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Aug 10, 2016 6:00pm EDT
total medals including 10 gold and 8 silver. china has been instead that 2 spot now with 18 medals and the you can tune in tonight to see the americans and see if they can keep it going in prime time. that begins at 8:00 right here on 7 nbc. reporting live in the newsroom, joe amorosino, 7news. >> we'll be there, joe. >>> and the women's gymnastics team responsible for one of the gold medals that you just mentioned. the final five dominated in the gym. needham native aly raisman is the captain of that team. she put on a near flawless performance. >> that's right. there in rio. >> the u.s. women's gymnastics team defending their olympic title. lives there for the whole competition, and when team usa took gold,the energy was aly raisman leading the u.s. gymnastics team to two separate titles. >> back-to-back olympic golds, how does it feel? >> it feels incredible. i'm just so excited. >> reporter: the girls finally revealing the secret name they'd given themselves after the big win. >> we are the final five! >> final five, tell me about that team name. >> well, it's marta's last olym
Aug 14, 2016 6:00pm EDT
u.s.a. still in command of the medal count, 66 and china second with 44 and great britain in third with 37. and red sox with roster moves... >> that will do it for 7news at 6. thank you for watching. northern illinois.
Oct 19, 2015 6:00pm EDT
triggering that amber alert an getting arested here at china's hospital. this mother says that she was just trying to do the best thing for her baby. tiffany cherry breathing a big sigh of relief when roxbury court judge david pool released her on very low bail. her relatives also reacting in the courtroom. >>> i will set bail in the amount of $250 cash. >>> we actually forgot we were in the courthouse an started clapping . >>> they told to us quiet down. . >>> a relief because the prosecution originally asked for $250,000 cash bail. cherry triggered an amber alert saturday when authorities said she took off to boston rather tan admit her two-month-old son to a hospital in pennsylvania. police arrested cherry at children's hospital in boston after she showed up and had her son admitted there. >>> as any parent has the rate to do and any parent in this courtroom would do, chose to go to the chin's hospital in boston probably the premiere pediatric hospital in the united states as opposed to going to a regional hospital in will beings bury, pennsylvania . >>> family members said she
Jul 27, 2016 6:00pm EDT
china has access to clinton's emails, he would like to see them. in the newsroom, brandon gunnoe, 7news. >>> and the patriots are ready for camp. coach belichick greeting reporters for his first news conference of the season. it's the first time we've heard from the coach since tom brady's deflate-gate decision. dan hausle live in foxboro with what the coach is saying about brady, about the team. what do you know, dan? they didn't take the field, though. so no brady sightenings,but a lot of talk. actually the players and coaches talking about how brady dropping his appeal and accept the four-game suspension can be a good thing. >> reporter: coach bill belichick takes to the podium to kick off another nfl season. first in years where he knows he won't have tom brady as quarterback to start the season. brady's deflate-gate suspension prompting the coach to take a rare look ahead to week 5. >> tom will return as comes back. but in the meantime, we have to prioritize the first part of our schedule and that'll be getting ready to go. >> reporter: players are ready to rally around week 1 star
Aug 19, 2016 6:00pm EDT
lead the field with 103 total medals. china holding is ittedy in second with 65 great britain third with 58. >> anchor: staying in rio gasal found himself on the receiving end of a rack attack of the clippers big man going way up for that stick back slam jordan in team u.s.a. moving on to the goad medal game thanks in part to our play of the day. steelers running back catch a break for a second straight year his drug suspension was knocked down from four glimpse to three on an appeal. that's sports. >> anchor: thank you, joe. >> anchor: 7 news at 0 clock >> anchor: hopefully your fried is israeli terrific so far of it's been really nice hanging out with you for part of the day. i am adam williams. almost over so a massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able
Aug 17, 2016 6:00pm EDT
states with a whopping 86 medals in all, including 28 gold, 30 silver and 28 bronze. china in the 2 spot with 52 total medals, 17 gold, and rounding out the top 3 is great britain with 50 medals overall. er action tonight here and there are must-see moments. the women's volleyball gold medal match is on the line. germany takes on brazil, and on day 1 of the decathlon ashton eaton looks to become the third man ever to win back-to-back olympic decathlon titles and if you've got a need for speed, usain bolt and the american justin gatlin face off in the men's 200 meter semifinal. >>> coming up tonight, president obama has called out her sister. who is sarah's famous sister? that tonight after the olympics. you can catch all the olympic action right here on 7 nbc in prime time. then stay tuned for 7news for the recap and live reports from 7's nancy chen. reporting live in the newsroom, joe amorosino, 7news. >>> we have more from the olympic zone. >> still ahead on 7news at 6:00, speaking of nancy, we're taking a major leap. well, nancy is, taking to the it's an olympic sport, you know.
