again, this time in the 1962 film version. she won an oscar for her performance. a year later, she was starring on television playing identical cousins on "the patty duke show." ♪ ♪ from zanzibar to barclay square but patty's only seen the sites a girl can see from brooklyn heights ♪ >> a year after the show she left squeaky clean behind to play a showbiz hopeful who becomes addicted to drugs in the jacqueline suzanne melodrama ma "valley of the dolls." >> i've got to get up at 5:00 in the morning. and sparkle, sparkle. >> you know it's bad to take that with those pills. >> they work faster. >> reporter: there were flowers today on her her star on the walk of fame. we were there to cover the ceremony in 2004. her actor sons mckenzie and shawn were there to entirety their mom. sean as tin he told me he's
Apr 10, 2012 2:35am EDT
, george zimmerman says i've been forced to leave my home, my school, my employer, my family and ultimately my entire life. the site also solicits donations for his legal fight. this comes as the special prosecutor decides against having a grand jury hear testimony in the case. sources close to the investigation say charges could be filed against zimmerman within days. >>> a mother discovered a horrible scene at a home-based day care center in suburban minneapolis. the woman had already dropped her child off when she noticed a man acting pretty suspiciously. she called the day care back and was talking to someone and that's when the line went dead. she returned and then found three people there had been shot to death. her toddler was in that house but was luckily unharmed. police are now searching for a suspect. >>> jury selection should wrap up today in the trial of the man accused of killing three members of singer jennifer hudson's family. >> four more jurors need to be found, though. given hudson's stardom, that is not going to be easy. abc's diana alvear has the latest. good morning. >
Apr 3, 2012 2:35am EDT
morning america" yesterday. george stephanopoulos was in a flying car. this thing has to become a reality. the jetsons is actually coming here. it's based in massachusetts. they've come up with a prototype flying car. it's actually completed its first flight. they call this the transition. has two seats, four wheels and also wings as you see there. the wings extending. literally can drive like a car but then fly. it flew at 1400 feet for about eight minutes during that prototype test run. and believe it or not, even though this thing costs $279,000, about 100 folks have already put down a $10,000 deposit to get their hands on one when they get it out there in about a year. >> the thing is, it still needs a runway. i'm waiting for the flying car that can lift off in traffic. you still have to drive to the airport and get out that way, but flying cars. >> you can avoid the lines in security. >> jetsons are here, my friends. >>> let me tell you about a pastor who was really concerned about the marriages of his congregation. so concerned that he installed a stripper pole in his church
Jun 29, 2011 2:35am EDT
morning. george stephanopoulos anchors our coverage live at 11:30 eastern time. >>> the first named storm of the atlantic hurricane season is expected to make landfall this evening. >> tropical storm arlene is on track to hit the eastern coast of mexico, packing 60-mile-an-hour winds and coastal areas are bracing for heavy rain, flash flooding and mud slides. o arlene is bringing much-needed rain to south texas but there will be no direct hit on the u.s. >>> let's take a look at your wednesday weather. we do have showers from seattle to portland. also from the colorado rockies into utah, idaho, and montana. a washout from upstate new york to northern new england. showers and thunderstorms in the southeast and along the gulf coast. heat advisories from arkansas to arizona. >> phoenix pushes mercury up to 110. albuquerque 97. salt lake city 98. 80s from kansas. boston gets up to 82. and new york a comfortable 80. >>> we love these stories. they say that love is blind and apparently so are maternal instincts. you have to take a look at this. >> we have some evidence here. a golden retr
Apr 21, 2014 3:00am PDT
prince george in a somewhat embarrassing moment for his parents on easter during the royal tour's down under. you're watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by icy hot smart relief. to you by icy hot smart relief. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide to help you better understand what medicare is all about and which aarp medicare supplement plan works best for you. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients... plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. there's a range of plans to choose from, too, and they all travel with you anywhere in the country. join the millions who ha
Jul 17, 2012 1:40am PDT
heat in just a second. >>> we're also going to turn to an explosive new accusation against george zimmerman. a relative now saying he sexually abused her for years. a case already full of bombshells, this one maybe takes the cake. >> it really does. it's still, i guess, to be decided whether or not that will come in at trial, but certainly people are really buzzing about that. >> unbelievable. >>> and also coming up -- tough talk on the trail. the obama and romney campaigns both ratcheting up the rhetoric with the focus on jobs. >> and later this half hour, a real winning idea from charlie sheen. he's now promising to donate a million bucks to an important cause and maybe a lot more. where is the money coming from and who is cashing in? details on that and more coming up later in "the skinny." >>> we begin with breaking news. reports that 21 people, some of them children, have been shot in toronto. at least two are being reported dead. >> we are still getting details at this hour. police there are calling this incident unprecedented. they say more than 200 people were at a party,
