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Feb 19, 2016 4:30am MST
building in china. tenth tallest in china. this is video of three dare devils who climbed to the top of the spire on top of the building. they brrke through security doors to get to the spire, and climbed on the top taking these pictures and video. these guys have done other similar stunts in the past. that looks terrifying there. >>> nobody ever wins at one of those grab the prize vending machines, right? this girl in china puts her money in the claw, tries to grab a couple of prizes, but they slip out of its grip. doesn't matter, created a chain reaction water fall of prizes that pours down the chute. now she's a winner. >>> i llke to make as few trips with big loads as possible. i think that was the thinking with this guy hauling the logs, but one was just a little too high as it hit the top of that low bridge, causing one to fall that was a close one. >>> there's a gymnastics game in japan everyone loves to play. these guys in this video show you how it works. spin the guy and release him, and if yoo're lucky he sticks the perfect landing, just like that. give that guy a gold med
Jan 13, 2016 4:30am MST
helping out the situation in china. oil prices down low. no bottom in sight, that's not helping matters. >> good morning. topping america's oney, oil prices in free fall. >> barrel of crude below the $30 threshold. in asia a 12-year low. or ten dollars are possible. >> it's forcing been and others to cut thousands of jobs. papa john's is the first pizzz chain to get rid of artificial flavors and colors. >> last month they said it would remove all antibiotics from its chicken products by this summer. >> starbucks' menu includes three special valentine's day drinks. >> in arizona a barista created them and posted the recipes on reddit. you can order them at any starbucks if you know the recipe. >> that's a big catch. >> that's america's money. >> have a great day. >>> denver public schools celebrating the opening of the new smart labs. the district is getting six thanks to a generous donations. the first opens in samuels elementary. the ribbon cutting will be this morning at 10:00. to fund the labs. >>> some kids could sleep in next year in boulder valley school district. the changes aren
Jan 5, 2016 4:30am MST
start in years after bad economic news from china sent overseas markets plunging. the dow lost 276 points. the nasdaq was off 104678 and 10 and the s&p gave up 31. >>> and diesel crews were rigged to teach on emissiins street. the suit seeks billions of dollars damages and damages against volkswagen executives. the latte macchiato, with whole milk and one step above a flat white nd one step below a full fledged es presso. there you have it. >> i am not a coffee drinker and i want thht. >> it looks good. that's america's money. have a great day. >>> we have debbie's deals to help you out. the westminster rec centers for free, or take a yoga class for free tomorrow evening. also the credit union offering two free lift tiikets for account. and there is a boat show. for all of the information, go to and the free app. >>> and breaking news this morning, right now, southbound i-25, right near loveland, highway 34, it is closed down because of police activity. >> so we have our road wrangler is out there. and steer unclear what is going on but we are all over it a
Mar 4, 2016 4:30am MST
how soon you'll move your clothing china? >> reporter: he made no clear promises to move his clothing business to american soil. the now defunct trump university was under attack. meagan kelly asking about its d minus rating from the better business bureau. trump said the ratings were an a. the better business bureau saying overnight they had fluctuateed from a to d minus, though the d minus was the last one reported. >> the republicans did not hold back in that debate. >> there was taunting, insults, name calling, perhaps more suited for a school yard than debate stage. >> donald trump likes to sue did that to his face. >> he was putting on make-up with a trowel. >> what do kids think? >> kids really do look for us to set an example and it could be confusing for them. >> supposed to be setting an example for us as younger kids, because as we get older and we see that all the time, we'll think it's okay to do that. but really it's not okay to do that. tv when the debates are on? mine are too young for these. when they're teenagers, it's process. cooler today. going to have a
Nov 15, 2016 4:30am MST
was found living in deplorable conditions. this is at a mall aquarium in china. one video shows him pacing. experts says it's a sign of depression, so the mall moved him out while they renovate pizza's encloser. >>> give him more space. >>> here's what we're working on for 5:00 a.m. protestors turning up the heat for the pipeline construction project. we have details. in weld county that has everyone upset. we have an update on what the company plans to do behind it. >>> what forced a pilot to land near rifle. those stories and more up next on denver 7 at 5:00 >>> we're tired. we're tired of moving our stuff. this is an insane way to live. >> homeless people living in denver is getting kicked out. >> crews are clean out the camps on lawrence and park. but the people who call those streets home are not fight. denver 7 amanda del castillo joins us live from where the sweeps are taking place. amanda, how is it looking this morning? >> everyone is still camped out. the attorney who actually brought the case to federal court, he's encouraging these people to stand up and protest against
Sep 2, 2016 4:30am MDT