Aug 9, 2016 6:00pm EDT
u s-frpbl/,a, still pacing the field, 22, china in second with 16, russia and mom: i'm a mom, not a millionaire. i can give permission... i can give hugs... but i can't give millions of dollars to a campaign. narrator: but that's the way to get kelly ayotte's attention. corporate special interests like the koch brothers have spent millions helping ayotte's campaign and she voted with them 90% of the time -- supporting tax breaks that help millionaires and oil companies. mom: in washington, kelly ayotte listens to too many millionaires... narrator: women vote is responsible for shaws and star market has everything you need, every day! the freshest food and low shaws and star market prices. and now save even more during our huge anniversary sale. happy anniversary to me. get lays family size chips or smartfood popcorn $1.99 each, limit 4. 32-ounce gatorades 79 cents each. and 2lb california strawberries or 18 oz blueberries $3.33 each. shaws and star market's anniversary sale. >>> that's our time here for "7 news"at 6:00. thanks for >> have a great evening, enjoy >> have a great eveni
Aug 20, 2016 6:00pm EDT
still at the top of the medal count with 111 medals, for them gold. >> china is in second. great britain rounding out the top three with 63 medals. 26 of those are gold. >>anchor 1: turning to your saturday. the gold medal saturday you can say. let's see if these conditions will last through this weekend. >>weather: was in it a fantastic afternoon? temperatures rising into the mid-80s for many of us. a few clouds and isolated showers, but really most of us stayed dry through the day today. even humidity kept in check. it's a nice en norwood. 76 in worcester with a bit of her breeze coming out of the south. this will continue as we head into tomorrow as well ushering in some mormon temperatures but also some more humid air. that is going to prime our atmosphere. for some showers and storms as we get into the later i was a tomorrow. for the better part of sunday i think is another gorgeous day to enjoy. we keep the storms that they until we cloudy, patchy fog 60 ?67. sunshine before the clouds move in for the afternoon, and then the clouds move away as we head into the day on monda
Sep 7, 2016 6:00pm EDT
rail train. it happened under the masspike in brighton overnight. >> the student was from china. steve cooper is live in boston where he spoke to students. >> this has really been a difficult day for the students and for the faculty here at bu trying to come to terms of exactly what happened. tonight police are still trying to figure out why this college freshman ended up wandering on to those train >> just a few days ago he got here, and he's already dead. it's very sad. >> reporter: a horrifying scene overnight over a 17-year-old boston university freshman who police say was from china is struck and killed after coming in contact with an mbta commuter train just before midnight. >> preliminary investigation suggests that this is just a tragic horrendous accident. >> reporter: a tragic horrendous accident that happened under the masspike between the bu dorms on buick street and storrow drive. >> i remember being a freshman and everything is new and meeting everybody and then you hear that and it's like, gosh, no one has a chance. >> reporter: investigators say the teen was hit by one
Jan 7, 2016 6:00pm EST
400 points. the slide follows china's second day long trading more. >> reporter: wall street analysts say investors are starting the new year in panic mode and, it's not pretty out there. on the dow the first four trading days of 2016 are the worst first four trading days of any new year ever. in terms of a percentage drop. the blue chip original down 5% in 2016. the dow shaved 2.1/3, the points down to 18,214. that appears to be the wrong number there. it was worse. on the tech heavy nasdaq. it fell 146 points, 3%, to 4689. china is in turmoil. trading was halted today after their stocks crashed losing about 7% of their value overnight. in today's world wide economy trouble in china means trouble here. following oil prices fueling investor fierce. this is officially a market correction. because stocks have lost 10% of their value since the high set last summer. that is our story live in the newsroom i'm jonathan hall, 7 news. >> kim: update on breaking news. the four people hurt in the chemical explosion in andover, this is the state fire marshal. >> in this facility. north
Aug 12, 2016 6:00pm EDT
each. team u.s.a. beats canada by 30, 81-51 the final them china next on sunday. looking ahead until tonight, michael phelps will look to further cement his legacy as the greatest olympian of all-time. he will go for a fourth straight gold in the 100 meter butterfly trying to add to his total of 15 individual golds and phelps's female counterpart going for a goad medal defense as well. she will be racing in the 800 meter freestyle that. is the same race she want won at age 15 in london and set the world record for the problems moments outside of the pool cary walsh jennings will be going for her 25th executive olympic win in beach volley ball with her new partner april ross. let's take a look at the medal count. the united states still on top 43 medals, 16 gold, 12 silvers, 15 bronze, china still in second place with 35, 12 gold in japan in third with 24 overall. you can catch all of the olympic action tonight right here in prime time on 7 nbc. reporting live in the joe amorsino, 7 news. >> anchor: all right. joe, of course you know these american gymnasts of ours putting on qu
Aug 8, 2016 6:00pm EDT
