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Aug 7, 2016 7:00am MDT
rico. men's basketball cruised past china and croatia beat the water polo team in preliminary competition. >>> a dramatic rescue caught on camera in eastern india. residents saved a woman being swept away from a raging river. this river has been flooding because of nonstop rain. as the group held each other and walked slowly through the river, a woman lost her balance and was her. >>> it was a chaotic violent scene outside a police station in belgium. a man with a machete attacked two police officers and now investigators are saying this is terrorism. police say the attacker said god is great as he attacked the females. he was shot and killed by a third officer. one officer suffered serious injuries. both are expected to recover. the officers regard were guarding station. >>> we're getting a look at a railing collapse that injured people at a snoop dogg concert. 42 people were sent to the hospital. moments before the collapse, cell phone video captured snoop dogg pumping up the crowd. as fans moved closer that railing gave way. dozens of people fell to the concrete floor. thei
Jan 3, 2016 7:00am MST
to swim like that. so miserable. >>> in northern china pigs on the loose shut down this highway around 100 pigs were on the truck when it overturned. most of the animals survived but police had a tough time not to mention of course this caused quite the backup. wet roads and low visibility may have played a role in that accident. >>> the family of a missing 3- year-old in new mexico is relieved this morning after the little girl has been found. the man is accused of -- a man is accused of stealing a car with a little girl caroline strapped inside. officers found the vehicle but caroline was gone. this sparked an intense search. officers later found that lot and she was cold and scared but otherwise okay. authorities are now checking her injuries before reuniting caroline with her mom and still looking for that suspect. >>> in pennsylvania, a desperate two day search for a 35-year-old boy with autism has ended. late yesterday afternoon officials confirmed they found his body in nearby canal. sevenners combed through neighborhoods and woods. with more than 20 k-9 units and almost
Oct 2, 2016 7:00am MDT
. >>> a group firefighters in china had to get creative felin >> look at this guy. look at the position that he got stuck. >> the little cat. read the rest of the story so everybody knows that he is okay. >> he is okay. the firefighters tried to push pipe was too narrow. they had to bring out an electric saw to cut the guy out. he is doing okay. he was like never again. no fancy feast in there. >> i learned my lesson. eight lives left for that guy. >> it's really not funny but the position is amusing, i guess. >> yes. >> taylor. >> looking for help. >> guys, just a busy week again. we have -- we're down to nine sports. we had the championship this pa different schools, we are getting aa first look at a couple of them right now.? rally. here is taylor temby. >> good morning, everyone. we're at the halfway point of the football season and things are always changing. new number one teams in four different classifications. 3a football mead hosting fort morgan. we will start in the 2nd quarter. mustangs down 7-0. looks like running back will get swallowed up by that defense but he somehow br
Jan 10, 2016 7:00am MST
crisis and the great recession. >> rough start to the trading year with news from china. economy in our global economy, how worried are you that in the year ahead struggles in china are going to translate into some serious speed bumps for us? >> it's not going to be a surprise if we see continued shifting in the chinese economy. a reduction in the growth of manufacturing and increase in consumer activity. the challenge, i think, that we have to keep our eye on is, will china stick to the reform programs that it's committed to. will it continue to open up its markets. will it continue to let market forces drive the allocation of resource. will it allow the move from a heavily state owned debt enterprise oriented manufacturing economy to a less controllable consumer driven economy. the future of china's economic success will depend on if they stick to that course of reforms. china is be a important part of the global economy. one of the two largest economies in the world. u.s. growth is going to, i think remain quite stable. 85% of the u.s. economy is activity. we are in the face of a
Sep 11, 2016 7:00am MDT
