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Aug 17, 2016 7:30pm EDT
blow away the field in rio. 28 gold, 30 silver and 28 medal count with 86 total. china in second with 52. great britain rounds out the top 3 with 50 medals. what do you get when you mix the 2 most popular sports in brazil and sand. you get foot volley. jill martin couldn't resist sun soaked beaches on the city's legendary surf side play ground. but the beaches of rio aren't just about sun bathing. they're about sports. so what happens when soccer and volleyball merge together? you get foot volley. >> you can use your thighs. you can use your knee. >> reporter: anything but your hand. >> anything but your hand. >> reporte a native brazilian and captain of his foot volley team in the u.s. it's not an olympic sport right now. sergio hope its will be. >> every time you play you get better. >> reporter: the game was invented here on rio's sandy beaches in 1965 because fuji ball or soccer as we call it was banned. they devised this alternative. cordination for the ball. don't get down on yourself in the beginning. it is hard. >> reporter: you have to be an athlete smart and not a cluts
Aug 6, 2016 7:30pm EDT
the with a gold and silver in the first full day of competition. . >> it's actually china jumping out to the early lead with four total medals, with the united states and the republic of korea with two apiece. some athletes display their skills through speed and power and others do it through a sense of calm and stillness, but what they have in common is a powerful mind excellence. we have talked to archers. >> their bodies show it. olympic athletes reach extreme levels of physical strength and perhaps less visible is the fact that their mental game is even stronger. in the run up to the olympics, i wanted to get a glimpse inside the minds of the athletic elite. we're here in the olympic training center in my hometown this is where many athletes prepare for the 2016 summer games in rio and archery was taking place and while they were focussed around their competition, we talked to two olympic hopefuls with their sights set on rio and mckenzie brown and zack garret hit their goal and will be competing in the first olympic games and both 21 years old, they are focused on their sport and
Aug 15, 2016 7:30pm EDT
the medal count with 72 total. china second with 46. great britain rounds out the top 3. the u.s. womens basketball team hasn't lost an olympics since 1992. at the heart of this team is a group of 5 players and a coach all dominant program in connection with womens college basketball history. alex flanig an caught up with them in rio. >> reporter: over the past 2 decades team usa members have all played under head coach geno goes way back. they know me. i know them. we kind of know what we want. they have to switch gears because they're not at uconn. >> reporter: the uconn head coach whose won 11 ncaa titles. aryema no longer calls all of the shots. >> coaching them back then because they were young now you better get it right. they know what right is. when your kids grow up. you go out to dinner with them with a glass of wine you have a different relationship with them than in high school. >> that's the beauty of being older. >> it's more equal in what do i know that can help you and vice versa. that's the best thing being around him later in our careers for sure. aryema and his
Aug 20, 2016 7:30pm EDT
. china is second with 68. great britain rounds out the top 3 with 63 medals. we've witnessed photo finishes crowning achievements and the margin is between glory and 4 years worth of heart break. a look at the best finishes from rio so far. >> the olympic zone brought to you by omega the official time keeper of the olympic games. >> do battle. >> against the bold. >> a touch. >> unbelievable. >> a lunge, a kick. the difference between a medal time. at the pool there were come backs. >> 35 years old and he wins this by 1/100th of a second. >> world records crushed. >> katie ledecky will indeed get a world record. >> and even ties too close to break. >> there is a tie for gold. >> we've got a 3 way tie for the silver medal. >> a spectacular finale to his career. the most decorated olympian of all time proved his meddle. adding 6 more medals to his collection. road cyclist crystin armstrong didn't realize she won. >> did i win. >> reporter: achieving her third gold in a road. on a pitch a nail biter and thrills for sweden. >> sweden in the gold medal match. >> reporter: and later braz
Aug 18, 2016 7:30pm EDT
. china second with 58. great britain rounds out the top some of the worlds most inspiring athletes will take center stage in a few weeks for the paraolympics. why some of team usa's athletes will be racing faster than ever. >> the olympic zone brought to you by bmw the ultimate driving machine. >> reporter: tatiana mcfadden paraolympic career is already the stuff of legend. >> mcfadden. >> reporter: 11 medals over 4 paraolympic games. summer and winter. in rio she hopes to compete in 7 distances from a hundred meter sprint to the marathon. a massive undertaking even for her. mcfadden and the other american wheelchair racers will be rolling in the sports version of a formula one car. chair i was absolutely shocked and so happy with it. just looks like a bat mobile to me. >> reporter: 4 time medalist josh george has been testing the prototype. >> when you get in the chair and you push it for the first time you can feel and tell how the power that you're translating from your arms is being received in the frame. and this frame feels solid. >> they hit the push rim like this and drive the w
Aug 19, 2016 7:30pm EDT
dominating 34 silver and 32 bronze. the americans comfortably atop the medal count. china in second with 65. great britain rounds out the top 3. brazils greatest sports passion is soccer. despite a 7 to 1 loss to germany in the world cup that was held in brazil. dreams of finding a better life through soccer persists across youth clubs. >> reporter: football club a team with a proud past and a modest presence. won the city championship in 1926. the legendary ren aldo played here just like the boys practicing here today. the team now plays in the minor leagues of brazilian bourby ball. the dedication of these players is >> are you ready? >> are you ready? >> are you ready? >> reporter: i might have told these kid that i'm the best goalee in the united states. come on leo. come on leo. >> [portuguese]. >> reporter: it's like the united states. in united states we have basketball, football. here it's about soccer. you want to be a soccer player like ren aldo like massy. >> massy. >> reporter: no matter the odds brazilian kids are hard wired to dream of >> [portuguese]. >> reporter: and
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6