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May 26, 2012 6:00pm EDT
foreign policy challenges, including cyber threats and a rising china. he noted the nearly 3 million young americans joined the military after the al-qaida attacks knowing they were likely to be sent into battle. >> the class of 2012, this is your destiny, to lead your country, for you are the leaders of your generation, that 9/11 generation which i predict will go down in history as the finest generation this nation has ever produced. >> state your name. >> nearly 1,000 men and women graduated from west point today. they'll all be commissioned as second lieutenants in the army. >>> memorial day weekend marked the opening of most swimming pools in the area and the d.c. city pools are no exception. 19 swimming pools, 11 spray parks and five kiddy pools all opened today in the city. they'll remain open through monday, the monday holiday and then on weekends until june 17th. for complete information on all the area pool hours, you can go to our website, >>> big crowds have arrived in ocean city, maryland and the delaware beaches that attract d.c.-area folk in big numbers. thi
Feb 4, 2012 6:00pm EST
point for anti-government protests. this all came hours before russia and china vetoed the u.n. security council resolution that called for syria's president to step down. >>> overwhelming crowds and reports of injuries and arrests in indianapolis' super bowl village, causing police tonight to rethink crowd control before tomorrow's big game. 11 people were injured last night when an estimated 50,000 people flooded downtown streets for a free outdoor concert. concert goers told police they were frightened by pushing and shoving in the crowds. >>> nevada voters head to the polls today to determine who they would like to see as the republican presidential nominee. if recent polls prove accurate, mitt romney will secure his second straight victory today. newt gingrich and the other rivals for the republican nod have conceded in advance. >>> just ahead on 9 news now tonight, light snow falling in parts of the washington region. what we can expect overnight and tomorrow. annie's update when we come back. >> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's pop
Jun 16, 2012 6:00pm EDT
people in burma. >>> china's first female astronaut blasted off into space today part of a crew that will robbed view with the -- robbed view with the space lab module. today's launch also marked china's first manned space docking mission. it becomes only the third country to do so. >>> after 30 people were hurt when a woman plowed a car into a crowd in lima, ohio. it happened friday night as dozens of people were attending a town square celebration. people say -- police say the investigation hap has been hampered. >>> a lot of the evidence has been moved. you have to discount some of the evidence you see, it may not have been caused from the crash but the movement after the crash. >> reporter: some victims suffered leg, head and neck injuries. to the four remain hospitalized. >>> just ahead on 9news now this saturday, a history making walk by a member of a famous family. the latest on nik wallenda's tightrope track. >>> and are we keeping the sunny skies around for father's day? we are back in a moment. >>> as we like to say around here on weekends, great day for a bike ride. >> bik
Jul 28, 2012 6:00pm EDT
? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
Jul 21, 2012 6:00pm EDT
taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> i'm going to guess we needed this rain right? >> we did and this is the beneficial kind of rain. the first storm was fast and furious but over the last two days we've been getting the light gentle rain that has some time to soak into the soil. not getting too much of that overflow that we normally see with flash flooding or watches and warnings. so this is the good kind of rain and we're happy to have it. live doppler 9000 hd has been tracking light showers all afternoon. that should die down right around midnight but with all the moisture in the ground, it means we're going to be stuck with some patchy fog and you can see it here from the michael & son weather camera already some fog from the view here as we look into the -- i believe the camera is looking to the east at this point. 70 degrees at reagan national airport
Dec 10, 2011 6:00pm EST
careful. early in the year, the china versus georgetown friendly also ended in a fight. i think it's going to need to be addressed because it's putting a black eye on a sport. >> almost 34 years to the day, a sucker punch. this is the type of thing that leads a blight on your program. core values are what you do and what you say. ultimately, it's what you do that matters most. >> when we come back, we're going to hear from the winning navy quarterback and the latest spin on the coaching carousel when "the jeep postgame show" spin on the coaching carousel when "the jeep postgame show" rolls on. the 38 1/2 inches of legroom... and the reclinable, heated napa leather seats inside the jeep grand cherokee, just wait until we tell you about the heated and ventilated front seats. ♪ ♪ - the craving for chocolate... - oooh. - is all grown up. - oooh. - jared presents beautiful natural levian chocolate diamonds and chocolate south sea pearls. levian is the only company on earth to make jewelry with chocolate diamonds. levian: the leading family in jewelry, from ancient royalty to today's red car
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6