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2016 12
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Feb 26, 2016 1:05am MST
much with mexico and china. with china we're losing $500 billion a year. and people say don't we want to trade? i don't mind trading but i don't want to lose $500 billion. mexico just took a corporation, maker of air conditioners, they just took ford. we're building a plant. of chicago. they just took a big plant from nabisco into mexico. biggest election night so far during this campaign. candidates from only one of the two major parties will be closely watching tuesday's caucuses the be binding for their convention. can reflected in the number of ads for clinton and sanders and none for the the democrats are not win or take all so they will split the delegates depending on vote totals. >>> the park county sheriff taked about the eviction that ended with one. his deputies dead and two others injured. this eviction was high receive risk, that -- high-risk. that is why he went along. a prior similar situation with the same suspect ended peacefully. >> we just knew that he's had contact with law enforcement before, we knew that it hasn't always been friendly. but nothing to the extent t
Feb 12, 2016 1:05am MST
same pass as the doomed maiden voyage. the first trip will be china to >>> no animated movie has made more money than disney's "frozen" bringing in $1.3 billion worldwide before merchandising. version has been in the works. tonight we found out it will make its debut in denver. dpca the denver performing arts center says that it will come here in december of 2017 and go to broadway in 2018. that announcement made tonight. other big shows will be coming here later this year and in 2017 they include the phantom of the opera, american in paris, kinky boots and the curious incident of the dog in a nighttime. >>> meteorologist danielle grant here in the 9 backyard. you know what today was just a beautiful one. albeit we had the gusty winds in the foothills with plenty warm temperatures. really no matter where you went in colorado it was a pretty spectacular day. capturing this great one for us of the ghoul range and the long road to get there. john roper capturing out there the reservoir. today was a good one. mid-60s and about 20 degrees warmer than where we should be for this time o
Jan 12, 2016 1:05am MST
honey to china, japan, and south korea. calls from home while she's in dc. >> just lots of love and support and people we haven't heard from for a while. and my son called me and said he was so excited. he says mom, your pictures are everywhere. >> also attending the address, benmasut, the mom at the denver islamic center. we've had him on before talking about the interfaith religious work in the area. you can watch the state of the union address tomorrow at 7:00 here on 9news. nbc's coverage is expected to last for two hours. >>> donald trump said over the weekend the state of the union is a mess. trump will take his message to late night tv short ly. we'll see what he has to say to jimmy fallon in about 30 minutes. >>> the mexican government released dramatic video today of the raid that ended with the capture of the drug lord known as el chapo. mexican marines guards first and killed five of them. the marines found an assortment of weapons including rocket launchers. he was recaptured by the mexican marines and taken to prison. the process has begun to extradite el chapo to unite
Jan 9, 2016 1:05am MST
dollars in value this week alone. the problems not necessarily with the u.s. economy. china still struggling. there are questions about the price of oil which continues to fall to 11 year lows. there are also exmerits warning of inflation dangers in our country and more interest rate hikes possibly as early as march. >>> one positive factor is the rate at which jobs are still growing. 295,000 jobs were added in the u.s. last month. >>> tomorrow night's power ball drawing jumped from 700 to $800 million today. if sales continue the way they have, that top prize may go to 900 million or even a billion dollars by the time the numbers are drawn. a couple of things to keep in mind here. those who want to play have until 7:30 tomorrow night to get a ticket. to have cash. if you are looking to play the law of averages, here are the numbers drawing the most all- time with power ball. they are 26. consider this. not a single one of those numbers was drawn on wednesday night. and remember, the odds are exactly the same for any of the combinations and are reminder million. >>> nobody tells d
Jan 16, 2016 1:05am MST
been this low since october of 230. two keys everyone is watching are oil and china. chinese stocks are down 40% in the last year and are expecting to drop more next week. oil fell nearly 6% today and is below $30 a barrel. experts are looking at another factor that could send those prices even lower. >> i think today it is the oil decline. people are worried that means something negative will keep happening. >> if you are looing for silver lining try this. about half the time the market recovers from an eight-point loss. an 8% loss rather and finishing the year in positive territory. >>> a couple from tennessee may have to not worry so much about money or the stock market. they didn't wait long to claim their share of the big prize. they went on the today show this morning with their attorney to say they were one of the three who matched all the numbers. look again. i said don, check these numbers! >> reporter: lisa and john robinson returned home to tennessee and presented the winning ticket there. despite taking the lump sum pay out of $300 million, they say they are going to kee
Jan 8, 2016 1:05am MST
iraq. >>> china has removed a security measure that kept the drop at 7% for the day. it is now friday in china and it looks like stocks are stabilizing. staying slightly positive. here in the u.s. trading on thursday today continued the 2016 sell-off. 5% lost in the dow. the worst start for a year on the index of america's biggest companies. here is where it really fits everybody at home hard. this week alone has wiped out funds. >> i think it is premature to be overly concerned. financial markets are fickle. i think in the end, fundamentals are really what matters for the and our fundamentals are rock solid. >> tomorrow morning u.s. investors will not only be watching what happened in china, but looking at the monthly jobs report to see any might go in 2016. >>> the biggest question sounding the biggest jackpot in u.s. history is how high power ball will go before saturday's drawing with no winner announced last night night. the new top prize was $675 million. it jumped to 700 million. players in 12 states missing it, winning it all by one number. now, the one time lump
