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Jan 6, 2016 5:00pm MST
international studies says they need to work closely with china, china will focus on china and that part of the world and not exclusively on the middle east. >>> what is the difference? between the more common atomic bomb and a hydrogen bomb? a-bombs use fission to split plutonium. h-bombs use fusion to combine smaller at toms. the hiej general bomb is seeing as being hundreds of tiles more >>> all right. hopefully, you picked up your powerball jackpot tickets, somebody could be hours away from winning 500 million dollar, could be you. this is fourth largest in history. it's not just the lucky winners that will benefit. brendaliss, some of the money dpoez into helping our state -- goes into helping our state. park, many parks like this, will benefit from every single ticket sales they're going to get. in fact rs for every dollar you spend on a ticket, 24 cents is going to go to parks like this one, to improve things like this walking on. so the more money that is spent state gets. -`they expect to get 2 million dollars today alone, ann, i have a confession, even i succumbed and had to buy a few
Aug 12, 2016 5:00pm MDT
totaling 43 followed by china, great britain, and south korea with a total of 13. tonight we will update you more. >>> you are so tall today. >> i'm significantly taller. [ laughter ] just a little adjustment to the seat to make that work. >> i will just sit up. forecast, it is are very comfortable, nice nights-- it is stable for the weekend forecast. not a lot of rain, getting into a really ood time of year, typically the nicest time of >>> tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. the deadly flash floods. vehicles swept away. and now flood alerts from new mexico all the way up to new england. and now the heat. it will feel above 100 in much of the country this weekend. >>> also breaking this friday night, a horrific crash on an american highway. a tractor-trailer as a mom driving members of a sports team. >>> the two air emergencies. a deadly plane crash. investigators on the scene right now. and the midair scare -- jetblue passengers hitting severe turbulence. dozens rushed to the hospital. >>> donald trump declaring president obama was the founder of isis. tonig
Oct 31, 2016 5:00pm MDT
know why. this was captured by a camera focused on enclosure in china. to officials say that panda was resting when a man jumped in. the panda woke up, grab the man by the lake and wrestled him to the ground and the men struggled to free himself but he eventually managed to escape . he took off and that man has not been found.>>> the forks -- before so they can's. the event included hands-on activities. giveaways provided by lucas and visits from local cost him been groups. >> [ music ] >> employees at the children's hospital really got into the halloween spirit including the atrium. wearing costumes and the performance, there was a staff costume contest and more dancing in the atrium. really putting a smile on the faces of those who need it the most. great costumes out there. most of colorado, abnormally dry. the range is experiencing moderate drought so what does that mean? denver 7's lance hernandez has the answers. >> just because you have drained mean you should ignore your roots. tony says it is easy to tell if your trees need more water. all you have to do is dig out a littl
Nov 1, 2016 5:00pm MDT
the officer that saved her life. >>> this is a heart stopping seen in china. this little boy takes his toy car into very real traffic. he pushes his khari to middle of rush hour traffic. several cars have to drive around 10 and then the officer just happens to spot him, picks him up, gets him and takes the child back to the mom unharmed. >>> that halloween is over, the countdown to thanksgiving has begun. the denver rescue mission is doing their part to make sure people have a nice meal to enjoy. they are asking all of you to help. they want to collect 15,000 turkeys for homeless and hungry families. donations and aldemir fixings will be distributed to families in need across denver churches, schools and nonprofit organizations. >>> they just installed a new hd camera. the denver museum of nature and science. kastor building. the birds on the lake. nice this is our view from our camera on the top of the roof. 62 degrees, 68 at the airport, 21% humidity, south ends at 10 miles per hour. on my guest today , almost 80, we're 10 degrees cooler. 10 above normal and shy of the record high of
Aug 19, 2016 5:00pm MDT
strikes, the ones that really shake the windows and the china cabinet. for a total and back to the west, the outflow is pushing up against the mountains forming new storms for parts of jefferson county moving to the southeast through denver they are not severe yet but they are building and may likely reach severe levels later in the afternoon. evening hours. higher elevations, 13,000 feet, maybe now. more on that in a moment. >> as you just heard, therr could be some snow in seeing a little about 13,000 feet.>>> the summit of mount evans and i understand you're just starting to see flurries out there.>> it is so interesting to come up here at 14,000 feet in august. you never know what you're going to get work these light flurries have just started but i've seen rain, hail and grovel -- it's a spectacular view out up here. i suspect there are heavier flurries in the summit lake area that we had seen some pretty impressive whether out of this system at 14,000 feet. it is great to come up here. i talked to the rangers up here and they normally get this this >>> we have a scam alert for you
Oct 19, 2016 5:00pm MDT
pay for her trip to china. we checked and she made a motion to not use taxpayer money and never went to china. >> i believe they've crossed debunked repeatedly. >> in july denver 7 politifact called a similar pamphlet pants on fire for not being accurate. they will review the complaint. >>> just getting started on denver 77 this one could affect a lot of you. the major car recall you need to hear about. >>> a little girl and her mother caught in the middle of an armed robbery. >>> plus the new colorado campaign pve for facebook. >>> this story is new tonight. some are calling it clever campaigning others crude. these photos too distasteful even for facebook. russell haythorn with more on some blunt messaging surrounding an issue you get to vote on. >> ttis gives you an idea of some of the campaign advertising out there. it's the racier stuff getting all the attention. at the bernie rally for hillary in boulder earlier this week. >> american healthcare system is dysfunctional. >> tons of enthusiasm for the upcoming election including this a bot on the that reads 69 the bust bleeping a
Sep 15, 2016 5:00pm MDT
at this, this typhoon in china was strong enough to move the monstrosity, it giant inflatable moon flying through the air and then it was cruising around town. wins top 105 mph. is that the weirdest thing? >>> i am surprised you did not see more people running from that. >> we actually have our own moon that will be very large in the sky. tonight it's where you will see up at the harvest moon tomorrow will be full and it will be huge n the sky. weekend of summer. the fall equinox is coming next week. we have strong storms on the eastern plains and this is what it looks like out near stirling. here's thunderstorms moving through and we had heavy hail and outputs for morgan we saw oneself after another pass on by. you can see it on the radar here. we had most of our strong to severe weather across the eastern plains and a bit of show stewing up outside estes park. for the most part around denver it has been dry and heavy showers stretch from strasburg out towards folio, sterling and even towards burlington. we have lightning, heavy rain, and even a severe thunderstorm watch in effect
Aug 6, 2016 5:00pm MDT
first. llplea explain whaa of america firsleads hito maketrump es china, not codo. >> e two tie companies he icoloradoone in boulder one in denver. we talked to knotty tii company. they foundut they have vision to change the world. ? [ music ] ? >> reporter: even if you think u're not a tie person. >> wnever -- starte atttie people. we wanted to make something we wanted to wear. >> reporter: t -- knotty are giving them -- you can customize everything from fabric deand length. >> some ofy mvotes will that hilarious. n uff. >> reporte thismpany t just aut making unique neck wear. >> ion think we'd be here ife were just making ties. >> what th want tomake ffence. >> it wasn't necessarily an a fiitti the it was the desire to help resettle refugees. >> a desier his homeountry. >> i'momcoo. >> reporter: he was employ % a meaplanuntil he f this place. >> i fl like m me. >> reporter:we decided th would cate a company that would have fair compensation, befits, and flex i will hedules so they could workas litt or as much asthey ne. >> reporter: on a factory to, we see theye made fr sign t
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8