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Nov 25, 2016 6:00am EST
year it attracted international visitors from as far away china and the middle east looking to cash in on big discounts. >> germany. china. so everybody's here. >> we don't really celebrate thanksgiving in china. you know, when we come to the u.s. we get to celebrate the shopping experience. >> michael kors and coach stores drew some of the longest lines overnight with some shoppers reporting they scored high-end handbags for more than 80% off. there is still time to take tonight. >> a lot of you make black friday frenzy a family affair. a family lined up at target thursday night as part of an annual thanksgiving day tradition. they start their christmas shopping, but they also have a charity on their list. they couldn't wait to pick out the present his parents had been promising. >> i am getting it like i wanted. >> he asked if he could see the dirt bike we ve >> i want this one. >> we do black friday. we get a doorbuster and donate it to charity. >> before you head out go to wtsp our or 10news app and we will give you a peek of the sale ads. >>> the holidays can be a difficult time f
Jan 19, 2016 6:00am EST
commission. back to you. >> good information. thank you very much. >>> china is reporting its lowest economic growth figures in 25 years. the world's second largest economy saw a 7% growth last year. expectations it is lower than all years going back to 1990. this comes as china's markets traded flat today. >>> if your twitter account is not updating this morning you are not the only one. technical issues caused a worldwide outage for three hours. it is now partially working again. some people are still seeing an error message when they try to use the site. we don't know what is causing the outage. >>> good news for your wallet. aaa says that oil is at the lowest level since nearly a decade ago meaning gas prices continue to fall. take a look at the national average. $1.98 a gallon. the average price in st. pete is $1.86. >>> when was the last time you saw prices at the pump for look at this here. in michigan one gas station sold it at 47-cents a gallon. >> how many people just kept driving because they thought it was a mistake? >> of course you would think it was a mistake. gas went
Oct 24, 2016 6:00am EDT
is china's largest online they are going to offer a two- hour delivery window on groceries and this increases their footprint in china. this service has more than 25 million customers and they deliver to about 300 cities. >>> the canadian space agency has awarded montreal company an almost $2 million u.s. contract. astro skin is a biomonitorring system designed to collect data international space station in 2018. >>> when it comes to holiday shopping, should you wait or go now? >> matt granite shows us some of the hottest holiday gifts and when to buy. >> reporter: i have been preparing for black friday and cyber monday since this past may mainly because i have no life, a wife, and few friends. i care about your wallet more than anyone in the country. brand new ipads prices you will see. before i get to the items that i would and would not buy, in front of me the most requested gift of the holiday season. take a look at your reminder that drones are not a good purchase until november 22. i will have them 80% off. tvs november 24th and wireless headphones the number three request fro
Feb 18, 2016 6:00am EST
. >> weather is so perfect. >> you cannot ask for better weather. >>> apple pay is available in china. this is late for the country. apple is working with union system has been available in the u.s. two years and has spread around the world. >>> twitter is rolling out a new feature. company will add a button so you can insert gifts into tweets and direct messages. these are become a main stay in pop culture. they are moving images between a cross of a photo and video clip. it listen available to all users in the next couple weeks. >>> if you played the florida lottery in the past couple days you may want to check your ticket. >> a $43 million ticket sold. winning numbers 4, 11, 15, 22, 44, 49 with an extra 3. check your tickets. maybe you have some cash coming your way. >> after we figured out who the powerball winner was. >> can you imagine if you fed all those numbers and someone >>> thank you for joining us. hope you have a great day. we'll see you back here for (vo) making the most out of every mile. impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, captioning funded by cbs it is thursday,
Feb 15, 2016 6:00am EST
to the it was one of the most ambitious economic initiatives to compete with nearby china. >>> san diego life guards made a rescue in three days on sunday when a teenager was swept into a cove. the teen was knocked in the water off a cliff and was slammed up against the rocks. fortunately he was only bruised during the incident. >>> teenager boys deprived of deep sleep are at a higher risk for diabetes according to researchers at penn state. boys who did not get the more restful stage of sleep were likely to develop incident resistance. >>> sports illustrated is making history for the latest cover swim models of the swim suit issue for the first time models on three different covers. >>> let's head over to road warrior hilary zalla. >> we heard from fhp on ulmerton road this is a possible fatality accident. we do know the person is still alive. if you are heading this way eastbound lanes are still closed at carol lawn parkway. your best bet is roosevelt boulevard as a detour. i'll let you know when they are able to open up a lane. our big story the howard frankland bridge a fatal a
