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Jan 4, 2015 6:30pm EST
here. and caps win, they win 4-3. >>> all right, some women's hoops, george washington at dayton. lady colonials are really good if you didn't know. a good name to have when you play for george washington. two of her 23. had a tight game at dayton. watch jones, 6-4, bruce. prince george's county product of river dale baptist. they win 69-66. >>> all right, st. louis at george mason. look at that guy right there. cindy cole from the wings. lady patriots are up 8 at the half. then the ladies rally to take the lead. no problem. action, jackson ties a career high with 20. george mason wins 66-57. >>> and two losses today as the folks in this area remember hank peters, the gm of the last orioles team to win a world series in 1983. peters passed away this morning from complications of a recent stroke. one of the most recognizable figures also passing away today. stewart scott, passing away this morning after the seven- year battle with cancer bringing a unique lingo becoming very popular with the young audiences. do you remember that? that is a part of it now. scott was only 49 years o
May 24, 2015 6:30pm EDT
east-west highway by the prince georges mall when he was struck by the errant motorcycle. two of the adults hit with him as they tried to make a left- hand turn, that car was struck. the motorcycle went airborne, slid across the road into young alejandro and others. santos died at the hospital. he lived here on cherry wood terrace. no one seems to know the young man here or his family. the motorcycle driver was also seriously injured and police are now saying speed was a factor for the motorcycle when it hit that car. an adult injured in the crash and one other child are still in critical condition. no one has been charged in this accident yet, but police say when they finish their investigation, they will turn the case over to the state attorney for possible charges. we should mention that police are still looking for witnesses in this case. if you have any information or if you were there yesterday and saw this accident, give the prince george's county police a call. in greenbelt, hank silverberg, w usa9. >> thank you for that report. this memorial day weekend, bikers from around t
Jul 19, 2015 6:30pm EDT
brady of prince george's county fire says that their calls are up probably because of the heat. >> that's right in nats park they're seeing more people being treated in the office for heat-related issues. finding ways to beat the heat has been a must for folks across the area today. >> we've got reports from crews who have been out all day, we'll start with garrett hayes, how bad is it there? >> reporter: unofficially out here it is 95 degrees. that's hot, downright oppressive by any count any time of the year. if you have to be out in this today, it may not be the worse place it may be. on a day this hot a little bit of water can go a very long way. in the fountains of downtown silver springs, a steady chilly flow drew a including loretta francis playing under her grandma's watchful eye. >> why do your kids love it so much? >> it cools them down, it's fun, occupies their time. >> reporter: but the sun zapped the time. >> the heat is just too hot. >> reporter: and then those embracing the heat making grilled goat, lamb, chicken across the corner. >> you've got to be really hot
Dec 8, 2013 6:30pm EST
regret having done that. the roads right now, more wet than anything right now in prince george's county. but if you will be out here, you need to show the action. >> thank you for that fairfax and the county schools and many other districts to the west, which will be closed tomorrow. we are waiting word for the others. they have not reported in about closing the delays for them on monday and the federal government, they needed to declare the leave as early as tonight. and many schools, they are typically alerting us between 4:00 to 5:00 in the morning, which is why the -- which is why they will start tomorrow at 4:00 in the morning. >>> and you saw fedex field today. 45-10, a big loss to kansas city. dave owens is standing by live. dave, what are they saying about the latest defeat? >> reporter: i'll tell you what, bruce. it was awful. i mean, the catastrophe on out here at fedex field. i would never accuse the team or the man accused of being acquitted that they might have thrown in that towel already and getting rid of the season. they have their evidence here today. he said th
May 31, 2015 6:30pm EDT
>>> gunfire breaks out in a neighborhood park in prince georges county. one person is dead. three are hurt. hello, i am debra alfarone. >> i am bruce johnson. breaking news tonight. families, including children, were enjoying ardmore park this afternoon when gunfire erupted. county police say a car rolled up, shots rang out from one of the vehicle's windows into a crowd of people on the basketball court. >> four people were hit. one is now dead. garrett is live on the scene in springdale where he talked to witnesses and police. >> reporter: you can tell by the size. crime scene behind me this is a very big and on the weekends a very active community park. i spoke to some folks who have been coming here sunday for decades and they have never seen or heard of anything like today's brazen midday drive by shooting. police say around 2:30 this afternoon a car carrying at the least one gunman rolled into the parking lot at the ardmore park and opened tire. the shooting happened near the back of the parking lot towards the basketball courts. bullets struck at least four people, including
Jul 12, 2015 6:30pm EDT
spilling out of a house party in accokeek, maryland, when a body was discovered. >> prince george's police say daryl king jr. of waldorf, maryland, was pronounced dead at the hospital. now they are looking for whoever shot him. >> we tracked down people who left that party last night not realizing that somebody had been shot. >> reporter: i would never believe that. >> not in this community. >> it's unbelievable. >> reporter: residents are stunned that someone was shot to death outside of an upscale subdivision of farmington woods in accokeek, maryland, aren't one this morning. >> surprise. we didn't realize it until this morning when we were leaving for church. >> reporter: police say hundreds were drawn to a party at the first house as you enter the upscale neighborhood on whistling wood court. at least 200 people showed up to the house and possibly as many as 900 attended the party. would you believe that? >> i would be surprised about the crowd. i wouldn't be surprise about that number. >> have you been able to speak with the -- >> can you tell us what happened? >> reporter: they told