Jan 13, 2016 1:05am MST
. there is so much crude oil and weak demand in china. oil dropped below $30 a barrel today. something it has not done since december of 2003. oil prices have been down every single trading day so far in 2016. falling nearly 17% so far. it is down 80% since the high it hit in 2008 when we were paying $4 a gallon for gas. one group says this week oil could go all the way down to $10 a barrel. that news leading to changes in the energy industry. bp plans to cut 4,000 jobs because of falling oil prices. >> oil and gas is a $37 billion a year industry here in colorado. ongoing price decline will mean for them. >> reporter: oil is in an all- out free fall dropping from $90 a barrel to just more than $30 a barrel tuesday. it is enough to make you wonder if the industry is starting to panic. colorado oil and gas association president dan hailey. >> when a commodity price drops you have a challenging time. you will see restructuring of companies. tightening of jobs. >> reporter: in 2015, about 2,000 people lost their jobs due to falling oil prices. >> we are not seeing the layoffs we saw in the 1
Mar 3, 2016 1:05am MST
kids doing that. and i covered the olympics, went to atlanta, salt lake, and china. so i've been to the far corners of the world. it's been an incredible ride. >> mostly the people that have been through here, you know, original photographers, chris wheeler. [ background noise ] we spends so much time here. >> i'm anxious to re-connect with my daughter and my son, and my grandkids. for some reason, they think i am it! they love me! >> and your high school sweetheart. >> we were from a small town, and it was a place to be from. in illinois, dick van dyke, and jerry van dyke, all the kinds of people that were there bayer left, that just -- but left. eventually, it was a place to be up, and we just had -- my mother knew, i couldn't get the time of day out of her. she was a cookie. she still is. and you know, we're anxious to spends time together again -- spend time together. i met her almost 50 years ago, got a job in tv, and haven't seen her since. i'm in a position now, i just can't wait to wave good-bye for the last time. i think drew said, how can we miss you if you never leave? be
Nov 16, 2016 1:05am MST
pitt's new interview in china, how he's distracting himself from the divorce drama. >>> also coming up, mario, breaking baby news. the pop star who just revealed she's pregnant with number two. >>> first close to 19 million people watched president-elect trump on "60 minutes," today we have the new trump headlines starting with oprah's public apology. here's jerry. >> the headlines, backlash, the queen of all media now setting the record straight for the very first time. >> you all heard about my tweet director on facebook live breaking her silence about this social media post, a picture of the obama/trump meeting and words to her 35 million followers, everybody take a deep breath, #hopelives. >> i couldn't breathe after the election. so when i saw them sitting together, i actually took a picture of the screen that said president-elect trump, honored and president obama was being so gracious and i heard donald trump say, he's a -- >> very good man. >> i literally went, i can breathe now. what i should have said was, i just took a breath. what i said, everybody take a breath. hope lives
Sep 16, 2016 1:05am MDT
be put up for adoption if no one claims him. >>> drivers in china were forced to dodge a giant and vehicles on the road. it was on display at a mid- autumn festival and came loose in strong winds. locals call it the furious moon and they say it spiced up the festival a bit. >> yeah. that's spicier than the pumpkin latte. >> not every day a moon rolls over you. >> yeah, that's something. >>> danielle grant, thoughts on the angry moon? >> i don't know. cars were pulling on the shoulder trying to get out of the way of moon tomorrow night. it will be a beauty out there. we will have to watch out for a few thunderstorms, too and then all eyes on the weekend and it looks fantastic. we're watching for a couple storms around the front range tomorrow afternoon moving across the eastern plains, a slightly cooler day on tap tomorrow. then the weekend is here. we're saying so long to the summer season. can you believe it? our last one until the fall equinox. peaks and, of course, some of the leaves starting to change colors, but that perfect blue in the background. tonight was decent, slightly
Nov 11, 2016 1:05am MST
. i just finished filming in china. i had a glass of wine. i was a bit delirious. me and two of my mates thought it's a good idea. doing push ups in my underwear in a piano.
Jan 5, 2016 1:05am MST
after china's markets went in to a major sell-off over concerns about that country's economy. around tomorrow. asian stocks tumbled early in tuesday's trading. since then they're close to turning positive. the futures are predicting a much better open so far on tuesday for wall street. >>> what could be the sixth largest jackpot in powerball history could be up for grabs. a $400 million jackpot isn't really that rare. this is the sixth time powerball has been this high since 2013. mega millions had three jackpots that were even larger than that including the all-time record $656 million. 44 states take part in powerball. the only ones that do not are nevada, alabama, mississippi, alaska, and hawaii. about 75% of tickets are quick picks. only about 1 in 4 choose their own numbers. if there's only one winner and they decide to take the cash option, after taxes it would work out to be $183 million. >> after the government gets that's pretty good. >>> finally cold enough in part of europe for a very special wipe harvest in austria. volunteers went in to the freezing cold for the annual i
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12