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Jan 28, 2016 11:00pm EST
top china. not everyone was happy to learn about serious health code >> 27 violations. >> 27? >> 27? not 1 but 27? that's too many. >> why? >> that's unhealthy. that's unsanitary. >> we shared the health customers. the chicken. >> it has to be a certain amount of degrees. >> a roach issue on the cook line, under the cook line. 30 on the refrigerator. >> that's nasty. that's nasty. >> what are you going to do? >> not eat the food no more. >> it led to an emergency closure. the health inspector found more roaches on the prep table and again the next day crawling up the refrigerator door. >> they said to clean it. >> this employee said the roach were was taken care of. >> are there any more? >> no more. you don't see any. >> we like to give the show us back in their kitchen. is that something we can do today? >> i think we can't -- i'm not owner or manager. >> okay. >> do you have anywhere to reach the owner or manager who might give us permission to look around? >> i don't know his number. >> the establishment written up for not having a manager on duty. they are required to have the
Nov 24, 2016 11:00pm EST
on. >> reporter: she is visiting all the way from china and says the prices here are half of what she would pay back home. >> we don't really celebrate thanksgiving in china. week -- we come here to celebrate the shopping >> reporter: even those working say the excitement is contagious. >> it is black friday, it is thanksgiving day, this is what we work for all year. >> reporter: we are here live with this woman who has been shopping tonight. what have you got in there? >> all kinds of stuff, vera bradley, jewelry. >> reporter: good deals tonight? >> yes, a lot of good deals. i would suggest i would suggest people come out and stt >> reporter: they are not the only ones shopping, take a look, i did a little shopping of my own. we wanted to take a look at prices last night and compare them to tonight, i can tell you, they had great deals last night as well. i got these shirts on sale for 50% off last night. but there are some additional door busters tonight. >> i am so impressed. his receipt was like this long. >> ii want to know what he got me. >> tonight, many people making frenz
Mar 1, 2016 11:00pm EST
customers might be queasy after hearing about the health code violations inside the kitchen at china wok. it is located in the 8400 block of north armenia avenue in tampa. and we have the election and restaurant red alert. >> reporter: and christina says she is a frequent cuesdommer at tampa's china worldcom on north armenia avenue. >> it is right around the corner and fairly cheap. >> reporter: here to pick up her lunch, she had no idea this very location was shut down by state health inspectors just a week earlier. it is racking up 42 violations on their january 27th inspection. 25 inside the door handle of the walk-in cooler. 10 under the steam table on the cook's line, and even one on a utensil under the rice steamer. the inspector also ordered a stop sale after witnessing an employee washing their hands right above the raw chicken contaminating the food. another employee written up for failing to use soap. >> it makes me not want to eat. it makes me not want to come back. >> reporter: we shared the full list of violations with customers. >> washing your hands over raw food, that
Nov 26, 2016 11:00pm EST
complaining about it is made in china. this is a good opportunity to support us. >> there are eight families whose livelihood depend on these cigar store. -- there are eight families whose livelihood depend on us the dock -- there are eight families whose livelihood >>> a homecoming service in st. petersburg for air american hero . friends and family said there finally goodbye to willie rogers at the church in saint pete where he was a member. our news partner shot these images. rogers died last friday night due to complications from a a stroke. he was 101 years old. >>> now to the big college football showdown. we caught up with fans before the game. one of them was our very own sports anchor. there were lots of excited fans. >> we are not here to make enemies. we are here to have fun. but we are here to have fun. thank you for coming over from orlando. >> we are excited today. >> you flaws -- usaf won the game. -- usaf won the game. we will have more on that coming up. >>> a trip to the everglades takes a scary turn when a hunter find out he is the one being hounded. -- a trip to
Jan 7, 2016 11:00pm EST
news out of china. trading is finally up. trading was stopped earlier this week after a plunge triggered a circuit breaker. officials now believe that that breaker was making the market more volatile. foreign regulators us is market opened. >>> we know that millions of people come to the bay area to enjoy our beaches. but the big guava is gaining steam. why tampa tourism is breaking records. >> reporter: there is an energy in tampa. you can feel it. you can see it. and, now, new numbers prove it. record shattering numbers. every mesh usual parameter, hotel occupancy, there were double digit jumps. >> this year, we are ahead of last year's record. >> the vice president of marketing says that domestic travel is driving the push but european traffic is exploding. >> the international numbers that we are seeing are massive. that's a potential for international is tremendous. >> visitors like the architecture, the sport, the cruise ship, restaurants and, of course, the history. >> every day, i see more and more people. i'm like, wow >> reporter: michele gilbert has watched downtown
Mar 10, 2016 11:00pm EST
to get beyond rhetoric of china bad, and get >> people will buy products from here rather than buying them through combine. >> reporter: trade, education, and islam. trump saying there is hate among muslims for americans. rubio saying that creates a hostile environment. and governor rick scott in the spin room said he too had a political rival from businessmen outside the establishment. >> can you make some news for us and endorse? >> reporter: he's waiting for you to make your choice on tuesday. rubio also had some strong words against normalizing relations in cuba and obama's trip there. but this marks a departure from the republican party so far this year. they're going after civility to get your vote. but it's gonna come up to you in five days on tuesday. >>> the democrats also hit the i-4 corridor. has a lead over bernie sanders across the state and right here in tampa bay. he's are the numbers from the ledger. both candidates rallied right here in tampa bay as they try to shore up support in florida. >> reporter: hillary clinton arriving to a cheering crowd and a warm wel
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6