steel johnson taking silver in the men's synchronized ten meter platform. china finished first with an civilic record score. lv has ever placed in this event. t the first olympic medal for the 20-year-old johnson an third for bodiah. staying in the pool but gaining speed michael phelps racing today. the winningest olympian of all-time didn't post as fast his time coming in 5th but more than enough to qualify for the 200 meter butterfly semi-finals. he did get the biggest ovation from the crowd as his legend continues to grow. on the women's side katie ledecky again stealing the show coming off her world record breaking night last night. the 19-year-old continues to crush the competition. she had the best overall time in the 200 meter freestyle preliminaries and missy franklin will move on to the semi-finals as well as her 12th place finish today. all of the u.s. swimmers will be back in the pool tonight and you can catch that right here on 7 nbc. reporting live in the newsroom, joe amorsino, 7 news. >> anchor: thank you, joe. so it's going to be another t here on 7 nbc. >> anchor: b
Jan 6, 2016 6:00pm EST
happened. china is condemning condemning it. experts say by ordering the test, kim jong-un signaled he is developing an h bomb. >> even if this were not a there intention. >> reporter: immediately it was agreed to toughen sanctions but nothing to keep the nation and dictator from building the word's most powerful weapons. the. >> this seriously underminds international non-party nation. i condemn it unequivocally. >> this was north korea's fourth nuclear test since 2006 and their first alleged h bomb. the last test was back in 2013 and that blast actually had a bigger explosive yield and subsequent earthquake than last night's and that's part of the reason many believe this wasn't an actual hydrogen bomb, tim caputo, 7news. >>> and breaking news from washington d.c. they've been trying to do it for years but congress has finally sent legislation to president obama to repeal parts of the affordable care act, also known as barack obama kare. it sits on his desk but he's expected to veto it. lawmakers say they have fulfilled a promise to the the white house. >>> and we're following more n
Aug 15, 2016 6:00pm EDT
leading the medal count with 7167892. china in second with 46 and great britain third with 41. back to cleveland francisco landoro a good shore in his own right but xander bogaerts but the better of him now coming up with a stop to end thics this thinking. the beauty gets our play of the day. and boston college giving men's basketball coach jim christian a chance to rebuild the program adding an additional year to his contract. that's sports. ? why do banks treat you and your money like this? they nickel and dime you with fees and minimum balances. capital one won't do that. they've reimagined banking, and built a checking account that's free of all that nonsense. no fees. no minimums. no gotchas. at capital one, your money stays your money. celebrate something really special this summer at blinds to go's annual storewide sale going on now. buy one, get one at half price. hundreds of styles and colors. every item through the store. buy one get one at half price. that's something to celebrate! or life. >> anchor: that is our time for 7 news at 0 clock on this . as all, we thank you for
Aug 11, 2016 6:00pm EDT
medals. china second with 25 and japan third with 19. the nba schedule is out. celt licks open up the 2016 season on october 26. hosting the nets that. is sports. >> kim: i'm kim khazei, two years ago, silvertech had 40 to 50 employees. now we have 60 to 70. we took a big hit in the recession, but we're back, strong. we had about 70 employees a few years ago, we have over a hundred today. chynoweth: businesses like mine see how maggie hassan keeps this economy moving. mary collins: she's controlled spending and she's balanced the budget. narrator: and cnbc named new hampshire the most business-friendly state in the country. i'm maggie hassan, and i approve this message how we get things done >>> breaking news tonight from rio. golden girl. simone biles wins the all-around gold for the usa and aly raisman takes silver. a dazzling display as american katie ledecky blows the competition out of the water. and tonight it's one of the greatest rivalries of all time. >>> deadly explosion. a major rescue operation after fire rages through an apartment building. dramatic escapes and a frantic
Aug 21, 2016 6:00pm EDT
. china finishes second with 70. great britain third with 67. as you saw, the u.s. men's basketball team wins a third straight gold medal. rolling past serbia. 96-66. they saved their best performance in the olympics for last. when i look for solutions, i don't start in washington, and i don't assume one party has all the answers. you know where i find common-sense ideas? right here in new hampshire... where i'm fighting for the good-paying jobs that strengthen our economy. i worked to make childcare more affordable and make it easier to save for college. i've worked across party lines on clean air and energy efficiency efforts... and to strengthen social security and medicare. together, we're making new hampshire and america and i approved this message. >> reporter: coming up tonight, the wrap from rio begins at 7:00 with a one-hour special looking back at the defining moments of the olympic games. coverage of the closing ceremony. that starts at 8:00. then at 10 pock, catch a special episode of the "voice." join us for olympic highlights and headlines on 7 news at >> anchor: a big nigh
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16