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2016 12
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, george stephanopoulos. loans arena, they call it the "q" in cleveland. in just minutes, donald trump will bulldoze through tradition one more time. making the first primetime speech at his own convention. i'm here with our team of political analysts right here. strategists from both parties. our reporters tracking all security issues surrounding the event. and matthew dowd, looks like a normal convention. but this is no ordinary convention, no ordinary time. >> i don't think you can underestimate what's going on in the country, and with the republican party. we have immense social, cultural, and political and a billionaire is taking over a party and the establishment. >> and martha raddatz, it comes against the backdrop of so much turmoil around the world. and the theme tonight, make america safe again. >> people are scared. you look at nice, paris, and san bernardino. and donald trump is talking right to these fears. donald trump, they say, will make america safe. he says waterboarding, bomb isis. these are complex problems, he doesn't have detailed plans, but this is what he'
. now reporting,george stephanopoulos. >> good evening. welcome tonight to the republican convention, head lined by eric trump and mike pence. donald trump, he came into the hall just a few minutes ago. when we spoke late today, he talked about his highlight of the convention so far. were you more proud of your kids or yourself? >> it was them. the excitement, and other networks have reported it was one of the most exciting things they've ever seen. >> we just had some real drama in the hall. ted cruz, one of the candidates vanquished by trump in the primaries, gave his speech, did not endorse donald trump, told the delegates to vote their c converco conscien conscience. he was booed, donald trump came in. >> this another first in a campaign, a speaker in primetime comes into the convention, who seemed to love to be hated. he came in with anger aimed at hillary clinton, and turned it to himself. >> but he was looking ahead to 2020, this was not about 2016. >> this was the first speech of the 2020 republican primary. when he said vote your conscien conscience, some will feel free to v
, someone who couldn't be cured, could be. me. ♪ >>> back live in cleveland. here again is george stephanopoulos. >> we are back here live at the convention. ben carson coming up. you heard the speech from don trump jr. put his father's business record front and center. the democrats are going to do that too. >> there's no question. look, donald trump has left a lot of misery behind. we know that he had the fraudest students who wanted to go to trump university. we knew he rooted for the housing market to crash. thousands of lawsuits, donald trump has a record, there is no question about it. it's not a record that most hillary clinton is going to expose that next week at the democratic convention. and you know what else? she is going to continue to raise the fact that he's the first nominee in recent history that has not relaxed his tax returns. she's released 38 years of tax returns. what is he hiding? what is he hiding. >> how big of a problem is that going to be? >> i think right now, voters want to know who is going to make the economy better. tonight's theme of the convention
republican national convention, live from cleveland. now reporting, george stephanopoulos. >> good evening from cleveland. this is it, the fourth and final night of the republican convention. the question now, can donald trump define this convention with the speech of his life? there you see him coming in with his wife melania, his 10-year-old son barron. and moments, his daughter ivanka will come on to introduce her dad, just like when he launched his improbable bid in manhattan. >> this is the arena that the cleveland cavaliers came in. it's like the coach came in, and said you're not playing together, and the team said, just give the ball to lebron james in the fourth quarter. >> and now the ball will go to ivanka trump, daughter of donald trump. let's watch. >> ladies and gentlemen, please give a very warm welcome to ivanka trump. ♪ it's all right [ cheers and applause ] >> good evening. [ inaudible ] >> thank you. one year ago, i introduced my father when he declared his canadidac candidacy. and he prevailed against a very talented field of 16 competitors. for more than a ye
the country. this is the republican national convention live from cleveland. now reporting, george stephanopoul stephanopoulos. >> good evening and welcome to day two here in cleveland. it's official now. tonight, donald trump has become the republican nominee for the united states. he has rolled over more than a dozen republican candidates and here is that piece of history. put over the top by his son, don jr. >> it is my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the top in the delegate count tonight with 89 delegates. and another 6 for john kasich. congratulations, dad, we love you! >> then just about an hour ago, donald trump spoke to this convention for the second time in two nights. and bracing that moment. >> today has been a very, very special day, watching my children put me over the top earlier. what we did getting the party's nominee. i will never forget it. it is something i will never, ever forget. a little over one year ago, i announced my candidacy for president. and with your vote today, this stage of the presidential process has come to a close. we're going to bri
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)