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Sep 3, 2016 7:00am MDT
away. lester holt will moderate the others include fox's chris cooper. >>> president obama is in china today for the g20 summit. he's expected to talk on climate change and global economic growth. this is expected to be his last trip as president. . >>> on camera, a distracted -?driver you won't believe. wheel on i-25. plus, denver law enforcement trained to deal with people struggling with mental illness that often need extra help. details on how the city is hopiig to change that. >> satellite and radar alread picking up scattered showers this morning. we have a chance for stronger thunderstorms across the northeastern plains. i'll have the full forecast it was a cool sunrise early this morning. kind of going away now. that's why you have to get up early. only the early risers get to >>> we've all been there, so eager to get somewhere, we hop in the car and sometimee jump into things without thinking. that's what happened to a 3 and 5-year-old in washington. they were so excited to visit grandma, they hopped in the the and drove off. they ended up t-boning another -?car. >> i said, wh
Jan 30, 2016 7:00am MST
maritime claims. china, taiwan, and vietnam all claim control over the sea right now. operation says the u.s. will go wherever international law allows. you are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray 7 >>> who can forget this video? a world war ii paratrooper's request to spend time with his wife. he died just a week after he was granted his dying wish. the two sat down and sang you are my sunshine. 1945. >>> it's 7:38. hundreds are expected to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony to memorial. this is in alameda square. so at 3:00 this afternoon, the memorial will be officially open to the public. this comes after the vietnamese- american community of colorado raised more than $60,000 just >>> here's a question for you. should african americans get reparations for slavery. a u.n. group says yes. they should consider establishing a human rights commission. the group talked with african americans in baltimore, chicago, new york city, and washington, d.c. before making their recommendation. they will present their findings to the u.n. human rights council in septem
Sep 17, 2016 7:00am MDT
. >> reporter: this is a birthday party for 3-year-old hannah before she left an orphanage in china, holding hand with dawson. they were best friends. she was adopted by parents in -?dallas, texas. thee noticed the bond between hannah and dawson. the two they were told were insepa beginning her new life in america. but her parents couldn't forget they began posting photos, 3 reaching out to the community, asking if anyone would consider adopting him. >> they shared such a sweet and special bond, we couldn't imagine leaving him. >> reporter: a couple with three children of their own were so moved they wanted to adopt. 3 >> lk at him. look at his eyes and his smile. we had to bring him home. >> reporter: 11 months later, on a plane from china to texas, and hannah there waiting for her friend. and just watch when they spot each other. . >> he was so giddy. 3 he just ran up to her and hugged her and they rolled the ground. >> reporter: best friends reunited. >> adoption is such a wonderful option for families. we hope people will consider it. . >> just the amount of joy. you can't beat
Oct 8, 2016 7:00am MDT
here's his picture. he's an international student from china. he was last seen early thursday morning, if you see him please call police. >>> for decades myanmar has been under brutal military rule. recently president obama announced plans to lift sanctions against the country because of moves toward democracy. denver 7's adam hammond introduces us to a group of refugees that shifted here because of that oppression. family business isn't easy. it's a lesson james learned the hard wayy >> it wasn't the easiest thing as a young man and trying to figure out what i thouggt was important and how i thought the business should grow. his dad started eleanor mallett in the 70s. the dream turned into a nightmare. massive turnover rates put his business on the brink. he went to peru, turning to his faith by taking part in this mi >> my revelation waa that this business doesn't belong to me. that i consider this a kingdom business and it belongs to god and i've got a responsibility to do something with it. >> reporter: so he took a very different approach at work. he decided to start hiring refugees
Aug 13, 2016 7:00am MDT
silver, 17 bronze totaling 50 fold by china, japan, great britain, and south korea with the total of 13 medals. >>> the 0-2 lines up the middle, misses the umpire, bounces on the first double play. >> what did we just see? crazy double play in minor league baseball. look really close here. the baseball goes off the pitcher, then the umpire, and then bounces into the shortstop's hand practically. he turns for the dp, easily one of the wildest plays we have seen in a while in baseball. and with that hope you enjoy fewer of us are doing the change of going to the bank, % giving the teller a check, and having it deposited. now we can all do it with our smartphones. in this morning's managing your money, our partners offer this advice at the credit union. >> once you've made a deposit through your mobile app or phone, you can feel free to do a number of things with that check. confetti would be a good use. of course i'm joking. really though at that point, >> t aper check is useless. with that confetti idea. you'll want to shred your check to protect your information. but make sure to wai
Oct 29, 2016 7:00am MDT
extent of the damage. >> reporter: the u.s. blamed that cyber attack on china. >> and so it becomes a, if you will, a closed process where we learn from the past and use it to do predictive analysis until the future. >> reporter: an it company the federal government has tasked with keeping data safe. it's aal order with threats that are constantly changing. >> if you look at last ten to fifteen years which used to be a completely paper environment, that innovation while very important has led to challenges. >> reporter: challenges with implications a pugh research poll showed majority of americans thought cyber attacks were one of the biggest threats facing the country second only to isis. what where he don't hear about is attempts every day on cyber security experts are looking to build more layers of security, so when the hackers get in, they can't get very far. >> i want them confined to a certain space. >> federal ageecies were attacked more than 77,000 times in 2015. that's up 1300% from 2006. those staggering numbers have prompted a change in strategy for protecting cyber secu
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6