disappeared in 2004 while in china. now a south korean organization says he was kidnapped by kim jong-un to be his personal tutor. he apparently still workssas an and two children now. with this news, u.s. officials plan to start searching for him. >>> jared fogel, the former subway pitchman, is going after the parents of one of his victtms. the victim's parents filed a lawsuit, saying the victim was secretly videotaped. but in a new motion, one filed by fogel, he says her parents should be just as responsible as he is, if not for all of it. he causing emotional distress to their daughter from drinking and fighting in front of their daughter. >>>> eorgetown university is confronting its history of profiting from selling slaves by now giving priority admission to the descendants of nearly 300 slaves. georgetown sold the slaves in 1838 to pay down its debts. they'll also create a memorial to the slaves. students last night at metropolitan state university. supreme court justice sotomayor spoke to students. she talked about her journey from a school girl in new york to making history on
Aug 10, 2016 4:30am MDT
medaas right now. nine of which are gold. china is close behind with 8 gold. only a total of 17. >> we have to talk about record- breaking michael phelps. he has extended his record tally to 21 olympic gold medals after winning individual and team titles on day four at rio olympic moment for our state. pew is the youngest person at 18 to score a goal for the u.s. women's soccer team. team u.s. tied with colombia. their next game is against sweden friday. >>> concerning new details emerging about the water park slide where a 10-year-old boy was killed in kansas. >> why some say there were safety issues before the deadly incident. >>> a peaceful protest turned violent. >>> why millions of americans may be drinking unsafe water. lisa. >>> on this wednesday morning we're looking at a beautiful, but pretty warm start. 60s and 70s this morning. we'll be at 93 again by 2:00. ? ? ava, your bike is fixed. thanks mom! ? ? dad to captain ava: don't go too far! was it because there was always someone there protecting us? giving us the confidence to believe. at american family insurance, we'
Jan 11, 2016 4:30am MST
headlines from new york. >> repprter: good morning. another stock selloff. china's stock market plunged 5% today. the concern could drag down other markets as it did last 3 week. u.s. stocks had worst in weeks. it's a third january in which uber has cut prices and how much depeeds on the city. the big new one will be the mercedes mid class includes self driving technology. all iicare about are heated seats. -`all we have to do is win the powerball first. have a great day. >>> colorado's second oldest police department mason be history. central city planssto shut it down. this is all about saving must be. right now really no timeline for the transition. employees frrm the police department will be able to apply for the sheriff's office. >>> car gill is now changing its termination policy after muslim workers were fired over they can now reapply in 30 days instead of 180. the company muslims. one local store owner says she may go out of business. >> we move in somewhere, minnesota, nebraska -- >> reporter: because of car gill? >> because of car gill. >> they said they got fired because they
Jan 7, 2016 4:30am MST
china's growing economy hadn't helped matters. the s and p down, the dow is down 382. 330 this the dow was down 400. >>>it is 4:40 now. some day you may watching your phone instead of the plastic stick to ine out if >>> first alert weather tracking a storm and is going to bring with it some decent snow and weather. >>> some breaking news out of 17 miners stuck undee ground. they are using this crane to help get them down there. this is a mine in up state new york. trap workers got some place down to them t. caneworking on getting the minors out can pull about two or three people out at a time -- crane workers. >>> the consumer electronics show, the big thing this year, smart technology. one thing they are showing off is a smart phone. >> reporter: first response pregnancy i know what this is. talk about a high-tech. >> it sinks to an app on your phone. the app provides you content while you wait. they can distract themselves time periods of a woman's life. that three minutes can seem like an eternity. when mom and dad find out they're pregnant they're going to the internet any way.
Nov 2, 2016 4:30am MDT
they opened fire. >>> a close call in china when a surveillance video shows the child pushing his car into the middle of the road. several cars ride around him before an officer comes to his rescue. the officer found the child's mom and returned him home unharmed. >> lucky for that boy. >>> down to louisiana where a teacher is left in shock when a student brings a note to school saying her mom is held hostage and needs help. >> a middle school student took the note to school. officers sent to theestudent's home and arrested a m the closet. donald guy knows the child's mom, but we don't know how. when searchers saw the note -- >> there's a chill when you understand a child was going through very environment and the mother may be captive and it may be worse than what we found. >> the suspect has been dodging deputies for quite some time. he's facing domestic violence charges, but police say he can your arrest anymore. >> this country loving christian grandmother says deputies tried to make her a felon. >> it was easier to stuff me and cuff me. >> accused, chargessof stealing her own tru
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10