Jun 14, 2015 6:30pm EDT
annapolis. even the stuff we showed you at the top of the broadcast in southern prince george's, here. east of 301 now towards lower marlboro, seeing some of the rain here. but it's not as intense as it was earlier as you can see lower marlboro as it is all moving towards huntington. this will rain itself out in the next half hour. look at this guy about to cross the bridge there just south of us. some heavy downpours producing a little lightning headed towards the mountain at 6:40 right now basically. la platta at 7:03 and rogers mill at 7:15. heavy showers tracking with nothing terrible here. and this will be tracking towards culpeper as it looks like the southwestern areas of the county over the next 30 to 45 minutes with a lot on radar. right now temps have cooled up from 73 to 79. light rain at the top of the hour, but it has exited reagan national as they have been all over the place with the outflows from the storms where it has not stormed, it is quite hot. fredericksburg 91 in the upper 70s and the lower 80s with a lot of things going on in the country with a lot of deep mois
Mar 8, 2015 6:30pm EDT
ramirez, wusa news. >>> the last three principals george's county police officers to die in the line of duty have all been killed in car crashes. >>> a year ago today a county clerk was shot in the head during a robbery. tonight thatmother of three is still recovering from those gunshot wounds and the person who shot her is still out there somewhere. the sheriffs office wants people to take a look at these images. the suspect is described as a white male in his 30s. he's about five foot five or five foot eight inches tall. if you have any information, please contact the local police. >>> this is the payoff for all that snow. how long will this great weather las ? >> bruce, we're going to get to enjoy this weather until tuesday, and then this is what's heading our way. one more dry day, and then this rain that's right now moving through the region. that's texas, arkansas and louisiana will make its way toward us. you can see a few sprinkles showing up. none ofthose are going to impact us. if you live in the mountains, you might get a quick sprinkle early in the evening. but inthe imme
Apr 19, 2015 6:30pm EDT
their calm and heroic actions during the prince george's county house fire. >> that fire caused a lot of damage. the good thing is all five people inside got out alive. thanks to dramatic 911 tape. the firefighter who first arrived to make that happen. >> live at the fire house in fort washington. garrett, tell us exactly what happened. >> reporter: firefighters describe this as a rare situation everything went right starting with the 13-year-old boy who stayed cool. >> i wonder if the location of your emergency. >> the call came in before 7:00 a.m. where that boy was trapped in his room with his 9-year-old sister. >> i'll need you to go out. >> okay stay on the phone with me. >> reporter: the dispatcher tried to keep the boy calm. i'm sending the fire department. on board that truck is a man who will be a grandfather soon. >> reporter: with smoke filling the room, you can hear sirens as firefighters arrived outside. eight minutes in to the call. >> yes, keep them on to it. >> reporter: the boy told the dispatcher exactly what room he was in and where the lieutenant could find him. wh
Nov 24, 2013 6:30pm EST
block of reed street around 7:30 last night. this evening prince george's county police are asking for help in identifying suspects. they are offering a $25,000 reward. get this, they are putting up another $100,000 for others. surae chinn begins our coverage tonight. >> and to know that he is gone, it's like, well, unreal. it's like unreal. >> reporter: a friend and former co-worker drove to the crime scene, where the 26-year- old tyson barnett of upper marlboro was shot and killed on the sign of the delivery route saturday night in landover. see you know, a life is taken. and it is so easy as it seems like it is senseless and people, they don't care now. and it is not precious to people anymore. >> i knew that they had gunshots because i know what they sound like as i got up and they started running. >> it'd be the rarest. >> reporter: he is the president of the rockville branch of the national association of letter carriers. he didn't represent barnett or the area where he was killed. but he has been the loudest voice in trying to get postal workers off the streets before it gets da
May 10, 2015 6:30pm EDT
george's county police officer. >> reporter: the warren hole -- warren holmes was killed in the line of duty in 2005. it's been a tough year for law enforcement. in the recent turmoil in baltimore. >> what you see is what they would do wrong as this are some that they are human beings. that you don't very seldom see the good that's done. >> but behind the high-profile cases is the reality that they would like the public to know. the law enforcement officers in the united states have 44 million contacts with the public every year. or the threat of it used 2% of the time. >> get up, put on my uniform. , in hopes that i would never have to use it. sometimes where she one, but we have more that don't. >> last year alone they were gunned down in ambush attacks. triple the number of the previous year. andrea mccarren wusa9. >> and police point out that one law enforcement officer is killed every 60 hours in the united states. more than 100,000 are hurt every year in the line of duty. >>> and in west baltimore a top artist prince will headline the concert tonight to help that city heal from
Mar 2, 2014 6:30pm EST
, 77-73. >>> the battle of the george's. how about mason now? the bank is open on sunday as allen says i think so. mason up in this thing and then we had a lot of gw3s here and they all came from this player, putting g-mason up the creek. down the stretch with a couple of them as gw holds on to win66-58. >>> 87-48 over virginia tech for the women's game. 20 points, 12 boards after she had her jersey retired, finishing second all time in points and rebounds behind crystal langhorn. >>> here is a good omen. no nat's starting pitcher has given up a run this spring. that's important. i know it's spring and i know these games don't really count, but starting pitching is where the nats are better than most and to see them hurling this well already, that's a positive sign. let's get out to the era today. matt williams undefeated. do you think that he will go 165-0 as a manager? i don't think so. wilson ramos showed up. he had a nice day with two hits on the day. doug fister won 14 games a year ago, two innings pitched. first run by a starter all spring long. adam laroach, well the baseba
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12