Mar 3, 2016 3:30am EST
. how she was able to fight him off. >> and could george clooney be calling it quits. why the actor says he has no intention of aging gracefully on the big that's in "the skinny" on this thursday, march 3rd. >>> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> many people who have seen "hail caesar" recently are like, thank you, george, for leaving. no, it's a good movie. good morning to you on this friday eve. thursday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. ttle to take down donald the trump. gop leaders uniting to break the winning streak after a super tuesday blowout. >> trump has released some details of his health care plan ahead of tonight's debate. it's mostly in line with the republican philosophy. but today, former gop nominee mitt romney is leading the charge against trump. abc's tom llamas has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: the candidate dividing the republican party as never before, now pledging to bring it together. >> i'm a unifier. i know people are going to find that a little bit hard to believe. but believe me, i am a unifier. once we get a
Dec 8, 2015 3:30am EST
father revealing his boy george now understands what christmas is all about and he can't wait to see santa. the second in line to the throne saying my george will be bouncing around like a rabbit if i get any sleep on christmas eve, it will be good. for the first time this couple will be celebrating it as a family of four which william says might be exciting. >> he seems to think that it might be quite a challenging christmas having two little ones running around. >> reporter: but that makes christmas even more sentimental. the prince adding it's a very different experience at christmas having a family of your own. just like princess diana did with william and harry, these royal parents are trying to give their little ones as normal an upbringing as possible. >> princess diana was keen to shelter william and harry from the spotlight as much as possible. and that's exactly what william and kate will doing. >> william and kate will attend will joint royal service at sand ringham. her family will join in at their newly renovated home in norfolk and what about uncle harry. >> maybe he'll
Apr 19, 2017 3:30am EDT
developments about, former president george back in the hospital in houston this morning. >> admitted four days ago after ate persistent cough prevented him from sleeping. diagnosed with mild case of pneumonia which is what he had also in january. bush's spokesperson says the 92-year-old is resting comfortably and held for observation. >>> vice president mike pence issued a warning to north korea as he continues his visit to japan. pence addressed troops aboard "uss ronald reagan" south of tokyo, vowing an overwhelming and effective response, response, to any use of conventional or nuclear weapons by north korea. he also assured japan the united states was ready to work to resolve the threat through peaceful means. and we're learning more about the location of an aircraft carrier, the one president trump referred to when he said he was sending an armada to north korea. turns out the "uss carl vinson" was nowhere near north korea, 3,000 miles away heading in the opposite with australian navy. pentagon officials told "the new york times" it was difficult to roll back the story with president
Oct 30, 2015 3:30am EDT
, lyft. >> how alma and george clooney are expanding their family. >> and also ahead, the high school football coach sent to the stands for praying with his team. and last night the satanists that showed up to show their support for the school. >>> in "the skinny," harrison the dog harrison ford showing up on kimmel last night. but not going with a "star wars" theme. yeah, he's hans sausage. and the big weather map, by the way. a chilly 35 in anchorage. >> it's 35? >> i wonder if they'll have to wear jackets with their halloween costumes. >>> "world news now" weather, brought to you by mucinex fast max. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... wait, what?! you realize i have gold status? do i still get the miles? new mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. >> important message for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, peo
Jul 10, 2014 2:11am EDT
to you on this throwback thursday. >> also ahead, the world's most watched baby, prince george. about to turn one. we will bring you royal anticipation. >> oh, can't wait. first, the world cup heads towards sunday's big finale. brazilians can't get over their team's loss. oh, come on, pull the together, brazil. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. to me, relationships matter. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll
Jun 1, 2016 2:07am PDT
