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Feb 28, 2016 10:00am EST
red china be permitted to join the united nations? this was sent in by charles w. simpson of syracuse, new york. senator humphrey: i would not, as a delegate of the united nations representing this country nor would i if responsible for the nation's foreign policy, recommend the admission of red china at this time to the united nations. she has demonstrated a kind of arrogance and a kind of intransigence which i believe is anything but worthy of the respect and of the consideration of our country. may i further add that the charter of the united nations requires that the nations that are members thereof should be peaceloving nations? now, i know there are some members of the u.n. that surely don't qualify too well to that particular description, but i would add they came in at the time of the united nations inception and now we have an opportunity to weigh the admission of new members very carefully. now, i qualify my statement by saying that you don't take a position in terms of the indefinite future. you take it in terms of the present circumstances. mr. ames: thank you, senator hum
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)