Feb 24, 2016 6:00am EST
a mountain. two of the passengers were from china and kuwait the rest were from nepal. relatives are expected to arrive at the airport later while the search continues. marijuana in florida. it appears it appears to fall stalled in the state senate. sen. bradley says anyone diagnosed with terminal illness should be able to use full strength marijuana. on tuesday bradley said the state has to be ready to implement the medical marijuana proposition on the november ballot. but the right to try act has already hit a few roadblocks. an amendment that would speed up the process of the medical back tax in 2014 is thousand 14 is still in court. right now florida over only allows >>> people against tracking will meet outside temple terrace city hall. to oppose a bill of fast-track tracking for oil and gas in florida. the group floridians against tracking is hoping to get the attention of sen. tom tom lee so he voted no on the bill. >>> you know every time there's construction on the roads in tampa bay it's a nightmare. it is about to happen again and is is expected to get worse. sarah, 60,000
Feb 10, 2016 6:00am EST
. >>> china has reported its first case of tran4. they say man who recently traveled to venezuela contracted the virus. the country's family planning commission says they do not expect the virus to spread. >>> in health news a new report hospital. researchers at yale from patient to go to veterans a attack, of fill hostels for heart attack, heart failure, or pneumonia have lower death rates the compared to patients to go to non-va hospitals. the study also study also found a non- readmission rates were higher at va facilities. >>> the royal caribbean cruise ship them is by a powerful storm will arrive in new jersey later tonight. and some of the seas went to storm with hurricane force winds and 40-foot waves on sunday. that force the captain to ask everyone to go to their cabins until the storm passed early monday. them seriously. is considering legal action against the city of ferguson. after city leaders called for a revision of supposed change. the changes were announced in front of a packed house on tuesday night. before the vote. city leaders are still nervous about the cost
Mar 14, 2016 6:00am EDT
from china last year. >>> we had a big weekend in the tampa bay area. so many events going on. friday i emceed the salvation army's luncheon. >> these folks support the angel free program and kettle crush. you can see them with the kettle bells during the holiday season. it is an honor to emcee the event on friday. >> that is great event to say thank you to all of them. >> we had another cool event, it was a cruise for a cure put on by one voice foundation that raises money for pediatric cancer research. all the money stays locally. university of south florida has been working for years on researching pediatric cancer. a lot of families were affected. it was a nice opportunity to raise money for the cause. >> and you got to go on a cruise ship. >> everyone else was getting ready to take the ship. they donate the dining room to this group once a year to hold this fundraising event. >>i'm glad you didn't hop on the cruise and are with us this monday morning. >>> tampa is making other cities green with envy when it comes to st. patrick's day. >> find out where the city ranks on the best
Feb 11, 2016 6:00am EST
planned for 2018. it will sail from china to dubai. it will carry enough lifeboats for every passenger and the hull will be welded and not rivetted. australian tycoon and politician is behind this. sank on april 15, 1912. a lot of people are interested in getting on this cruise ship and plan to pay a lot of money. i have the story on my facebook page. >>> remember this guy here. the little sea lion from last week. she made her way into a california restaurant. she was suffering an eye injury. experts at sea world rescued her and have been taking good care of her. >> she has gained four pounds and is well nourished after receiving fluids and oral nutrition. >> sea world says it is optimistic this pup will make a full recovery and be returned to the ocean. >>> let's get back over to road warrior hilary zalla. couple hot spots this morning. >> we had a big accident in land o'lakes on land o'lakes south. i want to take you live to our sky 10 network camera. delays. point. this is southbound land o'lakes or u.s. 41. blocking all lanes but one. only that right lane is squeezing by. there is
Oct 20, 2016 6:00am EDT
is now in the china sea and clean-up can finally begin. we don't know if anybody was hurt or killed. >>> more crazy video this morning. this is clean-up taking place explosion. you see the damage on the street here. this is in a shopping district area. eight people were hurt, including some police officers and firefighters. they all are expected to be okay thankfully. now, firefighters were inside the building at the time of the explosion. others were in the surrounding buildings trying to help get people out. >>> 6:13 is the time. one team is headed to the world series. the cleveland indians. they will represent the american league. it was a big night to beat the toronto blue jays game five wednesday night to ticket. part of the indians' success has come from brandon guyer when he was traded away in august. >>> we can't forget about the national league. this is an exciting series right now. tied at two games apiece, the cubs of course led by former rays manager joe maddon beat the dodgers 10-2 in los angeles. game five tonight. we will have highlights at 11:00. >>> if you are keepi
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10