even chose to keep things simple. so you had boxer and cooking appliance pitchman george foreman who named his five sons george junior, george iii, george iv, george v, george vi with nicknames to tell them apart and one of his seven daughters georgetta. >> oh, my gosh. he's not self-important, is he? >> finally, one guy, one name and one very big price for his old house. >> so singer lenny kravitz may be regretting having let this one go. his former mediterranean style miami beach mansion, 11,000 square feet, six bedrooms, very nice there, 11 bathrooms. because you never know where you want to go in the middle of the night, saltwater swimming pool, no less, and it's right there on biscayne bay. >> he bought the mansion in 2001 for just under $9 million, sold it four years later to a new york city real estate developer for $14 million. >> still a good payback. > $5 million after just four years. >> so this developer, this property developer is known for renovating the fountainebleau hotel, the iconic hotel. >> he has a good eye. >> now that developer is selling it for $25 million. >>
Mar 25, 2011 2:05am PDT
. >>> coming up, the dispute with kirstie alley and george lopez. who's apologizing now. >>> and we'll help you keep track of courteney cox and love life. we'll be back with "the skinny." o ♪ skinny so skinny >>> there you go, willis. sounded good for friday. we have to get him to chime in. time for "the skinny." starting with a good story talking about courteney cox and david arquette. everybody knows they split up. many people wonder why they got together in the first place. she is so gorgeous and he's a little on the strange side. >> he is. that's part of his charm. some women like, you know, eclectic dude -- >> he's been wearing parachute pants since the '80s. he's still got them on. they are been seen on the set of the latest screen movie holding hands, kissing, giggling. could a reconciliation be in the works? ♪ reunited feels so good >> this after he apparently slept with somebody right after they broke up. he went on radio station and -- >> admitted it. >> -- sheen style admitted he hooked up with somebody because he said they weren't having any relations at home and that's
Jun 1, 2012 1:40am PDT
george w. bush since he left the white house. however, he and the former first lady were aside the president yesterday. >> as jake tapper shows us, there was no shortage of humor. >> reporter: president obama welcomed his predecessor back to the white house. the occasion? the unveiling of the official white house portraits of the bushes. >> thank you so much for inviting our rowdy friends to my hanging. >> reporter: former president bush seemed to enjoy his return to the limelight recalling when the british burned down the white house in 1814, the first lady at the time ran to rescue the first portrait of george washington. >> now, michelle, if anything happens, there's your man. it is my privilege to introduce the greatest first lady ever -- sorry, mom. >> laura bush seemed to enjoy her moment as well. >> nothing makes a house a home like having portraits of its former occupants staring down at you from the walls. >> reporter: but it was also a day of emotion. from a son to his father. >> i am honored to be hanging near a man who gave me the greatest gift possible, unconditional l
Feb 23, 2017 3:30am EST
together along with the touching duet with george michael. we're going to have the complete story ahead in "the skinny." it is thursday, february 23rd. ahead >> from abc news, this is abc "world news now." >> big congratulations. are under way in indiana right now. >> to our new friend to. >> a mystery person/relative, who just won the powerball jackpot, $435 million. check your tickets, people. 10, 13 is, 28, 52, 61, and the powerball number is -- >> 2. >> get to it. >> come on, guys. >> any day now, come on, geez. >> way too long. >> $435 million on the line here. >> if that is you. >> there it is. >> feel free to call us. kendis and i are here for you. >> we will support you. >> have a short list. i will support you. we mean we would like you to support us. >> us. >> moving on now, we're going to start things off with the crackdown happening right now at the dakota access pipeline. >> yeah, some of the protesters who had been camping there for several months, as you know, they set fire to their wooden shacks as they left. ordered by the government to get out overnight. >> a handful were
Sep 5, 2017 3:30am EDT
. >> uncle harry isn't the only one excited. the entire world is on baby watch. first came george, then came charlotte. now a new baby will make three. >> the queen is delighted with the news. we're told that charles is delighted. >> again, the duchess is suffering from acute morning sickness. hyperemesis gravidarum which she suffered during the first two pregnancies, it causes severe nausea and can lead to dehydration. they have been open about wanting a large family, talking about it during their engagement. >> it is very important to me. a happy family ourselves. >> obviously, we want a family, so, you know, we'll have to start thinking about that. >> the duchess of cambridge joking about a new baby back in july when she was given a stuffed animal designed for newborns at an event in poland. and will and kate have proved to be hands-on parents to george and charlotte, who have delighted royal watchers recently in their aunt pippa's wedding and traveling with their parents to official visits in poland and germany. >> they like to travel with them. they're not just having george and ch
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