. >> especially after brexit and what happened in china. >> jitters but this is your favorite story, jessica. >> students have a new way to get their burrito fix. it's starting to happen this week. chipolte mexican grill will begin delivering burritos by drone starting this week. it's for a limited time and an experimental service and used to evaluate the accuracy of the drums navigation systems while measuring people responses to the devices. my were spice -- my sp >> cipollinis numbers have been down since they had their outbreak so getting to deliver burritos by drone by posted their numbers. >> they fly on over.>> just looking at this video, i am wondering how they keep the burritos intact and dropping them.>> a big revenue generator for the local economy. we're talking about the colorado home show and wacky from the colorado convention center.>> reporter: we are here at the home show with leslie and what they are calling the woman cave or man cave. >> very good. >> reporter: you have decorated yours with what style are you calling it? >> it's a modern glamorous style. >> reporter: what'
Feb 28, 2016 7:00am MST
close to china record high yesterday. the record was 73 and we had 72 at dia. not as warm as yesterday but nice day in store with temperatures above normal. orders those stories now and 20s and 30s closer to the foothills. afternoon highs loan to mid 60s. foothills temperatures in the 50s and 40s. now and more sun and clouds. that's the role throughout the day and warmest temperatures arrive around 1:00 and 2:00. i hope you enjoy the weekend and i'll take you through the workweek forecast in a few minutes. tracey anthony has a look at travel.>>> it's a beautiful day out there already and great weekend. this is weather nation getting out to enjoy the sunrise. a beautiful shot and a beautiful day across the area. traffic-wise if you're getting out there i-70 westbound a couple more cars getting out traffic concerns. drive times still looking relatively good. 40, 45 minutes east and westbound from i-70 broomsticks avenue and us 6. green lifestyle way but it's sunday so eastbound later on today you need to plan want to go to travel was light yesterday morning so maybe lighter >>>
Nov 6, 2016 7:00am MST
construction, the burning of garbage, factory emissions are china. dozens of highways in northern china were forced to shut down because of heavy smog. visibility outside beijing is under 200 feet. the local government suggests people sensitive to smog should stay indoors. >>> how about one more for the dumb criminal files. an unusual arrest in oregon after a man accused of stealing a car gets stuck in a badger hole. >> how does this happen? >> can't make it up, folks. >> oregon state police tried to pull over a stolen car. he took off, really wasn't safe. hours later police spotted the car in a ravine. they saw the suspect's dog go through that hole so they followed it. eight feet underground they found the suspect screaming for help. they dug him out and arrested him. >> i just want to point out that's a large badger hole. i don't know much -- >> maybe don't want to know. maybe that's why he was yelling stuck. taylor. >>> state championship without a lot of drama. it's got to be dramatic. that was the case at gymnastics finals going on this weekend. they started off with issues. >>> good m
Sep 4, 2016 7:00am MDT
opens in china, it closed again. why experts need to take a closer look at the bridge before letting people back on it. >>> a heated debate over pit bulls after a woman in conifer is killed by her dogs. >>> and it has been a trend on social media lately. our "fix this" crew will show us how to make a rainbow cake later in the show live. >>> and the ro showdown not the only games. >>> we have been following this breaking news this morning. i-25 at i-70 back over after a single car crash. the driver suffered serious injuries. it forced officers to divert traffic for a couple hours this morning. >>> hey, it's that time of the year. football is about to start. so excited about that. i have my fantasy draft line- ups ready to go. expo is happening at sports authority field. meteorologist belen de leon is there. hey, good morning, belen. >> reporter: high -- hi, guys. we are actually on the field right now. not actually on the field, but we are in the stadium. it's really cool to see early this morning. you can see out in the distance that's the finish line for the folks that are going to
Feb 14, 2016 7:00am MST
government to stand up to drugs and violence. >>> in china a chaotic scene after a wild elephant escape from a reserve and made its way the elephant damaged about 15 vehicles and he's pushing it there. the government said he had recently lost to another male elephant for the battle of a female and he was moody. not happy about not getting a valentine's day. they aired footage of the elephant pushing the vehicles in areas as people crowded around to want. he was loose for 20 minutes before he was returned to the reserve. no one hurt and just an upset elephant. >>> the crew at 9news getting ready for the grammys just around the corner and working hard on the lips and challenge. here's a preview of ryan's lip- syncs video we did with maya rodriguez. you have to guess what song he's lip-synching but this video is amazing. >> you have to turn the volume go to and check out social media. we will tally it up tomorrow night and announce the winner on social media. i have a feeling becky ditchfield and danielle grant have a funny video. >> your video is my favorite and danielle
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9