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May 21, 2017 4:15am EDT
meeting on february 22, 1856, which happened to be george washington's birthday, george snyder, the editor of the leading german language newspaper in illinois proposed a plan to denounce the know nothings and the nativists present at the meeting opposed it. the conference to create the republican party threatened to collapse. schneider announced he would finally submit his resolution to lincoln and abide by his decision. gentlemen declared lincoln, the resolution introduced by mr. snyder is nothing new. it is already contained in the declaration of independence. this declaration of mr. lincoln, schneider recalled, saved the resolution and in fact helped to establish the new party on the most liberal democratic basis. therefore, lincoln's judgment made possible the creation of the illinois republican party, which became the instrument that would in four years carry him to the republican nomination for president, but he could not foresee that distant future that nor could he predict the shocking 10 days that shook the world that would soon polarize and clarify the conflict. 10 days i
Aug 19, 2017 12:43am EDT
editors, an important man named george snyder, who edits one over the most important papers in chicago, the german language newspaper. biggest german language newspaper in the united states and the proposes a planning against the know nothings, and they're nativists in the meeting, other editor, and the whole thing thens to disintegrate, and snyder says, let lincoln decide. and lincoln says, gentlemen, the answer is in the declaration of independence. and you can't found a new party on any other principle. all men are created equal. so that settles it. they say -- lincoln says, it's all right. and they found the illinois republican party. without that it would november have existed. so -- it would not have existed. so newspaper editors and newspapers were very much intrinsic to the politic of the day. they were political players. >> host: just one of the personal things about lincoln, much is discussed recently about the death of willy, the wonderful george saunders novel, but we sometimes forget it was eddie two died during this period, and write about that. can you tell us how that l
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)