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Dec 6, 2009 8:30am EST
have to leave to go to china sometime soon. the chinese government gave us a couple of extensions to keep him for an extra two years. >> maybe he will go back to china and have babies? >> yeah. >> reporter: wouldn't that be cool? >> yeah. >> that would be cool especially since there's just 1600 of the pandas left in the wild. 268 of them in captivity. we have a side of him from the butter stick size. >>> this week, maryland's governor announced a sweeping new plan industry to bring back one of the most all important creatures in chest peek bay -- chesapeek bay. >> reporter: to you scrumptious or maybe slimy, to the chesapeek, the ier ises once turned the waters for america i -- murky to clear. >> we will absolutely play into our ability to create new and sustainable, long lasting jobs. >> a year ago the oyster reefs grew so high, you could walk from bank to bank on them without ever getting your feet wet but the ier ises in the chesapeek bay have been devastated. governor o'mally announcing a three-point plan to save them. wanting to open nearly 100,000 acres for oyster bars for nati
Aug 8, 2010 8:30am EDT
left to up the consumer not to buy them. police say the fake merchandise is made in china but without the tags. >>> are you feel ago knowed about living in or around the nation's capital? well, we are asking because washington, d.c. has been ranked number three as the most irritating city in america. we found out what is getting on people's nerves in washington, d.c. >> walk down the street and you may, like, just say hi. and people don't speak or they brush you off. yeah, tunnel vision. >> reporter: a fast-paced way of life, perhaps one of the characteristics of people in the nation's capital, but there's more that's bugging folks. >> the traffic. >> i would say trying to get around the city and a lot of people are stressed out. >> buses travel in convoys. >>> there are a lot of things that get on people's nerves, but there's nothing more irritating than hearing not so good about the redskins. >> the most irritating thing is listening to all the reports every day. >> reporter: extreme weather also gives folks around here hot under the collar. >> so hot in the summer and in the winter
May 16, 2010 8:30am EDT
be a sign of things to come. >> reporter: china town at high noon. people flood the crosswalk heading east-west, north south and also down the center. a pilot plan is off of the ground. it allows pedestrian the right to cross diagonally. just line in tokyo and also at no time are vehicles allowed to make any turns at this intersection. >> right now, we're going to look at it for a few months. >> reporter: the washington, d.c. engineer of that is trying to reduce pedestrian-vehicle accidents. 20,000 people cross this intersection every day. four were struck by cared last year. >> it is a little too late. >> reporter: it may take a while to adjust to the new pattern. >> that was a good experience. >> reporter: why is it a better idea? >> because i might want to catch the bus over here and wait here then wait until the light turns, by the time i get there the bus is gone. >> reporter: a similar version of the dance was instituted in the '60s and '70s. >> it moves traffic better. >> reporter: in northwest washington, 9 news now. >> it was named after henry barnes, who was a traffic commis
Jan 10, 2010 8:30am EST
one. it's a fair well to little tai shan not so little any more. it has to go back to china. no word what day tai shan will leave. the goodbye party takes place from 11:00 to 3:00 january 30th. >>> two men who haven't seen each other since an iconic 1970 oval office meeting met wednesday night to relieve one of the most bizarre encounters in white house history. you have seen this picture 100 times. now gary nurenberg has the rest of the weird back story. >> reporter: gary schilling didn't know why they were flying to washington. >> he was on a mission. >> reporter: he got a hint when elvis asked for stationery. >> elvis began to write, dear mr. president, i would like to introduce myself. he spoke of his love for his country and desire to become a special agent at large to help fight drugs. they dropped the letter at the gate. a nixon aide got a call from another aide, chapen. >> he said the king is here. >> i looked at the president's schedule and said what king. there aren't any on the schedule. he said not any two bit king, the king of rock. elvis presley is here. >> i said, dwig
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4